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  1. Flyingpapaya


    Week or two at most, I go everywhere.
  2. Flyingpapaya

    DayZ Battle Royale (survivor gamez)

    https://massivelyop.com/2019/07/14/the-mop-up-dayz-gets-ready-to-test-gamez-battle-royale/ Yeah let's release more shit when the core game isn't ready. Great decision making skills here.
  3. Flyingpapaya

    locked servers

    If it came from BI I wouldn't put too much stock in it either.
  4. Flyingpapaya

    Pulling out gun locks you to FPV

    Game came with option of third person, if you don't like it play in first or in a first person only. Simple solution to a stupid whine.
  5. Flyingpapaya

    Can we just get a straight answer?

    Then come in and close a thread because talks of numbers related to what the company makes or doesn't, factual or not a simple warning or tread lightly would have been enough. If you insult bi directly in a post like I did which was vulgar you get a temp ban, all I said was "Fuck bi", vulgar yes, worthy of a temp ban with no previous stupid behavior on forums? Talk about money they make whether correct or not shouldn't be closed. I understand this is a private run forum but come on really? No reason to close, just talk correct or not who cares. Drinking is impeding my ability with sentence structure sorry. Still stands.
  6. Flyingpapaya

    Can we just get a straight answer?

    Start watching the pc section. Impulz posts there way more often than here. We come in way behind pc. We are second thought community.
  7. Flyingpapaya

    Anti Ghosting/Server Hopping Measures

  8. Flyingpapaya

    Anti Ghosting/Server Hopping Measures

    Some of us just want to play the game on console without hoppers and people ghosting. Plus it's quite rude of you to put all of us in the same group.
  9. Flyingpapaya


    They don't care. Dayz is on the back burner compared to other games.
  10. Flyingpapaya

    PC players pissed at 1.04

    Agreed 100%
  11. Flyingpapaya

    Real talk..

    Should be joystick click like pubg
  12. Flyingpapaya

    23/06/2019 Hotfix Statement

    A game people have paid for.
  13. Flyingpapaya

    Maybe it's time to go old school RPG?

    Think I'll just get fallout 1&2 on my chrome book and call it a day. Just have to stop letting the potentially amazing game that infuriates us all stop bothering me.
  14. Flyingpapaya

    Things you can't do! Fun/now you know!

    Add to this folks!
  15. If that was really your objective, you'd all band together and dupe everything, ever item out of existence so new players could not play at all. Sore excuse for a llama, maybe a admin will prevent any given voice chat except bleeps and llama noises every time you try and use Mic. Just like the good ol' days of Half-Life and it's mods.