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  1. This is it, when I see the change log I got very excited. Sickness is slowly getting in action and now the medicines and pills have a purpose. Really good job. Also I like the new server hopping system, maybe this will prevent people from hopping. Now only two things remains for me. Functioning CARS and fixed duping. And then we will see the flourished servers again.

    KoSers are alive and well

    I think that new database locking characters is the new solution for the server hopping. Check it out.


    I raid Kamensk and some mil checkpoints around Novodmitrovsk at night time, but I couldnt find any. Probably dupers.
  4. Hello survivors; I had an idea last night and wanted to share with you. To improve the feeling of roleplaying, can we consider maybe spawning under spesific class (IM NOT TALKING ABOUT SKILLS)? Instead of everyone who got their **s kicked spawning on the coast, maybe we can consider this: --You are a Reporter-- You are a reporter who were investigating the mysterious outbreak that plagued Chernarus. When the *hit hit the fan, you were smart enough to hide somewhere and now you are on your own. *Spawn with antistab vest, flashlight, paper, handheld radio(Without battery). *Spawn point for the reporter class: Any big office buildings across the map. --You are a Soldier-- You are a soldier, whos mission was to save the citizens and evacuate the city. But your smart*ss friends are dead and military has been overrun. Find a way to keep your miserable life. *Spawn with any sub-machine gun or big rifle, BUT your weapon is badly damaged and you have no ammo, military clothes (same, badly damaged from the fight), no backpack, headtorch(without battery). *Spawn point for the soldier: Any roadblock or military outpost across the map, BUT not the airfields, or big military bases. --You are a worker-- You were a hard working man who were trying to earn a few bucks to buy alcoholic tincture, so that you can get drunk in the evenings while watching football matches. Now Alcoholic tinctures are free for ya'. *Spawn with hard hat, shovel or axe or lead pipe or anything that is suitable for construction. Also a rope, flashlight (no battery), and a flare. *Spawn point for the worker: Any construction sites across the map. --You were a medic or Doctor or a wizard :P-- You were a doctor, who were trying to help the citizens and sick people during the outbreak, but you failed and now you hide inside hospital room (or clinic). *Spawn with one bandage, one morphine, and doctor clothes. *Spawn point for Medic class: Any hospital or medical clinics across the map. The list can go on and on, I think this would be really cool to see such class spawning (but without any advantages). Thank you for reading.

    This GAME IS A JOKE!

    Where you find the m4 mostly ? I havent come across any yet ?

    Stable Update 1.02

    My home server is DE 2-3 official and today the server crashed like 10 times. Noon time it was off like 2 hours or something. It is maybe related to players who try duplicating ?

    Stable Update 1.02

    Okay, after server restarts COMBINATION LOCKS STILL BUGGED. I cant enter my base, also when I dismantle the gate, Lock seems to be there but I cant pick it up.

    People talk about getting locked

    I just learned from someone that this database lock feature was implemented in the past, to prevent players from server hopping. If it is the case, I really like this, its a very solid mechanism. And for the roleplay servers ? Private servers are your best shot I guess, because the public servers are hell right now :)

    What's your best kill?

    To survive in DayZ world, one must be unseen and unheard. I did with my current character on a full server for months, I still do. I had 4 kills. Playing silent gives you so much advantage.

    Create barrels from metal sheets

    Well, normal barrels are dangerous to carry around yes, until we get the cars work as intended.

    Create barrels from metal sheets

    Well, I was thinking the same thing +1. Also we can craft an improvised tent with leather and ropes and netting, cant we ?

    Stable Update 1.02

    I just died when I tried to drive a 4x4 offroad. Its a complete mess right now, stay away from the vehicles...

    Kicked off server. databse error: APP ERROR

    Mine is without mods, trying to connect to public servers. Trying to verify right now. EDIT: Verified the game files via steam (including user data), but no avail. Still gives a Database error: APP error. update: Ok I dont know how but it works now, thanks ImpulZ.

    Kicked off server. databse error: APP ERROR

    I get the same messages. I opened a topic about it but no one answered yet.

    APP Error

    2 Hours ago I quit to get a drink, and when I came back I got this error DTABASE ERROR(APP ERROR). What is this ? And anyone experienced the same ?