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  1. Stable Update 0.63.149464

    I sometimes even found out that the compass wasn't accurate at all, like it was 45 degrees off to left from North for example. I really really love new night, I think it's done very well. It's just that brightness of light sources need to be buffed up and area they cover. It's literally an understatement to say that flashlight can only light up 2 meters infront of you, I mean comeone... Headlights were fine until recently, now they literally light up way behind you and they are way way above your head so don't even think about going inside a house and expecting headlamp to help you. Also it's range and brightness needs to be buffed. Headlamp should be the OP of all light sources, now I'd much rather use wooden torch.
  2. Stable Update 0.63.149464

    We really need to get the headlight bug fixed immidiately. I love night gameplay but since headlights are literally broken to the top considering that they are way above head and also literally lighting behind your head makes a night a living nightmare. Also, it'd be nice if you could increase the overall brightness of every light source in the game since they aren't that useful in the pitch black. If you're using flashlight you can see only a little bit infront of you and even that light isn't bright at all. We really need light bug fixed and brightness buffed.
  3. UK 2-1 Offline?

    Any ideas what happened to this server? I was playing on it whole week and left the game last night, now the server's down. I hope it's just update.
  4. I can't change my game version through Steam

    Same happens to me, I quess we can either wait for stable servers to update or play with new characters on Experimental.
  5. Hi, so I'm looking for these items: - Car battery and sparkplug - Hacksaw - PU scope (I really need to find one soon) - Car tent All in all, I'm looking to make a base but as you can see I can't find some of the basics. I've never seen car battery or a sparkplug in any garages I've been to. Also I checked couple of deerstands and there weren't any PU scopes and I'm unsure if they actually spawn at deerstands or somewhere else.
  6. Tried 6.3, have the Zombies gotten worse?

    They have some lagging issues but I'd rather keep them as it as than to reduce number of zombies or even God forrbid remove them. They are working on the fix. You might notice that there are a LOT more zombies than ever before.
  7. Gym advice

    I was actualy just about to share a few tips and tricks but I saw that this post was from 2014. Hope the guy got buffed up till now.
  8. Character wipes after 10MB Stable update

    You didn't understand me. I was playing on 0.63 the whole time. When small update rolled out my character got lost somewhere in the database. It was an official server, I noticed that a few more people were affected by the update too, according to the Steam Discussion.
  9. Am I the only one experiencing this? 10 minutes ago I was running towards Novy Sobor just to see server error. Turns out while I was playing the game was updated so I had to restart it. I join in the same server and then I'm set miles away on the coast with nothing but a damn rag in my hands? A 10MB update messed up my game. It'd be okay if this was Experimental, but no, they have to mess up. Really? I can't belive this...
  10. We will certainly have statistics for our characters but most likely it will pop up when you press certain button to prevent encumbering main menu.
  11. Night!! It's so scary

    I didn't play for a while now, did they change night in Experimental? I saw that there were some drastic improvements on nighttime according to SR.
  12. It's Been 6 Years

    I don't enjoy Experimental since, as far as I know it it doesn't have persistence and overall quality of life is degraded from 0.62 Stable. Last time I checked it, it didn't have half of items that were present in older versions. I can't make camping sites, can't make garden or get a vehicle. Also, if I don't play long enough, newer Experimental version will roll out and there goes my character with it. I like to take risks. Especially like wearing white shirt on Labour Day or brown shoes with charcoal suit. Just for the giggles.
  13. It's Been 6 Years

    I'm really dissapointed to see one version of game taking almost half a year to just be published on stable branch. I feel like developers are either sipping Martinis on the beach or just not very skilled to develop a game. I hope for the best, but I'm starting to lose trust, too.
  14. How to cook step by step guide

    Remember that so far 0.62 has more ways of preparing food like using fat, boiling and etc.
  15. French translation ... fast!

    Sorry, I don't speak baguette. Jokes aside, you don't need English to play the game.