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  1. Do whatever you want, but if you want to add some loot etc via editing your DB to you inventory then do it. But anyway you should fix your mentality anyway. Playing in a easy way not only will get you an advantage over other players, but also a disadvantage for yourself, you will get used to instant gear and forget how to play the game. It's just hacking in a legit way. If you're making a server just to have control over your character and be the best ingame then it's just something wrong with you, means you're probably bad in the game, better work on your skills, learn and once you master you will feel atleast proud of your kills etc. As a kid/teen i've created and owned Lineage 2 PvP server and did something like that, it was fun, but nothing glorious and nothing i would be proud of.
  2. Its compatible, otherwise you would not see the gameplay of it, basically they added whole new player characters ( different rig or something ) and the animations needs to be reworked on it, some weapons probs currently don't have animations on the new rigs. The .63 gonna be like a complete rework of nearly everything besides map itself. The new engine is running since .62 if i am not mistaken, also not sure if it will be called Enfusion, cause Enfusion is already old engine from 2015 or something since the DX11 was implemented. And also its not really that different engine, its just reworked and improved from what devs said.
  3. I think you got it wrong, i mean the stamina system, some new animations, ability to run uphills, new character controls is there already, but thats just tip of the iceberg of what's coming to .63.. so it could be pushed to .629 experimental etc for us to try some of the new features and maybe get used to it a bit till the .63 comes out, now both exp and stable uses same version, so there's no point of exp anyway. I always seen experimental as ability to test upcoming features, not only for bug testing purposes. Current stable got bit boring of its emptyness and same gameplay over and over again, thats why it would be awesome to get atleast some upcoming features to play with, from what i saw in these Gamescom videos it looks like a brand new game to me, probs thats why im dying to try it asap and in general im impatient person especially when something can be done, but its not going.
  4. Basically from what i see DayZ .63 has few features that lacks to be worth experimental. - Weapon animations ( should've been finished long time ago, that should not take more than half week for a single person ) - New Loot System? And thats pretty much it, rest would be implementing the actual modding and base building and polishing some already existing stuff such as the UI functions/design, inertia n so on. I don't see why they can't release something like .62.9 with the .63 features in such long time, obviously probs because they want to release fully featured game that will blow everyone's mind, but again: Why the experimental is for? I think it would not hurt if they dropped the improved gamescom version into exp.
  5. Awesome point, but mostly only fanboys gonna wait for DayZ .63 and thats the sad part. Maybe lots of people will join after they see the .63, but from what i've seen even people who saw gamescom .63 was not impressed and they rather play PUBG or something. We will see when the Beta launches, but i will not be surprised if DayZ will be fkn awesome, but gonna lack playerbase. *Cough* DayZ Standalone Battle Royale *Cough*
  6. From my perspective it's already ready just not fully featured. But for devs seems like it will be ready when all features gets implemented, but the question is when? 2weeks, 2 months, Q3 of 2018 ?
  7. Hey guys, i've read latest dev blog and seems like the .63 is not coming soon, like they have to implement alot of new stuff and that probs will take some time. Any ETA for experimental ? Would be nice to hear from Staff. Maybe we could have the experimental bit earlier even w/o the full features ? ( Pre-Beta .63 like .629 or w/e with all the new stuff of gamescom ). That probs would not make much of a difference, but still would be great to play around with the new controls and get used to it.
  8. True, i've played with few friends, when started raining they were like "Lets go to another server", i asked them why they even play this game and they were like "you gonna die in few minutes".. what a noobs, mostly it's a challenge to die in a rainy dayz. It's sad that people don't understand the point of survival game. Actually i even feel way more immersed in the game when such challenges occur, camping under the roof etc.
  9. The things i love in SCUM and would love in DayZ is: - Dynamic body build changes based on how much u eat, run etc and DayZ devs could actually do something like that and it wont be a Copy since its how it works irl ( Actually even GTA San Andreas has it ). - Sound based on gear weight or what you're wearing. Neutral opinion: - Awarness, i think people behind a screen already has it, how big ur screen is, how good your headphones etc and overall reaction, "skill" of spotting people etc like knowing where to look. - Camo Rendering is good concept, but even better would be just render damn grass atleast in 1km distance ( optimize somehow ). Highly Dislike: - Wallhack Outline
  10. https://gvepvp.com/ Most popular PvP server atm.
  11. Not bad idea, I think it should regen Blood only like 3 times faster if you're healthy ( energised+hydrated ), so players will still have to travel and look for supplies.
  12. Well, the "Focus" is great feature, imagine youre with high FoV and someone is playing with low one, without that focus feature he will see you more clearly and u probs wont see him at all, that "Focus" feature prevents from getting the opponent an advantage on you also u dont need to go to options and slide it back and forth based on your situation/location. No matter whats ur FoV the "Focus" feature will end up at the same magnification so everyone has equal visibility i mean zoom amount. Also it's classic and unique Bohemia's feature, removing it is like removing the Suitcase in Hitman Game which was really bad idea or removing the MP5 from Counter-Strike.. w/e.
  13. Nearly everything here sounds pretty awesome, realistic hiding ( no more unfair grass rendering where u cant see sh*t through grass and opponent sees u laying on plain field ), realistic body transformation etc. That's not really suggestion, should've posted it in General discussion, but few features from scum in dayz would be pretty cool.
  14. From Meele obviously fists, usually knocks out players in single headshot w/o actually hurting them but is deadly on knocked out players. - Fun to troll friends ( especially new dayz players ). - You craft everything with it, eat etc. Just kidding, Firefighter's Axe is my fav, multipurpose, doesn't take inventory space can be sprayed to fit camo.
  15. Bad luck but you should've known that Zombies can onetap you, especially wolves, so u need try not to mess with them so much. Suppressed pistol is ur best friend.