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  1. Just Caused

    Status Report - July 2019

    Me buying game in early access has absolutely nothing to do with buying DLC later on (if I decide to). I expect them to finish making the game, put all avaliable DayZ Dev resources into the game, atleast reintroduce old stuff and start adding new stuff to the game. Anything before that, making DLC or any such thing that requires payment is, atleast to me, pure disrespect and spit in community's face. They haven't even done making the game, they think about making DLC! Hey, is anywhere this thing normal?! I'm glad I'm not the only one seeing this as a very, very wrong move on behalf of BI. Most of DayZ veterans will tell you the same.
  2. Just Caused

    Favourite weapons??

    My favourite one is Winchester with UMP combo. If you asked me for my favourite melee 10 versions back I'd say firefighter axe but now it's definitely anykind of knife.
  3. Just Caused

    Status Report - July 2019

    I'll be VERY dissapointed if paid DLC comes out before all features that we had are delivered. To me thatll look like a serious cash grab to get as much out of DayZ as possible and go fund ARMA4. You haven't even finished game yet, don't think about DLC...
  4. Just Caused

    Wipe Hype!!

    If you think you'll love private servers, let me tell you, vanilla servers will dissapoint you. People hoarde guns inside their tents and since guns never see light of a day, they don't spawn anymore.
  5. Just Caused

    Experimental Update 1.04.152036

    PLEASE fix basebuilding. One of main aspects of the game is literally useless. Hours and hours of work can be destroyed in matter of minutes. Worst case scenario, instead of waiting for the real fix, you can just make destroying way longer. It can me temporary fix.
  6. Just Caused

    Stable Update 1.04

    Are we going to have a proper fix to basebuilding? It's still not worth to build a base.
  7. Just Caused

    Cruelty in Dayz

    Sounds unbeliveable and only happens in Bond movies but three villians handcuffed me and forced me to drink gasoline or disenfected (can't remember, too long ago). One guy went to search for food in Solnichy, while second guy went AFK for a moment. Third guy was guarding me. I managed to struggle out of handcuffs, quickly charged third guy and knocked him unconcious, his buddy came back and gave me a shot in leg, but I managed to take him down. Crawling through bushes to find splint, I encountered first guy who almost killed me, but I managed to kill him too. From a fresh spawn to full TTKSO uniform and M4 and AKM combo, it felt fantastic.
  8. Just Caused

    Strange lighting (daytime PS4)

    Hey, here's a biology experiment for you. Ready? Go outside on a very bright and sunny day. Look at the sun for a few moments. Immidiately look down. Too bright? Well, here's a night variant. Stand in almost dark room. Flash yourself in eyes with your phone and immidiately try to look at the ground? Can't see anything? That's biology 101! It's intended.
  9. Just Caused

    FAL and SVD

    I suppose only at the helichopter crashsites?
  10. Just Caused

    Why am I Always a Female when I spawn.

    Did you just assume your character's gender?! DISGUSTANG! It's random. To choose a character, exit the server, set your character and apply, join the same server and commit suicide.
  11. Just Caused


    Fix ghosting, fix perssistence and start building base. This isn't Rust. As much as I love Rust's concept it doesn't belong in DayZ.
  12. Just Caused

    Headset suggestions

    I don't know much about headsets but upgrading from low budget to high budget headphones was like a new world to me. Few years ago I bought Razer Kraken 7.1 Chroma and I can say I'm still more than happy to use them. Very soft and very good quality of audio. Might want to check them out at your local store.
  13. Just Caused

    Dayz Ban

    Off topic, but I really hate it whenever someone joins forums and creates account literally hours after they get banned, avoid reading rules and go straight to ban appealing. It takes less than 30 seconds to find out that moderators on this forum can't do literally anything about bans.
  14. Just Caused

    Experimental Update 1.02.150958

    Is character randomness fixed? It's very annoying having to quit the server, then switch character then join the server and kill yourself and respawn just to get the guy/girl you like.
  15. Just Caused

    Сombination lock (5x)

    Five seems like an overkill. I use similar chain to the one present in the game for locking my bike. Most common chains have 4 digits.