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  1. I would agree with this if the melee system and zombie behaviour isn't so janky. Zombies run past you while a light attack makes you move forward. Often times you find zombies behind you wacking away. I hope the melee system we have now is a placeholder cause it's just awful. The easy way is to just block their initial attack and spam left click on their head with a knife. They go down before they can even attack you, but doing this same thing hundreds of times without getting a scratch on me just feels like an exploit and is a boring left click spam fest.
  2. Agree with this. I can't understand why they would implement a bury-able wooden box that can fit endgame weapons over an above ground makeshift tent. 2 months from now there will be a LOT more people saying where are the M4s? AKs? They're all gonna be buried in one of these wooden containers while the global limit for the weapon is reached. Above ground storage has a more natural "cleaning" process with player raids. A well placed underground stash will most likely never be found. I can see makeshift tents adding stress to server performance though, they will add up easy and more persistent items on a server always equals to worse performance but it's the same thing with these wooden crates. Also I feel like item degradation is way too fast across the board. Silencers get ruined way too quickly. Clothes get ruined way too quickly. Bags get ruined way too quickly. You gotta understand that melee combat is the main way of eliminating infected. It is a chore to constantly use sewing kits, duct tape, leather sewing kits etc. It's not fun and neither is it challenging.
  3. Infections are in the game but they lack depth and progression. They also lack harshness. It's okay for players to die in a survival game, the next life the player will be more wary of what he drinks and learns from it. I would take that over this current hand-holding feel that the game has. Infections should get nastier as time goes by. Fever sets in as the infection gets worse. You get hungry and thirsty faster as your temperature rises. Accompanied with a slow health drain. This will actually influence the player's decisions. Instead of making the trip further in-land, he has to stick to the coast to find medicine.
  4. Not entirely sure man, just stuff I read from Reddit. Take it with a grain of salt. I read something that the notes were bleeding into other servers and having all sorts of bugs when they were taken away from the game.
  5. Not if you can craft an improvised tent from pelts 😉 Eeek, I haven't observed animal AI as extensively as you but damn do they need more polishing. I just don't like that you can run up to a goat, sheep, pig, cow or whatever and melee it to death and have enough meat to run to the end of the map and back. They can at least make them a bit wary where they don't completely run away but try to keep their distance from you and if you sprint up to them they get spooked and actually run away. I can see how much scripting has to be made for that. I'm the same as you man. I feel like there isn't enough things that remind you other players are there. You rarely see a player corpse on the ground because they despawn too quick. You rarely see zombies dead on the ground to give away that another player is nearby because they despawn within 5 minutes. Notes definitely bring more life into the seemingly empty game. I've heard on Reddit that they took them out because of all the trolling/toxic shit players would write in them. That's a weak excuse imo, toxic people will still find ways of being toxic, they'll just do it over VOIP. I've always envisioned DayZ with dangerous and numerous infected + common civilian guns/ammo + rare military grade weapons + scarce necessities. Trying to fend off numerous infected with a single shot bolt action hunting rifle, or a pump shotty, or a 7 round pistol would be challenging and doable. The PVP skirmishes that would happen between players wielding only civilian weapons would be more drawn out as well because of the quality of their weapons.
  6. repzaj1234

    is there a serious server?

    There's a whole chunk of the playerbase that shares the same mindset as you, we're just a lot smaller than the other. The DayZ playerbase is pretty divided in how they play the game. These are the two biggest chunks in my opinion: - Do you want a fast-paced, action-packed PvP focused experience without exerting much effort? There is no shortage of servers with 80-120 player slots with high loot, more guns, no stamina and traders. OR - Do you want a modded but true to vanilla DayZ survival experience with roleplaying mixed in? You can probably count the number of these in the palm of your hand.
  7. repzaj1234

    is there a serious server?

    DUG is your only bet unfortunately. I'm sure there are other 'hardcore' servers but don't expect more than 5 people playing.
  8. I've taken a hiatus from DayZ because of the lack of survival elements currently in the game. In the current build all the necessities are easy to come by, people can fend for themselves easily and don't need to rely on anybody for anything be it for food, water, medicine, companionship. There should be a reason to help people and a reason for people to need help. This upcoming survival focused patch got my hopes up.... but what can we realistically expect from it? Here is what I think can be worked on from easiest to ''wishlist'' Tweaks to existing features: - Balancing of food stats, specifically nerfing their thirst satiation values. Certain food (powdered milk, cereal) should not quench thirst or even provide a penalty to thirst. - Food/drink needs to be more scarce in the loot economy. There is currently an abundance of food in the loot economy as well as how much infected drop. There are 5 main ways of finding food. Loot spawns, hunting animals, farming infected, growing your own food and scavenging for fruits/mushrooms. Right now, you can live just by looting and farming infected. People rarely have to hunt for their food. - On the topic of hunting, animal detection needs to be increased. Right now you can run up to chickens, sheep, goats and punch em to death and be good on food for a long time (especially because you can eat raw meat without major consequences). Animals should be wary and keeping their distance way before you can sprint right up to them. - Further tweaking of health/blood regeneration. It seriously needs more than a third reduction. There's no need to think and make decisions beforehand about what you are going to do or if you could you even survive the situation you are getting yourself into if you get badly wounded. - Zombie spawns could use a re-work/diversification. Particularly, in high traffic areas like military areas (NWAF, Stary, Tisy, Zeleno) or the major cities (Cherno, Elektro, Berezino). I would not mind only seeing 1 or 2 zombies in a remote village at all, why not relocate some of those spawns to these high traffic areas if server performance can't handle additional spawns? Military areas are endgame areas and they should feel like it. They should require some sort of preparation before going in. The only threat right now are other players, military areas should still present some sort of threat even if there's no other player there. It'd bring a new dynamic to PvP encounters there too. Imagine wounding a player and letting zombies finish the job or completely getting overrun while in a firefight with other players. Or as a fresh spawn on a coastal city, carelessly firing a gun and not knowing there's a shit load of infected nearby. I think it could enhance the starting and endgame experience. I've looked into the .xml file that contains all the infected spawns, it looks like they just copied and pasted minimum = 7, maximum = 13 infected spawns for almost every spawn point. Mix it up a little bit, add higher variance to some spawn points (like minimum=1, maximum=18) it would make the game less predictable and routine for long time players. Post .63 features that require re-integration to the new engine: (Honestly, if just one of these get re-integrated I'd be a happy camper) - Fractures, broken bones and a medical system that actually gives use to blood bags/saline bags. Since 1.0 I've never had to give/receive a blood transfusion at all. - Complex, deadly diseases and specific medication for them. - Dynamic weather and a temperature system linked to weather that actually influences gameplay. I'd love to have heavy rain + thunderstorms back. Wishlist: - Infected being able to ram closed doors (with a reasonable delay). It's very easy to shake off zombies with buildings right now. Especially with the newly introduced "zombie dispersion" when they lose sight of you. Get chased by multiple zombies, go into a building, close the door and wait for them to disperse or find another door in the back. Imagine blindly going into a building with only one way out with a ton of zombies chasing after you that can ram through doors. Do you unload your precious ammo? Do you risk pushing them back with your gun and making a break for it? Do you risk the jump from the 2nd story? Do you radio for help? Do you just slash your throat? - Throwing (I'd like to throw an empty can to distract nearby infected) - Notes. I need my immursion. - Fishing - Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica. Anyways, I'm cautiously optimistic about this upcoming patch and a huge chunk of the community is as well. We've been clamoring about it for a while now. EDIT: Just thought of new things and what others have chimed in with: Immersion/Quality of Life improvements: - A better introduction to a new game/new life. Black screen, the sound of the ocean. A visual effect on regaining consciousness plays. You spawn in flat on your face, washed up on the beach. Your clothes are all damaged. That's how you start off a survival game. - Increase the amount of hits it takes from infected for clothing/gear to get damaged. I'd say 90% of all my infected kills are from melee, this is where realism doesn't really translate into challenging gameplay. It's just a pain in the ass constantly keeping your whole outfit repaired. And if equipment takes time to get ruined you can now add an actual penalty for wearing ruined clothes. A chance for a random item within the ruined clothing to drop every X amount of minutes? For ruined armor, strip away their protection stats? - Lower the footstep and door opening sound effects. Immersion killer when you loudly close a door with infected right next to it and it doesn't react. (Best case scenario: have sliders for the different sounds) - Hunger rate. Honestly, the time it takes to die of hunger can be long. It feels much more natural to slowly die from hunger over the course of a few hours of gameplay than having to constantly stuff your face every 20-30 minutes because your hunger bar tells you to. The amount of food just needs to have a drastic decrease. Canned goods need to be a rare again, they need to be taken out of the zombie drops loot table. Fruit and mushroom spawns could be rarer. Zombies: - Zombie spawns around heli crash sites. Enough to be a challenge (8-12?)
  9. repzaj1234

    Stable Update 1.03

    I wouldn't be too keen with removing caps for certain items except if they become extremely rare. Don't want everybody and their mom running around with sniper rifles and NVGs and stuff. Do you know if the most popular gun mods implement global limits on their guns?
  10. repzaj1234

    Stable Update 1.03

    I think you misunderstood what I said. If you don't already know, certain military grade weapons have a global limit to how many guns can be spawned in the world. Let's say the cap is 30 for SVDs. You won't notice the changes in the loot economy right now, but 2 months down the road when 28 out of 30 SVDs are either in the hands of a player or buried in one of these boxes, people will be complaining. Believe me, all I've ever wanted was this game to be a harsh, unforgiving survival game like the mod was.
  11. repzaj1234

    Stable Update 1.03

    Are there plans on upping the global limits for high-end weapons? These new wooden crates can store rare long rifles and can be buried. Buried items are significantly harder to find than visible above-ground storage. I'm sure there will be more posts of people saying "Where are the X guns?". They're all gonna be buried in this easy to craft wooden container, lost to the rest of the world. Honestly I'd prefer having a craftable makeshift tent above ground than this bury-able box. Above ground storage have a more natural cleaning process with people raiding them and what not.
  12. repzaj1234

    News regarding the 2019 roadmap

    Thank you, it is nice to know that survival elements are a true focus for the dev team. It's just little things like this that the community wants. What's being prioritized and what not. Also I agree with the first post, please bring back communication in the official forums and not solely on Twitter.
  13. repzaj1234

    Experimental Update 1.03.151487

    Not confirmed, just took this from Reddit but they say it's two planks + 10 nails.
  14. repzaj1234

    Experimental Update 1.03.151487

    These new wooden crates can fit long rifles and can be buried. https://imgur.com/a/OkVNGsm What's going to happen to weapons that have a global count limit? We'll never see any rare guns again. Also, has the dev team received enough feedback to further tweak regeneration rates? Regeneration is still way too fast and feels like some arcade shooter.
  15. repzaj1234

    Experimental Update 1.03.151457

    - Deadly diseases - An improved medical system - Significantly slower health/blood regeneration - Broken bones - Less abundant food/drinks (Including zombie drops, forest spawns) - Wider detection distance for animal AI (so you can't just run up to them and be set on food for days) - Reworked zombie spawns Give us these for that coming "survival update" and I'm sold. I don't think they're prioritizing fishing or throwing. They've stated before that those are just added "flavor" for the game and are not a priority. Come back in a year for those I guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯