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New DayZ-related reactions

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Hey guys, some of you have probably seen Jervant's post about possibly adding/replacing the new "reactions" we have on the bottom-right corner of each comment. We'd like you guys to make suggestions for icons/names you'd like to see in addition to the good ol' beans. Anything goes for now, you can suggest anything from items to survivors/infected.

We'll put up a poll after everybody's had a chance to make a suggestion, and hopefully we'll be seeing 3-4 of the most popular reactions on the forum soon. (Or fewer, if the votes mostly go to fewer choices.)

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Just now, Gobbokirk said:

How about a Kiwi? A little nod to Rocket.

Other than that, just keep them positive, no thumbs down etc. No need to make people grumpier than they already are when ranting here.

Of course not. Besides, any reaction placed on a post counts as a "+1" to profile reputation, so they should be positive in spirit.

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Just now, Dancing.Russian.Man said:

Of course not. Besides, any reaction placed on a post counts as a "+1" to profile reputation, so they should be positive in spirit.

Seen a few forums with similar functions using them though, so just giving a heads up :)

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      I noticed the other subverse v/dayz is dead and has no mod. The site owner is too busy protecting against ddos to look at mod takeover requests so I created another sub for the meantime. 
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      Secondly, we still have "likes" and not BEANS to give out. :(
      Thoughts, feelings, philosophical musings?
      Edit: hahaha in the time it took me to create this post, the avatars switched over to a square shape....