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  1. You're not picking up on the essential part of my message, which is not whether or not the game is going to be done in 2019 or 2021, I'm calling out the communicators and leaders of the development team for their false promises and straight up lies through out 6 years.
  2. I don't even know why I am responding to a troll post but.. please elaborate on why my post has nothing to do with the communicators and Dayz.
  3. Falling Trees? O_o

    All I saw was some type of animal (deer?) running through the forest.
  4. Holy cow, the team are or should I say the leaders and communicators of the team are a bunch of misleading people and their right to promise anything more should be taken away.. I am so disappointed with them and so should any rational person be too, I've been here from the start in 2013 and I have never been this fooled by any company. Our relationship with Dayz and the communicators is like having a relationship with a girlfriend who suffers from a mental illness, a person who doesn't have a realistic point of view of herself and the world around her and despite that she wants good things for the relationship, for it to bloom and grow, she can't help but to constantly misuse your trust and when the shit hits the fan she immediately promises to better herself next time just to fuck you over again just because she can't control herself. Over and over and over and over again. Yet you stay in that relationship and keep reliving the same bullshit over and over until it is your new norm. I am leaving this game and team behind me in search for better things. Beta will never come this year but If it does, good for you guys, your suffering from all the misguided promises and lies (yes, lies. If a person keeps promising you things over and over and constantly fails to deliver what he/she promises it is indeed lies at the end of the day) has not been for nothing. Brandon
  5. HAHAHA! Another delay. The past and present still proves this company is never going to deliver on time.
  6. DAYZ (Game Preview) Insider Access.

    Still hope you get to do it!
  7. All Things Alien

    I'm just gonna recommend a movie called Galaxy Of Terror. Not an Alien flick but it is definitely inspired by it. I hesitated to watch GoT for several years because it looked low budget, had a terrible name and some iffy acting but it turned out to not be half bad! Specially appreciated the outfits (plastic backpacks with headlights from cars!), the very alien-like blue world and the gore! Here is some Fun facts: The guy who plays Captain Spalding from The Devil Rejects is in it, also Grace Zabriskie that stared in several of David Lynch movies and a pre-Terror-on-Elm-Street Robert Englund!
  8. Every 3 mo over last 5 years I try Dayz Again...

    I agree with every single aspect of your posts redmantab and blackberrygoo. It's a shame really.
  9. Status Report 3 July 2018

    Seems like devs are bringing up things we all already know about. Feels like we are stuck on repeat and things are constantly promised to come "soon". Beta around the corner or late next year?
  10. Stress-Test forever?

    From the past and present we know that this company will keep stalling in the future.
  11. Small suggestion for the inventory for 0.63 Experimental

    I really like your idea! It would be so much easier on the eyes.
  12. 0.63 Developer Live Stream - 14th March 2018

    I'll be watching tomorrow, anticipation is high here and hopefully this stream is not a band aid for any upcoming setbacks / bad news. Rock it guys!

    The new ambiance (winds and nature) are incredibly powerful and captures a similar feeling to when I'm out hiking in the summer time. The sound engineer/s truly nailed these.
  14. Status Report - 30 January 2018

    I freaking love this game but time is now out, patience is out, faith in this crew is starting to decompose (no pun intended). Reports are such disappointments and things are being worked on over and over again to the point of madness and extremely slow too. We want to love this game so bad but they seem to keep messing things up over and over, even though they are a crew of 80 people. How is this even possible? I love Dayz more than any other game out there but as time progresses I'm left more and more with the feeling of sadness, emptiness and disappointment when thinking about Dayz. Please Devs, get a grip and fix this, we love your game so so much!!
  15. Thoughs on Open World and the SR Report

    It's great with water but I'm have seen better to be frank. The flow animation looks outdated and very choppy, don't you think? Perhaps they will work on it some more, I hope so.