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  1. philippj

    Server not showing in server browser

    I dont know where you got those ports from but they are wrong. Set steamQueryPort to 27016 inside your serverDZ to ensure that it stays on that in a multi server environment. Inbound UDP: 2302, 27016 Inbound TCP: 2312 (When using DZSALModServer) When you decide to launch a new server try to follow a +100 schema for the gameport eg. 2402 (2412), 2502 (2512)...
  2. philippj

    Two dedicated servers

    Generally you need to open specific ports in the firewall for servers to be playable and/or appear in the server browser. The default settings are: - Gameport 2302 [UDP] - SteamQueryPort 27016 [UDP] - DZSALModServer 2312 (Gameport+10) [TCP] When adding additional servers I recommend setting up different root directories and always working with instance id = 1. Best practice is to add 100 to the Gameport to ensure no other port crossing. When you launch a new server the SteamQueryPort will increase by 1 for each running server. It is recommended to hard configure this in the serverDZ.cfg as certain tracking software like Gametracker or BattleMetrics has some issues with this. If you are not against 3rd party solutions I would recommend https://www.reddit.com/r/CFTools/comments/a9orll/omegamanager/ It handles everything setup wise, so that you can focus on actually playing on/with your server.
  3. philippj

    CFTools Omega - Server Management Tool

    You need to create a ticket in the SupportCenter as your service expired.
  4. philippj

    CFTools Omega - Server Management Tool

    Thats part of Omega, the main administration tool.
  5. philippj

    Way to check for updates with an external script

    ISteamUserStats/GetSchemaForGame Is not an endpoint to retrieve the app version, build id or manifest id for any game, it returns the user stats schema for the game. This functionality isnt being used by DayZ and since the DayZ server has no user interaction, the server app won't have it either. If you want a version check you can do HTML scraping (which will be easier for you) or make a connection to the Steam CM network and retrieve the app info that way. ( I would strongly recommend having a look at this: https://www.python.org/dev/peps/pep-0008/ ) An already existing software would be this: https://www.reddit.com/r/CFTools/comments/a9orll/omegamanager/
  6. philippj

    Expansion-Chat / RPCFramework / Omega ADM Script

    Just type commands in direct chat.
  7. philippj

    Run DayZ Server without the need of the DayZ Client

    You can download the DayZ server package using any Steam account you like. Anonymous downloads have been disabled. The game client doesnt need to be present on the system the server is being run on.
  8. philippj

    Own Server Config

    Set quantity only works for internal quantity values eg. items that have actual quantity like ammo and stackable items like rags. If you want to give out multiple items like a suppressor you have to create multiple in the inventory.
  9. philippj

    CFTools Omega - Server Management Tool

    OmegaManager - DayZ server automation tool Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/CFTools/comments/a9orll/omegamanager/
  10. philippj

    BI is Making it Harder to be an Admin...Why?

    This does backups for your and automatically recovers persistence after crashes:
  11. philippj

    CFTools Omega - Server Management Tool

    OmegaSC version v0.45 offers further improvements to the recovery system and additional RPT parsing Omega now is DayZ 1.0 compatible
  12. philippj


    The server under the official tab are the official servers "maintained" by BI. It's not possible for a community server to appear on that list. Currently only GSPs have the option to host public shard servers which will possibly not change.
  13. philippj

    Server global text chat

    Even though the chat appears to be global via RCon the messages are not global. Only the one logged-in admin can send into the actual global chat.
  14. philippj

    Game development - Version tracking.

    May I? https://git-scm.com/
  15. philippj

    help Bec

    That is wrong. BEC (BattlEye Extended Controls) is a software that utilizes the BattlEye Server RCon protocol to achieve certain things. The issue is most likely client side eg. Firewall/Routing or general connectivity issues. Antivirus software also be something to look at.