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  1. Weekly Status Report

    I'm hoping for some big news but will keep my expectations in check. I just want to see some gameplay changes, to be honest. I remember hearing Rocket talk about implementing basebuilding within a few months and I got so hyped.
  2. Status Report - 12 December 2017

    Battle Royale. It's called a Battle Royale mod, people. :)
  3. So what you are saying is, learning a broken system is OK because once the system is fixed you will have to re-learn everything? I would agree with you as long as the broken mechanic is fun. Otherwise, it sounds like a colossal waste of time.
  4. Are you saying I should play with my friends?
  5. I decided to start up the game last night. I hadn't played in a year. I spawned in the air and broke my legs. Crawled to one of those hunting towers. Looked around. Closed the game.
  6. DAYZ Status from a famous Youtube blogger

    I disagree. Software development is all about reaching feature milestones. You don't have to complete features sequentially but you have to track your progress towards a production release. How would you do this without something like feature-based milestones or a product requirements document?
  7. Magic The Gathering is a game, right?

    I used to love Magic. Stopped playing due to the expense. Sold my cards and made 10% of my investment back. 10 years later started playing MTGO. Same exact shit happened. I love the game but their core monetization loop killed me.
  8. DAYZ Status from a famous Youtube blogger

    This is why I started playing with my friends. We bought the game to shoot zombies and have fun torturing other people. Pretending to be axe murderers and shit. Killing zombies is fun. Torture and robbery is fun. KoS in DayZ SA is not fun... That is why god made Battle Royale-- sorry, PUBG. None of us still play. I just lurk the forums hoping something awesome will get released.
  9. DAYZ Status from a famous Youtube blogger

    Development is taking a long-ass time. Much longer than promised. Features are getting dropped. A whole studio in Bratislava (does this still exist?) working on zombies hasn't been able to fix zombies. Easy to see how people get fed up with it. However, DayZ has a cult following. It will never die in the sense that there will be no private servers for it. The player numbers are low and will stay low until some mod or feature is released to draw people back to the game.
  10. Status Report - 25 July 2017

    Thank you for this. I never read the community update section... xD
  11. Status Report - 25 July 2017

    People will come back to play the game no matter what. Most of us are too heavily invested in this title now to just give up. I know technical debt is a motherfucker but the transparency shown from the dev team gives me hope for the future of this game. :) Question: Do you already know where the DayZ booth will be at Gamescom?
  12. Well, a compound is what I was thinking of as "camps". Sorry for the misleading wording. And, yeah. Offline raiding kills any kind of actual base building in most "survival" games so the landscape ends up littered with empty structures.
  13. DayZ Dev Team is lazy ?

    What is the false dichotomy he presented? You can complain about taxes and not vote if there is no one to represent you. What you just posted was a false dichotomy; the idea that you have to vote to form valid complaints about taxes.
  14. DayZ Dev Team is lazy ?

    I don't think it is pathetic. People complain about other games that have been in "early access" for a while. People can complain. I believe the way we attack them when they are just trying to air their frustrations is pathetic. We could be more compassionate towards them.
  15. 1. MORE LOOT - Agreed. More types of items and more items in general would make looting fun again. 2. REMOVE DURABILITY - Partially agree. Finding broken loot adds little to gameplay or fun factor. I would love all loot to spawn in Pristine condition and only degrade through use. This will add value to rare weapons and force you to maintain them. 3. HIGHER PLAYER COUNT - Agreed. 4. SIMPLIFIED VEHICLE BUILDING - Agreed. 5. NO BASEBUILDING ONLY CAMPS - Agree. People should be able to build camps or barricade existing buildings. No sky towers. 6. REMOVE GUNS JAMMING - Agreed. This is a frustrating mechanic because it is difficult to understand. 7. COPY PUBG MAG/AMMO SYSTEM - Don't understand what this would achieve. If they mean the entire reloading shit should be improved 100% agree. The current system feels clunky... 8. SIMPLIFY GAMEPLAY - Partially agree. The game should be easier to understand, not less complex.