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Hey everyone!

I want to suggest a way for the playerbase to experience the infection, even after the apocalyptic events took place.

I don't see a reason to why we should be special snowflakes that are immune to this outbreak and I think this would add a huge immersion factor to DayZ, so enjoy the read!

How to implement it!

When a player receives dmg from an infected (zombie) and it causes bleeding damage, add a 25 to 35% chance of it creating an infected wound, unless alcohol is applied within 5 to 10 minutes the player becomes infected. 

I heard of the system with beards/scars/ageing and thought we could use a system that slowly changes the players appearance. (It can be hidden behind clothing.)

Stages of the infection (Just an example for what the stages could be like)

1) Balding

2) Pale skin

3) Grey/White veiny eyes

4) Coughing blood (With an effect like warmbreath in the cold but a small cloud of blood if not wearing a mask, should make a coughing sound similar to a normal illness to create paranoia in groups)

5) Seizures/Unstable aim

6) Tunnel vision and intense heartbeating

7) Death & Reanimation (Zombie NPC or player)

Player to player infection

1) Infected players creates a new variant of existing bloodtypes, it should be hidden to not be obvious that the player is infected when a testkit is applied to a bloodbag. If an non-infected player receives a transfusion with blood from an infected player, they get infected aswell. 

- Sitenote: Maybe add something to damaged regular bloodbags and infected bloodbags that tells the player a message "This bloodtype is: X - The testkit shows an anomaly according to the application text" 

2) Coughing blood Infects nearby players if the infected player ain't wearing a mask, aswell as eyewear playing a factor. (Sunglasses, fullface gasmask ect to make use of diffierent levels of protection)

3) A system like the wring clothing wetsystem, instead make a system that allows players to wipe clean water and food items after applying alcohol or cleaning spray unto the item.

- Sidenote: Don't share a watercanteen with someone that's infected ;)

Cures / Treatment

1) Add a rare to very rare experimental syringe to helicopter crashes and/or aid paradrops which lands inlands in the woods. (Those already dropped in town would have been picked clean during the events leading to the apocalypse, aid airdrops could contain civilian grade medicin along with the syringe, tablets, canned food and bottled water)

2) Tablets/capsules which can be found in medical facilities and FEMA like camps, these tablets/capsules delays the infection stage which allows the player borrowed time to find a cure or more tablets/capsules.



I think DayZ's community would like to see another form for crashsite, that's where I suggest aid paradrops to take place. They would support exploration in the wilderness for stashed medicine and food, aswell as guide infected players inland to find their cure and possibly infect others on their path.

Out from concept art I assume FEMA like camps is going to be a thing, I suggest that tablets/capsules which is a first-response type of medical application is one of the things that would be stashed there.

Also to mention, would be neat if hospitals/FEMA type camps became hotzones like the militarybases and airfields.

They could also have Hazmat suits which I think would be an interesting element to protect players against diseases in exchange for less protection against bullets/melee dmg. But seeing as they are full body suits, we need a way to implement them into the current clothing system, I would personally like to see attachments to a Hazmat suit, like a inbuilt backpack, watercontainer ect.

Seeing some concept art with corpses being dispatched, I am also lastly going to suggest a very rare flamethrower to possibly be added to those type of camps.

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The Devs are not going to make player Zombies a thing.  Get over it.  Also the zombies are not the undead, they're living infected.

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I will list my feedback for more organization and i think you deserve another answered that only “I don’t like your idea” or “this is not going to be possible”. The suggestions section is not only the to post “THE DEFINITIVE IDEA OF ALL TIMES”. Instead is there to make suggestions that, as a hole or taking some parts of it, could be a good idea sometime.


1) I think infections in game are a real possibility and should (and probably will) be in the game when the all the Dayz structure (the fundaments of the game) are close to the final stage. I 100% agree that we can´t say that we are “just immune” to the virus (poison, experiment, whatever the secret lore have for us) and this part of the history should be more realistic.

Having said that, it could be a good idea to that every time we spawn we do it already infected (like with the hungry status) and we have a reasonable time to treat our sickness (this should be different that the zombie hit infection that I think it should be more difficult an “rare” to cure).

Added to this, I think all dayz map should have more “potential contagion thinks”. Water of the plumps should have a % of infection probability, same as water from lakes, the sea and damage food. Cooking and boiling should be as important that raincoats are today to survive the hostile environment.


2) The great deal I think is in the implementation as you say. I’m not going to discuss the details (about the % it should have related to the chance of infection or the items that work for create a cure or treatment). Notwithstanding that, I think your examples of the stages are great ideas with the exception of the seventh stage (when you say “or player”). Maybe in some mod when time comes this could be possible, but I think this kind of things would reduce a little the seriousness that the game has. (Just my opinion to give you a feedback and I know the list is just an example).


3) Regarding to Player to player infection the idea of a variant of existing blood types is great. Dayz should have some kind of “cure searching” to give players clear objectives and to make the “medic rol” a more special, necessary and hard experience. Related to player to player infection the possibilities are infinite. You can get sick for sharing some clothes of an infected person, drinking from the same canteen as you said, even drinking from a Water Pump after an infected did it could lead to contagion. New systems of boiling clothes, syringes, etc. could be implemented to “clean” those kind of items.


4) Cures and Treatment: I said it ones and some other guys write about this too: there should be some kind of cargo plane crash or a dropped box of supplies hanging of a tree with stuff that’s not military but have the same or more importance. Your idea could complete this thought. This is related with your great idea that medic supplies should be as important that make the medical loot places hot zonas as the military are today.


I hope they (Devs) have already thought about it because it would add a lot to the Dayz experience.

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7 hours ago, Asmondian said:

I hope they (Devs) have already thought about it because it would add a lot to the Dayz experience.

They HAVE thought about it, and decided against it.  Hence why I said


19 hours ago, IkaikaKekai said:

The Devs are not going to make player Zombies a thing.

I never said 'I don't like the idea' 'it's not possible' or anything to that extent.  I could give or take player infection, but the Devs are NOT going to add it to the game for numerous reasons they've stated in the past.  It's up there on the list of 'Shit we're not going to do' along with 'Non Zombie NPCs' 'A Sexual Intercourse system/menstruation system' and 'Child Zombies' (the last two for censorship reason and other obvious reasons.)

Someone will more than likely make a Zombie Infection Mod for this game when modding is allowed (I mean a good mod, I expect at least 20 shitty player zombie mods for every good one)

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This is why we can't have nice things.

Canonically, the players are some of the few people who are lucky enough to be "immune" to the zombie disease.

Besides, it is a "prion disease", not an actual infection, anyways.

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Zombification doesnt fit with canon and will never be good as a mechanic.

All they need to do is polish the existing wound infection mechanic to make it more relevant (like having it happen with low chances on zombie hit, when using non sterilized bandages, when using non-pristine blood related medical equipment, when any wound is opened, etc....)

Additionally I would like to see a "wash hands" mechanic that would prevent the chance of infection when using pristine blood related medical equipment.

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A general risk of contagion of some diseases should already be in play. Just because of the consideration of the loot from a dead body easy to take, or be aware that the objects could be contaminated and thus endanger their own life (or that of the group). The infection by the Zeds would be one of the worst things to cure. (So far we loot the Zeds without a thought of wasting danger.) Therefore, I find the principle idea of the OP well.

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I've been playing in RP/Semi-RP servers with an imaginary infection lately that has the following rules:


  1.  Infection spreads via AIR. When I'm in towns or densely affected by infected places I always wear a gas mask or some other kind of protection to avoid contagion.
  2.  Infection spreads via CONTACT also. If I get hit by infected without open wounds (bleeding) I alway have to use alcohol in my wounds to remove any possibility of contagion.
  3. Infection kills in 1 hour without proper treatment. If I get an open wound I have to clean wound, apply disinfectant or alcohol to bandage.
  4. Epinephrine delays infection for 2 hours. I always carry with me some sticks in case I get hit by an infected.
  5. Injection Viale is the only cure for the infection. This is my end game if I get infected.

This way I have to avoid contact with infected and move very carefully among them, also I always try to visit hospitals in towns to get "the cure", and have cool interactions based on all of this (like for example taking a hostage that was infected by a zombie for a trip searching for a cure, and executing him because we didn't managed to find any XD) 



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