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  1. plugin

    I think his feelings represent his subjective internal nature of writter's emotions.
  2. plugin

    Uhm... what?
  3. I don't have any experience about making game on XBOX/PS or any other 'peasant' ( :D ) platform, but whoever, I'm only a little bit introduced to developing PC games, and I can tell you, it's HARD. And it won't be easy to implement DayZ on XBOX.
  4. If we're this much slow with development for PC, what do you think, where do we stand with XBOX? And why would you want to have game that isn't even released to be on multiple platforms, like all other released games? That'd be very un-moral act by the devs, as it would seem like they are seeking for more money. Also, I'm pretty sure there'd be diffrent servers for XBOX and PC, since there's absolutely no way you can match computer's aiming controlls and etc.
  5. Re-format your whole hard drive? You get faster PC and you can play DayZ once again. Win-win.
  6. Uhm.... bagguette?
  7. Not relevant, but who the hell uses right mouse button to go back? That's like using restart button on your PC's case for left-click on mouse.
  8. If anyone has been wondering what it looks like, here's the screenshot.
  9. Experimental only.
  10. That's how people use ladders in soviet Russia.
  11. Also, they should add even more books so we can read them. Maybe even cooking recipes, well, why not just make DayZ an ultra-realistic cooking and gardening simulator? Enough said.
  12. Hi Luke, I had same idea like you about forming small group. If you're interested, add me on Steam ( http://steamcommunity.com/id/JustCaused/) so we can find even more people. I'm skilled marksman (over 1200 hours in game). I'm from Serbia and I am sixteen years old.
  13. I'd love to see blur and blood effects.
  14. Do you mean when will the game be released on XBOX? If that's the question, I doubt it will be released with DayZ in beta. I'll say it'll be released after DayZ gets fully released on PC.