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  1. exacomvm

    .P3D Extract/Open?

    Yeah, but that's like the worst way of re-texturing stuff. Probably best is then to make completely new stuff.
  2. exacomvm

    .P3D Extract/Open?

    Hello, is there any tool yet that lets to open and extract .p3d files so it can be used in any 3D Package/app ( blender, substance painter etc ) ?
  3. exacomvm

    DayZ's PBR Engine?

    And that's 2017-2018 Game Engine according to devs. Good Job, Bohemia :D
  4. exacomvm

    DayZ's PBR Engine?

    Hello, i am not really an modder but LookDev and 3D Modeling artist. I was wondering how the DayZ's texture/pbr system works when using PBR materials thats made in Mari or Substance for example. I suppose it's something like in Source Engine where u need to link ur maps in text file and give certain parameters. Also is there any workflow which is best compatible with DayZ ( e.g. what the actual developers use for making these materials? which software and its workflow? ). Also what about the preview, is there something like Object viewer where u can do quick changes and get fast feedback or u need to import it ingame and then see it everytime? In future probs i would like to try to make few mods, maybe buildings, vehicles or weapons and i want them to look dope like from AAA game ( not just some random model with texture painted using GIMP ).
  5. exacomvm

    Traders and Spawn selections ( Suggestions ).

    There is only one i believe ( atleast i didn't saw different kind ). Not sure about the name of it or who made it.
  6. exacomvm

    Chernarus Life ?

    Well, i never played minecraft, so not rly sure whats ur definition of karma system. DayZ had humanity system of some sort and ppl liked it, so thats basically same shit just different rewards/outcome. Meanwhile RP rules will never be perfect and not many follows them, so gamemode driven rules is the best since ppl wont be able to go around it, simply if ure jerk ingame u won't go far. Or you can become rich hero ingame and turn bad and do whatever u want without too much loss.
  7. exacomvm

    Chernarus Life ?

    Hello, is someone working on mod like that, due to DayZ's crafting, growing stuff, illnesses i think it would become great upgrade from Altis Life of Arma. Also just what i hated in AltisLife is the RP rules, many of these are stupid af e.g. requirement to initiate when someone is clearly about to rob you or when ure robbing a gas station and u need to be like "Oh hey cops now i am about to shoot you" and then u die because u said that instead of actually tactically defending yourself and starting to shoot them. What i want to say that the game better should have Karma system and economy system, where the game itself will punish people for doing bad things, e.g. if person KoS alot he will gain bad karma and drop his stuff, something like a bounty ( if someone has played Lineage 2 will know exactly what i mean since in Lineage 2 even without rules everything turned out to roleplayed pretty much ), while the person who has good karma if killed wont drop anything and respawn with all belongings. And actual robbing should be initiated ( e.g. handcuffing a person would let to loot his stuff ). AltisLife has pretty much only 1 thing to do: Delivering stuff, while in dayz you could sell food, resources etc, become farmer n shit like that + the other services like Police, Ambulance etc.
  8. Hello, everyone, i've seen servers with traders and the currency is kinda stupid, it's post-apocalyptic world, money should be used to lit fireplaces or clean ur butt. Changing the currency to Ammo ( reference: Metro 2033 ) would make alot more sense ( e.g. 9mm is like 1$, 7.62×39mm is like 50$ etc ), so if you loot tons of ammo and for example you don't need that some you could trade these for better ammo or other stuff. Another thing is these Spawn locations, im not really huge fan of that, but probs i need to get used to it, but it basically ruins the whole point of DayZ experience, everyone is just gonna spawn to trader in Stary/Green mount etc and it becomes like camping simulator waiting for someone to run outside. Doesn't give the "Omg, there's a player" experience anymore and safe zones becomes more like hot zones when trying to enter one especially when there's not much vehicles u cant just go in easily like in Arma 3 Exile. These could be a bit simplified and limited to coast.
  9. exacomvm

    So this is 1.0 DayZ ?

    Hey guys, i didn't played for a while so jumped into random community server instantly found few guys, decided to shoot them and then this happened, as i remember from the stress tests etc the pistols was quite good for close pvp, but this time it was completely offsync, i hit that guy like 2times to head and he didnt even reacted ( server ping was around 60 before joining ). Then i started to run a way and they killed me in 1 or 2 hits while i was running ( was really unfair considering how much i've struggled to try to kill standing target ). Also after seeing mechanics like that there's no way im going to go to NWA or other pvp place, probs gonna prac and test more in instant pvp servers. I suppose thats the bush absorbed my shots or something like that?
  10. exacomvm

    PC 1.0 Release Date Announcement

    So 1.0 basically gonna be the real BETA. And probably 3.0 the real 1.0.
  11. exacomvm

    Few suggestions for Beta

    Hey all, not sure if its WIP/already suggested or fixed. 1) Base building seems oversimulated, also seems like without vehicle it's nearly impossible to build something and takes lots of time even on Offline Dev Mod where u can spawn everything you need. There should be premade "Blueprints" option, for example you should be able to choose to craft a fence, tower etc once you have all parts in place instead of building it from scratch ( Something close to Fallout 4 ), but building from scratch should be still an option for more customization. 2) Item name HUD. The HUD window over vehicles/objects makes no sense, it should be removed once lets say fence is built also completely removed from the vehicles, it's been annoying to drive and see that HUD window floating on the screen. 3) Visuals/Other I think it's time to add vaulting/peeking/multiple poses like in arma. The graphics also could be remastered - get rid of that 128x128 textures and implement proper high res PBR shading especially on props/buildings. You were the kings of graphical realism, but now after some games it looks like im playing 2010 game ( well, atleast SCUM didn't beat you on that yet ). It's not my business, but you've made like extra 15-30millions $ from Xbox release, i think its more than enough to polish the game to perfection in no time. ( damn even 1million is enough, i bet i could find someone to model+texture all the environment buildings and props for like 5000$ in like 3-5months ).
  12. exacomvm

    [Confused] BETA vs 1.0

    1) 0.63 Stable 2) Stress test is like testing for stuff thats gonna get before Exp and ofcourse "Stress testing". 3) Beta Strike? 4) I think it won't be long, seems like the Beta will become 1.0 ( Final ) since DayZ Devs somewhat promised to finish it in 2018 and gonna add remaining features/things after final release ( 1.1 -> 1.2 etc ). But 1.0 not going to be "Full game".
  13. exacomvm

    60fps "soap opera effect"

    I think the problem might be your TV. If you have PC monitor try that. Because on PC DayZ on 60fps feels just sooo much better and less jittery/disorienting. Not sure about Xbox ( didn't had a console since the PS2 release ), but have u tried to turn the Vsync on ?
  14. Never heard about the dev branch also its not available on the steam Betas. P.S. The Arkensor's mod doesn't even work anymore. Branch: Stress Test Mod: Latest ( GitHub ) Launch options: -mission=.\Missions\DayZCommunityOfflineMode-master Launching as offline.
  15. Which editor was used here? Doesn't look like Arkensor's.