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  1.  Nayte

    The elephant in the room.

    The irony is palpable..
  2.  Nayte

    Still no ARs after update.

    Do you happen to have the link to this spreadsheet?
  3.  Nayte

    Things I noticed about 1.04

    I’ve been loving the update so far. Private servers are an absolute blast, especially the RP ones. I was so thrilled to see that hit detection on infected is much better than 1.0. Also the inverted weapon wheel has been fixed, thank you! The sound effects are much better and more accurate which makes for a more immersive experience. All in all great work BI!
  4.  Nayte

    Joining private servers

    Yup, @bandito6000 nailed it. You need to allow the servers to load. Also, don’t forget to isolate the servers by region, so it loads quicker.
  5.  Nayte

    Sick un heal able disease

    Really?! This is finally a thing?! That is amazing.
  6.  Nayte

    Sick un heal able disease

    I never drank from the well directly, filled the cooking pot first, after having a couple sodas. Looks like I’ll be looking for corrective actions from now instead of preventative until I figure out what the root cause is.
  7.  Nayte

    Sick un heal able disease

    Same exact thing happened to me. I didn’t handle any raw meat at all, nor had bloody hands. I found some canned foods, ate some fruit. Then found a cooking pot filled it up at a well (I only drink from wells). Shortly after I noticed the sickness emblem. I went on my way for another hour or two and didn’t notice any difference with my character even though the symbol never went away. I’m wondering if we have to find alcohol tincture to disinfect everything we consume? That seems a tad overboard.
  8.  Nayte

    Unchambering & Unjamming Weapon

    Thanks for the info. I’ll have to try this out later tonight.
  9.  Nayte

    Private Rp server for xbox

    I can’t wait, thanks @Toxic Chimp86 !
  10.  Nayte


    Anyone meeting up today? @donnyuk78 @DayzDayzFanboy @Man Parts 241
  11.  Nayte

    Would it be possible to make rifles not reload automatically?

    That would be a nice feature. PUBG does something similar with their bolt action rifles. If you hold the trigger down it doesn’t re-chamber the next round, allowing you to see the impact, upon releasing the trigger the next round is chambered. @ImpulZ
  12.  Nayte


    I’ll be on tomorrow as well. If we get a time I’ll come say hello too.
  13.  Nayte

    MDG’s Rogue Ops Episode One

    Oops, hehe thanks.
  14.  Nayte

    All Private Server Cost Info!!!

    Rip. Off.
  15.  Nayte

    MDG’s Rogue Ops Episode One

    Greetings fellow survivors, Come, grab a seat, and check out Modern Day Gaming’s first episode of Rogue Ops. Brought to you by your host, Badger, so sit back and enjoy!