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  1. Schinese/Tchinese Localization

    If there's chinese ppl who knows about DayZ im pretty sure they can understand/read English and play this game.
  2. any news on dayz on ps4?

    I think they should, because we want ArmA 4 too :D
  3. any news on dayz on ps4?

    2018 Q4 ( guess ). I am not sure how much struggle DayZ devs going through since they do not tell any "technical" information understandable for game devs, but based on their progress for basic things its very slow. Seems like they still aren't used to the "new engine". The animated water achievement maybe is something huge for DayZ Engine, but it's just very basic thing that should've existed in the very first release. DayZ Team also works on animations for like half year now, it's very long considering they have Mocap Studio and should be used and mastered the locomotions etc already. That's exactly how i imagine the DayZ Dev Team even the category of work bit off :D :
  4. DayZ suggestions.

    Bicycle: Build a bicycle? Really? That could save some server/fps performance, but have u seen how DayZ SA looks like ? There's towns and stuff and irl in towns like that there's a bicycles on nearly every corner ( people ride to milk cows or go to work etc on daily basis ), so i imo they should be placed against a wall of houses or dropped inside the house territories. Humanity: That's totally not necessary, but another kind of Humanity system could be nice, like for example you interact with a person that has killed alot of people he could start shaking from slightly to moderately visually when he uses mic ( or even better: the voice Equalization could change similiar to an crazy person like even the person behind a mic talks normally but you hear him in random pitch ), so you could tell he's suspicious and could be a threat. I don't like the idea of various random bs in DayZ SA like in these A3 DayZ mods, it needs to be a survival simulator, not some kind of "Grinding" Survival where u unlock traders by ur humanity points etc. Since it hits Beta the modding will be allowed and possible so maybe someone will make servers w/ Humanity system.
  5. Thoughs on Open World and the SR Report

    True, but if they plan to release ArmA 4 using current Enfusion engine, features like that should be added for maximum realism/simulation. P.S. Spintires already did something like that.
  6. Thoughs on Open World and the SR Report

    Would be cool if that would be actual flowing water which interacts to everything, maybe some flooding etc after rain and not just animated shader/texture. Not sure if any game has physics like that, probs would be pain to pre-simulate and implement such collisions.
  7. Status Report - 16 January 2018

    Nice work! Seems like the ladders left and we're ready for the experimental. Polishing the zombies gonna be pain in the ass imo, but with good dedication and great progress probs dayz gonna see its final state by the end of 2018.
  8. Weekly Status Report

    Sure it will, but still people complaining that DayZ team didn't made any progress in fkn 4 years even actually they did ( but tbh could've been faster ).
  9. Weekly Status Report

    If there's not much progress people will complain anyway no matter if its 1 month or 1 week. Also the problem that most people don't take the "debuging", problem solving etc into account, if they do not see new weapons or other new visual things they gonna complain.
  10. Weekly Status Report

    Well it doesn't make much difference imo if they post smaller report or huge one in 3 weeks.
  11. Weekly Status Report

    Hello, i've noticed the DayZ Dev team is being somewhat silent this year especially after claiming that "2018 is the year of DayZ" and there's literally no clues about what's going on so far if the experimental beta is far or close etc. I think weekly Status Report could be great no matter if its long or short one just to give an idea how the progress is going. Personally i was expecting .63 hit experimental this month considering it could've been available before the end of 2017 but being delayed for reasons.
  12. Exp Update 0.62.14463

    Meanwhile in the near future.
  13. This map sucks!

    Grand Theft Auto V, Fallout 4. Chernarus is a huge map, but it's not that complex ( 20% plain fields, 60% forests, 20% towns ), but very well made. The thing is that Chernarus based on real life Czech which is alot harder to make, in games like GTA/Fallout most stuff can be just randomly generated and later adjusted/fixed.
  14. Could be Windows 10 new update related issues, after updating i had the same green blinking in CoD WW2, but somehow i fixed it without any effort. Since you do not reply your PC specs etc i think you don't really care about ur issue or you've fixed it already. But make sure to: Update Windows 10 to the latest build ( should have the fixes for the GPU issues ) Update the GPU Driver ( if nvidia - current latest driver is: 390.65 ) Make sure your GPU is not faulty or damaged, if its damaged or faulty it can work in other games just fine, DayZ eats lots of resources of GPU in the main screen ( run Unigine Heaven benchmark, if it's stable w/o issues during the whole benchmark then your GPU is fine ).
  15. Climb on trees?

    Thats actually pretty good idea but would be extremely hard to implement imo especially if some decent looking animations required. Considering DayZ development speed, climbing a tree development alone would take like 2years :D