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  1. I know, but be patient.

    Google the video, "The day DayZ died". It basically postulates the game was shit but multiple playstyles were taken care of so the game was successful. Most of the criticism can be taken care of through mods. People are looking at SA with rose tinted glasses. It was always broken and empty. Higher player counts hid that fact.
  2. I know, but be patient.

    As you mentioned, staleness is subjective and cannot be proven. However, that video "The Death of DayZ" gives a pretty good explanation of why most players feel the game is stale. The direction the game moved between Mod and SA may be able to explain the waining interest of many players.
  3. Where is the DayZ population?

    I can't wait for DayZ Exile mod. hrrrnnnggggggg
  4. Is this even a game at this point?

    What will make it a game?
  5. This is geting silly

    I would be fired if I missed my expected delivery dates by years. Edit: I'm not saying they should be fired at all! Only that the Early Access model offers luxuries I wish I had.
  6. The Parable of the Wise and Foolish Virgins

    Because you can only meet people on a mobile phone or am I missing the sense of this parable?
  7. This is geting silly

    "I hope you don't get mad if I kill you." The joke is that "wirst" is really close to "wurst" which means "sausage".
  8. This is geting silly

    You would be surprised. I've worked with many developers that write like kindergartners... I'm in Spain, at the moment, and the Spanish write sentences completely in lowercase, including the beginning of sentences and proper nouns. It can be terribly confusing. But these are highly intelligent people I am working with. I'm pretty sure OP isn't a native speaker. In fact, he might be German. I suspect his name is a play on words. Evilsausage = böse wurst = böse wirst. Example: "Ich hoffe dass du nicht böse wirst wenn ich dich töte".
  9. A few suggestions

    Maaaaan, I hope someone mods this soon. Like Parazight said, I don't think it will be in the core game. Alternative: Bear pets that aggro when their owner is killed or a weapon is fired. Not gonna happen. This would be fun. I would love to have some form of quests. Perhaps they can be implemented with the loot system. A note drops with instructions that lead to good loot or a pet (e.g. trained circus bear to protect your safezone in exchange for deer meat). This will definitely be modded. Bandit missions with good loot are super common in Arma mods. Google "arma exile". Infected are humans. An infected ape might be possible. Gorilla or chimpanzee at a zoo? Yes.
  10. This is geting silly

    DayZ 1.0 is definitely coming. I work in the industry too, man. My current company has several R&D projects in development at a time. We cut projects early if they aren't making significant progress. But we didn't release a game with the early access model. We don't get paid in advance to make games. And that is OK. It can be frustrating but... eh. It's just a game.
  11. General Discussion

    Pretty sure it's the primary purpose to most people. Spawn, barbie doll cardio, look for kills. DayZ is not The Long Dark. You can dress up and kill other people while feeding your energy meter. And that's OK. In this multiplayer setting making shelter is an instant death sentence. Starting a fire is a signal for all nearby players. Making a farm or safehouse has negligible returns as it will probably be gone when you log back in. The permanence and purpose of real life is not reflected in DayZ's game mechanics. For this reason I don't think it provides a realistic survival simulation and probably never will. I really think you have to add unrealistic in-game constraints to simulate aspects of reality. Is this irony?
  12. PLEASE -don't- change the new reloading mechanics!

    The system is a bit complicated for my tastes. I feel like "activating" bullets via the hotbar should just start reloading any empty held magazine (internal or external).
  13. Add sidechat

    Might as well, right? The arguments are not "wrong" per se. I just don't agree that the impact on core gameplay will be as dramatic as people are making it out to be. One argument that I feel holds weight is that the devs wish to encourage the use of radios. Sidechat would make radios virtually obselete and they may as well be removed from the loot pool. One criticism of this argument is that radios aren't used anyway. Discord/TS is used for intra-team communications. Discord/forums are used for community chat. Another argument that is not completely opinion-based is that sidechat will encourage KoS callouts. I find this odd as the same thing would happen if radios were actually useful (e.g. if batteryless radio recievers were added, batteries lasted longer in radios, etc.) A global chat option on private servers requires minimal implementation effort and would provide a social option for those that wish to opt-in. The arguments against sidechat do not conflict with these facts, rather they are based on an ideal of DayZ authenticity that will only hold until modding is added. This, in my opionion, makes these arguments weak as the more restrictive the vanilla version of DayZ is, the less likely people will be to use it. In my opinion the vanilla game should attempt to enable multiple styles of gameplay through server-based options. That's how I feel. I hope this is good enough for you to understand my perspective on all this.
  14. Add sidechat

    Ah, this old debate with the same people regurgitating the same tired arguments. @OP: Someone will add a mod for sidechat. Don't worry. Not sure if it will make it into the main game because, as you can see, some people are very vocal about keeping vanilla DayZ as tedious as possible.
  15. Weekly Status Report

    I'm hoping for some big news but will keep my expectations in check. I just want to see some gameplay changes, to be honest. I remember hearing Rocket talk about implementing basebuilding within a few months and I got so hyped.