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  1. Dude, there will always be an easy mode for you :). Let other people search for a difficulty that goes with their capabilities.
  2. Just noticed that the rangefinder can´t change to optics mode.
  3. This. It could be cool to allow people to choose between a preset amount of symbols and phrases. Maybe make it that "older" characters have access to more things to write :3
  4. I really love that we at last got rid of those fluorescent plants in the woods. It feels way more realistical now! Cheer guys! :D
  5. cool idea
  6. Hardcore servers as DUG, ProphecyRP, RedZone will certainly implement stuff like that once that the server files are available, or even mods are up. Heard from some admins that they would really like to try perma-deaths experiments to see how things go.
  7. In that case it would be great, I see it as a 1-3 times a year tournament with cool prizes !:3
  8. No not forever (well that would be neat and really hardcore XD), but for a good amount of time (lets say a couple of weeks or a month) The thing with a seasonal system is that you limit the playability and just cut the experience at a certain point. Which will make people take it as a battleroyale mod and just play it for the sake of points given (which means pvp ftw) and it will kinda of waste all the potential of the realistic things suggested there. In other words: the first time people will just play it and enjoy as it is, but after they see how points work, the second and next times they will just focus on the most effective way of getting it, which would just be like a PUBG with a longer timeframe. I really like the idea tho, and I'm sure someone will make a mod or a server that works like this, it has a lot of stuff people had been asking for the game in the last years!
  9. I would like all of that inside a separate permadeath mod with no limited time :)
  10. The issue with birds ambient sounds isn't much the loudness, but the lack of direction and volume, it's like someone wrote above - birds sound like if they're inside your brain lol. Once they fix this and sounds are really perceived by the character, and not created inside his brain, things will sound amazing :D
  11. yeah my bad :) edited the first post to clarify everything anyways.
  12. Sorry but I don't think there's a place for this in the game. The whole idea behind the game is that you lose all your gear if you die. Why giving people the ability to buy all their gear and just keep it if something happens? It would kill all the fun having bambis running around with custom stuff.
  13. The animals would be great. With the infected, maybe only a slight "spark" with a red tone so they´re differenced from players, but in no way in the same intensity that with animals.
  14. Didn't found any other section for this, so will post here (sorry if the wrong place)! With all this 0.62 movement I decided to man-up and finish a small project for the community that we began with /u/Cobblest0ne a couple of months ago. And well, here it is! DAYZ AMBIENT LAUNCHER 1.0 This small program will enable you to add ambient music to the game, creating a haunting atmosphere which will help a lot with the immersion in the post-apocalyptic world of Dayz! It does everything automatically to save you some troubles. If you used to manually add it through Youtube or a media player before launching the game. Use as recommended settings! What does it do? Basically, the program enables you to launch the game (with x64 and/or high priority modes) at the time that it plays an intro theme of your like (my favorites are included), and after that it activates the mod OST playlist randomly, which is played constantly with the given settings till you finish playing the game and close the program. FEATURES Sound Personalized intro theme song (you select a folder with the files you want to play) that randomly selects one of the songs you added every time, or a single one of your liking (the pack comes with the intro themes from The Walking Dead and 28 Days Later in the */Launcher/Intro folder). Adjustable volume and delay for the intro playback (in case your game takes a long time to load and you want the song to last till you connect to the server) Personalized game OST (the pack comes with the mod soundtrack, but you can change it for what you want just swapping the files in the */Launcher/OST foler) Adjustable volume and delay between tracks for the OST playlist** (it plays randomly only) Launch Options High Priority Mode - Launches the game with high priority in your tasks list, which assigns more CPU resources to the game. It helps with some FPS issues. 64 bits Mode - Launches the game in x64. Download Link Special thanks to /u/Cobblest0ne for his help with the first half of the coding, and /u/TailorMachine for his OGG files! :D