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  1. I my eyes 0.61 is not ready for stable. On my system I got a few client crahes. Desync, rubberbanding, sound problems are on a few exp servers too. I hope they can fix that for stable with conservative settings vor Z numbers and ai population at all ...
  2. 2 Client crashes in 60 minutes.
  3. Did the Devs posted an official changelog of the last Stable release?
  4. Why have they not post a official Changelog?
  5. New Dev Treollo sneak peak about ambient sound at night. I hated the "wind" (or what this awful loud noise was in the night) and this is an improvment. But a litte less frequent animals would be nice imho. Its sound like a big petting zoo with nice litte fluffy animals. DayZ is a horror game, I want bad animals like wolfes and bears so on. Thx! :)
  6. Hicks responded on reddit. Time to leave. This will end bad. To much interest from other people now. :)
  7. he was on morphine we had in military tents i guess, he overdosed This was this strange soundfile his character made I never heard before? And he said ingame something (next to a fire) "I have 3 Heatpacks on". Now I know why. ;)
  8. The guy passed out next to the fire in the car tent, your stuff is in one tent, the weapon in another.
  9. There are some dudes running arround right now.
  10. I think they added something like "Player has to be 300 meters away for about 30 minutes before item can respawn" Which may be more complicated when several players are looting one town. But Im very sure items inside player tents down count towards respawn rates. If you see a guy with SKS military gear - pls dont shoot. I will investigate it.
  11. Can someone pls confirm that dropped items inside buildings dont despawn somtetimes? Made a ticked about it:
  12. I have a video suggestion for the next status report conten creator highlight: Where should I post this?
  13. Where is the Changelog of the Status Release (57.128577) this month?
  14. So when is "soon"?
  15. Maybe this change in the future and we will get something like ... airdrops in the future? ;) /s