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  1. Smelly New Forums

    Lol didn't even noticed, this thread was like on top :D
  2. Not sure if its for me only or its disabled.
  3. 3D Graphics ( CGI )

    Yeah exactly why ngons and tris are no problem when modelling props, weapons etc except characters and other deforming stuff ( people usually say its extremely bad etc so quads is bit overrated and misunderstood by many ). I believe in rendering engines such as Octane/Vray etc everything is being converted to tris also.
  4. 3D Graphics ( CGI )

    I failed a bit on these finger stains, later checked my phone and realized its pretty reflective with interesting behavior almost like some sort of hologram sticker, should've used some blend aka mix material w/ different IOR etc instead of droping the map into roughness slot :D I am also into same modeling, no so long ago started learning Modo since its bit more effective than Max and has tons of nice features. However im still extremely slow in modelling, probs because of my "topology OCD" but thats for good, atleast i will learn to model the right way, but for games i think as less polys as possible is best i mean leaving ngons, tris is good for static ( non-deforming ) geometry as long as it looks ok, but that would be rly hard to do imo even if u need it, seeing that bad topo :D
  5. General Discussion

    The graphics looks pretty weird fuzzy or something like that, fps performance is terrible, i am getting 30-ish fps in open field, where im supposed to have around 60-80 on nearly Max graphics ( 0.62 ) e.g. in NWAF with intense 30+ player PvP ( 420 moded PvP server ). Pretty much Max settings ( The character also looks extremely low detailed ): Had bad_module crash too, but i've noticed that it happens in every game that uses BattleEye ( PUBG, Arma 3 etc ). Fix is to run the game in 32bit mode atleast for A3.
  6. 3D Graphics ( CGI )

    Hey all, i wanted to share some of my works and also would like to see yours if you're into this hobby/industry. WIP V-Ray / 3ds Max ( All aspects besides sticker design ). Galaxy S8 ( Octane / 3ds Max ) ( Turbosquid's model improvements + rest aspects ). Mercedes-Benz C250 CGI V-Ray / 3ds Max Not much by me, mostly "texturing" practice. eLiquid pretty failed Teaser ( no surprise when it took half day to make ). 3ds Max / V-Ray All Aspects
  7. Just checking in..

    Everything in every development is problematic and needs troubleshooting/problem solving. But i agree, DayZ devs uses the engine as excuse way too much. Also probs since its new engine the coders etc gets exhausted pretty fast due to various problems etc and goes into "lazy mode" and browses facebook or does something else instead, also as i know they dont get paid that much, so they also could lack motivation. If dayz made millions doesn't mean the devs got the millions, probs that money went to the CEO of bohemia and these employees gets standard monthly salary, no matter if they work hard or does bs. ( unless DayZ team is like separate part in Bohemia and they get paid from DayZ, but then i bet they wanted to finish it ASAP and enjoy the $ ).
  8. Just checked it and seems like it uses all cores ( but sticks for around 50% overall usage, which is weird but also doesn't seem like it utilizes only 2 cores because it also jumps over 60-80% sometimes ) About the performance i have no idea, depends what they will do. In the Xbox there was clue for "locked doors", so removing some rooms from all these buildings could put alot less strain on the CPU and GPU combined especially in big towns ( in more linear games culling does the job by simply not rendering the geometry thats not visible but in DayZ i think its not the case, cause there's windows etc and u need to see interior/exterior from both sides ), so there could be some fps improvements and especially frametime improvements so the fps could be pretty much similar in any location of the map ( not like now in the open 120fps and in big towns 20-30fps :D with optimizations it would be more like 120 in open and 60ish in big towns ). They probs also can remodel many stuff reducing the poly count and optimizing everything ( similar like these trees was introduced, looks 10 times better and more dense - no fps loss and that's great optimization in these new models ( previous tree models probs was poorly optimized ). Server Side optimizations is confirmed, it can improve the performance too slighly ( i've noticed that sometimes in A server i have way more fps than in B server even the weather/time ingame is same and im in same location, same applies in some other games such as CS:GO ). I don't know the reasons why my CPU is around 50%, GPU is barely 40% and i have crappy fps, not sure if the optimization for hardware is bad but im pretty sure that my GPU is being bottlenecked. ( current specs: 980Ti / 2x8GB RAM 1.33Ghz / i5-2320 3.3Ghz ) Thats all mostly guessing ofcourse, would be nice to hear details from the devs itself about their optimization plans and why current performance is not so great especially the weird utilization ( but not that bad either ).
  9. Well maybe that depends on ur standards and what you define by "runs", for example when i had the PC with the specs i've mentioned above, Rise of Tomb Raider was unplayable on lowest settings ( 20-30fps ), Witcher 3 was also unplayable ( ~30-40fps on lowest in tutorial so imagine what it would've been in bigger towns ) but Battlefield 1 was fine ( in Beta so only 1 map tested ). Keep in mind that the OP's CPU would perform roughly 90% slower than your i5-3210M and the fact that even ur i5 is not that good. For reference my i5-2320 is garbage in todays standards for gaming, but still faster by roughly 50-60% than urs. Ofc 100% slower doesn't mean that it will be like 40fps instead of 80fps, but still major impact in various tasks and im sure his CPU bottlenecks the GTX 750 pretty heavily since CPU like that for todays games incl. DayZ is just not good enough.
  10. Just checking in..

    Also considering its a new engine i guess its alot harder to solve these issues, because its still "unexplored" that well and troubleshooting is way harder that lets say you would have to do in older engines or well known engines such as Unreal + as i know all the best Bohemia Interactive employees left the team, so the team could be way weaker now.
  11. Np, also if you could get around 180$ you can do an upgrade ( motherboard+cpu ) rest parts should be ok from ur current PC. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/INTEL-xeon-X5650-INTEL-X5650-CPU-SLBV3-Processor-2-66GHz-LGA1366-SCOKET-1366-server-CPU-P/32521495121.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.Td9Dll https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Desktop-Motherboard-Mainboard-For-X58-LGA-1366-DDR3-16GB-Support-ECC-RAM-2017-New-Arrival/32829291916.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.Td9Dll https://www.aliexpress.com/item/High-quality-4PIN-CPU-cooler-115X-1366-2011-6-heatpipe-dual-tower-cooling-9cm-fan-support/32838876258.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.Td9Dll There's ofcourse risk in these parts, because i believe it has no warranty, but it would solve your weak CPU issue, that xeon still performs well even on todays standards.
  12. Honestly you can buy DayZ anyway or ask a friend to try it ( i think steam also lets u ask for refund before first 2 hours of gameplay ). I bet in future you will get better PC anyway. Also softwares like Razer Cortex usually just does nothing ( it tries to turn off unnecessary stuff, sometimes its helpful if u have tons of stuff running in bg and lazy to do it manually ).
  13. expect around 35fps average with very strong fps drops in some cases. PvP in towns could be near to impossible for you. atleast it was hard for me due to fps drops. My specs was: CPU: i5-2320 GPU: ASUS R9 270 RAM: 16GB Corsair Vengeance® Low Profile SSD: Samsung 840 EVO 120GB PSU: OCZ 650W
  14. Really don't want to say that, but being honest u can't run DayZ SA with this specs ( atleast to get smooth enough gameplay ). Im pretty sure you will be with like 10fps at lowest settings in towns and max 40fps in open areas. Even my i5-2320 struggles to run DayZ SA and your CPU has like one quarter power of mine. Your GPU is also on the weak side ( pretty much equal to these new Ryzen iGPU such as Vega 11 ). Used to play DayZ with R9 270, the fps was pretty low and not so smooth, after upgrading to 980Ti it made a massive difference to the point i could play on max settings almost 60fps everytime ( besides in bigger towns because my CPU bottlenecks instanly ).