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  1.  Nayte

    Radio Frequency

    I’d like to see more adopt this idea, however the current issues with game chat (toggle on not working, as well as holding the function causes the game to freeze for many) makes this very cumbersome. Hopefully we’ll see a sweeping exploit/bug fix soon..
  2.  Nayte

    Planting Pumkin Seeds Crash

    Check out the bug report section to see if it’s been confirmed.
  3.  Nayte

    private rented servers

    It’s not just the idea of having a friendly community, but the endless RP potential private servers would offer. Not to mention the possibility of mods coming to Xbox with private servers. Mods alone are arguably a major factor which kept pc players invested for so long.
  4.  Nayte

    Falling to your death

    Thanks to that ladder in Novo I now avoid them at all cost..
  5.  Nayte

    Using a scope on a bolt action

    Thanks for the tip, I know PUBG issues that same function.
  6.  Nayte

    Night is now HORRIBLE!!!!!

    Night was the best time to trek for me. I like running carelessly through fields without worrying about taking fire, or at least any type of accurate fire. After we get 1.03 I’ll be paranoid 24/7 instead of 12/7.
  7.  Nayte

    Night is now HORRIBLE!!!!!

    Your foreshadowing is on point..
  8.  Nayte

    Selected Servers going Offline on May 27th!

    I’ve been suggesting for a while that the devs just add a handful of locked servers to the already existing list. No need to have just one or the other. Variety is the spice of life! Edit: @ImpulZ
  9.  Nayte

    Base full of duped gear

    It’s fine if you don’t agree with their rationale, but to suggest they aren’t being smart about it is disingenuous. Its also pure speculation that someone who may come across that item when it re-spawns is going to duplicate it. I’ll speculate that a new player will find it and have a ton of fun with it while they can..
  10.  Nayte

    Base full of duped gear

    It’s not a matter of being “smarter” about it. They were being honorable by only taking what they needed before destroying everything. The whole point was to remove the duped gear so new items could spawn in as intended, not spread it out onto the server some more...
  11.  Nayte

    Selected Servers going Offline on May 27th!

    @ImpulZ I understand the teams reason for this change, though you guys must understand there are a lot of us who prefer lower pop servers. Not everyone wants to be running into players, particularly how the climate is with game chat not functioning properly.
  12.  Nayte

    Developers cater to people with no life outside of this game

    I would be completely content with those rates in the early access DayZ. The rub is and has been the duping. @pilgrim* mentioned a great idea that would completely curb that issue. His suggestion was to implement a serial number for every mil weapon (or items in general, though we’ll say mil rifles for this discussion), that way if one is duped, the program would essentially remove any secondary identical serial numbers. A community manager commented saying they would forward the idea to the devs. As for those who play that don’t have much time, as most of us have full time jobs and other commitments, we just have to understand that we won’t progress nearly as far in a session as those who have 8 hours a day to play. There’s nothing wrong with that. The more casual players who pop on for 30 to an hour just have to realize they’ll need a few more sessions to catch up, or meet a goal of theirs. The issue lies with those who want the game to cater to their constraints, as I mentioned before.
  13.  Nayte

    Developers cater to people with no life outside of this game

    Honestly, there could be 10 M4s to every IJ7 and people would still dupe if they were able to. Why? Because most modern gamers are simply impatient and do not want to spend time looting up as it was intended. Do you have any official word the devs “lowered the spawn rate”? Nobody on this forum, aside from a dev, would be able to give an exact number on the CLE algorithm. You have the wrong idea when it comes to weaponry. The devs absolutely should NOT up the spawn rate in the hopes of counteracting the duper’s. That’s essentially giving in to the issue. No, they need to fix the issue first, then focus on spawn rate balances if issues still persist. What would actually help curb duping, is if the Xbox devs were active in the servers issuing steep punishments for duplicating. As I stated, there were no issues back on .63, not sure if you played then. If you did, you wouldn’t be asking for increased spawn rates, even as a band aid. I’ve been looking for an AK or M4 for at least 60 actual hours, and I still would prefer the rates to stay where they were. If you came to DayZ after .63, you don’t have a solid bases for loot spawns, as the duping has skewed how the CLE may appear to a more recent player ever since a few updates before 1.0.
  14.  Nayte

    Game Chat / Party Chat

    It’s been stated that the devs aren’t able to implement any type of merging when it comes to Xbox party and game chat, as party chat has privacy policies that Microsoft will not budge from, which is a good thing imo. Its either stay in game chat, or take the risk switching. You could try reaching out to Microsoft to see if there’s any way they could implement a quick switch option.
  15. I’m surprised you guys are able to type well considering the duct tape..