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  1. Bullet Bender Curving Bullets

    I think it was just desync.
  2. DayZ Standalone AI mission servers?

    I would assume it's from the Arma 2 version since to my knowledge they haven't released any modding resources or allowed modding yet.
  3. NPC's and Zombies

    They're not going to add non-Zombie NPCs to the game. Some Modders might and probably will add them to their mods. And I would imagine that they wouldn't add child zombies for the same reason GTA doesn't have children npcs..
  4. Will my Laptop Still Work

    The chocolate residue might be an issue depending on how deep it went. Not quite sure how you'd go about disassembling a laptop to give it a light cleaning with alcohol.
  5. Aircraft carrier on the shores of Chernorus

    Just out of curiosity, how many and what types of guns would typically be on an aircraft carrier or other naval vessel? Other than the Marines (or whatever security detail there would be on a ship) I can't imagine that all the sailors and marines on board would be armed with much more than a pistol and maybe a locker of subguns or M4s in case 'shit goes down'.
  6. adding strong safes

    *steals your safe* Nothing is safe in DayZ, and never will be.
  7. I need the server files, please, for lan.

    The server files aren't being released to the public yet.
  8. everytime i load day z the screen flashes green and red

    One of the dev team responded to your post and you just made a new one.
  9. Cazio Z-Shock

    Like how there's different can openers and knives, there should be different types of watches, with their benefits/drawbacks. Digitals be seen at night with no additional light source, analogs can be used to tell direction (if you know how). Doing something with batteries might be a bit too much on the realism-fun scale, but if they could do it fairly simply (no more 12Vs for RDS and the like).
  10. problem

    Open Steam; Help; Steam Support; DayZ; It's not what I expected; I'd like to request a refund. and follow it from there.
  11. DayZ game lock

    I don't know how VAC bans work, but I know that BE Global Bans are permanent unless overturned by Battle Eye. No one here can really help overturn either, need to contact Steam or BE.
  12. It possible Dayz will have single player mode with AI

    I believe I read somewhere that they were going to have an 'offline' mode so that Mod Makers will be able to test their mods without needing to rent or setup a server, but that will not include Non-Zombie/Wildlife AI. More than likely someone will make a single player/story mod for the game, but I don't think there will be Bohemia made story mode.
  13. For the Mule in all of us

    Such has been suggested before, I would like to see some sort of human powered cargo transport. This can also be used to help load up lots of loot into another vehicle. IE park your truck outside of town in some bushes, find a wheelbarrow and start piling stuff into it, wheel it back to your truck and leave it (or even the option to load it into the vehicle if it's large enough with limitations of course, no infinite ammo box bug with wheelbarrows). Shopping carts could also be used but of course they would be horrible if not incapable of going off road, using a lot of stamina or whatever system they end up using to push it a short distance. It would also make sense for whenever base building is added if resources are needed. IE loading up a wheelbarrow full of rocks/cement from a quarry to build. Would be difficult for say toting larger lumber around such as plywood or beams but that should be stuff you have to carry by hand anyway (as in physically in your hands like a barrel, not just stuffing a helicopter engine into your hiking backpack).