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  1. uncuepagamer made a great video with a similar system! Hope a modder is reading/watching this, and will decide to add this stuff to a realistic mod :3
  2. To the Devs. Love, The Village.

    I would move the village to the Lopatino castele, and fortify it there with military tents, AFAIK you can totally isolate it from inside!
  3. Ambient Launcher for the game :)

    Version 1.1 Is out which should fix the issues people had in W10! https://www.dropbox.com/s/q5n3kko83iinxtp/DayZ Ambient Launcher 1.1 [eXWoLL%2CCobblest0ne].rar?dl=0
  4. Since once modding is out with the server files, I guess there gonna be a lot of different settings for them and it will be quite hard to find a server that meets your needs. One of my biggest concerns gonna be the info regarding the season in which the server is currently, so I think that the following info should be available when choosing a server: Current Season Permanent or Dynamic (settings of the last one) Environmental Variables (Max and Min allowed Temperatures, Days with rain, snow, etc) Time Up or Current Cycle (In case of Dynamic Seasons)
  5. What are you talking about?. I said that a person can´t run and FOCUS on the SURROUNDINGS while he´s at it. Sure you can run and focus on 1 thing that you´re after, not for long times since you need to watch your path every now and then, but running at full speed on a rough terrain and just marvel with the surroundings like if you´re walking or jogging at slow pace? To SEE something and FOCUS on it are different things ffs. Damn triggered folk lol. Can´t wait for a detailed post or SR about the changes in beta :3
  6. Try it. Go to the nearest park and start sprinting while trying to focus things that are around you. Tell me how long you last before you have one of the greatest falls of your life lol
  7. Yeah, those little changes are fully welcomed by me. Scan the surroundings while you are running shouldnt be allowed because of realism, same as running with the weapon out!
  8. I'm totally PRO eye zoom. I can barely endure games without it because of the pixel hunting one has to do to see something that would be clearly visible in real life through "focusing". It's totally realistic, and helps a lot while running in the middle of nowhere to check the surroundings. Adds some dynamism to the game in other words. I have been playing TLD a lot lately, and this is the feature I would like to see there most! Now I'm all it for removing it from the iron sights, since it somehow makes some scopes obsolete. But i'm against removing it totally from the game.
  9. Dude, there will always be an easy mode for you :). Let other people search for a difficulty that goes with their capabilities.
  10. Exp Update 0.62.140062

    Just noticed that the rangefinder can´t change to optics mode.
  11. Spraypaint

    This. It could be cool to allow people to choose between a preset amount of symbols and phrases. Maybe make it that "older" characters have access to more things to write :3
  12. Exp Update 0.62.139977

    I really love that we at last got rid of those fluorescent plants in the woods. It feels way more realistical now! Cheer guys! :D
  13. Graves for our dearest.

    cool idea
  14. Hardcore servers as DUG, ProphecyRP, RedZone will certainly implement stuff like that once that the server files are available, or even mods are up. Heard from some admins that they would really like to try perma-deaths experiments to see how things go.