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  1. Wait can you really split double tires with a crowbar?
  2. Because at the moment nothing major has changed, at least in a way that would drive myself to return, assuming I'd leave in the first place. The combat (Zeds and PvP alike) barely changed, the world barely changed, and the community absolutely hasn't changed (For better and for worse). Unless you're as astounded by new leaf textures (And not gonna lie I spent a good chunk of time just soaking those in), I don't see the point in returning right now. That's not to say that once we get some more updates rolling through my opinion won't change, because it will. I have an ungodly amount of love for this game, and am excited to see where it goes.
  3. As much as I love DayZ I'd still say wait, least till .63 (And god knows how long that'll be)
  4. I love you
  5. I've seen this in the status report, but I cant make out any details in it, so it's rather pointless. Is there something I'm missing, or a way to read it? (When I try just zooming in it, the words are too pixelated to make anything out)
  6. Couldn't you delete the files manually?
  7. And if all else fails, you can always suicide (Assuming you have a knife/gun)
  8. I'm getting this issue too, but thankfully it doesn't really affect too much
  9. I've been wanting this forever
  10. Anyone seen anything about the Map Extension he mentioned?
  11. Depends on who I'm with. Some friends I'll go out of my way to rob someone, other pals we avoid contact/fights as much as possible.
  12. I wasn't trying to come off like I was complaining, my bad. I'm well aware a lot of issues we see will be resolved with the new systems. In fact, I usually have to tell my friends that.
  13. Oh boy, that's been like that since the dawn of it's creation and still hasn't been fixed
  14. Could be mistaken, but I think I read something about that being included when they release .63? (Don't quote me on this, just something floating around my noggin)
  15. Glad me and my pal weren't alone. We were both discussing how we kept hearing footsteps when no one was around, not even any zombies.