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  1. Flyingpapaya

    Issues with update 1.0

    Yes complain about something they paid for that doesn't work correctly. It makes sense no? Especially those who saw the trailer after the release of 1.0
  2. Flyingpapaya

    Okay so this happened.

    That would be impressive if they weren't dupers...... Just a bunch of cheaters.
  3. Flyingpapaya


    Yes megaphone. You must hold down Mic as well?
  4. Flyingpapaya


    Well gentleman do they work? I've got one and a battery that I can sometimes put in it and sometimes not but since having it haven't ran across anyone to test on. And it seems to have a health bar of show sorts, not sure if for battery or....
  5. Flyingpapaya

    “I want an AK”

  6. Flyingpapaya

    Issues with update 1.0

    Yeah that's not constructive or helpful.
  7. Flyingpapaya

    Persistence is broken

    Duping is physically Fucking our games up. Cut that shit out.
  8. Flyingpapaya


    Wolves are the devil and when I hear howling I freak and run. Hard to kill those mangy bastards.
  9. Flyingpapaya

    Playing dead?

    Been kind of binge watching arma 3 stuff, shits great. Apparently you can play dead. That would be a great feature!
  10. Flyingpapaya

    Repeated game crashes

    And another....
  11. Flyingpapaya

    Repeated game crashes

    Another crash, right after a player I met. Good crashed right before.
  12. Flyingpapaya

    Repeated game crashes

    Server crashing again after massive lag
  13. Flyingpapaya

    Repeated game crashes

    Server browser not loading, doors stop working then crash and repeat. What the hell is going on? Twice in under 5 minutes.
  14. Flyingpapaya

    Quite frustrating

    I had an smg. Barrel wasnt raised till after I started lagging and they swarmed
  15. Flyingpapaya

    Quite frustrating

    To have the arms to combat multiple zombies yet when 3 or more are nearly all attacking you the game lags so much you can't fire or aim anymore while they can keep hitting you. Yay