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  1. Just Caused

    Dayz Ban

    Off topic, but I really hate it whenever someone joins forums and creates account literally hours after they get banned, avoid reading rules and go straight to ban appealing. It takes less than 30 seconds to find out that moderators on this forum can't do literally anything about bans.
  2. Just Caused

    Experimental Update 1.02.150958

    Is character randomness fixed? It's very annoying having to quit the server, then switch character then join the server and kill yourself and respawn just to get the guy/girl you like.
  3. Just Caused

    Сombination lock (5x)

    Five seems like an overkill. I use similar chain to the one present in the game for locking my bike. Most common chains have 4 digits.
  4. Just Caused

    So is this normal? One punch death in melee.

    I'd love to record it on my game but to be honest I don't even bother to prove a point. And I don't hate the game, I'm just criticizing it.
  5. Just Caused

    So is this normal? One punch death in melee.

    You didn't get the point, I replied to them listing out how buggy they are, and hell, they are so buggy. But what's to expect, Arma and DayZ clearly have one of worst AI's I've seen. Seems like BI doesn't know how to actually make working AI that feels like a real opponent. There's local zombie in my town, went out of to dinner with him, he got angry because there weren't any brains on the menu. He hella likes to go out clubbing.
  6. Just Caused

    The easiest/depressing loot route

    This is actually very unuseful. You'd find much better loot if you head towards inland instead of going from Svetlojarsk to Balota.
  7. I've came across the same bug myself. I was playing with my friend and his morning came way faster than mine. Also, on my screen there was light rain while he didn't have it. This bug was present on year one, where you had to relog to fix time. Comeone guys, one step forward two steps back...
  8. Just Caused

    So Frustrating.

    Hi, add me if you want to play together sometimes https://steamcommunity.com/id/justcaused I play on The Barely Infected's Village server. If you want to play together, feel free to add me.
  9. Just Caused

    So is this normal? One punch death in melee.

    Funny you should say that, I just came back from it.
  10. Just Caused

    So is this normal? One punch death in melee.

    So you're telling me that devs purposely made them not be able to climb stairs, get stuck on doors, run around like brainless fly while jumping over fences back and forth, can easily outrun the player since they have more stamina, that they can pull a 180 on you way quicker than your character, can detect you from miles away, can turn and sometimes player's attacks doesn't register while their's does? Don't think so buddy....
  11. Just Caused

    So Frustrating.

    I found a very good server that doesn't have any ROE but still people act friend most of the time. I actually get frustrated because I didn't shoot anything that moves for a few hours and if I do kill a friendly player, I'll feel bad.
  12. Just Caused

    So is this normal? One punch death in melee.

    Zombies are very, very broken right now.
  13. Just Caused

    Stable Update 1.01

    Ooo, I love this.
  14. Just Caused

    Combat Knife Bug

    It's not bug. Can you open, let's say, a can of beans while your knife is in the drawer. No. You take the knife out and you take can in your hands.
  15. Just Caused

    Experimental Update 1.0150408

    *Acustic screeching*