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  1. You just answered why it will never be added. F11 and click should do the trick, plus hungriness comes fast if you don't have gun to kill yourself with it, so it's not problem.
  2. I wish I had internet-fist to bitch slap crying ranters who play DayZ for many hours and not contribute to anything in the development, instead they make accounts just to post rant threads instead of making bug reports.
  3. Most of those things you've mentioned are soft skills, which will be later introduced in the development proccess. As for marksmanship and other combat abillities, devs said that they have no intention in messing around with that. When it comes to PvP, it'll be completly you. Your talent, your pure skill. You either die or survive, choice is on you. I don't think DayZ will have any kind of story, atleast devs said that, too. It just doesn't really add up. Bohemia's most succesfull game ( Arma ) isn't so much known for it's story. Yeah, DayZ COULD have few missions like Arma has showcase thingies, but I think that'll be all. Not the Last of Us type or anything. I think you want to see DayZ Wasteland. It might come when modding comes in the game.
  4. How I imagine this in DayZ: Bandit tries to swing axe at you. You have fast reflexes so you press E to counter attack. Desync happens, you somehow break leg while the other dude dies because of blood loss. Combat mechanics like this hardly work in any game that isn't hand-to-hand combat based. Even ARMA doesn't have knife stab animations or something like that, because it'd be glitchy or wierd looking. Simulators can never get fluid enough to be like CoD, Battlefield, etc...
  5. Well, everyone started from there. First, go play some games with campaings. To play a game MP and be good at it, you definetly need to practice a bit by finishing SP mode. I remember hoping in BF4 MP way before I finished the game. I didn't stand a chance. I always got lucky kills, let's say, 1 in 10 deaths. When I finished campaing, however, I kinda got used to the guns and how to aim. I mean, I was not perfect, but still, it was a little bit easier to kill someone. I quess you're not trying to be professional as soon as you hop on "aiming" games, so don't hestitate much about movement, avalibility of mouse area and such things. Play, get used to it and it should come naturally. Oh, and also, you may find that DayZ's aiming is a little bit diffrent than Battlefield and other shooters. It's realistic simulation so when you pull mouse quickly to the sides, expect some delays and stuff like that.
  6. Freedom of expression and internet make it easier for dumb people to find people that are as dumb as them, or even dumber. It happened in the past, it happens now, but since you have internet, you have access to almost the whole social network of events around you. Stay in school, eat vegetables and don't do drugs.
  7. plugin

    I think his feelings represent his subjective internal nature of writter's emotions.
  8. plugin

    Uhm... what?
  9. I don't have any experience about making game on XBOX/PS or any other 'peasant' ( :D ) platform, but whoever, I'm only a little bit introduced to developing PC games, and I can tell you, it's HARD. And it won't be easy to implement DayZ on XBOX.
  10. If we're this much slow with development for PC, what do you think, where do we stand with XBOX? And why would you want to have game that isn't even released to be on multiple platforms, like all other released games? That'd be very un-moral act by the devs, as it would seem like they are seeking for more money. Also, I'm pretty sure there'd be diffrent servers for XBOX and PC, since there's absolutely no way you can match computer's aiming controlls and etc.
  11. Re-format your whole hard drive? You get faster PC and you can play DayZ once again. Win-win.
  12. Uhm.... bagguette?
  13. Not relevant, but who the hell uses right mouse button to go back? That's like using restart button on your PC's case for left-click on mouse.
  14. If anyone has been wondering what it looks like, here's the screenshot.
  15. Experimental only.