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  1. Molecular Drift 1.0

    Time to Kill

    All of these personal jabs... I kind of regret logging into this forum at times. But to the OP, higher caliber weapons (SVD, Mosin, AKM and M4) have the best chance of killing or maiming a target at close, medium or long range. Head-shots are preferable, but as some have stated, headgear does absorb some damage if your target is wearing it. A "one-shot kill" is pretty much a head-shot on a nugget with a higher caliber weapon on a target without any headgear that isn't more resistant than cloth at most ranges.
  2. Molecular Drift 1.0

    Night-vision scope useless?

    I loved the nights as they were when first introduced on Xbox. Sure there were times of crazy darkness with rain or fog in the mix, but on a moonlit night visibility was realistic and great! I'd love to see that come back.
  3. Molecular Drift 1.0

    Did the game ran out of weapons?

    I estimate building materials for residential and commercial projects for a living and have always had a photographic memory. But... I did forgot to mention a handful of UMP-45 mags! I wasn't so worried about other players as I waited on the outskirts listening for gunshots for quite some time and have read all over this forum that most players are now in the woods duping as though it were a meth habit. I didn't see a single sole in NWAF for that entire two hour grind, so I think the members that reported that are correct, but then NWAF is pretty darn big and I spent far more time checking guard towers than anywhere else there... can't wait for ladder sliding to be back in!
  4. Molecular Drift 1.0

    Did the game ran out of weapons?

    Spent two hours looting NWAF last night and found the following; 6 tactical helmets, 5 FNX-45's, 3 UMP-45's, 8 pairs of boots, 3 pairs of gloves, 2 tanker helmets, 3 helmet shields, 4 tactical shirts, 2 jackets, 5 pairs of pants, 1 tactical vest, 1 plate carrier vest, 2 backpacks, 5 AKM folding stocks, 2 AKM poly-stocks, 1 M4 hand-guard, 2 Acog scopes, 3 Kobra sights, 13 FNX-45 magazines, 11 M4 magazines, 7 SVD magazines, 15 boxes of 45ACP ammo, 12 boxes of .556 ammo, 3 boxes of 7.62x54MMR ammo, lots of loose ammo of previously reported calibers including some 9MM, 3 combat knives and a partridge in a pear tree... The only thing I was after was 7.62x39mm, or at least mags so I could strip the ammo out them and leave mags behind. Wound up finding 5 loose rounds and one box of it in a small hamlet about an hour later. I'm sure it boils down to just a bad luck run, but darn!
  5. Molecular Drift 1.0

    Vehicle antics

    Vehicles... The greatest threat to player-characters yet...
  6. Molecular Drift 1.0


    I don't know how to dupe, nor do I care to learn. I honestly don't have an issue with anyone who duplicates items for base building at the moment, as it's a super-grinding task with the ever-present threat of losing the base to a crash, but duping weapons, ammo or tactical gear is a no-no in my book. I'm sure it'll get sorted out at some point and hopefully servers will be far more stable by then. Just my two cents on it...
  7. Molecular Drift 1.0

    Xbox CR 75 bug

    I've learned to not shoot unless absolutely needed and hope to have enough ammo to deal with everything and everyone that gets drawn to the noise... By the way, stock up on duct tape!
  8. Molecular Drift 1.0

    Night-vision scope useless?

    I really hope not. Another full week or more of rain... my ears and nerves couldn't take it. LoL!
  9. Molecular Drift 1.0

    Devs giving us the cold shoulder?

    Unfortunately not at this time, at least not on Xbox that is.
  10. Molecular Drift 1.0

    Devs giving us the cold shoulder?

    I hope the silence resembles a dinner table (if the people dining are silent, then the food is probably pretty darn good). So hopefully the developers are too busy working on the game to bother with a status report. I know... I'm an optimist...
  11. Molecular Drift 1.0

    Guess on next purge"server reset"

    Persistency is just not stable enough for me to even consider base building right now. I helped out with a base and we lost everything after a matter of a few days after the server crashed... In the meantime, I'm just continuing to learn the map, practicing long distance shooting and trying to have at least pleasant interactions with other players. Hopefully the next update will fix some issues, but as some forum members have stated, they may as well just add more to the game and perform fixes with the following update, as add-ons tend to create more problems anyway.
  12. Molecular Drift 1.0

    Sickness without coughing?

    Oh man... Although I'm not out to screw other players up (at least not at random), the possibilities...
  13. Molecular Drift 1.0

    Weapon Aiming

    I really have no issues with the current button mapping for switching aiming methods, but yes, it could do with a simpler scheme.
  14. Molecular Drift 1.0

    Server restarts, day/night cycle, loot spawning

    I didn't mind the long nights when nights were first introduced to the Xbox version as visibility was fair, at least if it wasn't foggy or raining...
  15. Molecular Drift 1.0

    Forced metas

    I, myself prefer the AKM with PSO-1 scope. Even without the ability to hold-breath, I've become a pretty crack shot with it at ranges up to 600 yards (the bullet drop is very realistic for the 7.62x39mm). A lot of my friends prefer the Mosin for sniping with PU scope (the 7.62x54r does indeed have a flatter trajectory and hits harder), but even though I've had many mosins and scopes, I have yet to even fire one to be honest with you.