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are people trying to make the SA to friendly?

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I kind of accidentally stumbled into this forum. I had a suggestion I wanted to make and was searching the "List of Suggestions" to make sure mine wasn't already there. In the list I found a Biiiiiig forum about KoS and an idea to help with this popped into my head. What if there was a "Sanity" stat. I wanted to post this in the forum i found but couldn't for it is now closed because a bunch of lil babies turned it into their own personal argumentative grudge match instead of an open discussion about REAL solutions to a problem that faces DayZ. For those of you who don't think so, KoS really is a problem. I'm not saying it should be eliminated. It's a thing that happens and I'm totally fine with it, shit I've done some KoS-ing myself. There just needs to be a way to make it a little less frequent and to create more interaction between players.

 Lets look at what DayZ was meant to be, It's supposed to be a Zombie Survival Simulator. This means it should be as close to a real life zombie scenario as possible (for a game). Obviously its a game and should be fun to play, and everyones play style might be a little different. Thats all well and good, but this game IS meant to be Ultra submersive. Thats what made me like this game so much back when it was only a mod for Arma II. Yes killing on sight happened way back when too but it honestly happened far less. There was a lot more role playing from other players and for those who didn't role play there was still a lot more interaction before people started shooting.

Lets look at this touchy topic from the standpoint of what people would do if a real life zombie apocalypse actually happened. Its all about survival. Most people would be trying to get or find help from any person or group of people they could. Most people would feel safer in numbers and thusly form groups. Some people would be trying to help others, some people would be trying to control others, and some people would be trying to cause harm to others. As people attempt to survive in the zombie apocalypse they would all have different experiences that could/would change them and their reactions to others. Due to possible hostile interactions with other people/groups some people might resort to just out right attacking others out of fear and self preservation, this would be an example of KoS within the game, totally legit and realisitic. Others who might be hostile themselves, whether alone or with a group of other hostile people, might attack anyone they see simply for the sport or out of protection of what they've gathered/collected for their own survival. Again this is another example of KoS within the game being a legitimate and realistic thing. That being said, for both those scenarios the person or people would not be totally sane in order to commit these actions. The person who kills out of fear and self preservation would obviously be under a lot of stress, they would not be thinking concisely and probably be a little bit crazy. Same goes for the hostile thug with his thug brethren. They've lost all sense of their goodness and humanity(if they even had any to begin with) and therefore themselves are not entirely sane. This is how the "Sanity" stat could be helpful in a more submersive DayZ gameplay that encourages people not to KoS to preserve their sanity/humanity. For those who don't care then they delve into the crazy and KoS all they want, but it comes at a price as it would in real life.

The way I see the "sanity" stat working is like this... As one approaches another player, if they speak or interact with the player first and then happen to kill the other player, no negative sanity would happen. If one approaches another player and kills them instantly with no other character interaction then negative sanity would be applied to said player. After a determined amount times/sanity lost then the player would begin to see moving shadows on the edge of the screen or out in the foreground. The player would maybe sart randomly muttering nonsense from time to time, possibly making themselves known to zombies or other players.

I think this could be a cool implementation that would help reduce the amount of KoS that happens, but also make the game more interesting and submersive for those who do want to KoS.

Also one more thing, I've been away from the game for about a year because my computer broke down. I just recently built a new one and started playing again. Before, when it was still in the beta they had just implemented hordes that would appear from time to time. Usually in the middle of the woods. Are there still hordes in the full release? If not this would be great to see again (sorry if its already been posted but it goes along with my reducing amount of KoS happening). Hordes would be attracted to sound and for those who shoot on sight all the time, they would be increasing their chance of being over run by a horde of zombies. This could also possibly help reduce the amount of KoS due to a greater dangerous out come.

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Please do not resurrect five year old topics.

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