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    So... 4x4 car. Lets talk about it for a tiny bit.

    Cars are indeed buggy, though we’re still technically in preview, so testing it out and ironing remaining issues comes with the territory. A friend and I spent a solid 7 hours straight building a car. It seemed to track ok for me, that is until the FPS dropped for a couple of seconds, which teleported it up off the road over a concrete barrier. Some fandangling and it was finally free. The 4x4 name must just be for laughs, because it’s by no means viable off-road. It’ll struggle on the slightest inclines. I believe there should be a small chance of finding a complete car. It’s hard to believe every single car would be dismantled, unless I’m missing something lore wise. All in all its a nice side project, though the payoff currently is debatable at best.
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    @DayzDayzFanboy What are your thoughts on trying to get that pic going this weekend?
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    Checking Ones Pulse

    I was wondering if there were any plans to add the pulse check mechanic to Xbox. I remember watching older pc build videos where players could check another’s pulse to not only see their condition, but find out what the others name is. Not sure if it’s still a feature on the 1.01 pc build or not. Being able to ID another would be a great feature to have on Xbox. Particularly where clubs/clans are concerned. As well as those who wish to partake in some RP. Thanks for any info.
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    Checking Ones Pulse

    That sounds good. Hopefully we’ll see something like that post 1.0.
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    XBOX or XBOX1X for better performance DAYZ.

    The One X is overall a much better experience when compared to the original one between games enhanced for the X. Digital Foundry does some great analysis if you’re interested. As far as DayZ, like bent mentioned, those issues persist between the platforms. The developers have stated that the game ran better when it first launched on Xbox, then got worse over time. They mention they’re not happy about it, and are working to better optimize the experience.
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    Dev Xbox Livestream Feedback

    Here’s a video I came across which shows a few developers playing DayZ on Xbox, and answering questions brought up by the community. It’s nice to see some time being taken by these team members to help bring folks up to speed. This stream is about a month old, however they still touch on topics that are currently being discussed in the forums. Here’s the link: My thoughts: Aside from it being painfully obvious they don’t play on Xbox, which was hilarious when they brought it up from chat, I’m glad to see some big features and bugs being addressed. As feedback, it would’ve been more advantageous to have the guy who didn’t contribute to the discussion much play, while the others asked, and answered questions. It ended up causing the stream to have a long winded feeling. I only wish they were able to flesh out a bit more on what’s going to be done about the duping, which negatively impacts the economy. All in all, it was great to see, and I hope you guys do it again in the future. What are your thoughts? Let’s try and keep this thread as constructive as possible.
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    Dev Xbox Livestream Feedback

    If that’s the extent of your loot cycling, then I would say it’s fine. Full blown loot cycling would consist of grabbing everything in a barrack, going out a ways to drop it on the ground, then coming back over and over to repeat that cycle. It is essentially exploiting the spawning mechanic to find the particular item/weapon you’re after. If you’re legitimately using the items you’re grabbing, and bringing them to your base, then checking back some time later, I’d say you’re ok.
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    Dev Xbox Livestream Feedback

    You’re right that it’s not technically considered cheating, however it is an exploit that is frowned upon by some. Similar to server hopping. Personally, I would chalk it up on the same level as server hopping. However, those are in no way...no way close to the weakness that is duplicating. I think we can all agree with that.
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    Rain is back

    I mean, that does sound like an issue to me, particularly if it’s creating that whiteout fog/mist every single time it rains.
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    Dev Xbox Livestream Feedback

    Yeah, I know some people who never have issues finding them, I don’t get it. Since the last update I’ve literally spent entire work shifts looking before finally finding one.. Edit: Ohhh.. You loot cycle.. That explains that one.. Heh, yeah she’s easy on the eyes.
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    Dev Xbox Livestream Feedback

    When they were talking about the economy issue where military rifles are much tougher to find, they only mention they are looking into it. As mentioned in my OP, the video was uploaded last month. I’ve got my fingers crossed that the issue will in fact be fixed ASAP, along with meatballing.
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    Rain is back

    Damn, that’s disappointing to see there’s still issues with the rain.. Does this fog last for a long time?
  13.  Nayte

    ETA for private Servers?

    Not sure where I stated your quote in this thread.. That being said, it is 100% dependent on whether or not BI can implement such a feature. Microsoft is, and has been, very open to early access games, and allowing developers to give it a shot on their platform. Notice how after Microsoft works with developers on certain early access games such as PUBG, Ark, Conan Exiles, etc., they then make their way to Sony shortly after full release, hmmm.. Seems to me Microsoft is willing to give developers both big and small the opportunity to bring their product to console. If it works great, if they fail then too bad. Ark allows for official and private servers. The latter being controlled and ran by a player using another Xbox, with full console command options integrated. It seems rather foolish, particularly given this game’s development history, to use Xbox as the scapegoat for a lack of beneficial features. Perhaps a BI dev will elaborate...
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    ETA for private Servers?

    I second this motion, aside from the nut portion..
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    DayZ Dreaming

    That’s DayZ for you, it manifests within ones subconscious..
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    Inform yourselves.

    I’m sure most people coming into this game know of it’s development history. That said, I can’t think of another survival game that’s gripped me the way this game has, and continues to. 350 hours invested and counting..
  17. Yes, your bag can be ruined. You can still use it, just don’t take it off until you’re ready to swap it out. According to a seasoned PC player, a ruined bag offers no protection to you or your gear when damage is taken.
  18. Yeah, found it odd when I was prompted to repair my two way with some duct tape. Also allowed me to repair my mag. Found my new favorite item..
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    Important Loot to gather before update

    Just a heads up, it’s going to be a full server/character wipe. Nothing stored or buried will persist through that type of reset.
  20.  Nayte

    the real hardcore survival server

    A big part of DayZ is creating your own challenges. Just because you may find lots of food and weapons in houses and on zombies doesn’t mean you have to take it.. Try creating handicaps for yourself if you’d like a tougher experience.
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    ETA for private Servers?

    I would LOVE to see private or even a local server option. Even if it was restricted to a certain amount of players.
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    1.0 and what i hope for.

    I would 100% second this motion. Perhaps up the timer to 5 minutes after 2-3 quick re-logs. That way you’d give those who may have froze/crashed a chance to rejoin without an undeserved restriction. Or, as you mentioned, they were able to track players who were blatantly hopping.
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    Adding Vehicles That Actually Work

    I agree Maybe have a 10-20% chance of spawning a complete vehicle, with gas having the same spawn rate.
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    1.0 and what i hope for.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if players have found a way to usurp the logging off method. The only way I can think of, aside from pulling the ethernet cord, would be to close the DayZ app through the console face. Now, I’m not sure what that does to the in-game character, if they’re still in stasis for the standard amount of time or not. Currently, when you log out of DayZ on Xbox, there’s a 20 second countdown until your character physically leaves the server. If one joins servers too frequently, it causes a 90 second joining timer. There aren’t any other preventive measures in place as of yet.
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    1.0 and what i hope for.

    As far as I’m aware, developers have free reign to implement any preventive measures as far as their servers and property are concerned. So long as it doesn’t breach Microsoft’s ToS, I don’t believe there’s much BI isn’t able to do to police their servers. It seems to be a matter of what the best course of action is in regard to deterrents and/or punishments BI chooses to go with.