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  1. I Cant Open My Steam User İnterface

    Try restarting Steam and game all together, sometimes Steam gets stuck. Check what is your keybind for overlay.
  2. everytime i load day z the screen flashes green and red

    Take a screenshot of the problem and post it here. Also, try updating graphical drivers.
  3. Anti Cheat Idear to fix this bug or minimize this

    Guys, to be honest, I have no idea what he just said.
  4. Weapon suggestion for a pós beta

    I'm not familiar with this gun but overall I wouldn't recommend it in DayZ, simply because it doesn't fit in the general vibe of Chernarus. Well, only if it's rarely found in heli crashsites. I think this gun more belongs to Arma.
  5. Private Servers

    Public servers are the first to start, so naturally you found them first. Don't hold me on my word, but I think everytime they do maintence, private server owners have to manually turn on servers, so that's why it takes them longer to get back up.
  6. Exp Update 0.62.143640

    Only if you manage to kidnap DayZ Staff member.
  7. Status Report - 12 December 2017

    I'd say that house is between Stary and Novy Sobor, somewhere up on the north fields, not sure though. I really liked this status report, it gave me that Christmas vibe with it. I want to say that we really appericiate what you guys are doing out there. I can't wait to start playing DayZ again like I used to do.
  8. Error Creating Enfusion Engine?!?

    I'm literally rolling on the floor and laughing right now.
  9. Error Creating Enfusion Engine?!?

    Hey, completely off the topic, how does your DayZ run on 8350? I have 8320E 3.4 GHz slightly overclocked. It shutters sometimes when I zoom in or zoom out or just look somewhere quickly.
  10. Firestation upper floors are inaccessible

    Aim somewhere else than stairs, click V to vault over and while vaulting over just quickly look back at the stairs. You should be able to get up on them.
  11. Sigh

    There's no need to post third-party concering this game's news. There is a thread talking about it. Yes, it sucks. I'm kind of dissapointed that I won't be able to play one of my favourite games while I am on holiday. Atleast we'll get a good version when it comes out. Last few updates since new graphics update were really good. First render then sounds and artwork. I really hope this one works out too. It's a way for developers to get back a lot of players.
  12. Zombies

    What are you talking about? Zombies are easy to kill. I have no idea what game you were playing, but zombies don't ruin your clothes unless your clothes are already (badly) damaged. Yes, they tend to hit you from a mile away, but still it's way better than to have them going though walls. This bug will be fixed with the new player controller hopefully.
  13. There is no 'Give beans' button.
  14. why ocd people should never house-sit

    You're literally another me.
  15. Those items are work in proggress. They do exist in game files, but are purposely set not to spawn because they may not be fully complete or just there isn't working system for usage of those items. For example, I think you probably saw those weapons like Desert Eagle, Saiga 12K and etc. Those items are in game files, but they aren't spawning because they probably don't have right animation, sound or mechanics developed. Here's one example: