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  1. creature

    Dayz standalone Full release Refund question.

    Either way, if $30 is a lot of money to said person, they need to reevaluate life choices. In such a situation, purchasing an unfinished video game isn't a good one.
  2. creature

    Dayz standalone Full release Refund question.

    Scum is going to die a quick death if they don't get their 3pp camera under control. It's not suppose to work like that in 1pp but it does. A LOT of people stopped playing due to that issue plus desync and lag. In 1pp players aren't suppose to disappear yet they do. SCUM has a LONG way to go to catch up and the map is boring to traverse. Size means fuck all if the map is boring. Pretty scenery isn't enough. Most of the better known streamers stopped playing it upon public release. That says a LOT right there. Then they shouldn't be buying EA games on Steam, right?
  3. creature

    Arcteryx LEAF as Tier 1 Military gear

    And I think the raincoat and fire gear are enough. For reasons and balance.
  4. creature

    .63 Combat System

    You've pretty much disqualified your argument by saying "most of the community" and 95% percent of players. Have you contacted every owner of the game? Do you realize most gamers don't hang out on reddit or forums in general?
  5. creature

    Training required

    There has been speculation of the possibility of a train in the future since the tracks run the whole perimeter of Chernarus+ now. If they do add one, I hope it requires parts and player control though. AI operated doesn't fit the game design imo. I doubt I'd ever get on it though. Sitting ducks. lol I'd be happy with bicycles.
  6. creature

    Make Mobility more REALISITIC to the map.

    IRL, put on a backpack containing 5-10lbs of weight of your choosing and a bottle of water. Strap a fire axe to your back. Put a full size can of Beanz™ in your 2 front pants pockets. Wear boots. Wear a coat with a teddy bear in one pocket and duct tape, a knife, and a gun cleaning kit in the other. Hat or helmet of your choice and carry a rifle. Now go for a run. After you do that, come back and we can discuss "realistic". You hit a lot of keys to say that you want to run to Tisy, get geared and shoot mofo's. I'm hoping for a much more brutal experience when the game is finished. The best time I ever had in DayZ was in the mod at a point where cans were scarce and zombies hit like Mike Tyson. .50cal 1km+ snipers were a thing. I'm pretty sure the average survival time was less than 10 minutes at that point. I miss that DayZ. You didn't dare run across an open field or on roads.
  7. There you go trying to shame other players again. Good luck with that. lol
  8. creature

    Is this even a game at this point?

    DayZ will never be a "game" by definition. There is no end and you cannot win. It's a sandbox environment. It can only ever be what you make of it.
  9. Triggered are the people crying about KOS in this game. We call them snowflakes. The fact that you came running to defend it, shows you fit the bill too. Good day.
  10. Right, because everyone should play how YOU want in a sandbox environment. While KOS isn't MY play style, I'm smart enough to know that a game with weapons and and no real punishment are what breeds it. This IS a griefers playground. Don't expect much of other players. Also, trying to "shame" people into playing how you want makes you look foolish and weak. "unimaginative simpletons"? So sad.
  11. creature

    Status Report - 5 June 2018

    Gotta admit, the changes to Chernarus excite me the most.
  12. creature

    0.63 Stresstest is shame

    Have you tried pubg? Sounds like that's the game you're looking for. This is DayZ, a survival game.
  13. creature

    Dayz need a buddy system

    This is not a hand holding game.
  14. creature

    Offline Testing Mode for DayZ

    Single player version? No players to loot them before you arrive. It's like playing on an empty server, too much loot. lol The 2 hours I ran around was a good time. Especially liking the map changes. Worked my way from Elektro to Balota. Didn't poke around too long in any one place so as to not ruin everything right away. Killed and carved a chicken, made a splint, washed my hands with Pipsi, ate some apples, filled some mags, shot some z's and jumped from up high. Ladders are a good time. If you have a suppressed weapon in your hands while using the ladder, the weapon disappears but the suppressor doesn't. lol