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  1. tandwan

    The Lost - Organic Roleplay

    It is now day 2, and as a large surprise to me the population of the server is growing. Most of the people say they come for the story and the background it offers their character. Other say they come for the lack of Mods mucking things up and a vanilla experience. A few questions I want to put down here that were answered to the new comers: 1. The server is currently set to United States EST. 2. There is a day/night cycle. 3. Yes, it is a roleplay server but we do not force you to have silly rules regarding PvP. If your character wants to be a mass murdering sociopath, go right ahead, as long as you have a story for why you're doing this. 4. The Bear MUST be carried with you at all times, you can not drop it. Your character is compelled to carry it. If you have any other questions for me, feel free to drop them here or join the discord and ask and I will happily take the time to talk with you about it, the server, or anything else related. Thanks for reading, hope to see you soon!
  2. tandwan

    The Lost - Organic Roleplay

    Just a heads up, we've had a few people poke their head into the discord, and a few people who stuck around. Server population is growing again and i'm quite happy with it. Come on over and join the fun, I promise it will be a new experience for you.
  3. https://discord.gg/7dpYXFN Have you ever wanted to play on a server that wasn't Chernarussian, United States Military, and Bandits? Have you ever wanted to play on a server where the admin is active, friendly, outgoing, and tries his best to make his community work? Have you ever wanted to play a character that you built from the ground up and didn't have a backstory to fall on? Then give us a try. The Lost is a new roleplay server recently created in which you, the player, are left on a spot of land, brainwashed, without any idea of where you are. You start with nothing on you except one item, a bear, and this bear compels you to want to keep it for whatever reason. The bear is the reason for your living, you know you will surely die without the bear. It doesn't have weapons, food, water or even a function outside of moral support but you know it's value is beyond measure. You're not sure how you know this, did you read it somewhere? Did someone tell you? Is it a memory in the back of your mind? Did the bear tell you? Are you going insane? All of these questions are entirely up to you, and the way your story goes depends on how you the player choose to take it. We support no rules other then honest, 100% organic roleplay. Organic roleplay is the ability of the player to roleplay (or play) however they see fit. We have no KoS rules, you may do so if it's in character for you. You may murder, thieve, destroy, plunder, make friends, help others, start a group of people to help those around you. ALL OF THIS is entirely up to you, and there's nothing stopping you except you starting, today. With a recent wipe of the server all previous characters, equipment hoards, bases, vehicles, etc, are completely gone so you have a fresh start to do as you wish. There will be some minor tweeks being done to the server, namely spawn rate, food drop, etc. Stop by, check us out. Ask questions. We'd be more then welcome to have you along. EDIT: I do want to point out this server is a meeting ground, not a voice channel server. There will be few, if any, voice channels on this discord due to the fact I would like to encourage radio usage and pure interaction, meetings with other people. https://discord.gg/7dpYXFN
  4. So, title pretty much says it all. I get a 6 second connection issue from my server and then get kicked by battle for client not responding. There is no other warning, nothing at all. I have verified my game files through steam and this did nothing. Any suggestions?
  5. tandwan

    Wiping all current vehicles.

    That was it, many thanks, enjoy the beans.
  6. tandwan

    Wiping all current vehicles.

    Would you happen to know what file i'm looking in for where that stuff is posted? I can't find it and i've looked for about an entire day now.
  7. tandwan

    Wiping all current vehicles.

    So we currently used the information found on the web to reset all the vehicle spawns to have them out of the ground. I implemented this with not too much hassle but I am looking for a way to wipe ALL current vehicles from the map so they can respawn. Is this possible or so I have to completely wipe persistence to make it happen?
  8. tandwan

    Thoughts on QnA Dev. Stream yesterday

    I am expecting DLC before any major content updates. Seriously. We've just started using mods because the current content is so far behind anything they do it's depressing.
  9. tandwan

    zombies no longer spawn

    If you adjusted the CFG for event spawn then you probably did something wrong. Every time I load a mod if it fails, or I messed up a file, then my zombies stop spawning. MOST of the time it's because I screwed up my CFGeventspawns or something inside of it, so I would start there.
  10. tandwan

    Ghilli suits

    Previously on this game if you created Ghilli parts you could shoot them with a low caliber weapon and the suit would turn to a different color, usually green. Now, I have gun wraps and such and I shoot them, and they just get damaged. How do you get Ghilli to green once more OR is this a working as intended and until we get paint no more green?
  11. tandwan

    Fal Dont Found

    Cfgspawnabletype is only useful if you plan on tweaking attachments on initial spawn. Just update types.xml and set the nominal higher and adjust the minimum so more can spawn.
  12. tandwan

    Bordertown - Organic Roleplay

    With some issues with the server (thanks Fragnet) we're back and trying once again. The community server is back to a 30 man server and the server is once again fresh. Come stake your claim!
  13. tandwan

    Yo Impulz

    Is there a fix for my Ada appearing in the ground on my server? Sedans are fine but never fails my Ada will spawn half way in the ground. Is that an X Y Z issue I can fix on my end?
  14. tandwan

    Why is it ALWAYS NIGHT???

    A server being night time is an admin issue unless you're playing on official which in that case, God speed. Also, gun lights point in the direction you aim your gun in, if you want a light to point in the direction you are looking try a headtorch. Anyways I'm with everyone else if you want a server on your time, find one that's non official or a different time zone host.