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Airfield Deathmatch / PVP only

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I'm not sure if this is really gonna be heard but ,  why devs didn't add a deathmatch mode yet ? I get it it is fun to hike and survive but sometimes lot of run for hours without even encountering anyone , and actually never get the chance to pvp or just interact with people (except freshspawn trying to back-stab you with a stick) 

simple concept but im sure it could bring back a lot of player into DayZ.



 My idea 


-being able to change from survival to --> death match / PVP mode in the menu

-Everybody spawn around North airfield and are able to re-spawn couple seconds after death

-a couple of those deathmatch running

-spawn with random mid - high grade gear , guns ect


everyone simply pvp deathmatch and can enjoy another side of DayZ

I think this would result in a giant endless airfield fight which could be really fun for PVP training and just having fun.



any comment ???


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8 hours ago, green_mtn_grandbob said:

Can't you find a shooter to play there are a lot of them out there. 


Nope , i like the physic / combat system , servers like this already existed and was successful servers , behemia closed them tho ,






4 hours ago, Just Caused said:

Stay away from DayZ.





You're the reason day Z is hiking simulator and dying , no one interested anymore into hiking simulator. 

and some warned me about its toxic forum community , he was right.

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