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  1. No, re-read my post lol. I just said that weather changes in the place you log off should affect the character, not that he should physically stay there (which would suck pretty hard). :) But having some hunger thirst effects in place would be fun too! This actually is what happens when people log-off. Your character is relocated to an X location in the map and it just stays there till you respawn. When you see the "bug" of a player spawning dead (or receiving damage) its because a hacker found the place where the characters are "stored" and started killing them. This happened to me a couple of months ago, so I had to research a little this issue :/. There was a video showing this, but cant remember the name . So if the characters are already "in-game", it would be possible to manage the statuses they have based on their locations (theoretically at least o.O?) You can relog after a couple of hours and move your character to a safe location. EZ :) It´s not a "log off" punishment. It´s all about bad and good decisions during a survival situation. And you might be surprised how many people die IRL because they didnt found a shelter to spend the night (or even insulated their bodies from the ground). It´s logic to find a shelter to sleep during bad weather conditions. And yes, this is a suggestion that wouldn´t fit EZ servers. I only play in hardcore ones, so all my suggestions go that way XD
  2. I got curious with this thread :). How about a little poll? https://goo.gl/forms/cdJXAxZr3kUa4wKR2
  3. Accidental disconnects would make you reconnect to find a shelter and then disconnect. I believe that the effect should be a long one, and only be "lethal" when its very cold or you're far in the woods with wolves and stuff. Yup, the time elapsed should effect, like for example minimum 8 hrs to add the weather effect, and another X hours to add the cold, hypothermia messages, etc. IRL people dont die in 2-3 hours neither :) Yes there are/will be very cold days, but I dont think that going so extreme would help (at least not in most servers, hardcore ones might love that tho), the fact of having you searching for shelter for the night would be enough to add that "spark" to the game without the fireplace and interior temperature added to the mix. Infected should not affect one, since when you find a good spot to "sleep" you can assume your character locks the door and makes sure no one enters while he's sleeping :). The idea wasn't meant for people to come to populate areas, but to plan their route taking in count their "sleeping time". It doesn't make the game more difficult, you just search for a shed or sleep in one of your camps. Also this is not an idea for public ez servers, would be more suited for the hardcore ones :) PS. i really hope someone makes a zomboid mod for dayz with all the features that game has :D
  4. I would like to suggest a log-off system that would enhance the realism of the game: Basically when you log off, your character receives the weather effects that happen in the place every time weather changes to harsh. So if you log off in the middle of nowhere without any cover , you risk to login the next day and find out that your character is sick or died of hypothermia. (NOTE: YOUR CHARACTER DOESNT HAVE TO PHYSICALLY STAY IN THAT PLACE) So we would see screens like this when we log-in: This will make people to search some cover for logging off, be it a building, or a shed or a tent. During summer this could have almost no effect on gameplay, but once rains start or winter hits, searching for a refuge for sleeping (logging off) gonna be vital, and will add a lot of realism having a small extra side mission every time you want to log-out.
  5. 31. Hope to grow up to be like green_mtn_grandbob some day :D Yeah, people younger than 25 don´t understand forums mostly. They got used to the raw pre-filtered info flow of facebook, instagram, reddit, twitter, etc. The high level of organization forums have isn{t valued by them, they just want to see what others like. If I listen to my paranoid self, that was planned to keep people in a permanently distracted system where they have troubles to organize and keep track of discussions that could evolve to system-threatening levels :P
  6. Seriously, i'm expecting to have the best game ever :D
  7. I don´t think it will affect the PVPers, they will use it to know where people is to get to action faster, or to brag about the people they killed :v
  8. We only have like 5 channels. The spamming is felt starting with 15-20 players (been playing a lot of RP lately). Indeed it would boost the interaction #, but the quality will decline considerably, since people doesn´t get the radios for an ingame purpose being ready to use it, but will just do random stuff with it -.-.
  9. yeah, I´d been playing in a private server with 30-60ppl most of the time and have been alive for like 2 months already. Only approached to like 5 people in that time, seen a lot wandering around, but when you know how to move around without being seen is rare the case when you pop into pvp players, and when you do is as much of a surprise for you and for them, so they run to find cover before trying to shot you, and by that time you are already gone.
  10. They dont look for batteries because they don't need them (they dont use radios, nor flashlights). The only ones that constantly looks for them are the ones that use a radio (as myself) or the end gear people that need power for their scopes and the snipers for their rangefinders. If you give everyone a radio, everyone will start noticing them and picking them up. And as I said, you only need a couple of hours looting to get your hands on 2-3 of them. In this scenario you end up with a lot of people with a lot of radios and a lot of batteries to power them indefinitely (my current character have a radio with the same battery for the last 2 weeks, and I turn the radio frequently to check if there are some bambis in the city I plan to loot or a player is really close to me (by the background noise). You will have to reduce the spawn rate of batteries or their longevity, which will really suck for all other uses that a battery has.
  11. You know functioning batteries are common, they spawn literally in any place and can be found if one looks well enough. Having a functioning battery with you all the time isn´t so hard. So that´s not a valid point
  12. True all the emergencies services people have one in real life. Infected are people, so they should have the last things they had before going mad.
  13. This is what I call a good solution! :D Maybe making the spawn rate of radios in the police/medic/firefighter infected higher will fix this.
  14. circling the wheel could change the item you have in hands based on your hotkey placement too.
  15. Thats a quite douchy move. Would rather have an optional side-chat that I can chose to turn on or not, than just not picking up any radio and killing the immersion of talking with someone after taking all the work to get one. Everyone happy that way :)