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  1. clickbait :D
  2. Disagree, DayZ is actually one of the finest survival shooters due to its realism, so i don't see why you should not view it as a "shooter", well but we still have Escape from Tarkov which is also pretty decent, but unpopular for some reason, seems like ppl hates realistic games nowadays. Here's my opinion and that's actually the best idea also the same reason why PUBG is so popular, atleast 40% is playing only for money. Talking about the microtransactions there could be official servers where these items apply and custom/private servers for ppl who hate "pay 2 win" so these items would be unavailabe there.. profit. Even im pretty big DayZ fanboy and slightly against microtransactions, sometimes i hate the running and looting and have not much desire to play ( last played on 3 Aug ) i would really love to invest in some DayZ items and use them right on the spawn and have some fun immediately.
  3. That hardware is Ancient, even if that supported DX11 it would be pretty much unplayable. I doubt you can even run dayz mod, so i have no clue what you're talking by saying "I don't have the worlds best computer but it ran DayZ", unless it was CPU intensive back then. I remember when i had GeForce 9500GT which is faster than ur card by 300% and it barely ran Arma 2 so totally no chance for Enfusion Engine.
  4. Once i was banned for using Facebook instead of Twitter.
  5. I've set the graphics on Max doing these screens, the sun was like above my head ( ~1-3PM ? ) and it was not overcast, just a bit cloudy. Even if that's like you say, the game is never bright enough on it's Default Gamma/Contrast. On another hand nights look brilliant and extremely realistic. Also i have the same "Brightness" issue in Witcher 3, game feels very dark even on the brightest gamma, meanwhile CS:GO for example is bit too bright, but it's fine. Maybe it's just me, not sure cause i've never noticed it before ~half year ago, maybe after long CGI work my perception changed or something :D
  6. Yeah i hate bloom, it makes games look shiity af, but sometimes slight bloom makes it better :D The point is that some of the settings wont affect the looks that much, for example AO and Post processing eats probably more than shadows, but turning them off doesn't make huge loss in quality overall, i've noticed that in most games Normal object detail + Normal Shadows + High Textures + some AA makes it look the best and saves most fps.
  7. If GPU can handle - why not ? Also i've heard that Arma 3 uses low shadows on CPU and if you increase above normal it switches to GPU usage. So maybe dayz acts in similiar way. Also i didn't noticed much difference between Off and High even in elektro. But you're right, in some games shadows eats alot.
  8. AntiAliasing- Low/Normal or even Off ( 1050 is pretty weak card, not sure how it would perform ) Clouds - Disabled Postprocessing - Disabled ( slight advantage ) Ambient occlusion - Disabled Textures - High Object Detail - Normal Terrain - Very Low ( slight advantage ) Shadows - High Rest High/Normal. But i would recommend you doing like Gobbokirk said, set everything to lowest and increase some stuff and test if it hits hard on performance, if not - keep it increased, then move on on another setting. Object Detail will have huge fps impact in cities.
  9. So today i turned on DayZ Exp after some time and noticed it's very dark at clear sky midday. Not sure if its my monitor has to do with it, but i highly doubt, im using calibrated IPS monitor. Also yes i can increase the brightness in the settings, but it does not have that great effect compared to what engine side lighting modification could do. For example Arma 3 has awesome balance in brightness and contrast, why not copy similiar settings from there? Here i made some comparison how it should look ( these After pics should be bit brighter, damn adobe colorspace ). BEFORE AFTER BEFORE AFTER
  10. STN looks like fkn low budget game just like miscreated, i don't think its going to be popular that much. Like 10k players on launch ? Month or two after - 1k ? Only SCUM probs will be a threat to DayZ.
  11. Wait, the PlayerUnknown made PUBG mod in Arma 3 first right ? And then decided to make his own game, basically copying Arma 3 as much as he can. Viewing from another perspective PUBG is actually Arma/DayZ "wannabe" the gamemode is different, but that's it, remove the circle add respawn button and you will have shitty version of DayZ w/o zombies pretty much like WarZ if someone still remembers that game ( well they plan to add zombies ), now add that circle in DayZ SA and h1z1/pubg will get destroyed instantly, actually devs could make free to play Battle Royale w/ microtransactions using DayZ files and engine, should not be too hard, just like removing animals, removing health status, resize the map, adding salines so u can fill blood to urself and thats it would be the only battle royale game i would play and everyone would see who's the king in making games like this.
  12. Never heard about this youtuber lmao, he plays PUBG and says DayZ is bad, that's just retarded.
  13. Many people probably just hate the game on purpose even deep inside they know it's a fkn best game ever. Well from what i've seen on youtube comments, other people opinions etc, it's because DayZ Team blocks ppl on twitter for every single bad opinion, also that they sold like 2million+ copies and didn't managed to finish the game in 4+ years and because overall the progress is very slow. ^ Old, but should explain the situation :D
  14. You have no idea what you're talking about. Ryzen just dominated Intel especially in calculation tasks, Intel costs like twice for twice less performance in calculation tasks e.g. Rendering. For gaming comparison Watch this Some more bench: Ryzen 5 1600 - $ 209 ( 3D Rendering @ 3.2Ghz - 1150 Score ) Intel i7-7700K - $ 308 ( 3D Rendering @ 5.0Ghz - 1047 Score ) Now lets take equal price CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 1700 - $ 290 3D Rendering @ 4.9Ghz - 2030 Score. For more comparison my i5-2320 hits around 399score, these scores are based on Cinebench R15. If you don't know how these scores translate into real world, basically R7 1700 is around 2x faster for editing tasks than i7-7700K, but for gaming its pretty much same, Ryzen seems to perform better in newer games, also considering that almost every 4th gamer also edits videos ryzen is currently clearly a winner. But yea Intel has more powerful CPU's such as Xeons, i9, but thats another topic, they cost over $1000.
  15. 147$ OFF, but probs you can find some parts cheaper, also choose case on ur own, just make sure it will have good airflow and parts will fit. In case switch to GTX 1070 and invest more on case/cooling. Otherwise you can pick Ryzen 5 CPU instead of this one and u should fit into ur budget, should not make much difference in gaming, but not sure about DayZ. Don't go for Intel CPU, nowadays Intel is crap.