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  1. Rain Coat

    Go to firehouse, get coat. Stay dry AND carry stuff. Raincoats are for armbands.
  2. Melee attack while sprinting

    Run full speed and try to swing a bat. Please film it too. I'm set for a good laugh. Also, maybe wait and see how melee works in the next iteration. From what I've seen so far, it's totally changed.
  3. Limiting direction change when sprinting

    Inertia will take care of this. It's planned and I can't wait to test it. Fast reload? Put your ammo in your hot bar.
  4. 1pp to 1pp/3pp switch Server Option.

    You can do it on private servers now but you have to manually switch it at restarts. Not sure if it would be possible to have the server automatically switch every restart as that would require 2 startup scripts and it would have to know to alternate them. Dunno if that would be possible.
  5. Starting off with a full stomach

    Two words, survival game. I'm of the belief it's too easy atm. Chickens everywhere. Improvised knife. Apple trees. Too easy. Also, logging in at full health would allow everyone to run straight to Tisy or NW airfield. Not cool.
  6. Firestation upper floors are inaccessible

    Depending on what's in your hands, it seems you have to "sprint" to start going up the stairs sometimes. That always works though.
  7. New DayZ-related reactions

    All I need are beans! I'm easy like that, though.

    The screaming player as the zombie eats him was epic.
  9. Ways to properly understand weapon sway

    Even though it can be annoying, my only issue with weapon sway is that it punishes the "good guy" more than the "bad guy" in most situations. Otherwise, it's just a little bit more learning curve. Edit: Removed the mean bits.
  10. Best Ways To Get A Hero Skin?

    Yeah, I 'm pretty sure they added a fix to stop spamming bloodbags for humanity. You use to be able to bloodbag constantly to keep raising it but I'm sure you can see how that was exploited by bandits. Admin with datatbase access can change it in seconds if you want to try that route. Good luck convincing someone your NOT actually a bandit though. lol. If it were my server, I'd change it for you just for the possible lolz it could bring about later. ;)
  11. Best Ways To Get A Hero Skin?

    Unless things have changed, giving blood to other players is the quickest route (in vanilla Dayz mod that is). Basically, if it helps anothers players health status, you gain humanity. Killing bandits was a hella humanity boost depending on their humanity level. Not sure if this is still a thing as I haven't cared about humanity for quite some time now. If you're playing a mod of the mod there are other ways as well. In Epoch for example, killing Z's net 5 humanity each.
  12. Virtual Anthropology

    Well, that's one way to go about getting a new pc and having free internet. Not fishy AT ALL.