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  1. tandwan

    Why is it ALWAYS NIGHT???

    A server being night time is an admin issue unless you're playing on official which in that case, God speed. Also, gun lights point in the direction you aim your gun in, if you want a light to point in the direction you are looking try a headtorch. Anyways I'm with everyone else if you want a server on your time, find one that's non official or a different time zone host.
  2. tandwan


    30 slot server, 10 people max at a time. Server shut downs are normal scheduled and never had a crash to my knowledge and our tents vanish for no reason. Bases and walls have started vanishing as well and we didn't have issues with this for some time. We do backups so I mean we don't lose too much but it's a bandaid on a leaking roof.
  3. tandwan

    Field Transceiver

    We used one from Tisy to the Stary tents and it was very clear.
  4. tandwan


    Oh by no means am I implying they are unaware. They would have to be completely oblivious to miss the rampant protests that happen on these forums. However with the lack of road map at the start of December (unless I completely missed it) I'm hoping for some clarity on this one primary issue that is the keylog in our proverbial dam.
  5. tandwan


    Hi. I know my opinion probably will be overlooked or not answered cause you guys are busy and what not but I have a simple request. Would you be willing to tell us (the community) about the persistence issue? Do you (the team) have a realistic idea of when there might be a hot-fix coming down the tubes? I feel like a bit of information about this one major subject would do a lot to help solve annoyed or frustrated players. Thank you, regardless of your answer or lack there of.
  6. tandwan

    Steaks, the infinite heat packs

    Had this same issue. After testing I found out swimming in freezing cold water? Yeah no problem man. Them steaks got some strong mojo.
  7. tandwan

    Bugged Weapons

    Sorry to say but we still need more info. Did you get it right before server restart? Did the server crash before you lost it? Did it crash any time between when you logged out and logged back in? Are you positive without a doubt that it didn't crash during that time?
  8. It's... weird. We save persistence on the regular and the wierd stuff involves barricades and such staying up for a long, long time. Like, weeks. We can't figure out what will stay and what will not because it's 100% random when stuff vanishes so we can't tell if it's players or server. I still say your best bet is to admin save daily and keep doing it until they pit something reliable into effect.
  9. tandwan

    Infected lootz tweaking

    We (and by we I mean I) adjusted my server to completely remove food from zombies. It can be done by the server admin on community servers. I'm Bordertown: https://discord.gg/7QHAnWn, I set it so there is very limited can foods and absolutely no food spawning in bags, clothes, or zombies foe the same reason you listed. My players enjoy it greatly as it adds more of a survival feel to the server. I can find the files you need to adjust if you would like.
  10. tandwan

    steering wheel

    I'd be curious considering proper tracking programs like track IR do not. Sadly I can't give you a real answer other then the above info.
  11. tandwan

    Dayz 1.0 persistance BUG news

    Your best course of action is to find a community server with an active admin who is doing persistence saves right now. We don't have major wipes but we get missing tents now and then. My server has been fairly stable lately since we started doing this so.. yeah.
  12. tandwan

    Stable Update 1.0.150000

    Because almost every issue that is brought up has been beat to death on this forum at one point or another since 1.0 launch. Some people don't even search this forum, or even use Google to search for an issue before they decide to make another thread about it I know we have a thread about ghost bullets because I've replied to that three different times. To come here and claim that you have no idea about it is stupid and shows laziness because if you search this site on the first page of general discussion there are no less then two threads there. If you can't find it there check bug reports. I mean at this point there's absolutely no excuse why people haven't read about one of the well known bugs except laziness. That's why I'm annoyed all to hell at some of you people. Before you make ANOTHER thread instead of taking 5 minutes and see if it's already been talked about. Sorry not sorry.
  13. tandwan

    How To Enable Heli Crash Sites?

    On my server we already spawn helis, granted the loot at then is garbage.
  14. 3. Improvised backpack. In order to make an improved backpack we will need a couple of things: A: A burlap sack (Found in most industrial spawns, or farms) B: Two (2) sticks (Use a cutting tool and chop down a bush, then use the cutting tool on the long stick to create two short sticks. You can also use an Ax/Hatchet on a log, but let's assume you're a fresh spawn) C: Rope (Rope spawns in industrial areas but you can also craft one with twelve (12) rags in two piles of six (6) by combining them together) The first step is to create a courier bag. This is created by using your burlap sack and dragging your rope over the bag and you will get an action to craft the items together, doing so will cause it to either spawn on your back, or the ground, depending on the DayZ Gods whims.Now that we have a courier bag, let's craft a improvised backpack. Take the short sticks into your hand and drag your courier bag over them (insure the bag is empty). You will get an action to craft an improvised bag, once you do this it will either spawn on your back or the ground. Improvised backpacks have a dull brown color that blends in better then Talloon backpacks and has more room to them then a school backpack. In fact, an improvised backpack has the same space as a Talloon backpack.