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  1. blacklabel79

    update done

    a new hat maybe ?
  2. blacklabel79

    The problem with the game. My views

    As for the WIP videos of zombies and the extension in movement plus adding a real stamina system wich factors weight of gear ect. this all sounds very intruiging. Maybe i just have another case of dayZ fattique. They happen freqently to me only to find myself playing allweekenders at times after some 3-4 week hiatus. Iam not a great hoarder. 1-2 barrels hidden in "plain sight" is enough for me. Tho i konw people that play that way and have alot of stashes hidden around. This allways amazes me altho for me the time invested is time lost on other more enjoiable tasks.
  3. blacklabel79

    Anyone else miss the NEAF?

    i miss a reason to go anywhere really.
  4. blacklabel79

    The problem with the game. My views

    Yeah i agree tho. I like the long dark for the setting but everytime i play DayZ lately, even with people there is just nothing to do. Like really nothing to do. Wanna go NWAF ? ah cant be arsed...back to the coast ? gah too far...maybe grow some..ah nevermind. Wanna look for some "nice" gun ? for what ? There is no reason or rhyme to it right now. Well time for a little break i guess.
  5. blacklabel79

    All you Hardcore players packed it up and left?

    Old School Dayz EU server was very populated before they started the whitelist process...not many seem to boother to go through it. I despise 1PP but only for the limited view and the volume of your own voice.
  6. blacklabel79

    The problem with the game. My views

    "the long dark" is really nice. They also finaly announced the storymode comming to fruitation. One gripe i have with this right now is that the town at the coast has way,way ,way too much loot. There is no reason to go out if you camp it out in the houses. Also the difficulty levels need a bit of tweaking. I guess this will all be adjusted.
  7. blacklabel79

    The problem with the game. My views

    Its just not a good "survival" game. And my doubts grow everytime i read a devblog that it possibly never will be.
  8. blacklabel79

    Curiosity peaked

    uhm so..heli ya ? well "great" uhm...undervhelming news. I hoped for something simpler like a kite you can man or a ultralight plane or somesorts. Bit more creative than "slap on helicopter"
  9. blacklabel79

    Racism, Sexism and Homophobia in Bohemia

    It is what you want to hear. ImoH there is just causes and there are causes that are downright stupid. Sadly the stupid party is alot louder than the people actualy lending a hand.
  10. blacklabel79

    Racism, Sexism and Homophobia in Bohemia

    Where did i say i have something against social justice ? Really ? I like my gaming to be a "free from the daily shit" time , thank you. oh and i swear by all bloody menstruating deans that i will shoot anyone comming at me with a pamphlet on how we all are equal in cherno.
  11. blacklabel79

    Racism, Sexism and Homophobia in Bohemia

    Game = Game A game with canibalism and you ask if slurs are ok or not ? LOL I shot random people i meet even after we acted friendly and they made a racist remark during a conversation...thats what you can do ingame... people in a freeform game --> do what they want... like what lol. Server admins can put up the reminders for users if they want but beyond that ? *edith: of course you could hold a unarmed march through cherno on a private RP server where everyone greets everyone else with a hearty "good morning"... And lastly..please stay away from gaming if you feel the need to push some social justice warrior agenda upon other people IN A FUCKING GAME...ty. *edith..since OP copypasted from reddit i can only view this as a very elaborated trollpost after thinking about it...
  12. blacklabel79


    no knife ? whould have solved your problem.
  13. blacklabel79

    Rocket's contribution

    Dunn Holl fix gemh plz !!! lofty ideas are one thing, delivering a interesting product another. I fo one wait if his next project is worth it. Sounds interesting enough. I never understood the hype for him tho. Lots of PR quack ....
  14. blacklabel79

    crossbow good?

    You can also mount the pistolscope on a crossbow ;)