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  1. philippj

    Server Side Mod? How?

    It is still required to hide them properly when using the DZSALauncher. (Afaik. Not sure whether or not it is already supporting and handling the serverMod parameter)
  2. philippj

    Server Side Mod? How?

    That is not the use-case of the servermod option. -servermod is for mods that are only required server side. Killfeed or log base building are prime examples for this. Every mod requiring clients to have assets loaded or code executed locally must be added as client mods. -ignoremod makes the mod optional for clients. So administration stuff like COT or Zomberry should be added to the mod list like normal and added to ignoremod aswell.
  3. philippj

    CFTools Omega - Server Management Tool

    The OmegaManager is intended and designed to start, update and monitor the game server process with optional cloud-syncing functionalities. While major feature and functionality updates are planned for it, server administration will not be a part of it. The primary feature of the Omega RCon tool is its global database and the transversion systems. Removing those two, by putting them into a local and self-hosted environment would seriously cripple the administrative capabilities. Relying on API connections, with its benefits and shortcomings, to achieve this, would not be feasible nor possible under the current circumstances. You can use the Omega RCon tool even with dynamic ip's as it accepts DDNS, which several others are utilizing aswell. Since all this is free and resources are limited, only one service can be acquired manually. Up to 14 additional services can then be received by requesting via ticket in the SupportCenter.
  4. philippj

    Battleye BEC getting no response on some servers ​🤔

    BEC aka Battleye Extended Controls is a 3rd party tool which has no association with BI and got discontinued in 2015 as the creator decided to drop it. https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/170107-bec-battleye-extended-controls-admin-tool-for-dedicated-servers/?do=findComment&comment=2808894 That you are not into the manager needing Steam credentials is fine. It requires those to automatically download and update the DayZ server files via SteamCMD, which is the core functionality of the manager. In some form you also need Steam credentials to run your servers, even when you are downloading the files locally and uploading them onto your Servers, it's still a requirement. When you are just looking for a pure RCon administration alternative: - Omega https://omegax.cftools.de - BattleMetrics https://www.battlemetrics.com/ - battleWarden https://battlewarden.net/ - infiSTAR BRC https://infistar.de/eng/product/infistar-brc You can also create something that exactly suits your needs, yourself with the vast information available about BattlEye RCon.
  5. philippj

    Could someone share how to access the SQL database?

    (Obligatory AFAIK) The database implementation is inaccessible via scripting.
  6. philippj

    Cftools + DZSA - how to ignore a mod.

    You are using the long deprecated Omega ServerClient which requires additional escaping around the -ignoremod parameter. eg. "\"-ignoremod=@KillFeed_ServerMod;@UltimaServerBankForTraderMOD;@BaseBuildingLogs\"", Consider upgrading to https://www.reddit.com/r/CFTools/comments/a9orll/omegamanager/
  7. philippj

    How to put the players.db data to MySQL?

    You simply can't. The current publicly available "public" branch, for whatever reason, doesn't offer the option to choose another database backend, it is always using the SQLite storage.
  8. philippj

    Updated item id's from 1.03?

    https://pastebin.com/pYn3g9aU This should be all of the new items.
  9. philippj

    Server ADM logs

    If logrotate has been activated all logs are being moved to the "logs" directory before the server is being started. So they wont be in the profiles directory
  10. philippj


    The adminlog does what it should and the BI UID does as well. You can identify a player based on the ID and that is it's primary use case. That doesn't make the logs any less useful. If you want to have the Steam64 and with that the Steam identity of a player you should have to put in a little effort as you are literally reverting privacy changes BI made. And it's not like there is nothing out there already available for this use case. I think DUG has Steam64 logging somewhere in their modpack. Also there are 3rd party admin tools which do this.
  11. philippj


    To make it short: You can't "convert" the BI-UID to any other format. You need a rainbow table or adjust the server logging to output the Steam64. The base format for the BI-UID: base64(sha256(SteamID64))
  12. The ADM file is written as soon as the server internal writer has enough data. If you are with a GSP they might only provide the ADM files after a restart.
  13. philippj

    Server question and port

    Set `steamQueryPort` to 27016. Afterwards create following firewall rules: - Inbound UDP 2302 - Inbound UDP 27016 - Inbound TCP 2312 ( Only if you plan on using the DZSALModServer )
  14. philippj

    Server not showing in server browser

    I dont know where you got those ports from but they are wrong. Set steamQueryPort to 27016 inside your serverDZ to ensure that it stays on that in a multi server environment. Inbound UDP: 2302, 27016 Inbound TCP: 2312 (When using DZSALModServer) When you decide to launch a new server try to follow a +100 schema for the gameport eg. 2402 (2412), 2502 (2512)...
  15. philippj

    Two dedicated servers

    Generally you need to open specific ports in the firewall for servers to be playable and/or appear in the server browser. The default settings are: - Gameport 2302 [UDP] - SteamQueryPort 27016 [UDP] - DZSALModServer 2312 (Gameport+10) [TCP] When adding additional servers I recommend setting up different root directories and always working with instance id = 1. Best practice is to add 100 to the Gameport to ensure no other port crossing. When you launch a new server the SteamQueryPort will increase by 1 for each running server. It is recommended to hard configure this in the serverDZ.cfg as certain tracking software like Gametracker or BattleMetrics has some issues with this. If you are not against 3rd party solutions I would recommend https://www.reddit.com/r/CFTools/comments/a9orll/omegamanager/ It handles everything setup wise, so that you can focus on actually playing on/with your server.