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  1. You are a fkn Hero! Thanks alot!
  2. I've tried to set windowed modes to 0, does nothing, but gonna double check.
  3. Hey guys, is there some fix for Shadowplay dark recordings ? I've tried the two popular ones: 1) Alt+Tab - doesn't work, basically puts me into windowed mode and i need to alt+tab again to get back in fullscreen. 2) Switch resolution - doesn't work cause i don't have any other resolution as option ( only 2560x1080 and Windowed ). 3) Color Correction - Works, but it destroys the quality/colors ( i am moviemaker/cg artist myself so i know what i am doing ). Any ideas how to add alternative resolution or is there a new way ?
  4. I miss the times when you were able to stalk flashlight "newbies" and overall realism of the night. Now playing in night feels like daytime overcast and limits many possibilities and fun, since dayz mostly covered with forests and not working lights i think the blind-dark nights is necessary. Basically making fixed brightness/gamma and removing it from options should do it. Or even making it like in Arma 3, if person tries to increase gamma there is still limit in view distance that doesnt change.