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  1. Trust me, you likely wouldn't want to eat the shellfish from Chernarussian coasts. They have heavy industry and a goddamn factory right next to the coastline. I mean .... in a survival situation, you gotta do what you gotta do, but......
  2. Coming from someone trained and experienced in wilderness survival, this would be pretty useless. In almost all situations, you would be better off building a fire
  3. Without base-building, Day Z will be little more than yet another run-n-gun 'survival sandbox" aka murder simulator. Now, I am not referring to the base-building like in other games, where you can build massive towers in instants. Shacks, walls, small things like that.
  4. While I agree with the basic premise of your post...... not really. Listen, on this forum, I am known to be one of the more strident supporters of realism and authenticity. I dislike playing at night, specifically because it isn't realistic. In a real world survival situation..... absolutely nothing is 'worth' stumbling around at night for. Food? It costs the least amount of metabolic energy to sleep, so by sleeping at night and foraging/hunting/farming during the day, you are more "thrifty" Gear? Not worth getting injured over. So on and so forth.
  5. Because people dislike playing at night. And, to be honest, it is a valid complaint. In a real-world survival situation, I wouldn't do much of anything at night. I would find somewhere safe and sleep. To do otherwise is foolish.
  6. I disagree with almost everything on that list, with the exception of #3. If I wanted Day Z to be like almost every other 'survival game" (Aka gunz-galore mildly-military simulator extravaganza), I would play every other 'survival game'. Day Z needs to be difficult, if it is to rise about the flotsam and jetsam floating on the sea of shit that is the "open world survival game" market. Fuck, Fallout 4 Survival Mode is a more fulfilling 'survival game' than most of the market, in my opinion.
  7. The food chain isn't dead, though?........ Apart from humans, the world is doing pretty damn good. If anything, there will be more animals than before the disease.
  8. No. Ghillies are actually really easy to spot, since they look like bushed-up players as opposed to, you know, bushes. It is how characters vs vegetation gets loaded in at long range Ghilles are only really effective when you physically insert yourself into a bush while wearing one.
  9. ..... You do realize that all the groups you mentioned were "civilized" in every sense of the term, right? All three made great advancements in art, culture (the Carolingian Renaissance), technology, etc. Not even going to bring up the fact that all your examples were of groups, and hell, nation-states, waging war on other groups, in organized and measured fashions, for resources, land, or defese. Not a freshspawn running up to someone and stabbing them with a screwdriver for shits and giggles. In fact, I actually don't quite understand what you are trying to get across. Especially regarding the Anglo-Saxons, the Norse and the Norman French. All three of those cultures are considered to be the representative of the so-called "Dark Ages", a time of mythologized savagery, bloodshed, and the decline of 'civilization"........ except it wasn't. No historian worth their degree calls the period the "Dark Ages" any more, and current knowledge posits that the Saxons, the Franks, and the other 'barbarian" cultures were actually Romanized as fuck, to put the term bluntly. Hell, they even spoke Latin, in forms that today are recognized as French, Italian, etc. Even the quintessential Dark Ages "breakdown of society", the Roman abandonment of Britain, was less an orgy of blood and collapse of culture and more: Romanized Britons: Hey, Romanized Saxons, we are having trouble with the Picts and Celts. You guys are pretty hard, since you served in the Roman Army and all.... come fight for us, and we will pay you in land! Romanized Saxons: Sure. Finally, they didn't forget that such technology existed, it just became economically unfeasible to maintain. Roman cement is made up partially with volcanic ash: if you don't have the ash, you are shit out of luck.
  10. Like........see all that you wrote? Basically everything you just said was wrong. I am getting really sick and tired of debating this topic with small-minded and short-sighted people. "The Road" is not a documentary. "Fallout" and 'Mad Max" are fiction. KoS, at least the shit-flavor exhibited in Day Z, is in no way 'realistic". Do, did, and will people struggle against, harm and kill each other when shit gets real? Of course. Never said otherwise. Will they do it like they do in-game? No, people tend to be smarter and more organized than that. Peace. If this is the best this forum can come up with, guess it is time for another break.
  11. Just to add to your point about rain: Hypothermia can set in in under half an hour in real life, if the conditions are right. Just so you (not you specifically, Kirov), hard-and-heavy rain are the right conditions Couple that with the accelerated time Day Z has going on ....... and hypothermia setting in in under 5 minutes doesn't phase me all that much. I agree with you, as I do most of the time.
  12. I've said it before, and I will say it again: If you either starve to death, or die from lack of water, you are hilariously incompetent at Day Z, and, quite frankly, should feel bad.. I will bet cold hard cash you didn't find 'just" 2 apples in two hours. You .......you just fucking didn't. In ~15 minutes of apple picking, and this is without the spam-exploit, by the way, I've found upwards of 10 apples, more than enough to keep my going to the next town.
  13. The "zombies" in-game aren't actually zombies, but living humans infected with a degenerative brain disease. Everything that would kill a human will kill them. Sorry to burst your bubble.
  14. For a more survival-oriented function: flip-flip-type shoes are really damn easy to make, with little more than some cord, a knife and a chunk of a tire, you can protect your feet from injury and wear. Of course, the above idea would be better if we 1) spawned without shoes, 2) "regular" shoes weren't nearly so common, and 3) we actually took meaningful damage when travelling barefoot.
  15. Cut sheets of birchbark from a tree, and drape them over you.