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So after about of month of playing me and my brother decided to start a youtube series of nothing scripted just us playing DayZ

All we are doing is hitting record and playing so everything you see is real :D

Hope you like and any suggestions where to go to encounter more weird and wonderful DayZ let us know :)



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My gaming community has been making more of a push into having videos of our folks out and about in various games.

Some of us got together and decided to make a go at surviving DayZ together and find a place to stake our claim and promptly have runs of death and long respawn runs.

I present to you both the first video, and a playlist link where the others can be found of our DayZ Adventures.

Fair warning, as all the members of this group are adults with a penchant for teenage level cock jokes: There might be joking, crude language, shit-giving, swearing, and multiple NSFW conversations to behold/giggle at.

Link to the DayZ Adventures Playlist:

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