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  1. Now, the question is where to find Hunting scope on high populated server?
  2. Are you getting enough of dietary fiber? Would you consider yourself sexually active? Does your family have history of autism? Do you get burning sensation when you pee? We need more information...
  3. The more I watch Game of Thrones the more I like Suits.
  4. If you're making forum account without reading any rules and with the sole purpose of ban appealling, well buddy, you don't deserve to be unbaned.
  5. All you had to do was to follow the damn train, Vladimir!
  6. I don't know where you're coming from, but where I come from, when people tell me they did something, they either lie or they really did something. There's not third option.
  7. You mean feedback forums? Cause I am sure as hell that there isn't a living sould of dev team browsing that. There are more than a dozen cases where I or someone else reported a small bug, and it only resulted in: "Fix is coming in the next Steam update" or something like that.
  8. They are the worst kind. Boring as Jehovah's wittnesses, they run up to you just to give you disadvantage in firefight. Just like Jehovah's wittnesses, I usually lock them up in a house and leave them there.
  9. Are you kidding me? DayZ will crush, oh, let me rephrase. DayZ has already crushed every other survival game with their sales, well, except Minecraft. Gamers might me unhappy with the current development, but still, DayZ sold more copies than any other mediocore DayZ ripoff. Some people are leaving, I won't deny that. When 0.63 comes out, I think people will come back, if devs don't scew anything up as I hope. This is dev's last free pass, now or never. 0.63 decides half of fate for DayZ.
  10. Hi, just wanted to say that it'd be very cool to have realistic scope magnification instead of just camera zooming in like when we press +. This is what I'm talking about: PS: I don't like EFT but I really like some of their ideas. :) As you see here, DayZ doesn't have that magnification in scope. It'd be cool to have a bit blurred background if our Postproccess graphical option is on.
  11. Forests and villages yes. Chernogorsk hell no.
  12. Guys, just to be clear, the next update will be very important to the future of DayZ. Please, please, please don't screw it up! A lot of people will come and try out the game again, same as it was in 0.60. If you mess this next update up, people will definetly start to lose faith in you, but if you do this right, if this update lives up to it's expecations, people will definetly come back to this game. Do your best.
  13. You open lid just like you open the door. That bull poop of yours is untrue, kinda creative, but that's not how it works. Just remember to move few items around the barell so the despawn timer resets. Don't trust me, but I think I left my campsite with military tents and barrels for 10 days and they didn't despawn.
  14. Hi, me and my friend are making a small group, if you're interested, add me on Steam JustCaused7 and I'll play when I come from my vacation in a few days.