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  1. Thinking about coming back?

    Well thanks guys for your responses. All I have to really say right about now is
  2. Thinking about coming back?

    Hello forums! It feels great to type on this webpage again. I'm striving to make a return to DayZ Standalone, which I've accumulated nearly a thousand hours on throughout the years of 2014-16. I've noticed a steady drop in the number of concurrent players for the game, but I've heard communities such as my old dayzunderground and DayZRP remain credible. I guess what I'm asking is, what's you guys' opinions on the current popularity of the game?
  3. DayZ doesn't need this. The better the survivor, the better the gear. That's the concept of DayZ. Adding this would offset the game between authentic players and kids with their mom's credit card. No thanks
  4. DayZ Standalone | Kamyshovo Sniper

    Your playstyle make me love kamyshovo. I go to the small coastal town just to take on guys like you 10/10
  5. Is DayZ a disappointment?

    Answers you receive from people in regards to the question "is DayZ a disappointment" will never be an accurate answer, or a fact for that matter. All answers you receive are purely opinions that may have slight justification. Anyone who claims DayZ to be a disappointment think so due to bad experiences, glitches, or the fact that the anatomy of how the game runs is difficult to grasp (for some). I personally believe that DayZ is the complete opposite of a disappointment based off of what it started as, what it is currently, and what it will become in the future. The game has more potential than almost any other game I've ever laid eyes on. When a friend gave me a brief rundown of what DayZ is and the things you could do in it and the freedom you had, I was enthralled. To see the game start to slowly close in on the Beta stage and even the finished version, while not anytime soon, still reassures me that DayZ will be a foe to reckon with after final release throughout all PC and Console titles. Imagine, upon completion and official, polished release of the game, trailers booming throughout every corner of the internet, new eyes gazing upon the fresh new name with glimmering potential for kick-ass.. The player population will boost maybe another whole digit, and since almost every new player wants to play the game like the gritty survival game where friends are important, instead of immediately being confronted by the harsh reality of the game, they meet other new players seeking the same thing leading to maybe the rebound of DayZ.
  6. Report please cheater

    sorry, but nothing can be done without prove. especially with just a link. Even if you did have proof I'm sure there's a place to report it besides the forums. I'm psychic /closed
  7. 1pp Radios really make the game immersive

    Loved the video. What's the name of the server you were on? Private no doubt.
  8. Picking up your gear after you die.

    Come to think of it, I thoroughly enjoy playing as a freshspawn. Whenever I die after spending 4-5 hours looting and having fun inland - I'm like "thank god!" I love the thrill of staying alive, but it also annoys the hell out of me. When I'm a freshspawn, I hang around coasts and make friends. I know it's disapproved by some people, but it keeps my focus off of loot. Whatever keeps out server hopping, ghosting, hiding, camping, am I right?
  9. When Friendship is Challenged DAYZ 1PP

    That video was 10/10. Actually inspired me to kick ass. We'll see if it's enough to turn this clumsy clam into a dangerous foe. auf wiedersehen & GG
  10. TWD morgan way of surviving

    The guy who made this topic was suggesting for a 'one-hit wonder' so my response was based simply off of his specifications. You're still not getting any point across that has not already been proven. I never said you thought guns were a fundamental aspect. I said "if" they were considered a fundamental aspect to you, since that's what you thought I meant when I said fundamental aspects. But that's enough banter for one topic. auf wiedersehen.
  11. TWD morgan way of surviving

    Never really looked at it that way but it's so true. Maybe if they boosted the power of other melee weapons this staff wouldn't be such a problem.
  12. TWD morgan way of surviving

    Fundamental aspects as in mechanics, performance, optimization, the engine, bugs.. the list can go on. If guns are considered 'fundamental aspects' to you, then you need to spend more time thinking about how games are developed. 'overused' as in if there was a one-shot stick that knocked players unconscious more conveniently than any other melee weapon in the game.. bambi's and other semi-geared players that lacked a working firearm and were knowledgeable of this 'stick' then they would find it pretty neat if they obtained one. If I spawn on the coast on a full server and these 'one shot sticks' were around, they would be plentiful and wielded by people looking for some easy-loot from some unsuspecting players. You said it yourself, "the upcoming snipers/big machineguns will NOT be overused... sorry to burst ur bubble but heck yeah they will". any "snipers" or "big machineguns" that are already in the game or have yet to be implemented are going to be very difficult to obtain. So judging from what you've said, if semi/high-grade military sniper rifles and machineguns are going to be "overused" then how "overused" is a one-hit knockout piece of wood going to be?
  13. Seeking Talented Group

    The name's Quentin. I've always had fun playing solo or with friends among random servers, or accumulating countless hours during wars, events, raids, political disputes, etc. on DayZRP. I've decided to collect and re-familiarize myself with what DayZ is about by playing with a group of individuals who are 1) Organized 2) Mature 3) Fun If age matters towards any reader - I turn 18 in early June. My specifications are simple, but uncommon. If my request interests anyone drop a link, or a brief rundown of what your group is all about. Best Regards, Quentin S.
  14. TWD morgan way of surviving

    If this weapon was implemented among your specifications it would be entirely too OP and over used no matter how difficult to craft. I'm sure once the game has been finished/finalized you may see versions of what you are seeking from fan-made mods, or maybe even as an addition straight from the team. As of right now though, added this stick to the game would be a waste of time in contrast to the other fundamental aspects of the game the devs could be working on. still <3 TWD - last episode was killer.. (no pun intended) Best Regards, Quentin S.
  15. Mosin Nagant Sporter

    Due to the location Chernarus takes place in, it would make since for a lager proportion of the guns found in cites, settlements, homes, etc. to be fed by 7.62 rounds. I really believe that the civilian variety in the game is not as diverse as it should be so +1 for more civilian guns.