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  1. IkaikaKekai

    1st step is admitting you have an addiction...

    I believe he means 'long pork'.
  2. IkaikaKekai

    Banned in Game.

    Can't read Russian, assuming since it's in Steam it's a VAC ban. No one here can unban you, talk to Steam or Battle Eye as appropriate.
  3. IkaikaKekai


    Virus was airborne. Anyone not immune was eventually infected. I forget the exact numbers but the majority of people infected simply died from the infection, those that were not killed became the 'zombies', and all players are immune to the virus. Supply and manpower are NEVER unlimited. They've purposely kept the backstory vague, although I've heard Rocket had a virologist draft up a 'research paper' on the virus way back when, I don't think anyone's ever seen it much less released it.
  4. IkaikaKekai

    Update soon?

    For PC, updates are usually done on wednesdays unless it's an emergency.
  5. IkaikaKekai

    "Wait....don't shoot..that's a...."

    What if I roleplay as a bandit that killed a UN peacekeeper and took his gear? And there will be no zombie infections in players.
  6. IkaikaKekai

    [Question] True Definition of Role Based on Clothing

    There is no defined roles with clothing. What you're talking about was in the Mod, that was even before the PC release and it was something to do with an attempt to make a morality system with what was given in the Arma2 engine and assets. The system could be tweaked and many bandits walked around in 'hero' clothes because they would bandage up and give blood to hostages they were shooting to corrupt the system. People will seek out certain gear because it's better. More inventory spaces, better armor protection, ect. A guy walking around in blue jeans and a tshirt is just as capable of shooting/stabbing you in the back as a guy in a ghillie suit or full Gorka gear and a white/blue armband, and there's no accounting for trolls. That and people don't fully know the mechanics, they might pick up a Payday mask thinking that it's bullet resistant or just because 'hey that looks cool'. Then there's people who know the mechanics and are taking full advantage of them. A guy in a tracksuit running around with a large backpack probably knows that if he ran around looting in his ghillie suit he's gonna die of dehydration/hyperthermia, not to mention lose the gear he spent hours on while on an apple picking run.
  7. IkaikaKekai

    free movement with the head

    Pretty sure I had mine bound to Alt, you can check your keybindings too.
  8. IkaikaKekai

    Bullet Bender Curving Bullets

    I think it was just desync.
  9. IkaikaKekai

    DayZ Standalone AI mission servers?

    I would assume it's from the Arma 2 version since to my knowledge they haven't released any modding resources or allowed modding yet.
  10. IkaikaKekai

    NPC's and Zombies

    They're not going to add non-Zombie NPCs to the game. Some Modders might and probably will add them to their mods. And I would imagine that they wouldn't add child zombies for the same reason GTA doesn't have children npcs..
  11. IkaikaKekai

    Will my Laptop Still Work

    The chocolate residue might be an issue depending on how deep it went. Not quite sure how you'd go about disassembling a laptop to give it a light cleaning with alcohol.
  12. IkaikaKekai

    Aircraft carrier on the shores of Chernorus

    Just out of curiosity, how many and what types of guns would typically be on an aircraft carrier or other naval vessel? Other than the Marines (or whatever security detail there would be on a ship) I can't imagine that all the sailors and marines on board would be armed with much more than a pistol and maybe a locker of subguns or M4s in case 'shit goes down'.
  13. IkaikaKekai

    adding strong safes

    *steals your safe* Nothing is safe in DayZ, and never will be.
  14. IkaikaKekai

    I need the server files, please, for lan.

    The server files aren't being released to the public yet.
  15. IkaikaKekai

    everytime i load day z the screen flashes green and red

    One of the dev team responded to your post and you just made a new one.