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  1. The worst game ever

    Damn, this game plays like one of these Early Access games! Too bad these bad devs didn't put a notice saying that you're playing EA game that will most likely have bugs that damage gameplay experience.
  2. The Inventory is a mess.

    To reload a magazine, you need to take a magazine and then drag bullet on it, and then press and hold RMB to fill it. For the inventory, I agree. I'd like to see a change.

    I really doubt that you have played the game for two years and didn't even bother to make profile on forums, hence the fresh account created 2 hours ago. Also, seems like you didn't bother to read rules since there it clearly says that no one on forum can help you with bans and it's up to BattleEye to lift it.
  4. General Discussion

    I sure hope so.
  5. General Discussion

    I am sorry to say but taking a short look at 0.63 gave me a very wrong impression, but I hope stuff will get fixed in Stable version. Some of animations just collide with objects, you can't move while on your back, and zombies literally lock you into attacking animation. Oh, and also, aiming. It's very hard to aim properely now. You have to use MMB. I'm not fan of space system either but I think PUBG's idea is very well implemented and should be in DayZ too. Too bad you can't move anymore while accessing backpack, I honestly really hate that one. It'd be understandable if you couldn't sprint, but even slow jogging and not being able to open backpack? Sadface. But all in all, you can now shoot yourself in the foot if all else fails, so 10/10 for this game.
  6. Thinking about coming back?

    My thoughts exactly.
  7. zombies spawn

    That's what they are supposed to do.
  8. Map Boarders

    I was always impressed by how well Dying Light took care of map borders. Here's a picture in one of my gameplays. Following the lore, they closed of part of the city with thick, 3 meters tall cement walls and estabilished quarantine zone. In nighttime, you can clearly see lights from buildings that are far away in distance and it gives you this, somekind of depressing emotion. You're stuck, trapped in a city full of zombies and you cannot get out. Civilisation is right there infront of your nose and yet you cannot exit quarantine zone. I'd really like something like that to be used in DayZ. Of course, there will be problems since Chernarus is more village-ish map. No skyscrapers or anything, it'd be wierd to have 3 meters cement walls in middle of forest.
  9. What is the difference between a trigger and a dynamic event?

    I might be wrong but from what I'd say it's like old zombie spawn. Whenever you get in range of around 800 meters, you trigger their spawn, therefore the name trigger event. Of course, this system has been recently changed. For dynamic events I'd choose heli spawns. You don't know where they are, they will spawn whetever you are near them or not. They will spawn on their own and they change locations.
  10. I Cant Open My Steam User İnterface

    Try restarting Steam and game all together, sometimes Steam gets stuck. Check what is your keybind for overlay.
  11. everytime i load day z the screen flashes green and red

    Take a screenshot of the problem and post it here. Also, try updating graphical drivers.
  12. Anti Cheat Idear to fix this bug or minimize this

    Guys, to be honest, I have no idea what he just said.
  13. Weapon suggestion for a pós beta

    I'm not familiar with this gun but overall I wouldn't recommend it in DayZ, simply because it doesn't fit in the general vibe of Chernarus. Well, only if it's rarely found in heli crashsites. I think this gun more belongs to Arma.
  14. Private Servers

    Public servers are the first to start, so naturally you found them first. Don't hold me on my word, but I think everytime they do maintence, private server owners have to manually turn on servers, so that's why it takes them longer to get back up.
  15. Exp Update 0.62.143640

    Only if you manage to kidnap DayZ Staff member.