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  1. Stress tests...I like the sound of that! Count me in! Lets see, uh..bark..sticks..chickens..flake knife...pond..ya count me in!
  2. Stable Update 0.62.139835

    Don't forget sharpening your stone knife with the big mined rocks.
  3. Stable Update 0.62.139835

    Got on Stable last night and wandered the coast, expecting to be killed and eaten at any moment. Never saw a soul. It seemed like the clouds were blowing all sorts of different directions, I could not find the big dipper. Found a bus and drove around and stopped at a nice town and got something to eat and drink and spent the night at a nice little farm on the outskirts. Played with the crossbow for a bit and did some one shot kills on zombies. It is nice to shoot in town without being overrun. Can't wait to get to a base and find a silenced weapon and a big pile of ammo. Big pick is my choice for melee, since it hits well and can make a garden plot. Seems like it is spring time in zombieland. Nights are comfortable and I'm not dead from cold in 9 minutes of play. I have yet to see rain in 62. The howl of the wind on a hillside is cool. I haven't been eaten by wolves yet in 62 either. Well, almost off work and after I make dinner and do the dishes, I'll log in and probably get killed and eaten.
  4. Exp Update 0.62.139869

    Use Bark and sticks for fireplace, you don't need to lose a rag anymore. Bark and stick for hand drill to start it. I have been killing chickens bark and sticks the last couple wipes :-)
  5. Exp Update 0.62.139835

    Last night I barbecued a survivor to test the sound of going crazy. Nothing for awhile and then I heard this insane laughter/cry/scream sound. Scared the crap out of me, cause I had the sound up pretty high. Ok that worked.
  6. Exp Update 0.62.139808

    I have had this happen to an SKS, had 4 rounds and loaded it, ran for about 10 miles and got jumped by a zombie inside a house, Click..thought a dud bullet, switched to axe. I checked the rifle and there was no empty command available, those 4 rounds just fell out on the trail I guess :-D
  7. Exp Update 0.62.139808

    Right after an update, if you don't work or happen to have the timing to get on then, loot is crazy everywhere. By the time I get home and get on, not so much. I made a stone knife, cut a branch for a nice weapon and stabbed me a chicken. Barbecued those two breasts and mmm, looked at the stars and wandered around. Drank from a big pond (shivers) and strolled through a town off the coast and followed some guy all in red of all things. Trees look great, jittery graphics. Sounds are great, footsteps are pretty quiet. I might actually try fishing tonight. :-D
  8. Exp Update 0.61.138957

    Ya, no one is going to sniper me from a mountain in that soup. It will be a seriously fast fight if I run into anyone though, due to the short range. I heard some zombies ahead and ran into 4 close to each other and found later that I was just outside that little base south of NW airfield. I wouldn't (or would) be caught dead in that open field right there on a clear day.
  9. Exp Update 0.61.138602

    I found a truck and drove it all over and then traded it for a Lada. I love the Lada! I parked it in a thick dense forest and logged back in the next day and it was gone. Walked through the forest crying and then I found a truck and was happy again and drove all around and lost control near a house and got stuck on the side of a house swarmed with zombies. The back wheels were up on the roof almost and I tried everything and nothing seemed to work until I got it into 4th gear with the engine screaming and it bounced down and I wrecked a bit. Made it out of that and into the woods on a steep hill and slid sideways into a couple trees and got stuck. Finally made it out of that and the truck was spinning like a top down the hill into a town and destroyed the battery and some other parts. Found a Lada! Drove it up into the mountains and when I logged in last night it was gone...cry. Seems choppy in a vehicle or on foot when I get near buildings. Otherwise it's pretty stable and fun. I have so many cans of food now that I am eating it so I can pick up more cans :-D
  10. Exp Update 0.61.138340

    Heh, I was wondering where all the trucks were back then. I have a truck and a sedan right now. The sedan is from Friday night, and I have run across other sedans and did the ole auto wrecker strip the cars as I go trick and now I have one door left that is a little scraped and the rest is showroom condition :-D It was still there this morning and I had emptied the trunk into my inventory just in case if vanished. Right now it is full of tomatoes, green peppers and zucchini and piles of gear to fill every slot, since I can't carry anything else in my back pack. I'm pretty happy with an mp5 with a silencer and a 30 round mag. Makes cruising around zombies at night in a military area, lots easier. I haven't seen any flying wolves so that is good. I shot a zombie who was standing on my last sedan and he dropped into it and flopped around and I heard glass breaking and crashing and he finally flopped out the side dead and my sedan was mostly destroyed. I was watching the doors and wheel all getting ruined as I stood there. I was down near the sw coast and went over a bridge in a truck slowly and it popped into the air and landed on it's side and then got washed onto the railing like I was in some big surf. Toast. I went back and got a sedan I passed and went over the same bridge fast and it threw me to the rails and I lost control and made it over but damaged. No more bridges for me I guess.
  11. Exp Update 0.61.138340

    I got a truck running and parked it Wednesday night on some hills. Thursday night I got another truck running and drove it to the same hills and woah, my other truck is still there with the gear in the storage. Now I have two trucks! Ok so am I suppose to wreck them into each other or something, what am I supposed to be testing with the vehicles? Where is the DMV? I would like to go stand in line with some zombies and get a number and get my dayz license renewed. Uhg and my trucks are gone hehehe.
  12. Exp Update 0.61.138284

    Well I got a bunch of stuff and packed it into a backpack and stashed it in the middle of no where in between two trees and logged off and logged back in the next day and backpack was gone. I guess SC 0-6 has persistence off or something? That is going to make it very hard to gather stuff. Hmm maybe I will switch servers and do a test backpack with garbage. There was five zombies in NW Airfield and I opened fire with an ak-74 and by the time I had finished, there was a pile of zombie bodies that created a small wall and I spent five minutes going through them and standing in them, eating cans of food and dragging ammo into my backpack. Flying cows and just now I heard wolves and they closed in and they were nowhere and ripping me apart and I finally noticed they were In the tops of the trees above me and I couldn't get an angle to shoot them cause they were straight up circling me. I ran and spun and got a few and ran and spun until they gave up and ran off. Yes, some ruined gear. I suppose I should change my strategy and let a zombie bite me so I can hang around and moan and eat passing survivors.
  13. Exp Update 0.61.138043

    Haven't played for a while, almost died of wet freezing twice. Almost died of hunger twice. So many zombies, covering everything. Battle my way into a small town and use up the last of my bandages to find nothing there and zombies seem to respawn pretty fast. I have lots of different weapons and ammo, none of which I dare fire, since I will be overrun moments afterward. Carbine with a long scope is nice, because I find lots of ammo for it and I can fire it from hill tops. I made a garden, prepared the soil, planted pumpkin seeds and found my one bottle of water was too low to water anything. Ran three minutes away and back and the sticks were gone and I had to replant and then water and five minutes later the server restarted and the garden and sticks were still there, but nothing was growing and I couldn't water it. I had to walk away from an UMP45, SKS and lots of spare clothes because I have nowhere to store them. Not sure I feel safe enough to carry a barrel out of a town, because I keep getting jumped. Axe works good on zombies at night when you can sneak up on them. :-D
  14. Exp Update 0.61.136770

    Was freezing so I made a big fire...big fire..more wood..bigger fire...stand so close...big fire..freezing...freezing...freezing....Hmm and still freezing.
  15. Exp Update 0.61.136593

    Ok I guess if I was looking for Wolves I found them. They ran around me like wild monkey's, or a drunk football team. One shot the head on a white one, two shots on another white one, the rest turned grey, well everything turned grey. Nothing to climb on, wish I coulda climbed a tree, there were lots of those, you are unconscious. I knew the moment I found that hunting backpack I was a goner. 20 pumpkin seeds, shovel, bottle of water, a few guns and some cow steaks, dang shoulda dropped my gear fast.