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    Selected Servers going Offline on May 27th!

    I’ve been suggesting for a while that the devs just add a handful of locked servers to the already existing list. No need to have just one or the other. Variety is the spice of life! Edit: @ImpulZ
  2.  Nayte

    Base full of duped gear

    It’s fine if you don’t agree with their rationale, but to suggest they aren’t being smart about it is disingenuous. Its also pure speculation that someone who may come across that item when it re-spawns is going to duplicate it. I’ll speculate that a new player will find it and have a ton of fun with it while they can..
  3.  Nayte

    Base full of duped gear

    It’s not a matter of being “smarter” about it. They were being honorable by only taking what they needed before destroying everything. The whole point was to remove the duped gear so new items could spawn in as intended, not spread it out onto the server some more...
  4.  Nayte

    Selected Servers going Offline on May 27th!

    @ImpulZ I understand the teams reason for this change, though you guys must understand there are a lot of us who prefer lower pop servers. Not everyone wants to be running into players, particularly how the climate is with game chat not functioning properly.
  5.  Nayte

    Developers cater to people with no life outside of this game

    I would be completely content with those rates in the early access DayZ. The rub is and has been the duping. @pilgrim* mentioned a great idea that would completely curb that issue. His suggestion was to implement a serial number for every mil weapon (or items in general, though we’ll say mil rifles for this discussion), that way if one is duped, the program would essentially remove any secondary identical serial numbers. A community manager commented saying they would forward the idea to the devs. As for those who play that don’t have much time, as most of us have full time jobs and other commitments, we just have to understand that we won’t progress nearly as far in a session as those who have 8 hours a day to play. There’s nothing wrong with that. The more casual players who pop on for 30 to an hour just have to realize they’ll need a few more sessions to catch up, or meet a goal of theirs. The issue lies with those who want the game to cater to their constraints, as I mentioned before.
  6.  Nayte

    Developers cater to people with no life outside of this game

    Honestly, there could be 10 M4s to every IJ7 and people would still dupe if they were able to. Why? Because most modern gamers are simply impatient and do not want to spend time looting up as it was intended. Do you have any official word the devs “lowered the spawn rate”? Nobody on this forum, aside from a dev, would be able to give an exact number on the CLE algorithm. You have the wrong idea when it comes to weaponry. The devs absolutely should NOT up the spawn rate in the hopes of counteracting the duper’s. That’s essentially giving in to the issue. No, they need to fix the issue first, then focus on spawn rate balances if issues still persist. What would actually help curb duping, is if the Xbox devs were active in the servers issuing steep punishments for duplicating. As I stated, there were no issues back on .63, not sure if you played then. If you did, you wouldn’t be asking for increased spawn rates, even as a band aid. I’ve been looking for an AK or M4 for at least 60 actual hours, and I still would prefer the rates to stay where they were. If you came to DayZ after .63, you don’t have a solid bases for loot spawns, as the duping has skewed how the CLE may appear to a more recent player ever since a few updates before 1.0.
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    Game Chat / Party Chat

    It’s been stated that the devs aren’t able to implement any type of merging when it comes to Xbox party and game chat, as party chat has privacy policies that Microsoft will not budge from, which is a good thing imo. Its either stay in game chat, or take the risk switching. You could try reaching out to Microsoft to see if there’s any way they could implement a quick switch option.
  8. I’m surprised you guys are able to type well considering the duct tape..
  9.  Nayte

    Developers cater to people with no life outside of this game

    First, thank you for your service. I think the overarching issue is the duplicating. If and when, and I use those terms with heavily, they fix duping, you’ll notice a much..much better balance with finding mil grade weaponry. Back on .63 you could get fully kitted in around an hour if you knew where to look. I want to believe that we’ll hopefully see a nice balance once this is fully ironed out. Time will tell..
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    Game Feedback

    Welcome to DayZ, and the forums. I see this game has sunk it’s claws into another. The rendering issue is a byproduct of trying to improve performance and FPS, based on where the game determines you are looking. It’s most noticeable in large cities, I try and avoid those if possible. The UI is actually way better than it was last December. There’s always room for improvement, hopefully after some other major issues. The ghillie issue I would also combine with the magazines clipping through our body. What they should do is flip the guns on the x axis, so the mags are facing behind, that way you could pull the guns under your shoulder and be ready to fire. We’ve come along pretty well, though looking forward to bug and exploit fixes, more so than new content.
  11.  Nayte

    1.03 on PC

    I’m pretty indifferent with additional content. While it’s nice, I’m hoping Xbox has fixing exploits as our top priority, as just wiping the servers would do nothing aside from allowing us to find gear for the first few hours.
  12.  Nayte

    More Dupers Streaming on Mixer

    We can only hope. Anytime, didn’t want to see any unwanted attention towards you.
  13.  Nayte

    I really hope this wasn't you...

    For what it’s worth, I appreciate the info you provide, and will never become heated discussing these topics with you. The dev live stream for Xbox, they mention there being two teams working together as we’ve discussed, however the Xbox team is located in a different office. Check out from 3:30-4:50 if you’re interested:
  14.  Nayte

    Is this game officialy dead ?

    Funny, I see you a lot in the “kids” section of the forum, if you actually believe that...
  15.  Nayte

    More Dupers Streaming on Mixer

    Really not surprising what people will do for some clicks and attention.. I’d be careful about linking their stream, as it could fall into the “how to exploit” category, which is frowned upon on the forum.
  16.  Nayte

    I really hope this wasn't you...

    They absolutely have a common core structure, though as you mentioned, they did fork out, this is where and when variations in development could, and frankly should differ. From following other games which were developed and ported to console, using the same exact development structure, the pc version was not held back by the progress of the Xbox team. Often times, the pc development would be months ahead of where the Xbox version was. There would be talk of both versions being nearly identical, though this wasn’t always the case. The vast majority of features were, though there were differences. I really cannot imagine the pc team sits down to brief on what’s next in development, then say oh no we can’t continue any further until the Xbox team catches up. That would be ridiculous.
  17.  Nayte

    Okay guys...WTF?!?!?!

    I’d love something like this to be implemented again..
  18.  Nayte

    Cant find pliers anywhere!!??

    I’ve seen quite a few in those construction buildings with the rotary table. Really, they can spawn in any construction type of location, and they are very easy to miss. I’d recommend looking in first person, as the vicinity radius is not nearly as useful anymore.
  19.  Nayte

    dupers are a real piece of work

    Ban. Them. All.
  20.  Nayte

    I really hope this wasn't you...

    I see this point tossed around a lot on the pc forums.. I’ve read that the game was reverted back to its core state to implement the new engine for .63. I think some pc players just like to use the Xbox development (which by the way, is being developed by a separate team than the pc version) as an excuse. Particularly odd given the amount of time it took to get to .62 in the first place..
  21.  Nayte

    Nasty people around....

    If you hear any maniacal laughing you shoot! You keep shooting until there’s nothing but peace and quiet to follow.
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    Developers cater to people with no life outside of this game

    Exactly, that’s where my “unlike” point comes in. I could pop in 7DtD, L4D, SoD, Dying Light, ect., however this game is in a league of its own for that very reason.. No hand holding, incredibly immersive survival experience. Indeed Hard grinding? Are we still talking about DayZ here? There’s really nothing to grind for. We scavenge, sure, but not grind. I don’t think there’s enough characters for me to fully explain the range of emotions and experiences DayZ conjures up..
  23.  Nayte

    Met new friends

    It’s those little moments in between that makes for great experiences.
  24. There’s absolutely no shortage of kos players. There are however very solid and unique moments in between those instances, that makes dying frequently feel worthwhile. Dying constantly is something one has to not only expect, but accept. Once you become one with that fact it makes losing a decked character sting a little less each time. Personally, I’ve found that when I open up a dialogue with another player, typically (and I use that word lightly), folks have been receptive to being friendly, when they otherwise may have kos. Some have said that to me shortly after speaking to them, mentioning if I didn’t say anything they would’ve shot. A big issue I’ve found is that most players who are running with another tend to be in a party chat, and usually don’t want to take the risk of switching to game chat, which is a bit clunky currently. Be weary of approaching more than two players.. @pilgrim* gave you some sound advice when it comes to navigation. The more time you put in, the more familiar and easier it’ll become. I can’t stress the use of iZurvive enough. As far as survivability goes, it really comes down to a number of factors. What your play style is like, do you want mil grade gear, do you want to try and interact with others or become a hermit in the woods, and of course luck, among many others. I’ve had characters last from 15 seconds (watch out along the coast road by Elektro) up to around 50 hours of play time. I’m usually on quite late EST if you’d like to team up some time, feel free to message me.
  25. When one hears someone lost a loved one, most think it was a human relative or friend, in my case he was my 12 year old blue pit Chop who passed away a couple of hours ago. It can be very difficult being able to explain to those who are not dog people, or even animal lovers, just how close the bond can be with their furry companion. The unconditional love and happiness they give. The way they brighten up an otherwise drab day. No one can really describe it, it’s something one feels within. I’ve lost family members, however for some reason the loss of one of my canines has hit me just as hard, if not more so. I suppose this is some weird way to help me grieve, writing this in an Offtopic section on a video game forum, though here it is. What helps is that I was able to bring him to the vet when he was showing signs of great discomfort. The vet was closing, though they allowed me to bring him in. They quickly performed an ultrasound and found fluid around his heart. As they were givin him saline to comfort him as he was dehydrated, he tensed up again, let out a few more yelps, then went on to the other side. I find comfort in knowing he’s not in pain anymore, and the fact I was able to be there with him. It’s weird, something told me to take the day off of work too. Anyway, if anyone has gone through this, I feel for you.