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    Cherno hospital - cannot enter

    make sure you are hitting the windows of the hospitial at the end of the building the middle ones will not break.
  2. in the end it sucks to die and no one wants to die. I have ran into other players who were really nice and i would have kept playing with them but they ran off or got killed. I have killed two people in the game and that was because they were threats to me and my friends.
  3. yea but they could also turn around and slay you for your gear. I have come to the fact that play with people you know shoot people you dont know. thats just the truth of the game.
  4. Draz3n

    Any looking for a squadmate?

    hey i will team up i got vent send me a pm
  5. First name: Jeremy Age: 42 TimeZone: PST Why you want to join: to make friends in the game and run with a group rather than by my self. Teamwork on a scale 1 to 10 as 10 being the highest:10 Do you have Teamspeak no Do you have Skype(Only put Yes or No) yes How long have you played DayZ(Dont Lie) 152 hours according to steam
  6. Draz3n

    Cant find any servers?

    there are people streaming i dont know how there playing and i can't playing via steam. no servers and arma 2 is laggy
  7. Draz3n


    I try not to play at night i am in pst us and when it gets dark i switch over to a euro server to play in day time..
  8. Draz3n

    Any good servers?

    thats just how the game is. If you want to group up and play with me send me a pm
  9. Draz3n

    Updating Beta Patch Fix

    Hey Op when i go to Arma beta patch site you linked it asks for a username and password , before i could download with no problem. any idea where i can get the beta patchs other than 6 launcher? because that updates to 95059 which is not used by all
  10. Draz3n

    Good Heli crash site?

    i found a fn fal anpv s4 its ok but outside of night its not worth carrying around. the m14 is a better gun imo I am glad to hear that downed helis still exist i havent seen one in a while.
  11. I have gone from playing on any server to just play on a low population server and by myself there is no joy in dieing. and there is no joy or fun to be had in ruining peoples experiences. I have a great time when playing but its not going to last forever because there is nothing in this game once you have gear and unless rocket and his team figure something out this game is not going to be around long. And we also have to deal with the hackers ruining everyones experiences in this game. Props on the game but I guess i need to remember its just in alpha. First post Woot :P