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  1. Conrad_The_Comrade

    Orb of light over fire

    Looks like the light source is just off from where it should be on the fireplace model
  2. Conrad_The_Comrade

    Night Is Great!

    Even with headtorches and NV, it still doesn't change the fact that hand held light sources are extremely tedious to use effectively. They work on their own, but you lose almost all self defense capability. Just let me hold my flare in my offhand and my hatchet in the other and bingo I'm a happy camper.
  3. Conrad_The_Comrade

    Night Is Great!

    My only issue is we cant hold small objects in our left hand, forcing us to drop our hand held light sources if you need to defend ourselves. If that weren't the case, night wouldn't be an issue for me or most folk I believe.
  4. Conrad_The_Comrade

    Increase durability?

    I dont know if you can still use rocks, but those used to be used to sharpen blades. If not, duct tape I think works.
  5. Conrad_The_Comrade

    Jumping From The Ground To The Roof!

    Please never let this bug go away, the entertainment value is too great xD I just jumped onto the wall at the prison island from the ground using this and oh boy I'm in love
  6. Conrad_The_Comrade

    Problem about Use of Masks

    I dont have anything to quote or anything, but there was talk of a radiation zone before, where I believe they planned on keeping the spawns for the helicopter and its parts. If you look at status reports from a bit ago you'll find it sooner or later, but I can't be bothered with that at 4 AM
  7. Conrad_The_Comrade

    .63 Combat System

    Another note, people tend to talk about things they dislike more vocally than the things they do like, so while there are probably more posts out there complaining about the new combat, there's countless amounts of people out there who do enjoy it / don't care either way that haven't said a peep.
  8. Conrad_The_Comrade

    Change from direct chat to radio?

    Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but Im fairly certain that once you turn the radio on, you just speak in direct chat and it will also play through the radio , assuming you have the radio in your hands / on your person. No need for a radio chat anymore.
  9. Conrad_The_Comrade

    And yet another Bug with this broken game...

  10. Conrad_The_Comrade

    DayZ 0.63 New Features WIP (Unofficial Offline Single Player Mode)

    Got me there, I knew this but oof still felt the urge to voice my opinion xD ♥
  11. Conrad_The_Comrade

    DayZ 0.63 New Features WIP (Unofficial Offline Single Player Mode)

    Those pain/hurt sounds bother me. I love the idea, but they just sound so weak. Falling from tall heights, getting slashed in the face, and all you get is a quick grunt? I feel like their needs to be more variety depending on the severity of the pain. A scream that gets your blood curdling. Nice video though! Glad to see more features/content is chugging along
  12. Conrad_The_Comrade

    Status Report - 13 April 2018

    I swear I read it all xD I'm just dumb and somehow skipped right over that
  13. Conrad_The_Comrade

    At this point I'm at a loss on what to do...

    So doubtful this is it, but I wasn't able to join any servers last night when I tried hopping on. I sat there for awhile just trying server after server with no luck and got pretty frustrated. Turns out, my drive that DayZ is installed on was maxed out, with only like 100mb of free space (lets go accidental 200GB recording). Once I deleted that video and cleared up some space, I was able to join. tldr: Make sure you have free space on your drive
  14. Conrad_The_Comrade

    Status Report - 13 April 2018

    So question, if we were to put a personal radio next to the PAS while both of them are on, can I talk through a personal radio and it have the audio play from another personal radio through the PAS?
  15. Conrad_The_Comrade

    Thinking about coming back?

    I'd say wait a teeny bit longer for .63 to come to Stable/Experimental, then take a look at that. Right now I just don't see coming back worth it. I love DayZ, but can't stand playing it until something new comes.