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  1. This should help. https://www.realsimple.com/health/mind-mood/emotional-health/how-cope-loss
  2. Yeah, as I mentioned boxcars still do have their uses, and an intermodal container would be hard to unload individual lots/units of cargo at stations, they're mostly useful because the entire load can be transferred quickly off or to another vehicle, then loaded/unloaded at the crew's leisure in a yard. Very good for say getting a container of full of potato chips from the factory to a distribution center then to a store in another country/city. But it has to get broken down and redistributed at some point, in Chenarus' case it would just happen at the docks or warehouses nearby rather than at an inland facility.
  3. Cars like these are still in use, but yes there are no deck or well cars in Chenarus (I'm not sure what they use in Europe but they're missing at the very least). Chenarus doesn't seam to be a very advanced country, so using leftover box cars would make sense. More than likely the containers would be unloaded and their contents transferred to railcars or vice versa, so it's still plausable detail wise. Though it wouldn't take much for them to add in some other cars/wagons. Railroads do have a budget to work with and have to adapt. In the US at least older equipment/rolling stock is recycled, if a Boxcar is no longer fit for revenue service but otherwise in good condition they'll use it for Maintenance of Way service or take it off the tracks, remove it's wheels and set it up someplace as a storage shed.
  4. Nice job, though most maps rarely if ever detail rail lines as much as you did. I'm not even sure if Railroads themselves keep detailed maps (IE Switch Stands, Signals, Equipment boxes). I stopped playing quite a few map updates ago but was satisfied with the level of detail they put into the tracks, rolling stock, and locomotives. I've lost count of how many games 'killed' immersion for me by having trains just sort of plastered in or had wrong details (IE when a loco and rolling stock have both Knuckle Couplers and Buffers, or an electric train having no overhead gantry or third rail system). I too would like to see some sort of workable train system (Pump Car, Speeder, actually getting a loco up and running) as the ground work at least seems to be in, but I think we'll have to wait for modders to do it.
  5. You can be killed by a half naked man with a sharp stick. Your Ghillie suit and VSS won't help you not die.
  6. Sounds like a case of Lazy to me, that can be fatal in survival situations.
  7. I'd agree with DannyDog, would make a good mod or even an option for private hive servers to do. I'm against the idea of starting with a weapon though, maybe just limit it to food and basic clothing items? IE get a good roll and buy a rain coat, child's backpack, and a PET bottle.
  8. They actually talked about it a while ago.
  9. Sounds like a horrible idea for DayZ, turning a survival game into pay to win. And if you made it for purely cosmetic items like a weapons skin or unique clothing it probably wouldn't make enough money to justify the costs to keep it going.
  10. You do all the normal stuff? Verify Integrity, restart, verify again, reinstall, ect?
  11. Perhaps he meant the physics engine of the game. Either way I don't have an answer.
  12. There was talk of getting rid of privately owned public hive servers altogether recently.
  13. Taking a concept and doing something with it is not against the law in itself. I mean with your logic Capcom could sue Bohemia for having a Zombie Game. Romero could sue the Walking Dead for their use of zombies, ect ect ect.
  14. server administration

    Wasn't being funny, I got more info from others posts than I got from yours. You didn't say it was a public hive server that somehow managed to ban you, I assumed it was a private server since they're not supposed to be able to do that (as in they lack the ability, not 'it's against the rules') They'll probably get a warning for banning you, assuming they don't get their server taken away without a refund. Either way you're probably not going to be playing on that server anymore.
  15. server administration

    Then you can't play on their server.