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  1. increasing loot position chance for buildings.

    Did you wipe your persistence files?
  2. increasing loot position chance for buildings.

    I dont think having multiple containers of the same category works. Just up the number in lootmax and wipe your persistence.
  3. Player Database access?

    Python 2.7: https://gist.github.com/philippj/8d6473ca544b78b6b701c816d4d9e0bb Input: 76561198227028860 Output: GHe+2LuKcWsM4PMs9rYJma7JT3AE5e2qDcjMRqAqG9w=
  4. How to know BattlEye GUID from .ADM

    The only actually viable option right now is the one which you were already using.
  5. How to know BattlEye GUID from .ADM

    Thats the BI UID Base64(Sha256(Steam64))
  6. Team assignment based on GUID.

    You can retrieve a players BI UID by string uid = player.GetIdentity().GetId();
  7. Player deathmessages

    The logfiles must be reachable from the FTP user home directory and the users needs to have certain permissions. (Location of ADM files are being set via the -profiles server startup parameter) You can test your setup unser Configuration -> FTP -> Connection test
  8. delete dis

    Param1<string> message = new Param1<string>("i bims"); GetGame().RPCSingleParam(player, ERPCs.RPC_USER_ACTION_MESSAGE, message, true, player.GetIdentity()); I think you are looking for something like this
  9. How do you get player Steam ID?

    If you are refering to the IDs in the Server logfiles those are not BattlEye GUIDs so you wont be able to reverse it using that website or infistar for that matter.
  10. Standard Query Port

  11. Player deathmessages

    FTP needs to be properly configured for that feature
  12. BEC Plugins

    There is ton of real-world applications using Python. It just isnt used for the typical end-user applications
  13. How can I turn on Deathmessage?

    Thats SQF, very outdated and most likely not working. You have to wait for the EnScript(?) solution or dig up some files yourself
  14. Player Database access?

    ID = Auto-Increment UID = Bohemia Interactive UID => Base64(SHA256(SteamID64)) BattlEye GUID => MD5(BE+SteamID64) BI probably wants internal UIDs but dunno why they changed it. And ingame names are currently useless as well because the majority of players are not using the -name startup param. There is no easy solution to match up all the different IDs except the one you are already using ;)
  15. BEC Plugins

    Have you any experience with Python? You just created some decorators without using them and additionally your naming conventions are fucked. Put this in your class (&fix the indention). Afterwards you get at least something :) @Be_PlayerConnected def connected(self, data): self.org_func_connected(data) @Be_PlayerDisconnected def disconnected(self, data): self.org_func_disconnected(data)