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  1. Maxzymator

    Status Report - January 2019

    What about controls? When are we going to be able to not get a carpal tunnel syndrome while playing this game? What about binding stand/prone/crouch to a different buttons? Toggle weapon raise? Delivering two more weapons is more pressing issue than this? Well, fuck me.
  2. Maxzymator

    Stable Update 0.63149365

  3. Maxzymator

    Status Report - 6 November 2018

    I didn't get it - you said Experimental and Stress Test Branches should not see much use for the rest of the year, but today you hit experimental, and tomorrow you'll hit stable. Does it mean that it is going to be the same version of the game on experimental and on stable? And does it mean that all patches that are going to happen (if they are going to happen) until the rest of the year are going straight to stable?
  4. Maxzymator

    Status Report - 23 October 2018

    Opinions. They're like buttholes - evebody has one. So here's mine. All this shitstorm was not a surprise for me as wasn't a surprise what led to that shitstorm. I guess I knew that it would be exactly like that, like, a year ago. Ofcourse I was hoping that its gonna take less time, ofcourse it is frustrating to wait for so long and get another delay of something you thought is right behind the corner. But as I said - it wasn't as unexpected for me as it seemingly was for many others. And I'll tell you why. It's really simple - right from the get go, from the times, when vast majority of today's disgruntled customers weren't even born, Bohemia Interactive was doing things exactly like that - within time their every game was an absolutely different one than it was at release. So every goddamn title that they ever published went the same way - some arbitrary line is drawn and called 1.0. Then, years past, after numerous patches, enhancements and addons (majority of which are free, btw) we're having an excellent game, unlike any other. Operation Flashpoint v1.0 is nothing like it was three or four years later at v1.96. Arma 2 v1.68 is a completely different game than Arma 2 v1.0. One thing - this "1.0-line" is usually a buggy, god-awful, unplayable mess. My Arma 2 1.0 memories are still waking me up at nights =)). Things really changed with the release of Arma 3 - it was the same shitstorm drama, btw. People was bitching and moaning about too little content in the game, about absent campaign, about stuff that was promised and then said to be unviable, about everything. But at the same time everybody was agreeing on one thing - this is the most stable, playable and bugfree release of all time for Bohemia. And look where it lead 5 years later - we have a colossal thing, a combat simulator like no other, one of the most popular PC games STILL, FIVE FUCKING YEARS LATER, tens of thousands of players everyday, its still in Steam's top 30! And its nothing like it was when it hit 1.0 mark. Its a completely different, much bigger, much better thing. And, again, Bohemia Interactive goes the same way, that already showed itself as a succesfull one. And, again, we'll just have to wait longer than we, players, or, I assure you, anybody else (like, developers, for example) wanted. I hope (and not without a good reason) that this game is gonna be great, preferably sooner than later =). I'm finished.
  5. Maxzymator

    Stress Test vol.52

    This one is very buggy - in first 5 minutes I got strange walking/running glitch where you're all jittery and moving very slowly while animatons are played at normal speed, 1st person camera misalignment so you can see some elements of you face, I was kicked right after respawn and I got mesage that my character was locked in database, while trying to reconnect after a kick and immediately after that I was accepted into a game. After restarting and reconnecting there were no problems for like 15 minutes and then all the jittery movement and everything else was repeated.
  6. Maxzymator

    Status Report - 23 October 2018

    What about ability to remap keybindings - are we gonna get it in beta or maybe 1.0?
  7. Maxzymator

    Stress Test vol.51

    I don't like automatic actions tied to weapon collision with geometry. It makes you unable to shoot from windows. It makes you a sitting duck if you hide behind a trees during a firefight. It makes smart and precise gunplay, which I used to from Arma games, basically nonexistent. It makes me doubt the way this game is going. It makes me angry. It makes me sad. Also I don't like that all this whining about players not understanding the cause of their deaths, because when you die its just a black screen (which I really really really really liked) finally lead to CoD-style deathscreen where you see what happens around you and your falling body. Whats left is to add a killcam and full info on who did it, what weapon he used and how far from you he was. That'll do it.
  8. Maxzymator

    Wolves are great.

    And there I was thinking "Another couple of kilometres and I'm gonna get me some cool boom-sticks at the northern military base". Welp... man proposes, God disposes. Achtung!! Parental advisory, explicit language!!
  9. Maxzymator

    Stress Test vol.35

    Have a beans, good sir. I personally believe that tying your ability to hold breath to your stamina bar and also tie your ability to watch normally to both of those is not that good idea.
  10. Maxzymator

    Stress Test vol.33

    This is what it is for, isn't it? I hope you're manage to collect at least some useful info even during those brief moments of havoc.
  11. Maxzymator

    Stress Test vol.33

    And there's only one server left =). And it's full =). UPD. Looking at how I managed to enter the game only once out of 15 tries, and considering how immediately after that server crashed, and looking how servers constantly disappearing from servers list, my guess is that something went not how it was intended =).
  12. Maxzymator

    Stress Test vol.32

    I'm being constantly kicked by Battleye. Also I saw a herd of deer. First I heard them, then I was slowly crouching towards the sound not seeing any deers, then I lost my patience and started running and immediately I saw a whole herd scattering away through the forest.It was friggin awesome. It was in offline mode though.
  13. Maxzymator

    Status Report - 31 July 2018

    So the magnification effect of the scopes that looks like render to texture is actually some crafty filter?
  14. Maxzymator

    0.63 Experimental Release

    Have you tried to reassign stand up/crouch/prone controls? Have you tried to assign toggle raise weapon?
  15. Maxzymator

    0.63 Experimental Release

    So it's on experimental already but we're still unable to rebind controls? Great!