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  1. And SCUM arrive ....

    Simply turn on UE4 and see yourself, you will achieve everything that's in SCUM in days, but try to make something like DayZ, i've seen experienced dude thats been working on simple locomotion system for months if not years and its still nowhere close to Dayz, but alot better than scum. Or even take the damage system with the organs and stuff, even that would be tough to make, maybe the script/collisions rig is simple, but then troubleshooting everything etc so it works as intended or even make a bullet go out of the actual barrel rather than camera view.. Combine every small detail similar to that and you have more complex mechanics than whole game of SCUM. On another hand in UE4 you can already buy various blueprints for various things, so literally if you have $ to invest you don't even need to know programming to make a game while Bohemia does everything from scratch like all pro's + thats why it takes ages. Well this is totally not accurate representation but it will give you idea what im talking about: This is SCUM's system for player controls: This is DayZ's system for player controls:
  2. Some Suggestions ( After SCUM )

    Seems like modding is the only hope.. Give players awesome engine / sandbox -> Let them create their own "games". I also would love to see modded servers where is like 1000 players per server in a mod such as "Chernarus Life" just with way more polished features and economy e.g. you could be a farmer and sell food, illegal racing/drag, etc.. options to buy/rent houses/land etc, cop jobs and so on.. Remember the Identity game that was promising alot but turned out crap? That's what DayZ with mods can become. Not sure if many people interested in grinding RP but it could be huge. Altis Life RP seems still to be a thing, new players still comes, but it has not much to do, feels pretty much empty and clunky/laggy due to the A3 core.
  3. Ghillie

    The Ghillie itself works just fine atleast on PC ( and PC = Xbox ), i think it should not be hard for u guys to implement placeholder/exp crafting of it, atleast it would give some goal ingame in this current VOID state.
  4. Some Suggestions ( After SCUM )

    Well and then you get surprised why so many people hates DayZ and servers are empty. Ask non-veteran dayz player why DayZ is bad and i guarantee the first answer gonna be "No Loot". For me personally loot isn't an issue. I think dayz development is going the right way based on my tastes etc, but the playerbase should increase too ( and for it to increase DayZ should have alot of stuff to do etc, SCUM already have beaten the playerbase record of DayZ SA even its way worse game ), whats the point if the game will be perfect for us, but it will have total online count of like 1000-2000 players just because everyone plays some arcady version of dayz and basically we will be running around in a map with 10 ppl online which probs we dont even meet on the server for like 5 hours?
  5. Some Suggestions ( After SCUM )

    Hello everyone, seems like DayZ has been copied over and over again, i think it's time for DayZ to copy some aspects from it's copies. Additional Loot Search System: People should be able to search containers, boxes, etc for some randomly generated loot ( each player would have different loot with same chances, but once one object is looted they wont find anything in the same object till server restart ) So for example you're playing with a friend and go into some house and try to loot fridge, you find can of beans and nothing more - you're done. But your friend has a chance to find something even there's nothing anymore for you. Basically this would even chances for everyone finding stuff, so even in the coast you still would find food/tools etc. In Short - Invidivdual loot for each player. It's not super realistic, but lets call it soft skill for finding stuff. Bodily functions: Not much to say about it, it can be necessary connected to health system or it could be just part of the "emotes" so it doesn't affect gameplay but could be used in Roleplay. More Food in the Open: Currently i believe there's only apples, some berries, mushrooms ( bad and good ) could be added, since the majority of the map is forests.
  6. And SCUM arrive ....

    Like i've said SCUM is very basic meanwhile DayZ has way more depth and quality. If you would install UE4 and tried to make ur first game i bet your mechanics would look and feel like in SCUM, meanwhile to get something like in DayZ would need some experts help.
  7. And SCUM arrive ....

    Hahaha thats some nasty bug. SCUM does not use "Smoother" engine, they use low-end graphics/less detail and different/basic scripts, that's why its smoother. For reference this is also smooth. I wish DayZ devs could do something like here for their buildings and trust me this shit isn't even that heavy on PC if done well, in Paris demo i have like 200fps on maxed out settings.
  8. SCUM?

    Didn't played myself, but based on some screens.. Overall: Cheap / Oldschool But it has some cool detail and pretty nice atmosphere in some locations, SCUM could have towns like this. For me just looks like the characters are very tiny.
  9. SCUM?

    Also what scum will not have is these weapon mechanics, physics, sound design, player animations and overall realism that dayz has i mean not only graphically, but for example when you're camping some town etc SCUM wont have that realistic effect of both parties visibility, focus spots etc. Well i've checked your screens and only here it looks great: Also i have trained eye for 3D Graphics, volume/post effects etc so your perspective/overall feel of it can differ from mine slightly or greatly. Also idk if its even a thing, but since i started doing 3D with a goal to master "photorealism" my perception and understanding of graphics highly changed to the point i can't "unsee" it anymore. But i believe you like the artistic aspects of it such as colorfulness, DoF, unrealistic nice glow etc, because i still see alot of cons in it, its hard to explain but the graphics just feels mediocore, few levels below compared to dayz, thats it. And im highly biased towards realism especially atmospheric realism.
  10. SCUM?

    I am grateful that DayZ didn't became like current SCUM 3 years ago it would be dead game for me then because i always liked DayZ for its realism both in gameplay and graphics and the level design based on real life locations. SCUM maybe is better detailed in some ways, but in some it also looks like complete garbage, it still has that graphics quality vibe of ~2010 games ( mediocore for 2018 ). Here's some screens for quick comparison: Infestation: Survivor Stories ( 2012 ) SCUM itself: This one is probs so far best looking still i've seen in SCUM A3/DayZ: Screen by DrDeSync ^ But hey SCUM is low budget game so it's normal to expect that the graphics wont look like Arma 3 or DayZ or some beautiful AAA game. DayZ/Arma 3 has also many shitty looking aspects such as civilian vehicles in Arma or some buildings/props, but overall DayZ and Arma 3 looks super realistic and much better than any game out there in 2018. In some points it has that shitty looking moments ( for example being in new NWAF some textures is very off or Altis Life big towns in Arma 3 ), but the environment is something insane that so far hardly can be beaten and gets better with time. Even Far Cry 5 didn't came close to DayZ ( well from some trailers i've expected it to be first game close to DayZ graphics, but it was way worse in terms of realism, mainly because it went to the "artistic" style and became cartoony game ). " Oh, and the Sound design is really epic and realistic in DayZ, none of other games has it to that level ( maybe battlefield series, but its heavily edited/artificial ). Try to walk by a house when its raining, the raindrops sounds so epic. Also the ambient/positional sounds are really good, especially gunshots. Also keep in mind that im talking about realism here, artistic graphics is another thing ( such as God of War or Horizon Zero Dawn ) also i exclude racing games ( some of them such as Project Cars looks really good ). Imo Dying Light 2 and Metro Exodus gonna look really great of this type of games.
  11. SCUM?

    Personally im not going to buy SCUM, been watching Shroud's gameplay for few hours, it was enjoyable to watch the game, but not to the point that i would like to try it myself. It seemed total opposite of DayZ - Arcade with unfair RPG elements for example the vision is reduced, you can get killed by someone that u can't even see while ur opponent can see you all the time. The graphics was "OK" but not as realistic as DayZ also i've felt how crappy the player controller is just by looking. @kataro Do you even know what polished means? Because for me it was looking like total opposite of polished, but yea it has way more features.
  12. Hello everyone, i was wondering if DayZ will have the core mechanics of Arma 3 such as lots of stances, realistic ballistics including proper ricochests, NV, Thermal googles, realistically functioning artillery, military vehicles etc? I know DayZ is not Arma, but if there's military bases, there should be military big guns and vehicles too + various equipment left. And most importantly #ReskinTheHousesAndPropsThisIsNot1996Anymore The wall textures etc is so dope:
  13. Anyone has plans on developing "Chernarus Life", "KoTH", "Battle Royale" mods?
  14. Do this! @Devs

    Well i didn't noticed it, maybe -2fps when scoped in max, anyway it should be CPU intensive if its true dual rendering, GPU-wise its the same as increasing your resolution by 800px or so, its not that huge of a deal and if optimized well u wont notice major fps drops. Especially considering how much DayZ improved in terms of performance when everyone was running with 15-20fps it wasn't a big deal, and now dropping to 50-60fps from 70-80fps due to "cool scopes" would be an issue ? :D I personally don't mind losing like 20-30fps in exchange of better immersion + when ure scoping in you're not really running or doing anything, so high fps is not even that needed. The main thing is that the feature could be turned off like in Sandstorm its gonna be. About the weapons its nice to see they being reworked, i hope same will come for buildings and some props. Even its blured you can see how low res it looks, so changing it with black material w/ some small bumps/scratches would make it look alot more pleasing + its way too low poly, they could've made it higher since they knew it was going to be displayed on 30% of the screen. For example valve has good way of optimization, they use 2 different models for props ( when weapons are on ground ) and separate model when players uses it, also if i remember correctly some of the models that are in hands actually don't have another side of it, its like cut-off to save performance, while the props are full lower poly version, so culling for weapons could be a thing. P.S. The settings is maxed out.
  15. Do this! @Devs

    2:57 3:10! Also pay attention to the weapon details, in DayZ most weapons look very rough and low quality ( maybe besides the new remodeled/retextured m4 ). The PSO scope for example looks pretty bad + its silver, i would prefer the optics to be black/camo.