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  1. Rules of dayz - Dont build bases and put cars together - not worth anyones time... lol better off plays pubg since the driving is atleast better
  2. AndrzejHook

    Before you get your panties in a twist

    wait what was wrong with the tuna? was it cause they should like chips when you're eating them.. lol
  3. AndrzejHook

    Xbox Launch Update 1.01

    server hopping is ruining the multiplayer on xbox so i kinda get where he's coming from
  4. AndrzejHook

    OG Xbox performance

    Really? no sound lag at all on your og xbox? I have og xbox and played it before the update frequently, lagged alot in the big cities and sound lag was horrible, now its even worse
  5. AndrzejHook

    Infected in this update are DANGEROUS.

    It's kinda silly you can't hide in a house from a zombie tho...It's like the zombie has a built in GPS tracker on you
  6. AndrzejHook

    1.0 Release times

    Expect it later in the day, and if ANYTHING it will actually be postponed knowing BI
  7. AndrzejHook

    Adding Vehicles That Actually Work

    This will be the end of dayz if they do this... nobody will play except for the hardcore fans who have stuck around for 5 years of production. They need to think more for common gamer if they want to make the big bucks and compete with other video game makers...because right now i can GUARANTEE you that nobody actually carries the wheels for a car all from one server, people have back packs and stashes that they steal from other servers by server hopping and taking the tires off other cars.
  8. AndrzejHook

    So... 4x4 car. Lets talk about it for a tiny bit.

    Id rather build a car in real life than in dayz cause its easier in real life and it wont randomly crash into a tree.. dayz is a video game it should we way easier to drive... all cars should actually just be driveable anways... get rid of ALL the car parts on the map and just make the cars driveable.
  9. AndrzejHook

    So... 4x4 car. Lets talk about it for a tiny bit.

    Lol eventually being in preview wont be an excuse people will be able to use and we'll see if they fix the cars. It cant be that hard to make driveable vehicles that don't auto crash
  10. AndrzejHook

    XBOX or XBOX1X for better performance DAYZ.

    Save your money and don't get the "x" ... theres gonna be another console coming soon that will probably be like 799.99 plus tax..
  11. AndrzejHook

    Getting annoyed by ADA Wheel Spawn Rate

    Welcome to dayz, where gaming is not a pleasure but a full time career
  12. AndrzejHook

    Any word on a Duplication fix?

    https://ibb.co/hcjgrrt Lol I wanted to just play dayz normally and I'm walking down the coast and some guy runs up and drops all his gear for me... guaranteed this was a duper. This problem needs to be fixed... in the mean time I'm pretty happy . Lol pretty sure I have all the m4 ammo in the server... 560 bullets
  13. AndrzejHook

    Adding Vehicles That Actually Work

    Yeah like seriously who took all the radiators out of the cars? lol... It's also just a waste of "space" in the game to have car parts all over the map... just makes the game lag more.. especially truck batteries, truck doors... those things are useless
  14. AndrzejHook

    Adding Vehicles That Actually Work

    I think we should have some cars(NOT ALL CARS) in the servers that are fully ready to go and driveable. In real life in a zombie apocolypse there would be SOME running vehicles im sure of it... not every vehicle you run into would need all the components/parts. Just seems like it takes forever to put a car together and im sure that nobody else drives the cars either because of this... especially if youre just a solo player Let me know what you guys think?
  15. AndrzejHook

    Any word on a Duplication fix?

    The coast is only fun for one thing - meeting new people because you dont have much loot on you. Sometimes its fun running around as a fresh spawn, going to get revenge with 10 other fresh spawns... But once you're looted up and want to come back to coast... be careful cause theres lots of invisible dupers that will just kill you on site.