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  1. i think he means, that the player of which he has posted the profile link, is intentionally crashing the server with the IP he posted in order to farm loot, what prevents him from playing.
  2. 1.7mb is usually just battleye and exp had the same update, so it's BE for sure
  3. Yay, good thing is, i live around 150km from Cologne. bad thing is, i will be like 7000km away at that time. leave me some beans
  4. everything above 2400 is "OC" because it's over the normal DDR4 specifications afaik. i don't think this affects the warranty if the manufacturers sell it at higher clocks. never really thought about that and never researched on the warranty topic. overclocking should be really simple by because the settings are saved in the XMP. you just need to select the one you want.
  5. i don't think there is anything reasonably priced for that MOBO that's also listed in the memory QVL. they have the CMK32GX4M4B4000C19R tested at 4GHz, but thats a 4x8GB kit and costs around 500€. simmilar kits like the CMR16GX4M2F4000C19 (260€ at alternate.nl) are not listed in the memory QVL, so i wouldn't guarantee that they work at fast speeds. so i can't recommend it. finding the ideal combo can be so annoying sometimes.
  6. @nl it should work. i still think the ram is a bit "slow", but that's all up to you. the GPU is faster than what i suggested (and one of the few alternate.nl has on stock). i don't know how much you will notice that, but if you really intend to keep the GPU for the full 5 years, faster should be better. PS: your links are broken (alternate still works though)
  7. since you only have a full hd monitor i don't think you would benefit much from the 1070. A suitable one should be the Zotac GeForce GTX 1060 AMP!, 6GB GDDR5 (300€ in ger), it has a dual fan layout and shouldn't be to loud. it seems like you have decided for an intel CPU, go for the i7 7700k. it has the highest clock + hyperthreading. so even if multi-threading gets more important for games in the next years (might not happen) you should be fine for the time you plan to get it for. i would reccomend getting the fastest ram you can get. a working combination would be the MSI Z270 Gaming M7 (7A57-001R) (220€ in ger) MOBO with the G.Skill Trident Z silber/rot DIMM Kit 16GB, DDR4-4133, CL19-21-21-41 (F4-4133C19D-16GTZA) RAM (210€ in ger). from what i have read, some games (like Arma3) highly benefit from improved Ram clock (and better timings). i don't know how it's with DayZ, but i think it should. So having 16GB ram at 4133MHz should be ideal. only problem would be that you would get over your budget (german prices) 310€ (i7)+ 220€ (mobo]+ 210€ (ram)+300€ (GTX1060 6GB) + cooler (40€) = 1080€ + shipping costs (i guess like 40€ for everyting to the NL). i have tried searching for a website for price comparizon in the nl (googled: "prijsvergelijking") but didn't find a good one with cheap hardware, so either the sites i found weren't good, or prices in the NL are just really high. if you are interested in what i have found (GPU and cooler as examples): https://geizhals.de/zotac-geforce-gtx-1060-amp-zt-p10600b-10m-a1478147.html?hloc=at&hloc=de https://geizhals.de/msi-z270-gaming-m7-7a57-001r-a1557601.html?hloc=at&hloc=de https://geizhals.de/intel-core-i7-7700k-cm8067702868535-a1554068.html?hloc=at&hloc=de https://geizhals.de/g-skill-trident-z-silber-rot-dimm-kit-16gb-f4-4133c19d-16gtza-a1463458.html?hloc=at&hloc=de https://geizhals.de/scythe-ashura-scasr-1000-a910518.html?hloc=at&hloc=de you should be able to get 4/5 at Mindfactory, so you could save some money for shipping)
  8. @Baty Alquawen what is the reason you wipe the containers but not the characters when you update exp? (not that finding fresh vehicles was a bad thing, but i lost all my burlap strips again :( )
  9. 1000$ ~ 850€ (since you're from NL) CPU: A: Intel Core i5-7600K, 4x 3.80GHz, boxed ~ 220€ B: Intel Core i7-7700K, 4x 4.20GHz, tray ~ 320€ + Cooler for about 40€ (anything in that range should do fine, even when you go OC) +Mobo and matching RAM: Gigabyte GA-Z270P-D3 ~ 100€ Corsair Vengeance LPX red DIMM Kit 16GB, DDR4-3600, CL18-19-19-39 (CMK16GX4M2B3600C18R) ~200€ GPU (both have dual fans): 1.Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1060 Windforce OC 6G, 6GB GDDR5 ~ 290€ 2. Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1070 Windforce OC, 8GB GDDR5 ~ 440€ So option: A1=850€ A2=1000€ B1=950€ B2=1100€ Specific hardware is just an example on what i have found searching for the cheapest prices, i didn't research on compatibility (exept for the RAM, which is listed in the official OVL) or bad reviews. Prices are based on what i found in germany. i don't really know why you don't want an AMD CPU, but that's your choice. i would buy an AMD Ryzen if my CPU broke today.
  10. come to exp version^^
  11. i don't know if there is a simple way like there was with the old tracker... the best way i have come across to get a list of (recently) reported issues, is: advanced search-> leave everything blank except for Tags, add DayZ as tag. now press execute query. don't forget you can in- or exclude closed tickets by ticking the box (or leaving it) i think the problem is that ,even if you are technically "warming up" when running around drenched, at the moments you stop, you are cooling off really fast. so when you stop moving for 5 sec you cool of by 0.1°C while you have to run/sprint for a minute in order to gain 0.1°C. (numbers are examples) the UI isn't nice at the moment, but i hope it will be more comprehensible with 0.63.
  12. for most games (no secondary threads, no editing etc.) intel still has the faster CPUs. partially because of better optimizations, partially because of higher clocks, and maybe even because of a better architecture. still i'd recommend Ryzens over Core Ix, because you get more multi thread performance for the same (and even less) money, while the singe thread performance isn't far behind. and since we can assume, that in the future most games have a good multicore/multithread support (so better performance with more cores) i value more cores to be a great advantage. Nevertheless, certain Intel CPUs are still better than any AMD CPU for most games, so it's no mistake to say, that Intel CPUs are better for gaming. but as long as one isn't buying a PC/CPU for the next two years, but rather the next 5 years or longer, i'd go for Ryzens.
  13. i'd say report everything that isn't reported. especially the reproducible crashes (those are not minor imo, btw). i find the feedback tracker to be cluttered already, so it doesn't really matter if more minor things get reported.
  14. from your description i'd say it is there (never been there myself, yet):
  15. it's one of those stories that begin with 4 construction builders and 5 bottles of vodka...