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  1. Urban myth, right? There is no threat of hypothermia above 80 F. Your body generates heat and doesn't just normalize to the ambient water temps. AFAIK it takes hours to die in 70 F water. You would more likely die from dehydration or drowning due to exhaustion.
  2. The engine that Enfusion is based on is that old, yes.
  3. Enfusion is based on an earlier engine, Real Virtuality.
  4. So are you saying they should have started from scratch with Enfusion instead of basing it on Real Virtuality or that you support their decision? I don't understand your statement.
  5. I am so excited for modding to be released. But I do not see extensive realism playing into any aspect of mods that I would create. The current idea I have for a base building mod would be as follows: Players can have as many tents (found commercial tents or crafted shelters) or stashes as they want. No defense for these types of storage. Players can claim ownership of n buildings per hive. Loot wouldn't spawn in owned buildings. I imagine ownership as hanging a picture of yourself or your clan on a wall and lighting a fire in a fireplace. Ownership could be granted to everyone on the photo. You would only own the building as long as the fire burned. People would know which buildings had occupants so they could camp those buildings waiting for a chance to break in. Player-owned buildings (not shelters or tents) would be impenetrable except through doors. Doors could be locked with combination locks or key-based locks. Players can create as many keys as they want for key locks they own. Key locks can be picked but this would attract zombies. This would open up so many possibilities. Clans could own entire towns. Trade could take place through windows. Players could grow food in indoor greenhouses. Adding traps, barriers and defensive pets would make bases more defensible. Players could find generators to supply power for electric defense, light, communication (radio broadcasting networks), refrigerators, air conditioners and more. To answer the OP; this is why I want to see base building. The opportunity to build communities and make this game about more than running through the woods scared someone will take away your hours of effort with a single bullet. It isn't realistic but would be fun as hell.
  6. Unrealistic base building would be creation of bases that look like towers without a significant resource investment (i.e. time and/or materials). I think the reality aspect of building is countered by the raiding aspect of the game of every survival game. Most games counter this by creating game mechanics that allow players to keep some part of their resource investment. This is, usually, quite unrealistic. Purge-style base raiding: Bases can only be raiding during a certain time period. Impenetrable bases: Bases are invincible when players are not online. Romani bases: Bases disappear when you go offline. Achilles-heel bases: Bases can only be penetrated through specific points (e.g. door locks ala Exile Mod). At some point "unrealism" must enter the picture or players will just give up. Look at Rust and Conan Exiles.
  7. Realistic base building will eventually devolve into a base raiding mess because of offline raiding. Abandoned bases everywhere. I am only basing my judgement on every other survival game with base building on the market. As Squeezorz says, though, we have to see how the devs decide to implement base building and raiding.
  8. Building a complete structure from scratch can never be realistic. You would invest hundreds of hours building your base only to have it destroyed or penetrated in minutes.
  9. That's how World of Warcraft's "rested XP" came to be.
  10. Interesting idea. Could cause frustrations. What about accidental disconnects? How would you communicate this feature to all the noobs? How would you determine the log out effects? Random? Based on length of time logged out? How would you handle situations where you log off on a server under cover and login on a server without protection?
  11. Then make us spawn with the radio on, set to channel 87.8 and extend battery life to 12 hours in-game. Done.
  12. I don't think it necessarily needs a mod to save it. The problem is people want so many different things from this game. It will never be possible to satisfy everyone with a single solution. :)
  13. This is the best thread in a long time. :D I'm, literally, eating popcorn going through the posts. Good to know that people still care about this game.
  14. I love the concept of DayZ SA but, in my opinion, it is boring as fuck. This doesn't mean that I didn't find it fun in the past. I may find it fun in the future. But I believe that modding support is necessary for the type of game that I want to play. Modded DayZ is still DayZ. Just my opinion. <3
  15. DayZ SA is boring as fuck. But once modding support is released it will be glorious. Patience, my sweet child. Patience. It will all be better soon™.