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  1. Soft Skills

    That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. Me being skilled at carpentry doesn't mean I stab myself in the fingers whenever I try to sew. "A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, analyze a new problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, die gallantly. Specialization is for insects." Robert Heinlein What the actual fuck are the devs doing?
  2. Awesome .63 Features

    I can't agree more. People don't understand that carrying stuff is -heavy-, and all that stuff makes it -hard to move-. Either lighten your load and get rid of the unnecessary stuff, or don't complain when your character gets exhausted. Modern hiking and backpacking is -all- about reducing weight to that end, to the point where there is a popular saying "ounces on the back equal pounds on the feet, and that equals pain" Canned food is heavy (to the point where modern hikers and backpackers avoid it like the plague). Water is heavy (to the point where in-situ treatment is as viable as carrying a supply with you, where water is available of course). Carrying many changes of clothing is often unnecessary. Ammunition and weapons are heavy. Yes, modern soldiers carry massive amounts of weight.... But they aren't sprinting, or even jogging (most infantry is mechanized/motorized), and they cooperate in groups to carry necessary equipment. People on this forum seem to forget that humans are an inherently social species, and the "division of labor" is a thing. If you are carrying -everything- you need.... You are doing it wrong. Lone-wolfing is hilariously inefficient. Get friends.
  3. My .63 Offline Experiences

    Just how do you play .63 offline? When I update the Day Z Beta on Steam, all I get is the 'regular" 0.63 options, no offline
  4. Wells, and Forests

    1) There is plenty of forest available in the 'vanilla' map. It is just that everyone runs to the same damn spots, aka the edges of the map. There is plenty of room in the center, you know? In the rough diamond area between Nadezhdino, Pusta, Msta and Gorka, there is a range of forests and hills that I pretty much only very rarely see people in. I've had camps there for weeks on a full-pop, and they never got touched. 2) I agree. Without a lack of drinkable water, Day Z will never be the survival game it needs to be.
  5. In "reality" an apple orchard, or, hell, a single tree, would provide an absolutely immense amount of food. A single survivor could glut themselves on food for DAYS, with very little energy expended in gathering it. The thing is: 1) apples do not provide much in the way of actual nutrition. Lots of water, lots of sugar, not a lot of other stuff. They will fill your stomach, but that is about it. Ive thought for a long time that the nutrition system should be more complex. Right now, you can pound down nothing but canned food for weeks. In my opinion, a varied diet should prevent you from getting sick as often, and the inverse should be true as well. But that might be an argument for another time. 2) i have also always thought that apple trees, berry bushes, and other "lootables" (chicken coops, other resources) should have inventories, as opposed to having infinite sources of stuff. Being able to see stuff in the world (apples bobbing on branches is a big one) and i "dont find anything" is annoying and little more than artificial difficulty.
  6. Starting off with a full stomach

    Increase starvation/dehydration rate, decrease food spawn, increase rate-of-time passing (to the point where a day and night cycle can pass in 4 or so hours.) I am sorry: I don't mean to be rude, but...... it is trivially easy to survive in Day Z at this point, and has been for quite some time. 1) If you are starving to death at this point in the game, you should probably log out, fire up your preferred internet browser, and learn how to actually play. Aka "git gud', but more politely Apples. Berries. Chicken. Fish (though this one is a bit buggy). All of these are available, all the time, and only the last two require tools to gather and process. 2) Learn the map. In almost every single town, there is at least one apple tree, and I would be willing to bet hard cash money on that fact. At said apple tree, there is a literal unlimited amount of food, depending on either your level of patience or willingness to use exploits. You say you spawned in Berezino? Just to the south of Berezino, there is a massive apple orchard, where one can pick apples to their heart's content, gaining them both nutrition and water. That isn't counting the wells in Berezino, nor the wells and orchards in the other towns within a 5 minute-real-time-walk from Berezino. (literally. you can see three of the towns from Berezino) You can make everything you need to survive within 5 minutes of spawning, 10 if you want to craft a rag-rope to make a bow. Everything else is gravy.

    The only reason apple trees are 'broken' is because you can spam the shit out of them, including actual exploits. If they instead had an inventory, containing both 'good' and 'rotten' apples, that only got replenished when the server reset, they would be fine.
  8. When will gameplay be introduced?

    I still think it was a mistake 'allowing' players to move their characters from server to server. The ability to blink out of existence in one universe, and pop into existence with all your equipment, is what kills communities and the like, at least in my opinion. Lock characters to a server, and chances are you will see communities form.
  9. Noobs Hate Rain

    1) If the basis of your argument is an attack on my character, then your argument sucks big fat dick. And, yes, in my real world survival class, I teach my students to go to sleep when it is raining or when it gets dark. Why? Because it is fucking stupid to run around in the rain/dark, not to mention a waste of energy. If you need something THAT BAD, you are going to die anyways. If you don't need it RIGHT NOW..... it can wait until it is dry and bright out, and you would be much better served relaxed and sleeping instead of running around. 2) Its...... not rational to be out in the rain at night. Tell me, Mantasig, do you have any real world survival knowledge? It really sounds like you do not. If that is the case, don't tell me how to survive. I don't tell you how to ..... do whatever it is you do. 3) "you are supposed to bring the action go right through challenges" "You are supposed to constantly move to save our ass" Incorrect. Flat out incorrect. There is no point to Day Z, other than the continued survival of the player character. You are't supposed to do anything in particular. In fact, one of the most efficient methods of survival involve parking your ass near a source of water and growing crops. Peace
  10. Noobs Hate Rain

    Yes, Mantasig, having the skills to do what you state are pretty basic aspects of survival. Resource-management and energy-management are some of the first lessons I teach. In survival, you only want to undertake an activity when you are going to get several levels of returns on the energy expenditure the activity costs, while mitigating potential risks.
  11. Noobs Hate Rain

    Ehhhhh......As someone trained in wilderness survival, if it starts to rain, or starts to get dark, I tend to log off. Why? Because wandering around in the rain, or when it gets dark, really fucking sucks in real life. There is nothing I need that badly that is worth getting soaked and developing hypothermia for, or wandering around when I can't see and quite possibly getting hurt for. Nothing. Food? Nah, if you go to sleep, your metabolic rate will drop down, meaning you require less food to survive longer. Ammo? Nah Medicine? perhaps, but 'sleep is the best medicine', on top the fact that your immune system will be weakened by wandering around in the cold and wet and dark. In all cases, you are better off sleeping until morning. From my educated viewpoint, there is no reason at all to play in the rain or at night.
  12. Arrow heads .. as they were around in this region

    I actually think that both arrows and spears could have two versions: 1) Improvised. As-is, with a sharpened wooden tip. Requires no tools or loot (asides from the sticks, feathers, and sharpening tool), and as such, would be immediately available to a freshspawn. Lowest damage, lowest accuracy, shortest range 2) Advanced: With a sharpened metal tip. Requires the same as above, but with the addition of scrap metal, a file or a stone, and some rope. Middle damage, middle accuracy, middle range. The best you can craft 3) Composite: As-is. Highest damage, highest accuracy, longest range. Found only as loot.
  13. Arrow heads .. as they were around in this region

    No, no they wouldn't. Bone arrowheads are just as effective as flint or metal arrowheads. In fact, there is very little difference in penetrative ability (and therefore, lethality) between bone, stone and metal arrowheads. The only differences between the three are 1) ease of manufacturing, and 2) ability to keep the heads the same weight, which has a direct effect on arrow accurac Bone arrowheads, to be perfectly blunt, suck massive donkey dick to create, especially in a situation without power tools. I have made a bone arrowhead in real life using hand tools, and it took me several hours of filing and shaping. Stone arrowheads, if one even knows how to knapp stone, are still a pain in the ass. You need the 'right' stone, and they are difficult to get the same weight. They also almost-always break when they penetrate an animal. Metal arrowheads are easy to make (take spoon or scrap metal, hammer flat, cut to shape and file an edge on it), easy to get the same weight (meaning the arrows are more accurate), and more available. You can find scrap metal almost everywhere, while workable bone and stone are harder to find.
  14. Best Melee Weapon in DayZ So Far?

    Can you cut down a tree with a machete? Hell, can you cut down a tree with a folding jackknife? Sure. Are there tools that are more suited to the task, meaning they take less time and effort to do the same task? Yes. The Norse didn't use machetes. They used a heavy knife called a seax, which, while it might kinda-sorta look like a machete, in the sense that it is a long knife...... they are not the same. Same thing with the Chinese dao. Just because a culture had a long knife as a multi-purpose tool and weapon, doesn't mean they are the same thing as a modern machete. Also, Im going to assume you are reading the SAS Survival Guide..... you do realize the author of that book was based in Southeast Asia, right? AKA the terrain and plant-life that machetes are designed for? In fact, the author specifically mentions that axes are more useful in temperate and colder environments. Modern machetes are not cutlasses. Cutlasses are swords designed for combat, with short, broad and thick blades. Machetes are long, thin-bladed knives designed for utility work, that make for handy weapons in a pinch. The Carribbean 'cutlass' got the name because cutlasses made for decent utility tools as well as weapons, but the two are not the same. Language drift and word-loaning are a thing. ..... You have no idea what you are talking about, do you?
  15. Best Melee Weapon in DayZ So Far?

    Not in the terrain/climate Day Z takes place in. Machetes are made for cutting thin, leafy vegetation, like vines, ferns, other jungle/tropical plants. They suck ass at cutting hard, woody vegetation, like bushes, saplings, etc. Once you leave the subtropics, the axe and hatchet replace the machete. I, personally, carry a tomahawk and a knife, instead of a machete. The tomahawk is almost infinitely more useful in temperate and colder climates than a machete, and it is also a weapon in and of itself.