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  1. Is Bohemia a good home for DayZ devs ?

    Never heard about that, only know that they hired 5 or 10 freelance artists for the new trees and other models/textures.
  2. Is Bohemia a good home for DayZ devs ?

    Bohemia devs is exactly like me in CGI job, i do 1week job in 3months. I would fit perfectly in Bohemia lol. I think DayZ team is extremely small ( 5-10 ppl who is responsible for .63 cause they're doing only programmig right now, animations is fast to do, sound fx is fast, modelling and texturing is fast.. ), that's why its so slow, if the team is bigger then they're just lazy or unexperienced. Motion capture, Sound FX ppl and graphics designers doesn't count. I have feeling that DayZ Dev team is all the Bohemia's junior artists.. If DayZ taking 5years and counting, then there's no way the same people made Arma 3 in 2 years. And the 5years was only for bug fixing including environment,renderer improvements, that's crazy.. Hire 30 random student people from various forums, give them $1.000.000 and i bet they would've done it faster even through major trial and error. And DayZ team only now figured out that they need to "change" the engine, if they would have started it at around ~.61-.62 release probs we would've seen 1.0 right now or atleast .63 early experimental. Also the vehicle fixing took ages, damn.. Look at Arma 3 code where vehicles works perfectly -> profit. ( I've heard that they cant use anything from arma3, but it's the same studio they can do whatever they want. )
  3. They could push the .63 experimental even today, nobody would care anyway, ~2000 players.. Actually it would be great if they could run the .63 in experimental atleast for 24hours at random times just like all impatient ppl like us could try it ( similiar to PUBG test servers ). But then again "insert first line of this post".
  4. Imo the "New Engine" is just an excuse. It's more like engine improving adding new scripts etc, based on the .63 previews it's the same engine with added/modified animations. But indeed they're adding alot of new features and that takes time, but it doesn't count as new engine... If i install Unreal Engine 4 and add some features that no one saw such similiar to the ones that Scum has, it would not magically become an Unreal Engine 5. Also if i remember right, the "New Engine" is already running .62 since they changed the programming language or something that will let to add base building etc. Ironically Bohemia works for PUBG, doing all the animations ( mocaps ) such as vaulting, fighting etc and it gets implemented by BlueHole way faster than DayZ itself.
  5. Nominate Best DayZ Video of 2017

    PolishedGuy for the win
  6. Low FPS recently

    Probably not, since you can't even run this current version properly. Try to follow the steps i've mentioned above and report back :) With 1050Ti u should get pretty decent performance.
  7. BattlEye blocking Reshade?

    Happened to me countless times, especially when trying to use custom presets that includes the dxgi.dll completely clean and reinstal the ReShade, hope it helps, if not try to use presets.
  8. Low FPS recently

    Don't go back to W7, it's just stupid, haha. Well i've never updated to Fall, but instead i've installed the W10 with fall update and damn i had so much issues at first, but i've figured out that W10 was downloading and doing shit in bg like finalizing the OS or something or even downloading my whole SSD/HDD drives, my internet was limited to like 200kb/s for like 2-3hours ( usually i have around 14mb/s dl speed and 7-8mb/s up ), also had random freezing and stuff, but now it works just fine.
  9. Low FPS recently

    I have no idea tbh since it doesn't match anything related to your technical specs, but it can be because of HDD ( if you don't have SSD ) or even the RAM. If you're running your OS on HDD and DayZ on same HDD it could be slight bottleneck, for RAM stability you can use the "Windows Memory Diagnostic" tool that's available since Windows 10 i think. Also try to disable Windows Superfetch, Windows Search, Cortana and Xbox DVR if you're running W10. ( google how to ).
  10. Low FPS recently

    Yeah, thats why you should try to jump between servers also try to switch from Stable to Exp just to see if something changes. Record an gameplay with MSI Afterburner running ( that shows GPU usage.temps, VRAM Usage, RAM usage, CPU usage, CPU temps )
  11. Low FPS recently

    Okay that makes sense, probs you're sticking with the only server that might have poor performance. otherwise there's like no logic explanation for that. On another hand try ot overclock your FX CPU if you have decent cooling ( just make sure you know what you're doing before doing :D ).
  12. Low FPS recently

    I just tried to play DayZ Stable w/ your settings in a random pub server the fps is as before, there might be issues with your hardware or OS. Btw try to disable all background stuff ( music, especially browser such as chrome etc and all not necessary stuff since your CPU could be possibly bottlenecking ). Also try different servers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yIfpq3QbtxY My specs: CPU: i5-2320 ( should not be much different than yours in terms of performance ) GPU: ZOTAC GTX 980Ti 6GB AMP! Omega ( ye its overkill compared to 1050Ti, but before i've played with shitty R9 270 and it performed pretty ok ) RAM: 16GB Corsair Vengeance @1333 ( basically same, mby urs better cuz better mobo ) PSU: OCZ ZS 650W 80+ Screen: LG UltraWide 2560x1080 Playing on SSD EDIT: Check temps/usage ingame of GPU and CPU, happened to me once when my cooler got loose and fps dropped to extremely low levels even it was fine before and i didn't figured out why since other games was running fine till i checked the temps later. The reason was that the other games was not so CPU intensive as DayZ so it didn't reached very high temps cause it was cooled slightly, but in dayz the temps was 99c and CPU downcloked itself pretty bad. Was like 20ish fps compared to 50-70 before. If temps is OK and based on UserBench your components performs as expected/above then it could be just bad server or OS problems ( running bg apps, nvidia driver issues, etc. ). The last step you should try is to put your OLD PSU into your current rig and see if something changes, just make sure the CPU is set at stock clocks since it eats around 400W if OC'ed and 500W psu could be not enough for whole rig , if thats the first time ure running this PSU it could be the cause since some of them can come faulty from the factory no matter how good the PSU is.
  13. Low FPS recently

    What's the PSU models you had before and now? Watts doesn't say anything tbh and 750W is way too much for your current rig unless you've OC'ed the FX pretty high ( that can cause some performance issues too )
  14. Low FPS recently

    I have an i5-2320 which is pretty much same as your CPU so i think that fps you have is way too low. I also had some random fps drops in DayZ when switching from Stable to Exp, like 50% fps drop, so it could be server issues. Another cause could be this Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, many users reported problems with Nvidia cards/drivers. Probs i will jump into a game and see myself if thats dayz issues, didn't played it in a while, but had pretty good fps last time. Meanwhile you can try to run quick benchmark and see if your components runs properly based on worldwide averages. ( disable MSI Afterburner's RivaTuner if you use before the test ) http://cpu.userbenchmark.com/Software
  15. Low FPS recently

    Here you go. Objects usually uses CPU power, not GPU, in larger areas there's way more geometry to handle and you're running with hi quality objects, that can cause high fps drops since your CPU bottlenecks, also GPU has more job in larger areas especially for Antialiasing and AO. Anyway im surprised that you have less fps after switching from weak QUADRO ( that is even weak for computing/work ), maybe your power supply is bad and doesn't handle the GPU somehow even thats unlikely.. Or maybe DayZ engine just likes QUADRO's way more :D Drop your full PC specs.