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  1. They will get banned from only your own server, you can implement your own rules and ban for any reasons. That depends on you and your morality. Whatever.
  2. Special kind of monitor ? Daytime servers only ? People who have good vision will use your "accessability" as their advantage.
  3. That's a must! Also DayZ looks so awesome on default brightness/gamma. I think it should be tweaked instead to work like in Arma3 ( no matter how much you increase its still dark ).
  4. I mean unique locks, anyone could open your house atm if they have lockpick.
  5. Well i am 24 myself, but you're in the "old" range, so maybe you just got bored and tired of the serious stuff and this idea came. It would be bit too childish and dumb catching a fireflies in such cruel world. I would prefer some locking system so you can have your own house and store these collectibles there such as books or even some dolls ( like in chernobyl ).
  6. No offense, but i think you may have some psychological issues such as obsession with insects or you're just very young ( used to catch these big summer insects as a kid, dunno their name in eng but i think its Maybug ). DayZ has useless Books all around the world, why not collecting them ?
  7. I would prefer few crickets in random places instead of ambient sound, so lets say you run in forest and you hear how you pass the crickets, would be little more immersive.
  8. Well i am not going to defend my idea anymore, cause originally i was talking to a friend about what's wrong with DayZ and why such crap like PUBG is so popular ( i've bought PUBG myself and uninstalled after 8hours cause it has way more bugs than DayZ ), so he said maybe because dayz has no "Skins", and i thought way no, dayz would be ruined with skins, but then i've realized that clothing would be pretty good idea, well atleast for my playstyle, cause my end goal is to get good camo. But for coastal bullshit some skins would be nice.
  9. Awesome! how i did even miss it, anyway the trick with trees could be implemented also, like more portable improvised alternative to generators, so you could carry the stuff with yourself even in firefights. I cant just figure out how much power can plants produce, but i know that it can light up a standard indoor lightbulb. Cause anyway placing a generator that is usually loud af will block a hostile shots, so you wont figure out from where they're shooting unless you see them or the generator is far away.
  10. Before i tell the concept i want to say that i did not made any research how this stuff would work in real life ( its hard to find anything about it ), but since it's a game it could be bit more unrealistic just for the sake of gameplay. Since DayZ world has no electricity besides 9v batteries and has lots of industrial/construction places there could spawn these portable tripod lamps that you could carry same way as barrels/tires or place on your back instead of axe since it should not be very heavy. Also it would require some wires found maybe in static/prop cars in similiar concept like searching for apples/stones ( so you dont get all in one place ). So how it would work ? Let's say you're camping somewhere and having a pretty big camp in a forest but you can barely see your surroundings only the radius that fireplace produces, you place the tripod lamps somewhere and connect the wires with nails that already exist in game then attach to the lamp and 2 random near trees so will produce electricity for the lamps and voila, now you can see everything around you ( and ofcourse propably people can see your camp from a far away if trees doesn't cover it enough, but a spotter from your camp ( sniper ) could see approaching unwelcome guests ). Or even you could use it for player baiting.
  11. Good point, didn't thinked about that, anyway in DayZ the important clothing is the camo ones, water resistant and warm that helps you survive. On another hand If modding will be enabled, dayz will become way worse, look what happened to DayZ Mod or Arma 3 Exile, it's like some kind of star wars now, you buy helicopters from a NPC and stuff from earned points ingame. Atleast someone made oldschool server w/o that bs in Exile. Maybe that was a bad idea after all. But personally i would prefer developers to continue adding new content and possibilities, cause they will do it right and even making custom servers such as PvP ( for practise ) then instead of letting the modding community ruin the game e.g. someone will make shitty 512x512 oversaturated clothing like in h1z1 or arma 3 dayz mods, will make some ingame points for kills so you can buy weapons and cars ingame, ofcourse they will include some kind of tablet like in exile then even increase loot by x50 with m4's spawning in coast and all kiddos will play there meanwhile us oldschool dayz players will be running pretty much alone in normal servers and then dayz will die for us, just like dayz mod did few years ago, but it will reborn for all these under 18 people. And that would be waaay worse than these "microtransactions", based on most people here logic we should spawn totally naked and find current spawn clothing ourselves. Even currently the green shoes, green jeans and green tshirt gives bambis advantage way more than paid casual clothing would. @-Gews- You didn't even read what i wrote, i was not talking about skins at all, just completely new items. Something like that just that would not give advantage including max like 4 slots per top/bottom: http://steamcommunity.com/market/search?appid=578080
  12. If this idea or something similiar would come true, any clothing aka skins you earned or paid for should be permament and available in your character "loadout/customization". Since the items would not give any advantages or disadvantages for plays i dont see the point of losing them. Imagine you pay 20euros for a cool jacket and u you lose it cause you just spawned near a bambi with a weapon :D
  13. Well you guys totally don't get it. I am against "Pay to Win" myself, but dayz wont wake up from the semi-dead if nothing like that will be added, people nowadays loves skins and especially opportunity to earn something from games. That makes sense, but if the items would be like casual clothing w/o some stats like water resistant ( not camo ) it would make no difference at all, also would be better for RP. Why Colored? I hate colored and similiar stuff in games myself. e.g. H1z1 items looks like shit. Clothing or something similiar wont give you much of advantage. Here's some refs what i had in mind, clothing like that would be almost useless in firefights so it would not affect the gameplay:
  14. I think you all already saw how PUBG/CS:GO items work on Steam, so something similiar in DayZ would be awesome, not sure how it should work exactly but it defitinely will help DayZ devs to earn more $ maybe even multiple times more than from game sales itself. Not sure how it should work but i think something like that: The system could be something similiar to CS:GO and PUBG, you earn points for surviving ( action based so players wont just stay afk in a bush or just fill the servers for nothing ) e.g. hunting/animal killing, curing sickness, killing zombies, cooking meat etc. except player kills ( DayZ has already too much PvP ).. Later you can exchange the points into some cases or if you're lazy player you would be a able to buy it for like 1.99$ and open without any keys. The case should include various items such as clothing that is not available in the world ( but can be used temporary from killed players ) and ofcourse dayz should have extended character customization, so you can select ur starting clothing etc. Also it should have Rare items such as binoculars, compass or even survival bundle of some sort ( Compass, Binoculars, Lighter, MRE, Knife, Flashlight ) that players could use at the spawn. Also like in CS:GO community items would be great option to let players make their own items aka skins also reducing developer work, so devs only accept good items and bundles it into new/coming cases and ofc gives some % for the creator from market sells. Well i think you guys get the idea. It won't ruin the gameplay only will help alot.
  15. You are a fkn Hero! Thanks alot!