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  1. Just Caused

    Stable Update 1.01

    Ooo, I love this.
  2. Just Caused

    Combat Knife Bug

    It's not bug. Can you open, let's say, a can of beans while your knife is in the drawer. No. You take the knife out and you take can in your hands.
  3. Just Caused

    Experimental Update 1.0150408

    *Acustic screeching*
  4. Just Caused


    This sounds useful for console players, but doesn't this give you unfair advantage over the other players? It's like using Bluestacks for mobile games.
  5. Just Caused

    Night-vision scope useless?

    Nobody loves night, they might enjoy it for a bit since it refreshes gameplay but having it as long as day is a bit too much. I'd say 2 hours daylight, 45ish minutes dusk and dawn combined and 1 hour night.
  6. Just Caused

    Night-vision scope useless?

    A bit of a overkill, dusk and dawn should be much shorter than day.
  7. Just Caused

    Content is #1 Priority, Not Persistence.

    By fixing persistence you'll get working bases, stashes and cars that won't despawn everytime the server files get corrupted. Why would you bother with that stuff now when you know they'll despawn? Amount of gameplay that depends on this stuff is far larget than having more guns and some new items in the game. Sure, new gun sounds cool, it might take you sometime to find it but do you know how long it takes to build a base and fix a car? Way longer and provides much more gameplay.
  8. Just Caused

    Content is #1 Priority, Not Persistence.

    You're very very wrong about this. As someone above mentioned, DayZ without persistence is basically slow paced PUBG. Just because you don't have that AK101 doesn't mean bases, stashes and cars shouldn't be working. Persistence is ESSENTIAL to this game. What's the point of the game beside it? I'll tell you and it's DM. If I don't have a naše to build Id probably just DM since there's no actual goal. If you get persistence you can build a base, find and fix a car and do some camp crafting which extends game play time way longer than just going around the coast and DMing. Few guns and other small items can wait, it's not mistake that persistence is priority fix.
  9. Just Caused

    barbed wire adjustment

    I think you need pliers or hammer to actually attach them.
  10. Just Caused

    PS4 Release?

    DayZ on PC isn't even a version that we'd call full release, I doubt you'll get PS4 version soon. Aside from that, I'll let others who might know more inform you.
  11. Just Caused

    Experimental Update 1.0.150183

    I'm just waiting for the day when the server perssistence won't be a issuse anymore... I just want to get a car (that actuall works and doesn't bounce around) and build a base deep in the woods. Is that too much to ask? :(
  12. Just Caused

    Xbox Update 14/01/2019

    Yeah. I thought you guys had character selection.
  13. Just Caused

    Xbox Update 14/01/2019

    He got cancer and had to go to chemotherapy. He's one of the characters that you can play as, white gingerish brown guy with short hair. I always choose him.
  14. Just Caused

    Please Bohemia can we get character locked servers?

    I'd love to see servers with private hive, but I think the problem will be that sever pop changes. That was a big problem for me in Rust. At th beggining I want to find a server with high pop, not full but high pop, and by the end of the week pop just goes down to low, sometimes 5ish people playing. I don't want the same to happen to my server. I might build very big base on high-medium pop and after few days that server might become low or even empty. Then, what's the point of me playing there?
  15. Just Caused

    ID Cards