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  1. Anyone seen anything about the Map Extension he mentioned?
  2. Depends on who I'm with. Some friends I'll go out of my way to rob someone, other pals we avoid contact/fights as much as possible.
  3. I wasn't trying to come off like I was complaining, my bad. I'm well aware a lot of issues we see will be resolved with the new systems. In fact, I usually have to tell my friends that.
  4. Oh boy, that's been like that since the dawn of it's creation and still hasn't been fixed
  5. Could be mistaken, but I think I read something about that being included when they release .63? (Don't quote me on this, just something floating around my noggin)
  6. Glad me and my pal weren't alone. We were both discussing how we kept hearing footsteps when no one was around, not even any zombies.
  7. I like to think I am, but then again who am I to say?
  8. A mere 18 years old. My kind seems to be rare here
  9. I'm not sure how I feel about them as starting gear, as I enjoyed it when they did that awhile back, but feel as though it took away the spark from interacting with others. I am however completely against the range they're set to. I don't like having communication available across the map, and feel as though a limited range is more immersive, provides a challenge, and can get the nerves going when you actually get someone on the receiving end. If the walkie talkies go global then any interactions you have can become meaningless banter instead of an actual interaction.
  10. Yeah but there is a limited amount of civilian waterproof clothing. I don't see why a ski jacket shouldn't be included, but I don't think it should be a priority.
  11. Yeah it sucked, I already felt horrible dropping 600 bucks on parts, had to spend like another 100 on a PSU. My wallet still growls at me occasionally
  12. I had recently purchased a new mobo, ram, and CPU. Waited about a week for it all to arrive, and was dying from impatience. It arrives, I unbox it, and get to putting it all together. When it's all put together, I hit the power button, nothing. It took me about another week to find out what was wrong. Ended up having to buy a new PSU and wait another week for that. So yeah, I go crazy waiting too.
  13. I thought we already could?
  14. I'd assume it to be because they took a break over the holidays, thus having nothing to report on. Just my guess