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  1. i shouldn't have to ask, but did you validate your game files? issues like missing textures often are casues by corrupted files and even the crashes could be related. if you have sucessfully validated your files and are still experiencing the issues file a report at feedback.bistudio.com
  2. maybe you can write your own batch file, that changes your playback device, and then runs DayZ so whenever you want to play DayZ you rund the batch file and you don'T have to worry much anymore.
  3. i'm as clueless as you are when it comes to startup parameters. i found this one in the DayZ_x64.rpt and tested it on steam, to find out that it works. i think the popup window has more to do with steam, than DayZ. but i think it would still need to be configured by the devs, so i guess you could call it a problem with the build..
  4. no idea if it happens, but you could try to use this launch parameter: "-exe DayZ_x64.exe"
  5. Who does decide what is beeing added changed in map design? I assume it's mostly the game designers and producers, but how much can you bring in your own creativity in terms of map layout? When you are designing a compound, can you request new buildings when you feel, that it just wouldn't look and feel right with the current choice of buildings? Do you rather build towns, cities or nature? If you were to decide to add one big thing to Chernarus, what would you add? How much do engine limitations (no running water, lack of support of underground areas) hinder you creating the Chernarus of your dreams? How do the chernarussian postmen find the right houses without named roads and house numbers? What are the greates challenges when you are creating a belivable map? Would you reveal all the little (and big) secrets Chernarus has to offer for us?
  6. https://dayz.com/blog/status-report-18-april-2017
  7. seen similar behaviour on multiple official servers. learned to live with it.
  8. that teddy bear is realy cool, any chance we can expect them to come as DayZ merchandise?
  9. i think this is the bug that is causing not cooling down: https://feedback.bistudio.com/T122572 and you only get wet when you move in water, it's not ideal, but it's the way it is right now (i'm sure it will be changed when higher priority tasks are dealt with) about developer presence: there is a difference between being present to the public and answering to all private messages you get. so don't say they aren't present becasue you don't receive answers to some low priority bug reports.
  10. no. at least not yet.
  11. option to hide it should be hidden is some menu, so everyone that puts in the effort to hide that banner will most likely also read the text behind the banner. and with some hint in the text on how to hide the banner the circle is closed.
  12. I had an idea to improve the feedback tracker a while ago, but i don't think i ever wrote it down somewhere. So here it is: Give us an interactive Map of Chernarus where you can see all acknowledged map errors (floating or misplaced objects, etc.). I once tried to document the stuff i found, but it was realy hard to see what was reported already and what wasn't, because there were MANY tickets, and some/most even had more than one spot covered. Since we have the debug monitor in the experimental branch it should be easy to pinpoint the exact location of those issues. I think, you would ideally have the map, and for every issue a pin that you can hover your mouse over to see a screenshot, description and a link to the related ticket. That would propably make it easier for reporting new map bugs and also fixing those for the map designers.
  13. plugin

    i think he want's males to wear less cloting ingame. why do we have to wear those white t-shirt. give us some abs!
  14. idea is nice, but it would only work on private shards. (otherwise some servers would have tons of guns and others would have non, because players took them to other servers) and even there, if one dedicated group finds all weapons and stashes them in a nice hiding place guns would be pretty much unavalible for 95+% of the players
  15. he is wrong. when you get the "helathy" status you are at 5000 blood and 5000 health. easy to see in exp. branch. blood<5000 and health < 5000, but hydrated and bright energized: no status in inventory, but blood regenerating 3/sec. blood=5000 and health < 5000, but hydrated and bright energized: healing status in inventory and health regenerating 1/sec. blood=5000 and health = 5000, "Healthy" nevertheless, i don't think this was more than a normal (weird) bug.