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  1. Please stop changing the layout of the forums :-(

    Can we just get an option to choose between layouts? I'm not fond of this one in the slightest, and having an option to choose would be great. Plus the new reactions thing reminds me too much of Facebook, blegh
  2. why ocd people should never house-sit

    Before you mentioned the despawn thing I was very confused on why you were house sitting a campsite
  3. Forum

    I'm young This change still angers me. These new reactions are disgusting GIVE ME BEANS
  4. Hello everyone :)

    I'd suggest taking a look at DayZ Underground if you haven't already. Great community and active servers. They do events sometimes, have whitelisting periods, you name it.
  5. Will DayZ Ever Go Full Price ?

    I'm not saying it'll push away those who have it already, only those who don't. We have to face the reality that quite a lot of people don't look kindly on DayZ, and increasing the price on a game they already have a bad feeling about isn't good marketing. The reason games like CoD and Assassin's Creed, as you mentioned, sell so well is because they're established series, and have been pumping out games that people know they'll enjoy (theoretically). DayZ doesn't have that same established fanbase, and the fanbase that exists has already purchased the game more than likely. If they plan on selling more copies, you have to focus more on those people who are on the edge about buying it already, and not assume the name is going to sell itself as in the case with CoD and AC.
  6. Will DayZ Ever Go Full Price ?

    Unless DayZ's reputation gets a little better, I'm pretty sure even a $45 price tag is gonna push folk away. Most of the people who wanted the game by now own it, and with the rep DayZ has I couldn't imagine too many more copies being sold at a price that high.
  7. Status Report - 10 October 2017

    Something I honestly really loved was the teaser Mirek showed. I know showing off something that appears broken isn't really beneficial when you're showcasing a game, but DayZ is still a WIP, and the players here are practically all here to test your content, and to some extent help create the game too. Being transparent like that with us really does help in my opinion. I want to see the good, bad, and the ugly. We are here to support y'all, and letting us see where development is at even when it isn't pretty really helps (at least me). Keep up the great work guys!
  8. OrLoK requests backup!

    Yeah things are slow, but thats to be expected with waits like these. I still regularly check the forums, but I don't comment on things too often. I'm usually just reading or waiting for the next status report to be released. Hell, I don't really touch the game too much anymore, just waiting for the next update to come through so I've got something new to mess with.
  9. Why don't we spawn along the southern coast?

    I honestly can't take anyone seriously if they can't even figure out a basic function like customizing their character. Basic functionality isn't too much to ask
  10. Automatic shifting in vehicles

    Manual is really not hard at all (Least in DayZ), and I personally don't see an issue with it being a feature. Manually having pull back the bolt literally only takes the click of one button, it's just something you have to remember to do. Plus, it has an authentic approach, you can still find guns that you don't need to fuss with, so if you don't like having to press R between shots, find a gun better to your liking. DayZ is known for being a zombie survival SIMULATOR. Being a hardcore survival game takes simulation-esque details. Making the game more casual takes away the hardcore experience DayZ is founded on. I know there's still a line, because you're absolutely right it is still a game, but manual shifting and bolts are simple tasks that add just a bit of depth.
  11. Blood Test Results

    I've tested for blood types all over the spectrum. They're all there from what I can recall.
  12. Remove crosshairs and middle mouse button aiming from .63!

    You need an option to vote for not removing either of them if you really want a fair poll here
  13. You Think Stick is OP?

    It's less the stick itself, more everything else. Momentum having no effect, letting you zip around dodging bullets with ease; the immediate knockout when the stick makes contact with the face; the way weapons handle period right now; lack of hit-based reactions; you name it. Seeing this really made me realize why people get so pissed with DayZ, and yet I still play it constantly. DayZ is like an abusive relationship
  14. Friendly People

    I'm a dumbass and forgot to put the dashes, whoops. hell-of-a-nice voice. Mb xD