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  1. Prone to jamming.
  2. And all of them made shortly after the post. *sniff sniff* Do you smell raisins?
  3. Safe? If you want safe you're playing the wrong game.
  4. I wouldn't count on on DayZ standalone going on sale anytime soon. Last time there was a Steam Sale DayZ was either not on sale or they had just raised the price to it's current price and had the previous price as the 'sale' price. I rarely play DayZ SA anymore but IMO I got my 30 bucks out of it for the amount I did play, and will be returning to it more regularly probably when they reach beta (which should be Soon™).
  5. You know the difference between Shards right? A public shard should share the character between other public shards/servers, private shards/servers will only keep that character on that server. So if you keep jumping to different private servers that would be why your character keeps getting 'wiped'. If you go back to the same server you shouldn't be resetting. I'm not sure if there's still 'bad' servers that don't save your character but that could be what's going on here. Try a public server, do some stuff, logout in a safe spot, then find another public server and see if you 'wiped' again. If you keep resetting no matter where you go then someone else is gonna have to help you.
  6. Not sure I understand, you keep having your character reset on the same server? The Server itself might be bad.
  7. On Release? No. Back when Rocket was still on board he stated he wanted to do more Urban, Western Map along the lines of London AFTER DayZ hits 1.0. He's long gone and there hasn't been any official mention of maps outside of modder made, so unless one of the Devs are fooling around with the Map Maker on their own time I doubt we'll see a new map on Release.
  8. Well if it's anything like the mod, either death. Or you'll log in safely on the ground next to what's left of your helicopter.
  9. Someone either stole your key, or a key spoofer got 'lucky' and used the same key as you. Little surprising that you're only banned for a year, to my knowledge Global Bans are permanent unless you can prove no misconduct on your end. Might want to check with both Battle Eye and VAC.
  10. The bastards! I knew it! I was offering right handed ladders at half the price but I was told no because 'You're not a Party Member.'
  11. no

    +r = grave.
  12. They HAVE thought about it, and decided against it. Hence why I said I never said 'I don't like the idea' 'it's not possible' or anything to that extent. I could give or take player infection, but the Devs are NOT going to add it to the game for numerous reasons they've stated in the past. It's up there on the list of 'Shit we're not going to do' along with 'Non Zombie NPCs' 'A Sexual Intercourse system/menstruation system' and 'Child Zombies' (the last two for censorship reason and other obvious reasons.) Someone will more than likely make a Zombie Infection Mod for this game when modding is allowed (I mean a good mod, I expect at least 20 shitty player zombie mods for every good one)
  13. /sigh The Devs are not going to make player Zombies a thing. Get over it. Also the zombies are not the undead, they're living infected.
  14. map

    I don't think Namalsk is 'done', they just ported it over to test one of their modding apps or something or to show that it was possible to port over older/mod maps. And if I remember right, Dean said they wanted to do a more Urban/City map AFTER release (as in they'll start working on it after or shortly before 1.0, not in time for it's release.)
  15. Never tried myself, but might want to start here and let your Google do the walking. https://comparegamehosting.com/game/dayz/