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  1. 0.64 Freerider

    Stable Update 1.0150627

    I think that there is a problem with the current loot table of items spawning in what I call "swarms" in all areas. You ever noticed how you find a specific item and suddenly the next house/tent has it as well and the one after the next too? Yeah, that's kind of what's happening and you usually don't notice it with more common items but if you go through a military base and you find an sks you can be sure to find alot more in the next tents if it wasn't looted before. You can witness the same thing specifically when you're loot-cycling. Generator in one shed? You bet your ass you'll find at least 4 more in that town if you go through all sheds. Just pay attention, you'll find it to be true. Reported it here, hope it gets assigned soon. ->> https://feedback.bistudio.com/T137112 <<-
  2. 0.64 Freerider

    Experimental Update 1.0150625

    Fantastic job guys. I love this new style you're doing. @eugenharton wasn't kidding when he said one of the major things for 2019 was gonna be "Underpromise and Overdeliver". You didn't say much and then you announced the february patch and it hit right in the beginning of february and it is AWESOME. Now you're doing an experimental update addressing all the important issues directly at hand. The game becomes exponentially more stable with each update. Keep on going, you're doing great!!
  3. 0.64 Freerider

    Experimental Update 1.0.150183

    Ran into the "ghost magazine" issue again. No workaround has actually worked either. Created a ticket with detailed descriptions of attempted workarounds -> https://feedback.bistudio.com/T136237
  4. 0.64 Freerider


    I agree that there is too much food, given the very limited current amount of resistance (zeds) in your way to get said current amount. I'd like to get your opinion on the points/questions I've raised as well, e.g. stomach volume, immersion etc.
  5. 0.64 Freerider


    Hmm, good point. I can see the terminlogy "proper/improper" being problematic. How would you be setting up the poll. I'd be glad to get a suggestion for it. Your interpretation of this being whining however, is false.
  6. 0.64 Freerider

    Stable Update 1.0.149974

    A STOP REFRESH button is desperately needed. Especially for as long as it lags out when loading more and more servers.
  7. 0.64 Freerider

    Stable Update 1.0.149974

    Yes the server was full. Zeds seem to navigate alot better due to increased server performance too.
  8. 0.64 Freerider

    Stable Update 1.0.149974

    Zed loot spawning in sometimes instantly sometimes with big delays 30-60s
  9. 0.64 Freerider

    Stable Update 1.0.149974

    Very good server performance, but cannot perform heavy melee using shift.3
  10. 0.64 Freerider

    Stable Update 1.0.149923

    Oh yeah, I read that. Forgive me, but the devteam has made alot of promises regarding roadmaps, release dates and deadlines, and have been breaking those. So that is why I do not have much trust in a statement that is "from 2015". Unless you have some statements from the past year or close to that, that doesn't mean much to me I'm afraid. =/
  11. 0.64 Freerider

    Stable Update 1.0.149923

    Wow! I mean that's great news. I would much appreciate if you could point me to the source for this information, as I've kept a close eye on things and must have completely missed that.
  12. 0.64 Freerider

    Stable Update 1.0.149923

    Well they publicly said, they will be working on the game for 2019 with the full staff of 86 developers. After that is a grey and undefined area. Remains to be seen how much of what you named will be possible during this one year. Regarding helicopters, they said, it's high on the priority list, and the missing weapons will be implemented gradually and not all at once.
  13. 0.64 Freerider

    Stable Update 1.0.149923

    This is very true, which is why I've made a suggestion that hints at, maybe the amount of space in the clothing items isn't the issue, but rather the fact that all the pockets are artificially sharing one large room for a specific piece of clothing, is where a logical limiting factor would come in handy in terms of balancing. Would be happy to get a vote and hear some feedback from you guys, regarding that ->
  14. 0.64 Freerider

    Stable Update 1.0.149923

    130dB Typical professional DJ system Source: http://www.decibelcar.com/menugeneric/87.html
  15. 0.64 Freerider


    Did you know that you could store up to 50000 units of energy in former versions of DayZ? You probably all noticed that you can keep stuffing food in your mouth without any penalties. I do not know what the current number is, but regardless, the result of the number having been that high, is not only everpresent but even exaggerated, as the player doesn't have to vomit (or only after an insane amount of food and drinks). YES, vomiting used to be a thing and an important limiting factor. Anyways here is, what problems I have with it being the way it is right now: 1. It's partially immersion breaking, clearly 2. It requires less planning ahead by the player 3. It messes with the loot table The first two ones are pretty self explanatory I believe, but I will touch a little closer on that 3rd one: If there are no penalties for eating everything you find, guess what you will do. Exactly! And so, as a result, if an area was picked clean, there won't be any food left. There will never be a moment where you are like: "Ok, my stomach is full, my character seems pretty well energized and I have no more space in my backpack....aah whatever I still have two cans in my backpack, let's just leave this one." - NO, right now people will obviously pick up everything and eat it right away, until maybe at one point they feel like they have already eaten so much they don't need to, for another 7 or even more hours (the sky seems to be the limit). So here's my proposal: In my opinion DayZ does NOT need a crazy detailed metabolism system such as the one SCUM has implemented. All we need is proper stomach volume and digestion times (emptying the stomach gradually, so you can eat more). When you push past that stomach volume by a certain amount, your character should have to vomit (just like it used to be in the legacy version) AND we need a cap that makes sense, for how much energy your character is able to take in total, to avoid the situation where your player will never have to eat again, before he dies 48 play hours later! Anyways, thank you for reading, feel free to VOTE and share your THOUGHTS in the comments, where I will be happy to discuss it with you.