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  1. Perhaps he meant the physics engine of the game. Either way I don't have an answer.
  2. There was talk of getting rid of privately owned public hive servers altogether recently.
  3. Taking a concept and doing something with it is not against the law in itself. I mean with your logic Capcom could sue Bohemia for having a Zombie Game. Romero could sue the Walking Dead for their use of zombies, ect ect ect.
  4. server administration

    Wasn't being funny, I got more info from others posts than I got from yours. You didn't say it was a public hive server that somehow managed to ban you, I assumed it was a private server since they're not supposed to be able to do that (as in they lack the ability, not 'it's against the rules') They'll probably get a warning for banning you, assuming they don't get their server taken away without a refund. Either way you're probably not going to be playing on that server anymore.
  5. server administration

    Then you can't play on their server.
  6. I more or less figured they would have it planned if they didn't already have it up and running, never experienced it myself though. Opens up a lot of options to say have 1 or more PVE servers hooked up to a PVP/Event/'Arena' server, or even when other maps are more of a thing, Server 1 is Chenarus, Server 2 is Tajikistan, Ect ect. Thanks, that's more or less what I meant, same hive for all 3 not 2 different hives and one 'merged' hive (I bet that would be a bitch to program and would still be prone to glitches).
  7. End it. They pretty much only get abused by the 'owners' who think they're justified to have their own private lootfarm because they're spending money. There will still be people loot farming on low pop servers, but they'll never be completely safe or have options such as server restarts in high tier areas. Question that might be related. Will private servers be able to 'share' hives? IE say two clans each have their own server, and decide to have a event/pvp server that's shared between the two, so the 3 servers would all be on the same hive? *EDIT* It would also remove an arrow from the quiver of the naysayers that say DayZ is just a money grab.
  8. There is no official way to contact admins of private servers. This sounds like something they set up themselves, can't tell if it's legit or not but can't imagine why a legit server would have links to non legit means of contacting them.
  9. Well my point was that NPCs aren't gonna happen. And this would definitely be a group/endgame sort of thing, either using a repaired helicopter to get onto the ship or finding and repairing a boat, and depending on the boat, Cargo ships don't have large crews, but could always answer it away that they took on a bunch of refugees, or something, and military ships are usually crawling with sailors not to mention whatever sort of security force there is (Marines for the US). Something that if one player just went out to the ship on a lifeboat he'd probably not have enough ammo or wouldn't be able to carry a lot of loot.
  10. Cool as that might be for say a single player version of DayZ, non Zombie NPCs aren't going to happen. Now a drifting ship full of infected and high tier loot would be something the devs might be willing to do. Could even be a rotating event, IE one week it's a medical/research ship full of medical supplies, next week it's a NATO military ship full of NATO military gear, next it's a cargoship full of 'exoitc' and perserved food and clothes and high end civilian weapons/ammo, next it's a Russian military ship full of Soviet/Russian gear.
  11. safe;

    That is a good point. Doors having different 'health', a cheap door on a shed should go down in one or two whacks, while a church or other heavy door should take a while to take down with brute force.
  12. Fixed it for you.
  13. safe;

    Speaking from an architectural background, just replacing a wooden door with a steel one wouldn't cut it. Might take a little longer but you'll break the wooden frame before the steel door gives out, and there's still the issue of shooting out the lock, so all you did is tell 'randomers' 'I have something here. Rob me."
  14. Because the foundations for DayZ mod were there, it was Arma2. Right now they're still doing changes to the engine on DayZ. There's a difference between 'I need to update my mod that adds Ferraris because they changed vehicle values slightly' and "I need to completely rewrite my mod that lets players play guitar because the animation system was completely changed." Trying to think of some other way to explain it. I'll try guns. Springfield: "Hey, I made some simple modifications that will fix the problems with the M14! US Military: "That's nice, we're using M16s now and tossing out all the M14s." Springfield: "Fuck..."
  15. safe;

    ^ What he said. We already can lock/unlock doors with lock picks. We can also shoot locked doors open or smash them open with sledgehammers.