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    This game gave me my profile picture and it's a beautiful picture, so no regrets (Ily DayZ)
  2. Basebuilding

    The issue of being raided while offline is always going to be an issue in any survival game, not much you can do about it than set up really good walls and hope to god no one stumbles upon your camp. As for the Public Hive thing, the problem is playing on Public Hive in the first place. People can always just server hop, go inside the walls, and swap back so they're inside. Public hive is honestly just terrible imo. Server hopping for loot is rampant, it's much harder to keep a solid player base or community, and with the addition of basebuilding, there's even more reasons never to use Public. (On this note, I'd suggest checking out DayZ Underground, they're a pretty solid Private community, that's easy to get into, and has pretty active servers day in and day out)
  3. Exp Update 0.62.143751

    I'm in the same boat, I miss my DayZ ;-; But I just can't take any more of .62
  4. Brrr, it's cold out there

    welp, you know what they say when you assume
  5. Brrr, it's cold out there

    *looks at calendar* *looks at temperature* *looks at op*
  6. Wells, and Forests

    I think a big idea of that outer edge forest though is to make it so the debug isn't nearly as evident, because it sure as hell is immersion breaking running along then seeing a clear line of absolutely nothing. With that extra layer of forest, it'd put a little more between us and that abyss, and since nothing would be out there, there wouldn't be as much incentive to travel that far to where you'd even see the debug.
  7. Possibility of adding early content for Supporter Edition

    I wasn't aware there are multiple editions to the game? The steam page surely doesn't have multiple. What am I missing here?
  8. New 3 players to replace 3 who are leaving.

    More people to rob :D
  9. Oh trust me I remember, I bought the game day one. It's just weird seeing that UI again.
  10. You've been holding onto that screenshot for some time haven't ya DMentMan?
  11. Please stop changing the layout of the forums :-(

    Can we just get an option to choose between layouts? I'm not fond of this one in the slightest, and having an option to choose would be great. Plus the new reactions thing reminds me too much of Facebook, blegh
  12. why ocd people should never house-sit

    Before you mentioned the despawn thing I was very confused on why you were house sitting a campsite
  13. Forum

    I'm young This change still angers me. These new reactions are disgusting GIVE ME BEANS
  14. Hello everyone :)

    I'd suggest taking a look at DayZ Underground if you haven't already. Great community and active servers. They do events sometimes, have whitelisting periods, you name it.