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  1. So, what happened to Brian?

    Yeah, let me guess, you also think Russia is behind Trump because thats what the news papers say right? lol Brian words in the SR (if they were actually his), were written under NDA and still as a subordinate of BI. And anything as significan as the departure of the CD would get a lot of edition and approvals before being allowed to get to the public.
  2. So, what happened to Brian?

    Maybe Brian was defending the floating crosshair to the last. If that's what it is, he should receive a couple of monuments in-game like a soldier holding a big cross above him. lol But seriously, last changes to the game, starting with the change of colors of the game after 0.62, were all Peter's ideas and he quite defended them as "planned" (yeah sure, lets make Chernarus a cheerful place! /s), the arcadey changes to recoil, crosshair, characters movement. I really think that Peter got really into PUBG the last couple of years and now wants everything like he seen that "works" in that game.....
  3. So, what happened to Brian?

    I mean, we all read what he wrote. However, as far as I know, the Creative Director role is quite important sometimes even well beyond the release of the game, since they have to curate the marketing of the game, new additions, merchandising, etc. And Dayz still has a long road to walk in those aspects, I sincerely find it weird to go through it without a CD..
  4. Well, seems that what I was afraid of since I posted about his strange disappearance from the Dayz arena was indeed happening... :( Just hope he didn't left because of some creative disagreement and the game isnt going to drift towards some casual pubg like thing just to grab some more 12yo $$$ :(
  5. Brian Hicks

    He´s alive!
  6. Well, guess that we're not having these things in-game ever, sad :( They never replied nor here, nor in Twitter.
  7. Its like that mostly. this was before they made nights darker. Now it looks like 40% worst than that with gamma. Personally I would rather crawl and hide during night time than play that blue psychodelic minecraft.
  8. 0.63 Checklist Updates

    Some of them will be batch finished. All the infected stuff and the player movements and Main menu.
  9. 0.63 Checklist Updates

    if something goes over 3 weeks, is counted in months....
  10. they added a blue fog that would cover everything not touched by a light source. If you gamma your monitor or the gpu, you just gonna get a lot of blue. You still get some "advantage" by doing this, but it looks so damn horrible, that its easier for your eyes not doing it.
  11. That one is almost everything we have already :D. Would be great to have the high pitch in the ears also, and some heartbeat sound if there is a shot or infected close during the night :3.
  12. @Baty Alquawen plsssss ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ :D Deliver this simple mortal plead to the other world :v
  13. Thanks about the update on blood and wounds, great to know that! :D Regarding the effects, the things you mentioned are shown with the character himself, in other words are external signs of the health statuses for other players to see, I certainly heard and read about those since last year show of the shivering when it´s cold. But here I´m explicitly asking about the visual effect it will have from the player perspective, or the internal effects the different statuses will show themselves for the player playing the character it´s affecting. I´ll use the same list I made above to give examples on each point: Spawning visuals - Waking up eyes animation, decreasing blurriness after coming into your senses Dying visuals - Decreasing visibility, closing eyes animation, blood, heartbeat sound and visual pulsating effect, tremors, short visibility of the world around while you´re dying etc Wearing items that affect vision (motorcycle helmets, sunglasses, etc) - Depending on color and state of the glass you wear Hunger visuals - slight blurriness or increased motion blur, vignetting, lose of color (increasing with severity) Sickness visuals - depending on the sickness, various combinations of the stuff mentioned above, tumbling of the character, shacking , etc (increasing with severity) Hypothermia/Hyperthermia visuals - same as above applied to these symptoms (increasing with severity) Low health/blood visuals - blurriness, vignetting, desaturation, tumbling, etc (increasing with severity) Massive damage/shock/pain(this one for torture episodes) visuals - visual pulsation effect, increased breathing, heartbeat sounds, high pitch sounds for acute pain, etc Substance consumption visuals (alcohol, morphine other drugs, poisoning, etc) - depending on each substance, blurriness, sounds, colors, etc (increasing with severity) In other words, stuff that makes you somehow experience what´s happening to your character :D
  14. Was watching this old concept for the main menu and some in-game visual status effects representation details for the player itself (showing what the character is experiencing in the screen). And wandered what are the development team plans for these? I scrolled trough the list of stuff they're planning to add into beta and release and havent found those items, nor had seen anyone referring to them in the latest streams. The things I am referring to specifically are: Spawning visuals Dying visuals Wearing items that affect vision (motorcycle helmets, sunglasses, etc) Realistic blood and injuries rendering/particles Hunger visuals Sickness visuals Hypothermia/Hyperthermia visuals Low health/blood visuals Massive damage/shock/pain(this one for torture episodes) visuals Substance consumption visuals (alcohol, morphine other drugs, poisoning, etc) Will we have an opened plastic bottle animation btw??? was always kinda weird drinking/filling a closed one XD Small details that would massively add to the game immersion and experience, and would definitely signal of a ready to launch and thought off product. Did the devs talked about these or are they included in some category from the "to do" list they supplied last year? Because all of them were possible with the old renderer (at least some modded/pirate SA servers had some of them implemented), guess that Enfusion is more than capable of having them.