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  1. suggestions

    I think story wise DayZ takes place sometimes after the events of Arma 2, which is to help explain why there's some NATO gear there. It would also make sense that being on the border of Russia that they would deploy forces durring an outbreak, to either guard their border, deal with refugees/infected, or to try and take advantage of the chaos.
  2. You spawned in 5 tanks and now you're...
  3. They each offer different things, STN discourages and actually penalizes PVP, DayZ does not. Either way I've got my DayZ key and waiting for my STN key, but for a little while there I was starting to worry when there was Zero communication for a couple of months.
  4. Yes, but you can't talk while unconscious. Since they can't legally make some way to block 3rd party VOIP programs in game they instead block your ability to see and hear. There's a point where gameplay has to give in to realism, this is one of those points.
  5. Have they even seriously begun work on the console 'ports' yet?
  6. While the CDF probably was a joke, you can't really shoot a virus, especially if MAYBE one guy in the entire platoon is the only one who won't turn zombie. I hate to make Walking Dead comparisons with DayZ but it would be something like that, everyone's infected. All it would take would be an old man to have a heart attack inside the walls and now there's another outbreak. Keep in mind we're still in Alpha (at least for a couple more updates), as tired as that 'excuse' is getting now, they're probably still debaiting on the 'story' and lore and if there should even be one. I mean if you look at the Living Dead saga they never ever really explained WHY the dead were rising. They said something about a radioactive probe returning from space in the very first one but even then the 'expert's were arguing about whether that was the cause or not. We just have to wait and see if they'll give us more background on the Infection or not.
  7. Lore wise, some disease/virus became airborne, something like 60% of the world's population simply died from it, roughly 38% became the zombies as we know them today, and 2% were immune. There were no 'safe zones' or uninfected individuals. Numbers might be off but they're pretty close if I remember right. Supposedly Rocket had a virologist (supposedly his brother) write up the details but to my knowledge they were never released. My money would be on a mutated form(s) of rabies as rabies is fatal if not treated right away (explains the 60%), 'rage/madness' is one of the results of rabies (explains the 38%, but with some strain where it's not inherently fatal).
  8. If you find such a server that violates the rules, report them to the server provider (there's a sticky post somewhere). With luck the server providers will actually get off their asses and shutdown the server without a refund.
  9. On the Public Hive, you cannot have more than one character per server type. You can have one First Person Server Character, and one Third Person Server Character. There is no transfer between the two, having a 1PP Character should/will not affect whatever you do on a 3PP server. You cannot have a 'farmer' and a 'scavenger' on the same server, you only have your one character. This is not a bug, this is working as intended at the moment.
  10. Not enough information here for anyone to help you. What isn't working? Do you have CTDs, can you not see any servers in the server list, is your computer so old that it starts making a funny smells and sounds whenever you so much as hover over DayZ's icon?
  11. This one. https://www.realsimple.com/health/mind-mood/emotional-health/how-cope-loss You're going to need it whether you're a new player or old pro.
  12. Haven't played recently, but think just hitting play puts you on a random server that fits within your ping settings. So you might be getting put on different private hives, public servers ect that won't have your character carry over. Use the server browser to find a server and stick to it.
  13. There was a wipe recently, that might have been it.
  14. This should help. https://www.realsimple.com/health/mind-mood/emotional-health/how-cope-loss