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  1. Hi buddy, it'd help others if you posted timezone/age/hours ingame to speed up proccess. Cheers.
  2. I really liked last few updates. I love how they divided them in small, but very important updates. 0.59 had tons of vehicles, 0.60 new renderer, 0.61 audio and predators and now 0.62 vegetation. And now they are adding animations and player controller. I really like how they managed to get on the right track, before they added some new fixes, weapons and nothing important.
  3. Hi, it'd be nice to leave your timezone/age/game hours in the thread to help others out!
  4. That's awesome! In my case, DayZ and other online games helped me develop communication skills in foreing languages. I was always good at writting and dictation tests, but I was very bad at pronouncing and that stuff. Now, after a while, I got better thanks to online games. :)
  5. clothing

    It'd be cool but it's going to need a lot of work to make stuff not clip with each other.
  6. May I ask why are we getting wipe? I thought the wipes are only on major Stable updates, it kinda ruins the need of making campsite, though.
  7. Just go back and loot all over again. See how easy that was?
  8. concept

    This concept of HUD looks pretty cool in my opinion. However, it'd be much nicer if you had increased the size of those small windows. Also, just like that interaction menu, opening doors and doing other stuff should have that same circular design, just like Rust has. It'd be awesome to see that thing in DayZ. About running meter, it'd be cool to see it implemented like in The Long Dark. When you press to run, it shows up. If you stop, it'll wait few seconds and then it'll dissappear while you still get your energy regenerated. All in all, awesome concept!
  9. Where'd you find that M4? I haven't visited military locations in a long time in this version, just because I'm playing 1 vs 59, so I stick to civilian areas. Do M4's spawn in military bases ( because I've seen them few times there ) or heli crashes?
  10. About those things you've mentioned, well, I've found gloves so far. They quiet common in sheds and that stuff. I'd suggest you to check brown sheds with small one-way window or those concrete garages like those next to supermarket in Stary Sobor. About mil. stuff, I don't know so far. There are a lot of high capacity vests in Tisy mil. base, but for other stuff I don't know. In latest patch I haven't explored much of military areas.
  11. The only Red Label I've ever drank was Johnnie's Label.
  12. I may not be British, but I still damn love tea. Sadly, I'm not in teas as much as you are to snort them. :D PS: Yorkshire Gold is damn good tea.
  13. Hello there fellow marksman. It all depends on your playstyle. Now, I cannot say for sure which one to use in 0.62 because I haven't had the chance to get my hands on the latest ghillie models, but as I said it mostly depends on your playstyle. Is it dark, and you are in evergreen forest? Go dark green. Are you in the north and in the area of NWAF with dry terrain? Go tan ghillie. As for myself, I used mossy almost all the time since I played half-half everytime. I am not one hundred percent sure, but I think the new mossy ghillie even beats dark green ghillie in forests, and also is somewhat usefull in dry areas. If you want my honest opinion, go mossy.