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  1. Multiple Cascade Shadow Maps - what is this about? Two differently directed flashlights giving two shadows? Light that doesn't come through walls? Or it is has nothing to do with it?
  2. Server files for public

    Thanks, man, appeciate this.
  3. Server files for public

    I saw this, bit since I can't watch twitch streams, could someone who did, please tell what was said on the topic.
  4. Lets post some screen shots (Standalone)

    Untill 25.04.2014 there was a terrain glitch at this place - "Spike (or spire, steeple :)) " Sench
  5. Stable - 0.48 Discussion

    About human centipede sounds: Having the same thing - sounds like Benny Hill Show =)). Heard that, trew away my trusty M4 a couple of times for no reason and decided to wait for next stable =)). Especially after zed, whom I tried to kill by freshly found Longhorn from like 500 metres away (missed of course), flung himself to me only to run past me in to the woods a minute later =))). P.S. Forums are working strange - I cannot quote no one and cannot paste previously copied text in to the post editor, while it is pasted fine in to the Notepad.
  6. Stable - 0.48 Discussion

    Yeah, and what is even more impossible that there were two or three of them, right?
  7. Arma 3 player? =))) Can't wait for this to hit stable. Ragdoll looks pretty good.
  8. Yeah, the title is a bit misleading. Watching this video, I saw an image of uncle Jimbo shouting "MY GOD!!! IT'S COMING RIGHT FOR US!!!!" all the way. You're no heroes keeping the coast clear of bandits - you ARE bandits, killing everyone who disobeys you. At least this particular video gives this impression =).
  9. Could someone please clarify - are soda-can-opening-zombie-grunting rabbits =) still there?