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Hello survivors, as we all know, currently in-game there is the Mosin, an commonly used bolt-action rifle from World War II by the Soviets. There are not a lot of them but that makes sense since it is from World War II. I'm kind of a fanatic if it comes to World War II and the weapons from that war. I was thinking since we have the Mosin, why not have the PPSh-41 as well?

Most of you who played Call of Duty 1 or World at War or other World War II games probably know the gun. You would probably also know that it is an absolute beast. The PPSh-41 is a submachine gun and was a common weapon used by the Soviet soldiers. It fires the 7.62x25mm Tokarev round and there was a 35 round magazine for the gun and of course the well known 71 round drum magazine.

But that is not what makes this gun unique, it is the RPM which makes this gun an absolute beast, specially in close quarter situations. It fires 900 to over 1000 rounds/min, which will shred anyone apart at close quarter if the rate is combined with the drum mag.

Not only would the gun be an absolute beast in close quarter situations, it also looks good in my opinion. And we all know that the designers know what quality is so I'm sure it will be an absolute beautiful beast in DayZ. I would love to see this gun implemented in DayZ and would probably be my goto gun for close quarter. In my opinion, since the gun is so old it should be rare, perhaps chopper crash site only when their loot tables are fixed. There should be both the 35 round magazine but more commonly the 71 drum magazine.

Thoughts, comments, additions? Please let them know, I'm curious how you guys think about this gun.

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Too old to be a heli crash and military base spawn. From ARMA 2 lore, they could make some kind of NAPA caches where it could be sometimes found, or just a very rare civilian spawn. They main issue is that they don't seem to like adding new types of ammunition. I'd rather not see 9mm PPSh and TT.

Squad added a PPSh with stick mag (to some complaints). Fun to use anyways.


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If any weapon should be abundant in Chernarus it would probably be the Mosin. Apart from the fact it is a Russian weapon of which millions were made the market has been flooded with them in the past decade or so with surplus being sold to the public for next to nothing.

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      Ok I don't no if anyone else want this famous WWII Soviet Sub-Machine Gun.
      So a bit of history behind this gun, The PPSH-41 seen service in 1941 for USSR against Finnish Solders in 1941 and was used for the entire of the 2nd World War and used the 7.62x25mm Ammo and it could have the 35 round Mag and the 70 Round Drum mag and was used up to 1960s before being replaced by the AK still used today for some group's it was a very strong Sub Machine Gun very Light to carry and was just as powerful as the AK47 but it had some flaw's it use's the 7.62x25mm which was old ammo from the 20s and 30s not up-to date with the SKS and AK47. If this gun is added to the game I think that it should be less rare than the AKM/AK101 but mags would be More rare then the AKM. If you developers see this please add this it would be amazing to see this gun be in-game I love Soviet Weapons and I just think that it would be nice to see a new WW2 weapon in the game.
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