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  1. For a more survival-oriented function: flip-flip-type shoes are really damn easy to make, with little more than some cord, a knife and a chunk of a tire, you can protect your feet from injury and wear. Of course, the above idea would be better if we 1) spawned without shoes, 2) "regular" shoes weren't nearly so common, and 3) we actually took meaningful damage when travelling barefoot.
  2. Cut sheets of birchbark from a tree, and drape them over you.
  3. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Oh..... you were serious? No. The game will never be as it should be if food remains as common as it already is, water is as easy to access as it already is, or hunger/thirst mechanics get made easier. NOPE
  4. This will add nothing to the game except for more KoS-asshattery. Sorry, not sorry.
  5. I've been here since the beginning of 2014. You ...... don't need to tell me this, I already know it. You aren't revealing world-shattering knowledge, here. This exact topic has been debated many, MANY, MANY times before. Hell, many of the ideas you bring up were first discussed by me, several years before you even joined this forum. Maybe I am just getting burnt out, but I found your attempt at education "annoying", for a lack of a better term. Here is a hint: If someone has more than a thousand posts, don't presume to "educate" them, especially not when they can read the thread for themselves. -deep breath- Unfortunately, I don't really see much in making loot "valuable", until we get loot that is actually scarce. Until guns and ammunition don't respawn, and you can't just jump into another server and loot that one dry, loot will only be as rare as you have patience. I've seen people spend hours jumping from server to server, sucking up weapons, clothing and food like a demented Hoover. If you are patient, loot isn't rare. In my perfect Day Z, you wouldn't be able to bring characters, or, at the very least, gear, from server to server. That, in and of itself, would lead players to sticking to one server, and, by proxy, forming "communities" of the regular players. Dramatically slowing down the healing rate, and making medicine actually difficult and meaningful might make players slow down and think about things before they get hurt. Right now, any and all healing is basically administered via dirty rag.
  6. At this point, I am pretty much not going to care about my character, regardless of what mechanics they add, due to the very simple fact that probably 8 out of 10 people I meet are going to try to kill me off-hand, no questions asked. The other two will also try to kill me, but try to get me to drop my guard first. Characters don't need "value", people need a reason to not kill others off-hand. That, in and of itself, will give characters value. I remember "The Starving Times", during the couple patches when loot-spawning was all pear-shaped. When I actually came across people actually trying to survive, foraging for food, who told me flat-out that I wasn't worth the resources to try and fight. Instead of duking it out, we banded together, picked some apples, then got a farm up and running. Finally, we defended our farm from rapacious freshspawns. Give people "reasons" to work together, other than sheer PvP.
  7. Along these lines: COOKING.' Currently, we can boil food, and we can bake/roast food...... woop de fucking do. Not the most exciting thing in the world, is it? Why include the mechanic if we are going to be able to do a grand total of 2 godamn things with it? As far as I know, we still can't even cook rice or add water to powdered milk.
  8. I can't tell you how many times my clanmates and I got kicked from a server so the owners buddies could play. Maybe not de jure reserved slots, but certainly de facto
  9. I certainly hope not. Reserved slots were shit.
  10. In real l life, there are plenty of ways to make leather. One particularly-simple method uses a mixture of brains and fats, rubbed into the hide. Requiring the player to find and use a barrel is unnecessarily limiting. There is also rope/cordage from rawhide (cut it into strips), sinew, twisted grass and bark. There are also cooking pots from birchbark, folded and sewn into a waterproof container. There are shoes from rubber, say from a tire, and rags.
  11. This is why we can't have nice things. Canonically, the players are some of the few people who are lucky enough to be "immune" to the zombie disease. Besides, it is a "prion disease", not an actual infection, anyways.
  12. map

    That river is in-game, actually, it is just a little piss-stream as opposed to the actual river it should be.
  13. Like many other useful bushcraft plants, there is a model for nettles in-game, but there is no use for them as of yet. Nettle has fibers in the stems that can be used to make cordage. I have made bowstrings from them in real life, and you can even make cloth with nettlefiber if you know how. Same thing with rawhide and sinew. Rawhide is the dried skin of an animal, which can be cut into strips and used as cordage. Sinew is the fiber of the tendons, found in the limbs of a slain animal, and is a great fiber for making arrows and such with. However, both lose strength when they get wet. Grass and certain barks and roots can be twisted, using a 2-ply method, into cordage.
  14. The things like drinking bleach and gasoline are there so your character can commit suicide, not because they are an emerging survival mechanic. I also have no problems with mushrooms being implemented, I just want them to be realistic: one "good" type (meaning: effectively no nutrition, but they won't harm you. Most mushrooms have caloric counts in the single digits), and the rest will hurt or kill you in various nasty ways. Not " LAWL Magic mushrooms brah!" If they are going to implement mushrooms, then why not insects as well? At least insects are viable food in a survival situation.
  15. Read almost every survival guide every written, and you will come across a section of the book, printed in big bold letters. DO NOT EAT MUSHROOMS IN A SURVIVAL SITUATION. I mean, hell, I've got three different survival guides in front of me, one military and 2 civilian, and they all say the same thing. Oh, and if you ate a poisonous mushroom ... you would be dead. There isn't really a "slightly poisonous" mushroom. By the way, what exactly is "the survival guide for city folks"?