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  1. option to hide it should be hidden is some menu, so everyone that puts in the effort to hide that banner will most likely also read the text behind the banner. and with some hint in the text on how to hide the banner the circle is closed.
  2. I had an idea to improve the feedback tracker a while ago, but i don't think i ever wrote it down somewhere. So here it is: Give us an interactive Map of Chernarus where you can see all acknowledged map errors (floating or misplaced objects, etc.). I once tried to document the stuff i found, but it was realy hard to see what was reported already and what wasn't, because there were MANY tickets, and some/most even had more than one spot covered. Since we have the debug monitor in the experimental branch it should be easy to pinpoint the exact location of those issues. I think, you would ideally have the map, and for every issue a pin that you can hover your mouse over to see a screenshot, description and a link to the related ticket. That would propably make it easier for reporting new map bugs and also fixing those for the map designers.
  3. plugin

    i think he want's males to wear less cloting ingame. why do we have to wear those white t-shirt. give us some abs!
  4. idea is nice, but it would only work on private shards. (otherwise some servers would have tons of guns and others would have non, because players took them to other servers) and even there, if one dedicated group finds all weapons and stashes them in a nice hiding place guns would be pretty much unavalible for 95+% of the players
  5. he is wrong. when you get the "helathy" status you are at 5000 blood and 5000 health. easy to see in exp. branch. blood<5000 and health < 5000, but hydrated and bright energized: no status in inventory, but blood regenerating 3/sec. blood=5000 and health < 5000, but hydrated and bright energized: healing status in inventory and health regenerating 1/sec. blood=5000 and health = 5000, "Healthy" nevertheless, i don't think this was more than a normal (weird) bug.
  6. your "rainbow" is just a graphical artifact (a glitch) and might be infinitly long. the reason why you lost the connection, was because of the server restart that was announced several times. the open landscape outside the actual map has no end, it will just repeat itself (afaik). i think you might be able to make a camp there, but don't expect it to be persistent.
  7. the ladder is the right way now. if you look on the top floor, you have much less space on the old side. the only problems are, that the animation is still the old (propably because it gets changed with animations update anyways) and that you get a litle stuck in the corner.
  8. wrong forums? or did i miss something in DayZ?
  9. lol this post... 1. flashlights spawn 2. you don't spawn with one for a while now how would you tell flashlights aren't spawing if you didn't play the game?
  10. if you belive they are abusing their admin powers, read this:
  11. middle west camp SW camp there are significant terrain differences: MW camp: surrounded by forrest, apart from the road and camp area, no flat terrain SW camp: hillside with forrest, coast side open and flat terrain
  12. yes, you're absolutely right. i didn't read his stuff correctly, even missed the gas station part.
  13. switch to exp branch, and switch back when the stable version is on steam
  14. you are at/near to the south westeren evacuation camp. the sign says something like: Mirolsaw 27 (km) Kirowograd 63 (km) Primorsk 72 (km) none of those towns is on the Chernarus+ Map, and the closest is 27km away, which is further away then any ppint on the map. so we can be pretty sure the sign guides drivers for destinations outside the map. if you and your freinds can't find each other, you should make sure you are on the same server, if you are and still have problems, find a landmark (like the bridge between the camp and the gas station) and meet there. you might as well be at the evacuation camp a few km west of NWAF, unless you can find the coast. some more landscape you help fith finding out.
  15. camo buildings are a bit buggy, so many bug abusing a-holes glitched themselfs into the walls and killed players. so now, without lootspawns setup, there shouldn't be a reason for many players to go inside. normal wrecks (not crash sites) now only spawn items when they have movable parts, and since no military wreck has any they don't spawn (just as some civilian car wrecks).