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  1. KSVK sniper

    and i guess the answer is: never as devs have said in the past, that they will not add heavy sniper rifles as the M107, they won't add the KSVK, even if might be used by chernarussian military and could fit the setting.
  2. Status Report - 13 February 2018

    but on the other hand, a project with such a big name as DayZ, would have had a hard time nevertheless. i'm sure it would have been very popular, and -with the development speed as it was- previously hyped folks would have gotten as toxic as they were. so whatever you could have done, judging from the present time, you only had bad choices, so you picked one (probably the best one), and now it's pointless to bemoan what could have been. What matters now, is how good the Enfusion engine will become (or already is), because that will not only influence the DayZ game, but also most near-future projects of BIS. So who cares if the game takes a bit longer now. Just do your best, and if necessary, take your time.
  3. you wrote a few months ago. i didn't check regularly, so they might have broken at that time and fixed it later, but the only period of time i remember this not to work was within the first (few) month(s) (so back in 2016).
  4. you are right with most of your points, but this one is not correct. there is a (for me) easy to access DayZ tag. you just have to type "Da" and wait for the drop-down menu, then select the one you like and confirm (click at it or press return/enter). it should then look like the one in red. and if you want to filter very specific things this should turn out very useful: https://feedback.bistudio.com/maniphest/query/A0VmxNDruR2D/#R getting there was so unintuitive, and the whole feedback tracker is not really well-sorted and spammed with duplicates. i actually hope, that they will open a new section for DayZ beta, since it will most likely have less legacy errors than new ones (hopefully). so with a new section, the new errors won't vanish in the flood of ancient tickets.
  5. Anti Cheat Idear to fix this bug or minimize this

    that might be true, but as soon as such a system gets bigger, there will be more, (let's call them), clever people working on ways to bypass security for that system and, eventually they will succeed and the system will be as good as the old big ones. unfortunately anti cheat is usually always two or three steps behind. best way would be to send a letter to the parents of every kid that cheats in an online game, because social control and good parenting should turn out much more effective in the long term. but that's probably even more unrealistic than an anti-cheat system that works in a large scale.
  6. Anti Cheat Idear to fix this bug or minimize this

    good idea, name one. i haven't seen a shooter game with proper anti cheat, and i'm pretty sure none exists. and i didn't even fully read what the opening poster wrote, since the way they wrote was SO horrible.
  7. Exp Update 0.62.143640

    interesting... i found some 12 gauge slug ammo in a gift box... how long has it been in the game?
  8. 1pp to 1pp/3pp switch Server Option.

    i don't think it should be possible for public hive servers. i actually like being able to go on a 3pp server for recreation, but keep my 1pp character at the same time. when switching between 1pp and 3pp becomes possible for public hive servers it would, either mean, that both would have to share one character, or result in a total mess because there would be 2 hives and you couldn't tell what server uses which one. But in case you are suggesting this for private shard servers, i'm all for it, in case this isn't the way it is right now.
  9. Can't click anything after closing DayZ

    i think i had this problem once, but i think it wasn't directly related to DayZ, at least if i remember correctly. i guess it is related to the steam ingame overlay, if you don't need it in DayZ, try to disable it and see what happens.
  10. Automatic shifting in vehicles

    manual transmission vehicles should use manual shifting imo. and since there are no vehicles with automatic transmissions, i don't think such simple actions should be taken out of the user's hand i think the current implementation is a bit lacking, but once you get used to it, it gets less annoying to use. i'd like to be able to skip gears, especially if i want to go from 4 to R, but that shouldn't be to hard to add. not even in real life :) (maybe except for double clutch ones; i never had the "pleasure" of trying)
  11. Why don't we spawn along the southern coast?

    almost 800 forum posts and you don't know the basics of DayZ SA? (eg. how to select your character model) are you just trolling or are you serious? if you are serious, please express your concerns in a more civil way. i'm sure many people here would be willing to help you finding your answers, even though you could simply educate yourself by reading a bit.
  12. if you use private mode, then it's because of that. if you have more restrictive cookie settings (eg. blocking 3rd party cookies), try adding "[*.]bistudio.com" to your whitelist.
  13. afaik BIS should have control over all Hives and shards at the moment. question would have been how long it would have taken to get you out of the rock.
  14. Best Melee Weapon in DayZ So Far?

    actually, here in germany, i haven't seen a large one yet (haven't seen many at all tbh). thing is: weapons with large blades are regulated and require licenses to be carried in public, so they are less useful for campers or hikers. (i'm not sure about the situation in the Czech Republic, but it's both EU, so i guess they might have similar regulations, maybe not as strictly enforced) also i don't know any real application where you would need a large machete for cutting down any plants or so. at least not around here. so i guess maybe BIS either didn't know the large ones or they didn't see why a large machete would be needed in chernarus and just added the ones that can be used for gardening. best melee weapon: idk my favorite one: Sword it will probably change with the new stamina system, but even if swords are heavy, they at least have style :)
  15. where's all the private servers

    did you select the "community" server list?