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  1. ReShade for 0.62 / 0.63 exp

    I already answered it for you in one other thread. ;)
  2. ReShade will it mess up my dayz?

    I'm using this one. I can guarantee it works for me, I've been using it for a year now.
  3. ReShade will it mess up my dayz?

    Artificial zoom and seeing players glowing is called hacks. ReShade and EnB addons are only there to make colours brighter, more beautiful. There's no such thing as having ReShade outline players. It might make them glow more, but also background will glow more too since all of colours are enriched, therefore it's still equal and hard to spot them.
  4. ReShade will it mess up my dayz?

    Complete utter zombiesh*t, it doesn't. I have Reshade for over a year now and I cannot even imagine playing DayZ without it, it just looks way too bland and depressing. I have Silo Entertainment's newest Reshade for 0.60, check it out on YouTube. It works for me perfectly.
  5. Exp Update 0.63.147368

    Hey dude, I was in same sauce as you! I had MSAA on very high, before it didn't cause a lot of FPS drop but now it does, drastically. I usually had 60 FPS everywhere and now I have 30. After turning it off, I have 60 FPS everywhere. Literally everywhere. Sadly I cannot put that graphical settings on all grass and trees to enchance how beautiful they look but I can live without that.
  6. Few questions about 0.63

    I actually thought a same thing a few times. I couldn't wrap my brain around that fact and I though it was just a placebo effect or something, since I've never seen a game before that has better FPS while on MAX settings. :D
  7. Few questions about 0.63

    No, they are not. I usually kept objects on medium and textures and other graphical stuff on high but now it's very unplayable, literally I had 17 FPS in Staroe military tents... Which ones should I buff up?
  8. Few questions about 0.63

    Thanks for the answers! I can't wait for 0.63 to reach stable, now it's somewhat bland without all these items. About the FPS, it's still wierd to me. I have FX8320E (3.4 GHz), RX470 4GB, 8 GB's of DDR3 1333MHz RAM, it's not bad configuration but it played much better in 0.62. Also, I always used to play on low pop servers for increased FPS, but now since it's experimental I got over that part of lost FPS. Lightweight vest shouldn't be that difficult on stamina bar. I mean, I had bolt action rifle, almost empty rope-bulrap backpack and vest. I couldn't run for 5 seconds straight. It's not balanced enough, I think.
  9. Few questions about 0.63

    Hi, I have a few questions regarding 0.63 Experimental. 1) Can you get stuffed? I tried eating and drinking a lot, and I cannot get stuffed. Also, does it show when you are ''light green energised/hydrated'' on new HUD? 2) Are there any scopes? If not, when will they be coming? 3) Guns? Where are all the other guns? I've been through all Chernarus only to find Makarovs, that gun using SKS ammo, AKM and MP5K. Literally not a single other gun. 4) Anyone else having problems with FPS? I used to play game on 40-50 FPS and now I struggle to get even 25. Literally unplayable in gunfights. 5) Anyone else thinks vests are way too heavy? I tried using that bulrap backback without sticks, a gun and vest. I literally couldn't run for more than 5 seconds straight. They really need to get balanced out. Now assault backpack takes same amount of stamina as other casual backpacks. 6) Also, why are most of the normal items suddenly removed from the game? I feel like we're stuck on 50'ish items, I can't really tell what is missing but it feels wierd. Wherever I go I find tactical shirts, tac. bacon, hoodies and knifes. Literally every town.
  10. OMFG LOVES teh new Airport. But cant go prone.

    That's funny because I always used to have a little bit more than 40 FPS, now I am struggling to have 25.
  11. Suprisingly, for me the situation was very diffrent. I've met around 4-6 people so far, both inland a bit and also on the coast. They were all friendly. Well, except this one guy. He got rata-ta-ta-ta'ed with my AKM in Vybor military base.
  12. Looking for people to play with

    Hi, it'd help other people if you could also state your timezone, maybe country, age etc...
  13. The worst game ever

    Damn, this game plays like one of these Early Access games! Too bad these bad devs didn't put a notice saying that you're playing EA game that will most likely have bugs that damage gameplay experience.
  14. The Inventory is a mess.

    To reload a magazine, you need to take a magazine and then drag bullet on it, and then press and hold RMB to fill it. For the inventory, I agree. I'd like to see a change.

    I really doubt that you have played the game for two years and didn't even bother to make profile on forums, hence the fresh account created 2 hours ago. Also, seems like you didn't bother to read rules since there it clearly says that no one on forum can help you with bans and it's up to BattleEye to lift it.