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  1. HaseDesTodes

    Gun jam remove ?

    might as well been a bug.
  2. HaseDesTodes

    Gun jam remove ?

    you know, that when a gun jams you should be able to fix it by holding R. if you can't, it's a bug and you should report it.
  3. HaseDesTodes

    Stable Update 1.0150627

    pistol silencers are police loot (police stations and cars, maybe even guard houses), while NATO and eastern silencers are military loot... so if you checked tose places, i guess you are not lucky enough. as usually, as soon as you find one, you'll find the next one not long after. you never find what you need directly when you need it, but when you don't need it anymore. 🙂
  4. HaseDesTodes

    No Status Reports, No Updates, Hello...???

    Talking about being disrespectful... Weren't you the guy that harassed the BIS owner about postponing DayZ release date? THAT is the reason i have the impression about you i expressed here. I skimmed your forum history, and i give you that, that's all/mostly OK to me, i give you that. So maybe i was doing you wrong, but i don't know what else disrespectful posts of yours have been deleted (and i have read before), i can't see those anymore. I only remember having read some things from you, i found rude towards the devs (probably what i just mentioned), and took this topic to be an other chapter of this. Maybe i'm simply confusing you with a different person, in that case i sincerely apologize about saying you were disrespectful in other topics. Anyhow, in this case, you weren't exactly asking nicely for news. Asking about anybody being out there, implies, that there was the option for it not to be. And that would probably mean, that they weren't working on the project anymore and abandoned it. So all i pointed out in my original reply, was, that the absence of news about the progress was to be expected from what has been communicated in the past, and that they did it in a SR. Maybe you didn't get that point, maybe you didn't want to get it or maybe you even got it and didn't like being pointed toward it, by someone with less posts, experience and responsibility. I don't care. You are probably not even reading this, but in case you do, i never meant to insult you in the first place, and did my best expressing my thoughts in a diplomatic way. If you can't stand this, i'd be happy to not hear from you again.
  5. HaseDesTodes

    No Status Reports, No Updates, Hello...???

    I think you know i didn't mean that literally. In case you didn't, this is what i meant: "They wrote, that they will let us know when they have anything useful and new to say. Things like "we are working on a fix for XYZ" have been communicated often enough and are nothing for a SR. And announcing new/postponed features, before they are done and ready for testing within a short period of time has caused a lot of disappointment within the community, when they weren't ready as soon as expected. I have no problem with bringing up issues, but IMO this is none, so i i was pointing you at what they communicated before. I can understand your frustration, as you have much work because of issues with the game, BUT no one is forcing you to run a server. You do that by your own choice. I don't think it's helpful to create so many topics, also the way you do it seems disrespectful to me. Maybe you should ask kindly for more frequent updates on progress, instead of this demanding tone. To me it seems that often when you post, you do it to vent your anger. And that's probably not helpful in the matter. You probably have quadruple or so of my ingame time, but that's mostly because i play something different for a while when i get frustrated with the game. This helps me to get some distance and keep calm and patient. So i guess you should consider doing the same once in a while, in case you can be replaced in your server admin position for a few days or even weeks. BTT: @ImpulZ If you guys are really communicating many things through twitter exclusively (what emuthreat wrote seems a bit to me like you do), instead of the forums, you might want to hire a bot, that posts them in a topic on the forums. I'm sure many other people are, like myself, not following your twitter (and/or not even own a twitter account). If i remember correctly the forum had a twitter feed years ago (before the security breach and relaunch). That seemed useful, but maybe there is a better way.
  6. HaseDesTodes

    No Status Reports, No Updates, Hello...???

    what do you want a status report for, when you don't even read them. let them work and, more or less, enjoy the game.
  7. HaseDesTodes

    Community Spotlight - 22 February 2019

    thats the "old" chernarus.. any idea if the "new" chernarus map will come at some point?
  8. HaseDesTodes

    Car Tire Repair?

    as far as i remember: the usual procedure for repairing tires (on PC is/was). use the tire iron (in hands) with the wheel (aim at it) on the car in order to detach it. take the repair kit in the hands, and aim at the wheel (on the ground) and interact to fix it. take the wheel into the hands and look at the place you want it, and attach it. you don't need a tire iron for this (you probably just tighten the screws/nuts by hand)
  9. HaseDesTodes

    Suppressor sounds

    they went to a shooting range and recorded those sounds IRL. since you wont have the loud sounds realistically loud for obvious reasons, gun sounds lack some dynamics (normal loud sounds are barely quieter than loud and super loud sounds), especially when you are close. BUT the sounds are authentic. anyhow. opposed as hollywood teaches us, suppressors don't make guns inaudible at ranges above a few meters.
  10. HaseDesTodes

    Connecting Failed - SUPPORT

    for some time stable and experimental branches were running the same version. since the experimental branch got an update, steam installed that update. as i said, your server is probably running the stable version. so if you want to be able to reliably play on it, you will have to keep the stable branch selected. not being able to connect to a server running a different version is to be expected and no bug. there are no ways (well, maybe hacks) to connect to a server running a different version. if you have troubles with the controls, that's a different issue. i can only guess here, but you should try removing your "DayZ" folder from your windows Documents folder. (usually found at C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents) Maybe make a backup first,so in case it doesn't work, you other settings aren't lost. if that doesn't work, you should make a ticket in the feedback tracker. i think you missed the first link i provided.
  11. HaseDesTodes

    Connecting Failed - SUPPORT

    https://feedback.bistudio.com/ I'm not sure if you got some things fundamentally wrong. So let me clear this up. Stable branch and experimental branch are running different versions (most of the time). (Stable 1.0.150192; Experimental 1.0150408) So when you switch between them, steam has to download and install a whole bunch of different files. SOMETIMES this is only a few MB, but often it's a couple of hundred MB or even some GB. This usually depends on how many and what things were changed/added. The DayZ server application is used to host a dedicated server. This has nothing to do with your client application. You can run a stable branch server, and play on an experimental branch server ( But if you host a stable branch server (not sure if you can host an experimental branch server on your own machine) you will have to connect with a stable branch client. Both versions need to match. check code does only matter if you enter a code to unlock a different branch. some branches for games (like dayz experimental) are unlocked by default for all game owners, but others need to be unlocked by entering a certain code (like dayz stresstest (currently not relevant)). i have no idea why you have no controls, so i can't help you with that problem. but it seems to me, that your original problem was, that you tried to connect to you server with a client running a different version. to be honest, i think it should be common sense, that this should not work. Sure, the game should give you a different error, but on the other hand, you should have noticed this by yourself.
  12. HaseDesTodes

    How can I edit the time of the night?

    you will have to change how fast time passes (x6 for 24h gametime in 4h real time) and the time of the year. since the length of the days are linked to the time of the year you will have to change it, in order to get to the ratio you want. i don't know what would match your scenario, but i think mid of June might work.
  13. HaseDesTodes

    VAC Ban

    took me 30 sec to find it.
  14. HaseDesTodes

    Why did BI Remove Faces from the Billboards?

    very likely to be legally safe. just like they did with the item renaming. but there is still a chance for the faces and item names to come back after they have ensured they have the rights to use those in the game.
  15. HaseDesTodes

    Forced to get fully geared up?

    sure, most people would get the best protection they can. but for a matter of fact, the press vest looks/is different from the military plate carrier. so there probably is a difference. i think that i have once read, that ballistic vests are classified as "defensive weapons" in germany, meaning there are restrictions on who is allowed to buy, and on the export. i don't really know about other states, but i can't imagine that they would allow military grade vests to get into the hands of terrorists, insurgents or normal criminals. press representatives will surely get a permission more easily, but i think for the game, we could say, that the civilian ballistic vest (aka press vest) is a normal civilian ballistic vest, and therefor shouldn't offer as much protection as the plate carrier. i can't tell anything about it, i can't remember being shot at with any of both. but there might be more factors than just bleeding protection (eg. how fast it get ruined, health damage, effects of different projectiles/speeds) i guess i should do some tests sometime to find out how it is in the game.