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  1. Status Indicators in the HUD

    i guess in general it's clear to me, what symbol means what, and how urgent actions are required. but i think it might be helpful to have some text with the icons, as long as you have your inventory open. imo this shouldn't distract any player, and improve the readability, because everyone could quickly check what a symbol means without having to ask anybody else.
  2. New Actions & Crafting

    "drop item from hands" action: please also include a panic drop. eg. you have no more space in your inventory (because you have picked up that 1 slot item that now blocks the space for your hand item) and you quickly need to take out a firearm. right now i don't see a way, without manually making space in the inventory, and making either space or droping the hand item. a normal drop option will surely help, but the panic mode might additionally prevent some frustration. the panic drop would eg. trigger if you hit a quickslot key three times in quick succession , and drop your hand item to the ground then take out the quick slot item. Do you notice there is a crafting option via quickbar and do you prefer it to the inventory crafting? Why? i currently mostly use the inventory crafting, because it's hard to have the right items in the quickslots at the right time. when using the inventory, i don't need to reserve quickslots for items i don't use regularly. also when you want to have an item in a quickslot you need to assign it from the inventory first. so when you have just picked up an item and want to combine it with another it's the easiest way. assigning both items to a quickslot first, doesn't seem to be very clever to me. if there was an other way to access items for crafting without having to open the full inventory, it would be very helpful. maybe a something like a radial menu for items. i wrote something about how i thought reloading rounds could work better, a while ago. actually i'm not sure if the system has improved since then, or if i simply have gotten used to it. might be still worth having a quick look at it. https://forums.dayz.com/topic/238171-please-dont-change-the-new-reloading-mechanics/?do=findComment&comment=2386373 What do you think is causing you to spend most time in the inventory? probably a tie between using items (open can with knife, or taking non-quickslot items to the hand then use) and organizing items, so i can pick up that other thing i really need to have. and while you're at it. from time to time, when you switch some items with the quickslots the items get put into different places, so you 2x4 item gets into the slot of the 3x4 item, but when you want to put the 3x4 item away it wont fit into the inventory anymore because there are only 1x4 and a 2x4 sized spaces left.
  3. I can't change my game version through Steam

    tried validating? if exp and stable have different versions files should be different, so it might work. maybe restart and then validate if 1st attempt doesnt work.
  4. Attaching vehicles parts? Beta

    just guessing here. (haven't gotten to the point you're at with your vehicle) i've seen battery chargers. maybe you need to charge the battery fist. or maybe you need fuel (what i haven't seen yet).
  5. Menu UI is almost completely missing.

    do you use startup parameters? if yes, remove them all. if no, have you tried validating your game files in steam? if no, do it. if yes, i got no idea what could be wrong. file a ticket at the feedback tracker. devs might be able to help.
  6. Worbench crashing

    that's the official workaround
  7. Turn off BattlEye on the server

    you can send the program files to battleye (best only those that are blocked), and when they say it's harmless they can whiltelist it and you can have both. seriously, it's no good idea to disable battleye for such a reason, if at all.
  8. DayZ ballistics have been ruined!

    this answered the question :) constant drag. but even if i didn't need the explanations (had courses in fluid mechanics) others might enjoy some more insight. if you ask me it wouldn't hurt the performance, if the more realistic method was modeled. we already have a nice damage model, so maybe this just a matter of some extra coefficients. i would have actually expected the 5.56mm to cut through the gelatin like a hot knife trough butter. like this, i guess it might be safer standing behind someone that gets shot with a 5.56mm rifle, than someone that gets shot my a .45ACP pistol. interesting. from what i have heard .45ACP has a high "stopping power". is it just a legend, or is the comparison with an assault rifle just unfair, and the .45ACP is actually good for where it's used?
  9. DayZ ballistics have been ruined!

    to make one thing clear (if it wasn't) i agree, that the game ballistics should orient on real ballistics. but when it comes to the technical aspects of the game, i don't really have an idea how damage is calculated in DayZ (not even sure about Arma), so forgive me, if i write nonsense. i'm still wondering why you would need to use average values for the ammunition. is it because those weapons don't exactly use the same ammo irl? since they do ingame, you could just use the values of the real ammo, set the projectile weight and the strength and the propellant charge some values for the projectile shape (for penetration and air friction), and have the muzzle velocity then calculated for each weapon. even if the real life counterparts would have different energies at the same speed (different masses), i doubt it would really make a different in the gameplay. oh, and why would things like air friction vary by weapon? does the spin of a projectile make a real difference when it comes to the loss of speed? i thought it was mostly stabilizing the flight path. do you have an idea how armor comes into play with the ballistics/damage? i would hope for a system similar to Arma3's tank armor system. afaik, damage per hitpoint there is calculated per speed/energy lost inside the hitpoint. for DayZ this would mean, that a slow moving, but heavy projectile (looking at you .45ACP) could do the same or maybe more damage, than an assault rifle projectile, because the rifle bullet doesn't loose much (relatively) speed/energy, while the slower projectile almost stops inside the body. so weapons like UMP would be really strong against unarmoured targets, but struggle against body armor, while an M4 might deal slightly less damage, but has less trouble penetrating body armor, and hopefully walls. ok, that was slightly off-topic, sorry for that.
  10. DayZ ballistics have been ruined!

    I think (not even sure this hasn't only happend in my head) they once (long time ago) mentioned in a status report, that they wanted to have the barrel length of weapons to influence the ballistics. if this was true, they wouldn't have to use average values (of different guns) for the ammo itself, but could just use multipliers for the muzzle velocity for each weapon. this wouldn't explain the bad friction values though. i was wondering how you got to your data, did you do some testing, or have you been looking in some config data? either way, as long as it's messed up, it's right to point it out. maybe someone messed up some numbers or packed some placeholder config files into the update, or they used some script to transfer the data, and that messed it up. but i can not imagine, that highly unrealistic values can be intended in any way. so i guess we shouldn't get to angry about incorrect values. as long as they don't make it to 1.0.
  11. Stress Test vol. 54

    Is the feedback tracker working correctly on your end? it seems bugged on my end. last new tickets i can see are from last month (27th). (Beav created T133326: Gun audio bugs (Stress 52). Sat, Oct 27, 9:18 PM · DayZ") when i tried to find a ticket i have submitted the search function showed me this when i opened it: "Unhandled Exception ("AphrontQueryException") #1114: The table 'search_savedquery' is full" tried with both Chrome and Firefox.
  12. [Confused] BETA vs 1.0

    My thoughts on how the path to beta and stable probably will be: 1. Stress tests get stuffed with all the missing 1.0 content, some bugs will get fixed there 2. When everything is in and the game is not unplayable, stress test build will be released on experimental 3. Some more bugfixing on experimental 4. When the game is pretty much ok, experimental build will be declared as ready for stable and bet begins 5. Bugfixing 6. Bugfixing 7. Game runs fine now. Time to call it 1.0. It's still 1 month and 3 weeks until christmas, that doesn't sound like much time left, but devs have been throwing out loads of content in the last few stress test builds. So i guess they could get the feature "complete" version to the experimental branch by the end of the next week. When no one has to work on finishing features, they can all go to for bugfixing and the Beta begins like half a week later. That would still be more than a month time for the "final" bugfixing. I guess BIS staff will have to go for massive overhours to get the game ready for 1.0 before christmas, but i'm sure they can. I trust in you guys, don't get discouraged by all the negativity here.
  13. Status Report - 23 October 2018

    would be nice if we could also draw on the maps, a bit like in Arma3, but also make straight lines with a tool oh and a map stand for bases, where you can have a public map. but one thing made me wonder... why does the Church symbol (see Zelenogorsk picture) look like a german military symbol? https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schwarzes_Kreuz_(Symbol)
  14. What mean this code for spawn

    some estimated guesses: quantmin/quantmax: for stackable items. min/max ammount that can spawn flags: count in (if (and maybe as how many) this item is counted for the min/max value for the servers loot economy): cargo: vehicle cargo hoarder: tents barrels, etc. map: normal spawns player: player inventory
  15. Mosin still has problems!

    have you tried pressing "r" after a shot?