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  1. I thought we already could?
  2. I'd assume it to be because they took a break over the holidays, thus having nothing to report on. Just my guess
  3. Boy oh boy are you right about dreaming. I'd kill to have this (In DayZ of course) implemented.
  4. The type of bandit I aspire to be
  5. I personally prefer 1PP, can barely stand 3PP, but I don't think we should force something like this on the 3PP folk. They all have access to it, and it's something they're aware of when they play 3PP. For those who prefer 1PP, we have enough servers that get populated to keep us going just fine, so we shouldn't even need to make a compromise.
  6. Seeing some new things here, and really liking it. - A base built on a dam, never thought of that. Super neato - Living in the shipping crates, amazing - When precise object placement is a thing, actual "market stands" could work - The placement of furniture; I've always only thought big picture: Walls, roof, doors, etc. Never thought about furniture, now that I've seen this, we better be able to move couches, chairs, tables, etc (And use them) Another note: Loving how this is showing more barricading than full on construction of what are practically fortresses. Full on construction should NOT be a thing imo, more barricading and using premade items (Using an already made chain-link fence for example)
  7. hitler reacts

    Awesome thank you!
  8. hitler reacts

    What is that scene actually from?
  9. LiF is Life is Feudal: Your Own. Fairly good game if you've got tons and tons of patience. Ark is Ark Survival Evolved, a dinosaur survival game (Of sorts), but I personally don't like it.
  10. Ive always wanted people to be able to cuff themselves for this exact reason.
  11. I mean, I'm all for a hardcore experience. I'd be fine with having to check every piece of equipment/every structure. You could always just do things realistically and write yourself a list of things to check. Monitor things yourself. That or wait till something breaks and you notice, then fix it.
  12. This just got me thinking, and I don't see why I (or others Ive seen) haven't thought of this. Why don't we just repair individual structures themselves? Like actually go up with the tools in hand and perform an action on the certain structure? Not everything should have the same lifespan anyways, and this is a much more realistic approach instead of having a monument/toolshed. Yea, it might be tedious maintaining a huge base, but then again if you've got a large base then shouldn't you have a large group to maintain it anyways?
  13. This is my thought exactly. If you've ever looked at or played Life is Feudal: Your Own, they have a system that fixes this issue. There is a "monument" of sorts, and it gives you a certain radius to build within. Anything inside the radius is persistent, while structures outside are not. However, the monument itself decays over time if you don't do some upkeep. While this isn't a very realistic approach, it's just an example there are ways to combat a plague of player-made structures.
  14. When I come across them I'll be sure to take a photo or two :)
  15. Seeing as how we already have the baseball bat with nails, this idea is not a stretch whatsoever. I'd love to see Lucille make an appearance.