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  1. The bastards! I knew it! I was offering right handed ladders at half the price but I was told no because 'You're not a Party Member.'
  2. no

    +r = grave.
  3. They HAVE thought about it, and decided against it. Hence why I said I never said 'I don't like the idea' 'it's not possible' or anything to that extent. I could give or take player infection, but the Devs are NOT going to add it to the game for numerous reasons they've stated in the past. It's up there on the list of 'Shit we're not going to do' along with 'Non Zombie NPCs' 'A Sexual Intercourse system/menstruation system' and 'Child Zombies' (the last two for censorship reason and other obvious reasons.) Someone will more than likely make a Zombie Infection Mod for this game when modding is allowed (I mean a good mod, I expect at least 20 shitty player zombie mods for every good one)
  4. /sigh The Devs are not going to make player Zombies a thing. Get over it. Also the zombies are not the undead, they're living infected.
  5. map

    I don't think Namalsk is 'done', they just ported it over to test one of their modding apps or something or to show that it was possible to port over older/mod maps. And if I remember right, Dean said they wanted to do a more Urban/City map AFTER release (as in they'll start working on it after or shortly before 1.0, not in time for it's release.)
  6. Never tried myself, but might want to start here and let your Google do the walking. https://comparegamehosting.com/game/dayz/
  7. You need to go through a server provider for now. The Server Files are not made public yet, and any files you might find out there are cracked and outdated files at best, and viruses/malware at worst.
  8. Aren't we already able to craft cooking tripods?
  9. Don't think facial hair is gonna be added as a customization feature. They want to add in facial hair as a way of indicating character 'age', IE A baby face is probably a new spawn where as grizzly adams has probably stayed alive since the last patch/server reset.
  10. BB and paintball guns do not equal a real gun, and yes, guns do sway in real life when you fire from an unsupported position, you simply don't notice it. You ever get a chance to fire a real gun with an optic on it, stand up and aim at a target at least 50yards away. You're gonna notice every little twitch and sway of your hands transfers to the gun. And no, there is no set or official release date for DayZ.
  11. I see...shitty animations, 142 different Golden Desert Eagle models, Giant Dildos as melee weapons, equippable player penises...the horror...the Horror...
  12. Well, it was a hope at one point by the Devs that the community would make their own 'radio stations', broadcasting their webcasts over the in game comms on set frequencies, playing music, PSAs, ect. Dunno if that's still in the plans but I hope it is. Doing it on car radios or player boomboxes would be another way to have them going. And it's not far fetched to receive radio broadcasts over walkie talkies, the historic railway I used to work at had NWS set to one of the channels on our walkies.
  13. I don't know about installing sound systems in cars, but if they had functional sound systems I could see some uses for that. The Devs talked before about using handheld radios for distraction, luring zombies and players to a radio you placed on the ground and such, same principle could apply to a car stereo. Drive into a town/village with your radio cranked up, honking your horn and such to attract zombies to the other end while your buddies go and loot or rescue a friend. I could also see in vehicle radios used to communicate that could be looted and installed/removed.
  14. Going for the easier meal.
  15. I'm assuming you mean Zombie infection? As in player zombies? Because that's not gonna happen. Players are immune to the Zombie Virus, they can however get other infections from zombies, nasty stuff that I'm pretty sure no humans have an immunity to.