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  1. I dont see any "persistence fixes" there sadly :(. Hope they tweaked night tho.
  2. New Actions & Crafting

    Do you notice there is a crafting option via quickbar and do you prefer it to the inventory crafting? Why? No didn't noticed it. What do you think is causing you to spend most time in the inventory? You have all the stuff at hand and visible. It is more realistic since if you're building something on your own you always have everything in front of you. If you introduce a system where I place everything in front of me and it somehow connects to the crafting system via HUD , and the only thing I need to have in the quickbar are the tools, it would be really great.
  3. What do you think about the speed of climbing and getting on/off ladders? It's Ok. Should depend on stamina tho. What do you think about the speed of vehicle enter/exit? A little too fast imho What do you think about the speed/representation of swimming? Too fast with some arcadey feeling to it. We changed all stances to the C-button, do you get used to it? Was confusing at the beginning but yeah. Do you use the 360 degree turning while prone? Yup, but only for defending myself, otherwise never used it. Regarding the gestures, we soon will introduce the radial menu. What do you think about how they behave and how their cancelling works? It should be editable , Each player assigns the actions he uses depending on his playstyle. The swapping between items takes some time. There are still animation glitches in there, but we hope you get the hang of it? Yeah, its cool What are your thoughts on the injured movement? The concept is great, I would like to see more variety on it depending on what is causing the movement. Overall I think the movement is too fast atm and feels really arcadey, both being the one doing the movement because the speed is so fast that it seems that the character has no presence in the world (no mass, no weight), as an observer that looks at some cartoonish characters moving too fast around. I thinks SCUM draw a very good standard for character movement, damn they made it amazing.
  4. Stamina

    Is it clear that the stamina bar is shortened in UI due to increase in inventory weight? Nope. You should add some animation showing how the bar is negatively affected when the player puts weight in himself. Is it difficult to track the missing ability of jumping/heavy attacks etc back to your lack of stamina? Kinda of, again, an animation showing that each attack uses stamina would fix this (an increase in size and red cutting of the stamina i.e.). P.s. I would make character speed depend on stamina level also. The less stamina you have, the less speed you have sprinting.
  5. Status Indicators in the HUD

    Do you have any difficulties interpreting the overall state of your character using the status indicators? What is unclear? Yup. It took time for me getting used tho the colors. You have two layers of info that aren't connected inbetween (the status icon, and the color system), and need the player to figure out this connection, that can be improved. Do you have suggestions to improve this without over-distracting the player with detailed information? Make the icon fill itself with white, with some subtle animation (like a real container with water). And then add colors to show that certain threshold levels are reached. e.g. The glass icon fills up while you are drinking, then blinks green/white to show you are full (or the character says that he's full (like in TLD). The food icon can empty up till the hunger point where it turns yellow/light red, and then flashes red for starvation. Do you have difficulties interpreting the stat changes indicated by arrows? No, but I don't like them. They seem too intrusive. The filling system above coupled with a small triangle pointing towards the direction of the status would achieve the same with a lot less intrussion.
  6. Status Report - 23 October 2018

    Headed towards a console focused pseudo-hardcore moneygrab survival experience. I already saw the warning signs last year in some of their SR, when Brian left, that was the sealing moment that confirmed my fears. They lied a lot to defend themselves, and now that they shown their cards it was no surprise at all. A lot of folk wasn't expecting that, they had (some still have) their pink glasses on,, the rest is already tired from warning about that since a long time ago. What disgust me at this point, is that they dare to come here and openly spread corporate PR bs to calm the masses. (last line just killed me, specially contrasting with the shady smoking businessuit avatar pic lol)
  7. Status Report - 23 October 2018

    Oh, common, don´t tell me a company managing several titles with a multimillon budget operates through love and the desire to make the world a better place, while also planting a bunch of flowers in the streets to make kids in the hood happy! :D LOL Most people here are 20+ for christ sake, we know how stuff work. The best option is to label the build what it is, a BETA. And keep working on that. Labeling it 1.0 isn´t "essential", it wont magically make the game more "stable", it´s just a number, and a psychologically important number form the consumer point of view. The decision was/is purely commercial and has nothing to do with development itself. It is bad for the game image, as well as for the poor souls coming back after 5 years to find that the "released" "complete" game has 80% of the weapons missing, 2/3 of the survival mechanics gone and half of the announced features broken. There is even no fishing in the game, like wtf is so hard of creating an rng event with a fish as a prize? This isn´t an "unpopular" option, its one which basically everyone is opposed to, which is quite different. Go open the game´s sub. Downvoted to hell SR, almost 1k negative comments (and totally well structured), most posts are about the same , even not counting the ones you are deleting or shadowbaning. Downplaying the community opinion on this is quite offensive I must say. Unless what you are trying to subtly imply, is that there is pressure to release 1.0 this year, otherwise the company will cut the project dry and abandon it in a worse state than planned. That indeed would be "essential" So, you are throwing out the window all that stuff about the pc and consoles builds being the same, which would "not draw any sources from PC" , which is the "main focus"?.
  8. We all had that moment: You are walking around, looting, getting some ammo from the floor, dropping some useless .22 rounds, organizing your inventory in some roon, and then suddenly out of nowhere one hears someone running outside. You hold your breath, crouch and hope the person just goes away, but then, while you were looking around with the ALT key, for some reason you unpressed the button and your character moved a little, a step was made, an atomic bomb exploded under your feet and the steps outside suddenly stopped. 20 seconds later a full squad surrounded you and soon you are ded. The issue is HUGE for a game like Dayz, every step you give ingame sound as if you're marching in a military parade with coconuts in place of shoes. As result people had to adapt, exploit animation bugs, moving crouched multiply pressing the arrow keys, totally avoiding moving with players in a radius of 10m, avoiding loud wooden floors. Which also came with some of the map locations totally deserted, like the apartment buildings, that just turned into giant death traps where people can know you are present from a quite significant distance, instead of a preferred place to hide. So, With BETA coming forward and things getting A LOT better with time, one of the things I haven't noticed, was any mention about the player stealth features, things like: An extra button for stealthy slow walking Variable sound levels for different shoes, some of them being really quiet (like sport shoes, that would be almost silent) Taking in count the walls for sound dispersion Variable VOIP volume, with whispering for silent communication with strangers, instead of risking being heard from 20 m for interacting Anyone knows anything about any of those?
  9. So, what happened to Brian?

    Yeah, let me guess, you also think Russia is behind Trump because thats what the news papers say right? lol Brian words in the SR (if they were actually his), were written under NDA and still as a subordinate of BI. And anything as significan as the departure of the CD would get a lot of edition and approvals before being allowed to get to the public.
  10. So, what happened to Brian?

    Maybe Brian was defending the floating crosshair to the last. If that's what it is, he should receive a couple of monuments in-game like a soldier holding a big cross above him. lol But seriously, last changes to the game, starting with the change of colors of the game after 0.62, were all Peter's ideas and he quite defended them as "planned" (yeah sure, lets make Chernarus a cheerful place! /s), the arcadey changes to recoil, crosshair, characters movement. I really think that Peter got really into PUBG the last couple of years and now wants everything like he seen that "works" in that game.....
  11. So, what happened to Brian?

    I mean, we all read what he wrote. However, as far as I know, the Creative Director role is quite important sometimes even well beyond the release of the game, since they have to curate the marketing of the game, new additions, merchandising, etc. And Dayz still has a long road to walk in those aspects, I sincerely find it weird to go through it without a CD..
  12. Well, seems that what I was afraid of since I posted about his strange disappearance from the Dayz arena was indeed happening... :( Just hope he didn't left because of some creative disagreement and the game isnt going to drift towards some casual pubg like thing just to grab some more 12yo $$$ :(
  13. Brian Hicks

    He´s alive!
  14. Well, guess that we're not having these things in-game ever, sad :( They never replied nor here, nor in Twitter.
  15. Its like that mostly. this was before they made nights darker. Now it looks like 40% worst than that with gamma. Personally I would rather crawl and hide during night time than play that blue psychodelic minecraft.