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  1. Ghillie anyone????

    you can't find what's not in the game.
  2. Server reset - Locked in room (unable to open with lockpik)

    in the pc version (at least v0.62 and earlier) you could unlock locked doors with brute force (hitting it with an axe or so). not sure if this is in the current version, or if it would be working in your situation, but i guess its worth a try. otherwise, for stuck character support you might want to contact @Baty Alquawen. she should be able to move your character.
  3. Just a heads up.

    it was probably between the branches where you were standing. so should still be accessible, if you find it
  4. I'm Lost

    you are (probably) there: http://www.dayztv.com/map/#6.081.043
  5. When people talk their voices are coming from the TV. ?

    ok, that probably shouldn't be like this, if i understood your problem correctly. now the question is, is your wiring correct? how are your Xbox, your surround system and your TV connected with each other? and what surround system do you use?
  6. When people talk their voices are coming from the TV. ?

    what "phone"? do you mean your speakers? what setup (do you use an AV receiver? how's the wiring?) do you have (i simply assume you got a 7.1 surround setup)? and how do you talk to them? on the radio, or directly (you wrote proximity chat, but i just want to make sure you are experiencing non-intentional behavior)? if it's on the radio, check if it's really your TV speakers, or maybe your center speaker. voices from nearby players should come from the directions they're at, so they definitely should not come from your TV speakers or the center channel.
  7. Hey, um why u do dis?

    hmm, i have ZERO headbob in 3pp (don't like 3pp, but tested it on the stresstest branch). the character moves up and down while running, but the camera floats smoothly and is not shaking. idk, if those people know headbob would mean, of if they have actually camera shaking, but i don't believe them until i see some video footage of actual 3pp headbob. for me, the character bouncing up and down in the center of the screen is no headbob, even though it looks a bit strange. i guess saying, that the bit 1pp headbob it totally fine for me, doesn't help anybody, that is getting motion sick.
  8. Status Report - 19 June 2018

    volumetric clouds for everyone. does that mean we could get low clouds (aka fog). i imagine some valleys at the coast filled with dense clouds, while uphills it's clear sunshine. or some hilltops engulfed in clouds/fog while the areas below have relatively clear view. i know we can't, but can we get non-global weather? like: thunderstorm in vybor while it's sunny in berezino (but you can see the storm clouds in the distance). and while you're already fulfilling unrealistic wishes, give us flash floods. would be funny to see camps in a valley flushed away. didn't check ingame, but could it be like 1km NNE of tulga?
  9. Few questions about 0.63

    3. SVD should also be in the game, at least it was in some stress test version(s). but as all weapons, it comes without scope. 5. depends... i think, some vests have their weight set up correctly... i think it was like 15kg for the plate carrier vest, which sounds plausible to me. press vest was the same, which i found a bit to much.
  10. system specs

    if you can, get a bigger ssd.. i have a 240gb ssd, and i'm suffering from low space quite often.
  11. Own server

    right now, you can't. wait until server files are released.
  12. Stress Test vol.17

    on DE-02 (i think), everyone spawns with guns in zelenogorsk... how is the situation on other servers? the same? i thought we were getting survival now, not DM
  13. Stress Test vol.15

    Don't worry. I got 3 crashes already and will file a report after i die (or when the stresstest ends, depending on what happens first) i guess it will be more then :) edit: damn you! shutting down the servers while i write :)
  14. Fireplace not safe

    maybe you were to close... in 0.62 i have noticed, that if you are to close to/on top of the fireplace, you won't be able to ignite it.
  15. Yet another stamina suggestion

    There might be some stamina suggestion topics here already, but i thought i should share my ideas here. I have read, that people wanted some kind of "adrenaline mode", where they could keep sprinting, even if their stamina was consumed. But as others already have pointed out, having a reliable trigger for this mode can be hard to archieve. My stamina idea, tries to cover this behaviour, and expand on the impact of rest, nutrition, load and terrain. Maximum stamina: This the the maximum you stamina value can regenerate up to. It can be any number from 0 to 1000. You spawn at the coast with 500 max stamina, so a freshly spawned player, will have to live a while in order to get the maximum fitness. When your health or blood take significant damgage, you should get a limit (like 300 for yellow damge) on the maximum stamina. It should work best at the same values, your character starts limping. If you take serious damage to your legs, your max stamina should receive a serious penalty. When you start getting hungry it should reduce your max stamina by a value from 0-25% depending on how hungry you are. Same method with thrirst, but higher values (0-30%). Some diseases should have a small impact on you max stamina as well, but not to much, because you already will get have impacts from other soures (health/blood), when you get really ill. On the other hand you should be able to push your character, above the usual boundrys when you take painkillers or stronger narcotics. This should require some sort of long trem effects, when you take them to often. I don't know yet, how in detail this should look like. Last, but the most important, point is stamina damage, or exhaustion. When you run and loose all of you stamina, you should be able to keep running. But pushing you boundarys a bit should come at a price. When you keep using your stamina, while you have none left, you will start using up you maximum stamina instead. This should happen at a reduced rate (eg. 50%), as regaining max stamina should take a while. Example: A fresh spawn has 500/500 stamina and starts sprinting. Sprinting consumes 25 stamina per second (in this situation), so they will be able to sprint 20 seconds until their stamina reaches 0. If they then continue to sprint, they will consume their maximum stamina at a rate of 12.5 per second. So it will take 40 more seconds until his maximum stamina reaches 0. But even with 0/0 stamina you should be able to sprint, because you can always push your limits more. But this kind of exhaustion comes at a high price. From this point on you will start loosing your health and build up shock damage. So depending on your other situation you can keep going until you pass out or die. So actually you can not always push your limits more. At some point, reality will catch up and hit you with force. What i haven't written about yet, is stamina consumption and regeneration. Let's go with consumption first. There are a couple of factors that influence how much stamina you will use up while moving The most important ones are load, movement speed, stance, and the terrain steepness. I guess it's logical, that carrying much weight or moving at a faster speed have a significant impact on your stamina. But this should even go as far, as that you will use up your stamina while walking, when you carry to much. But unlike in the current system, you can still jog and sprint with much load, but you will get exhausted so fast you will damage you max stamina quickly. Secondary factors for stamina consumption should be the ground, the air and/or body temperature. Let me elaborate what i mean by "ground". In the game, you can curently run over all kinds of matertials, and it doesn't really matter. But whoever has run over gravel, sand or even in the forrest should have noticed, that it's more exhausting, than running on the road. This is, because softer ground absorbs more of you energy. With simple multipliers for all materials, it should be possible to emulate this effect in the game. And it would bring more meaning to the path you choose. Running offroad might offer more cover, but you should get exhaused even quicker. Last points (finally): Stamina regeneration and max stamina regeneration. Congratulations to everyone who read everything up to this point. It should be affected not only by your nutrition values, but also by your maximum stamina. This should ensure, that a totally exhaused player (50 max stamina) can't move like a absolutely fit player. And this should encourage players to watch out for avoidable stamina damage. A player that took the slower, less exhausting way, could this way gain an advantage over players who recklessly ran all the time. Values could be somthing like: 20 base regeneration. Max hydration/energy boost. 20% each max stamina influence: (Max stamina+100)*0.001 So with 500 max stamina and full boost you would regain: 20*1.2*1.2*0.6=17.28 stamina/sec (examplary values). I guess it would be better to use more complex function. Something like sqrt, e^x, log(x) or a combination. I don't really want to provide a perfectly balanced solution at this point. Your maximum stamina should regenerate very slowly the whole time, but have a significantly increased rate under the same circumstances when healing (hp and blood). It could even be boosted more when you are at good health. Like this you can regenerate your max stamina as long as you make sure you aren't damaging it, even when you are hungry and thirsty. quick summarization: Base values: Stamina 100% Max Stamina: 500 (the value you start with) max stamina limits: min: 0; max 1000 max stamina affected by: health/blood; energy; water; stamina damage; narcotics; diseases; injuries stamina loss affected by: load; speed; stance; ground; terrain steepness; temperatures stamina gain affected by: energy; water; max stamina