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  1. The problem with KoS is that this game is not currently built with player interaction as a focus. In my opinion DayZ SA has never had player interactions as a focus. When the game first came out everyone was hyped by all of the YouTube videos. People would torture each other, pretend to be axe murderers, band together to explore the huge map, etc. Most of us soon forgot the reason DayZ Mod had a karma system to begin with... to combat the KoS epidemic! People started complaining anytime someone suggested a solution to KoS citing "realism" or whatever the fuck... My opinion: wait until modding support is added. Then you will have your interactions and vanilla DayZ will die.
  2. This is a good point. This is why I don't like communicating dates without being confident that they can be reached.
  3. At my current job there are these project manager fuckers who are trying to get my developers to set due dates (deadlines) for all work tasks and hold them accountable when these dates are missed. The problem is, there are always unforeseen things that pop up over the course of a project. The more complex the task, the more likely it is that the due date will be total bullshit. I told the PMs that they should, instead, calculate lead times or development velocity based on work previously done and the complexity of the task. In this way we can generate a time range within which the work will probably be completed in rather than trusting our shitty human brains to guess dates randomly. IMO, missed due dates are what happen when you treat programmers like factory workers instead of engineers. It makes me, personally, feel like a loser and (as a technical leader) like I have let down my fellow developers. I'm not saying this is happening for sure with DayZ. Just expressing my frustrations. :)
  4. I believe PvP and KoS are core and fun elements depending on the gamer. I haven't played the game in a while but when I did sometimes I would like a little PvP action and other times some RP action with minimal KoS. Both types of play are viable and should be supported in vanilla DayZ (IMO). Changes to DayZs technical architecture affects combat and, for this reason, I do believe KoS belongs on Experimental. p.s. I am a US Army vet (Combat Medic - 91B/91W), pacifist, anti-war and against death penalty.
  5. Does anyone know if there are plans to add a player reporting system of some kind to DayZ? Reminds me of those people that are pro-war but against the death penalty. smfh
  6. I was disappointed too until I thought about all this more objectively. The most important thing (IMO) for beta is having a good technical infrastructure that can be used to build the missing game mechanics. I don't know which features will make the beta cut (and would appreciate a list of planned features at some point) but BI DayZ is in a position to be THE modding platform for survival-style mods. As of now I am expecting the worst but hoping for the best. In the end, its just a game, right? :D
  7. All code is modular. All code is Legos. At least if it is well-written. Otherwise it is more like Etch A Sketch. :D UE and Unity provide a good basis for game development but truly creating something unique requires a ton of work. Most developers creating games on custom engines start with an older engine and upgrade it to the requirements of the application they are building. Think about the transition from Quake engine -> Goldsrc -> Source -> Source 2. So I do believe there were issues improving the Real Virtuality base engine but developing a game is just difficult in general. Many delays with DayZ SA seem to be connected to the extreme changes in the game engine client-server architecture and the historical use of RV as a simulation engine but I can't be certain at all. That is a long way of saying, we shouldn't denigrate the Rust or Miscreated developers. They have also put in a shitload of work.
  8. Yeah, man. I know I am hard on the dev. team sometimes. I really appreciate the work they are doing. Since Eugen stepped up I really feel like the project is moving forward in a positive direction. I was just concerned that the game engine itself would be missing key functionality at beta which is really nothing I should be concerned about. BI makes great modding platforms.
  9. Yeah. I was somehow concerned that the base game engine would be missing functionality. And you're right about the wall of text. I really gotta thank the DayZ development team so much for these reports. You guys have been smashing it with the communication lately.
  10. BI has regularly abused the terminology used in the typical SDLC but this is almost ridiculous. If the end of alpha doesn't signify a feature freeze then it can't really be called a beta. It seems like just a marketing trick to placate the masses.
  11. Can someone explain this to me? Are you guys saying that you will simply reduce scope enough to call .63 beta?
  12. If someone made a first- or third-person Project Zomboid game with Unreal Engine I might be able to die happy.
  13. The same rhetoric over and over feels condescending at this point. Q2 2017, homie. Hopefully it becomes "relevant" soon.
  14. There will definitely be mods for some kind of karma system but I also wish there was "something" in the vanilla game. Not another meter but maybe player identification (slightly brighter player textures for friendlies), blind infected hordes (force stealth in rare spawn locations) and spawn sickness (w/ medical items spawning in coast towns). These ideas may be terrible but any kind of game mechanics that drive gameplay would be pretty good. I haven't really seen too much done with the various systems that are already in-game.
  15. My most memorable play sessions happened when the tension of death was high. After dying too many times my character's "life" means little to me. I don't really feel the desire to hang on to a character anymore. Is that a problem? I would much more prefer new game mechanics. Like adding way more infected that are all blind and only react to sounds (...try camping now). Or player-controlled infected (DayZ factions). Create opportunities for emergent experiences.