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  1. I think that's already a feature. My drafts are saved automatically .
  2. I will add a reddit post here that shows pretty much the situation that the new website should fix :) The new webste could be a great tool for the brand and community management to easily make the latest news about the game are readily (and almost instantly) available to the players: Every status report, every dev tweet, every youtube or skype interview, 3rd party news and articles, every talk that any dev gives or where the game is mentioned in a positive/neutral light. Because it really doesn't give a good image when players themselves post them a couple of days after the fact, and the company doesnt even know they exist lol (like the last case with Eugene's talk about early-access.
  3. I proposed the largest amount for fresh-spawns because they're usually the most suicidal ones. They have no loot, will have no soft skills, nothing to value their life, so they just gonna jump on anyone with more stuff. That and the usual suicides to get a better spawn..... I believe that deaths by campers are far less common than the two cases mentioned above.
  4. Yup. I would gladly play in servers that have very long respawn timers (even days). As Idea there could be a "decreasing timer" with the highest point when you're a fresh-spawn and decreasing a minute with every hour ingame.
  5. Private servers spawn the same barrel quantity that public ones, but that quantity is for ALL the players, so there are like 1 barrel per 200 players or so lol. If they haven't done their persistence wipe in a long time, just forget about finding a barrel in his spawn location, go search for bases (2-3 pinetree groups, rock formations), check around military locations, since the pvp crowd always has their stashes near to the action. The other option is just to forget about them, and ask admins for the planned persistence wipe, and then connect the first day and find like 4 barrels in electro lol
  6. I hope they add that feature. Oh, and the ability to carry sub-machine guns in your chest as normal people.
  7. Good idea! The list of the bugs already reported and acknowledged by the dev team (as well as the fixed ones) should be clearly visible to everyone, it will cut out the players base need for feedback from the devs about the things that they know are broken, the ones that are being worked on, and the ones that had been fixed (specially these ones, since they will give the idea of the progress the game has). Also if the acknowledged bugs could be broken down into groups and receive a reference fix schedule, so people knows when they could expect them to be fixed, it would make it easier for everyone to just give a link to the source for people that keeps asking "when are you planning to fix X?"
  8. Weird :/. Because I'm totally sure a couple of those were right after server restarts. However I can't be sure if someone was there a couple of minutes before me
  9. I think most of the suggestions I was about to mention are already here. I would add: A categorized Server tracker/list with reviews and a reputation system A scoreboard for in-game achievements (player who survived longer, the one that ran most, etc, etc) A very noticeable link to the feedback tracker, so people could automatically post a bug report there without having to deal with the complexity it has. A Wiki Featured Videos from youtubers that share your game vision (something balanced between pvp and survival, etc) so they give new players a story of what the game is about. Mention of some hot topics in the forums maybe
  10. It weren't mag weapons. As far as I remember it was a sporter with no mag, an izh rifle, and a mosin with 1 shot. Got myself killed with the last one. Since then I quited testing the weapons for internal rounds and just click on empty when I find one
  11. design

    I can't wait for rats and crows :3
  12. Nope, certain cases where just after a server restart in a town that I lived by.
  13. Wait. As far as I remember (don't know if that was .60 or .61 tho), you can find chambered weapons in the game! I always check the weapons I find, and there were times when they had ammo in them. Now the thing is that the reason the Chernarus populace left the weapon behind is because they didn't had any ammo for it. So finding weapons with ammo would be unrealistic unless you find their previous owner lying aside :) (or in infected)
  14. Yeah congrats! What a great achievement for a lifetime lol, you're already burnt out if you see my listing of the info I've seen in the forum already or had in my mind as "annoying". I'm not educating you (doubt I will be able, if your "more than a thousand posts" haven't placed you in a normal mood towards an online board from an alpha game), just responding to your negative post. Just stay in topic dude, keep toxicity away.
  15. That's exactly why we're discussing that. You see, 8 out of 10 people try to kill you because: You don't risk much doing so . The game at this point is too forgiving with the running speed that enables people to escape from bullets, and the hitbox system makes people safe from a couple of bulllets by having a couple of cloth layers, etc Death has no value other than the loot you have on you, so if you have more of that loot in your base, or your loot is ez to get, you can take the risks The environment is too forgiving for your aggressive actions. A couple of shots in a big city pass unnoticed if there are no players in the are. Infected reaction radius is too small and there's little changes of you getting caught in surrounded by trying to kill a player. Also related to 3 and 1. Escaping from infected is way too easy. They don't grab you slowing you down or stopping you, you just have to know how to run to escape form 10+ infected. Ammo is too common. People don't lose anything by trying to shot you. They know that they can find 200+ rounds in the next hour of playing. Self-defense is really easy right now. The only way of somehow limiting that is to affect the Risk/Reward equation for any decision a player has to take when encountering other players or dealing with the environment. Any addition to the value of your character or the loot he has will influence that ratio. And at this point we have: Ammo/Weapons quantity: The less of them, the more valuable every bullet becomes and the risk taken in using it against random friendly players and having nothing for defense from infected/enemies will make everyone think twice Food availability: The less food in a server, the longer it will take to a player to change his game objectives from keeping him alive, to searching some fun Environment reaction to shots: The more infected/other players are attracted to each shot, the more risky becomes the use of your weapons for direct reason. Skill systems that would add the things your character can do, to what he carries to your perceived value for the character (and for others in case of hard-skills) Players per server: the more players in a server, the more you risk being detected by heavily armed players when trying to shot a bambi (for example) Death penalties: We are afraid of death, because it means that we can't be alive. In game language it would translates with the limitation of your access to the game. A long respawn timer (there are a lot of suggestion about how to implement that depending on the time being alive, etc) or even the permanent ban from the server if you die, would add A LOT of value to your life. Incentives for being alive longer: In real life, you have the biggest incentive to survive you could have - your own life. In-game we can't have that, but there are ways to simulate an attachment to your character which would make you care more for him. (visual things, scoreboards, skills,etc)