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    Hey everyone I'm kevsta but my friends cal me kev :P. I started gaming when I was 8-9 with games like legend of Zelda, pokemon, and the original Nintendo entertainment system which I still have to this day. As I got older tpand the gaming world evolved I got into pc gaming where I discovered games like battlefield 1944 and other classic games. I have a strong passion for gaming with friends and dubstep, I live in East Hartford Connecticut, USA. To this day I am active in hardcore gaming competitively, to having good times with my Norwegian, and Canadian friends who I met when I was 17 and for years and years the internet and gaming community's kept us together as friends for tons of great experiences. I enjoy games such as ArmA, DayZ, Battlefield, Half life, etc. etc. I like open world games as well as RPG and MMO. So that's basicly my gaming career to this day, I hope one day to learn to program and create video games for a living, So yeah that's basicly it! If you want to contact me to chat, play some games, or just say hi, refer to one of my contact methods in my profile somewhere :P so yeah that's it! GG.
  1. kevsta545

    Attack in Paris.

    Hi guys long time no see! just stopping in here and saw this thread, It is deeply troubling, especially for the future. It will be not long before owning self defensive items will probally be stripped down, entering attractions like even a movie theatre will require scans to be admitted. A way of life is dieing, and a new way of life is rising, however if it keeps us safe it is something we have to sacrifice.
  2. i'll probably get this is it goes on sale, reminds me of hotline Miami a tiny bit in the crazy graphic violence. However, we'll simply have to see what comes out of it in time.
  3. kevsta545

    Arma 3- The Unexplained

    Seems really cool, definitely going to check it out. Good post OP.
  4. Usually with DayZ commander your best bet if something goes wrong is to just re install everything, even if it is a pain. Make sure (if using steam) that you've went through all the DayZ commander settings and checked the proper file locations and such. Good Luck anyhow.
  5. kevsta545

    Dean seems to have left Bohemia

    Iv'e always thought the Cabela's hunting games were things that you would see at places like grocery stores and stuff, they always seemed gimickey to me, and acording to the Angry Joe Show's review. However perhaps he was simply being pushed by the bigger publishers to pump out the games, and here he will have creative freedom at BI. Hopefully he'll show up sometime here on the forums and be active within the community (both reddit and the forums :P ). Only time can tell where he will take DayZ.
  6. kevsta545

    H1Z1 - a post-apocalyptic MMO from SOE

    Pretty excited, watched some of the developer videos a couple days back, Will probs pick it up if its under 30$, These guys have a really good opportunity with this game, I just hope they'll be smart about how they go with the F2P aspect. I would have loved this alot more if it was like dayz with just a 30$ paid game.
  7. kevsta545

    I tripled my game performance today, here is how

    Well "DayZ" is using the Arma engine, which is quite poorly optimized, if you have nvidia cards I suggest using their "Ge-Force Experience" software, which will finetune DayZ to get the most performance out of your GPU. But yeah, Arma is sadly generally poorly optimized.
  8. kevsta545

    Sad Bambi is sad.

    Ah, that first DayZ experience is always exciting, I give you props for not shooting the first guy you met, which is pretty good! :D but yeah you have to play it very cautious with players, as most of them aren't friendly.
  9. kevsta545

    Can I Run DayZ Mod? (POST HERE)

    Yes, you will be able to run it. Just monitor your CPU/GPU temperatures and if they get high tone the settings down as need be. Nice pc build overall.
  10. kevsta545

    Any way to Suicide?

    If your playing the mod, most servers allow you to type "kill me" in the chat if its a private hive. If standalone just climb a roof then fly with the birds.
  11. Drove an ATV over bridge and flew into the air then I exploded. 10/10 server would buy ATV again.
  12. kevsta545

    Will it run? DayZ on a Macbook Pro BootCamp

    Sorry but it will not. bootcamp already cuts down half the performance of the latest macbook pro will barely run it. This is do to the very very high resolution of the screen. If you do not feel like building your own PC to run it, check out http://www.cyberpowerpc.com/ There you can find a good pc that will be able to run it for around 500-600$ Cheers!
  13. Well it's good to see there's new and old friends still here!
  14. NVM Found out about KoS, hes still alive yayz Anyone else left forums that I might have known?