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  1. Brandon Clinch

    Investigating A Mysterious Radio Signal At Green Mountain..

    Me too! Keep it up you lovely slut (I mean that in the most loving way).
  2. Brandon Clinch


    I call bullshit. Your entire post is very lecturing in a talking-down-to kind of way. Either you are now playing dumb and innocent or you have zero introspect.
  3. Brandon Clinch

    Thoughts on QnA Dev. Stream yesterday

    It just sad.. every time they make an announcement or communicate it is either bad news, leaves the buyers /players with a iffy vibe or leaves the "scene" open for contemplating about a terrible outcome. With all that put together it would point at they truly don't have anything major to bring to the table. I mean they can't even implement ragdolls and has yet not even (in soon 4 months) been able to bring back core features. To a 1.0 game.
  4. Brandon Clinch

    Thoughts on QnA Dev. Stream yesterday

    To be fair he also stated that they won't spoil anything until they know it will be in a coming update as they have mess up that part so hard in the past. Still though, there is a lot of big question marks floating around the major issues and it seems like the devs knows as much as us about them.
  5. How many of you watched it and what is your thoughts on it? I did not go into the stream with a negative outset on the contrary I was genuinely interested in what they had to say about the state + the future and so on but very little info was given. I did not even feel a glimmer of hope and was mostly left with the impression of a tired and drained atmosphere. 70% of the questions were answered with "yeah.. uhmm.. we don't know yet honestly / we want this too, just as much as you do, but right now....." awkward silence... Two things that got me down was how Martin basically said that airplanes maybe won't even make it into the game and that the physics engine / sever communication is so messed up that they can't even implement player rag dolls without causing major issues (33:45). When he talked about the ragdoll /physic issues his whole body language came off as super tired and as if they are completely in the dark on how to fix that problem or that it is a huge undertaking. Same thing with the bow, Martin said it will take major time before it will be re-implement. On the flip side they aim to implement broken bones, sickness and hit boxes (if I did not mistake that one?) soon. Short summary: The devs only announced "we are working on it / we don't know yet / it will take long time" + news that some things like airplanes might not even make into the game and that ragdoll is a nightmare to add due to physics. Link to the stream: https://mixer.com/DayZ?vod=98056701
  6. Brandon Clinch

    What song are you listening to right now?

    Forget everything you know about Elton John (Disney, Princess Diana "Candle in the wind", silly outfits and what not) and just enjoy this one. It's a masterpiece in both production and writing.. and that comes from a guy who mostly listens to harder stuff.
  7. Brandon Clinch

    Stable Update 1.02

    The past years at HQ has come off like this to me. Fighting bugs and trying to make progress. -You need a flare? -No.. he's close.. he's real close.
  8. Brandon Clinch

    Experimental Update 1.02

    The inventory looks like this? : / https://i.imgur.com/XCLgZYZ.png Not only are cars potential projectiles but they do inflict damage now. Other than these two things + no fix for base destruction and cars bugging out the update looks good. "Fixed: Driving over character with a vehicle does not inflict damage"
  9. Brandon Clinch

    Experimental Update 1.02

    "Tweaked: Improved quickbar visuals and responsiveness" I hope this solves the issues I had yesterday. I died twice within 1 hour from a non responsive quickbar. I tried to switch to my main weapon but nothing.. Got over swarmed by zombies / shot by a player I would have taken out if the damn quickslots had worked.
  10. Brandon Clinch

    New players. "what i wish i knew when i first started playing DayZ"

    Thorough and stable list you made here. We should make some sort of nice looking manual with this as the starting pages and keep expanding with how to craft and so on...
  11. Brandon Clinch

    Stable Update 1.0150627

    Thanks ImpulZ! 🙂
  12. Brandon Clinch

    Stable Update 1.0150627

    I can't reload my M4. I got two full mags in the quick slots but when I press anyone of them my character swaps the M4 for the mag I just selected instead of reloading, soma thing with my K-AM. Am I doing something wrong here? Also R (reload) only empties the rifle's chamber. Any ideas?
  13. Brandon Clinch

    Official Cinematic Trailer

    Yuuuuuup. It's in no way a good representation of the game in my opinion, maybe the core message yes but not every other part of it. But then again I'm never interested in non gameplay trailers since they can be everything and anything but the real deal. But sure, I get it, the trailer is to convey the feel of the game... I hope they've put a little bit more effort in the coming update and that they did not put too much staff on this thing instead. Reddit seems really worried and freaking pissed at this moment.
  14. Brandon Clinch

    Here they come...

  15. Brandon Clinch

    Stable Update 1.0150627

    Yeah, I agree with you. Cross-fades and normal fades in/out are probably not 100% in yet but wouldn't be that hard to implement in the future. When we have that and some more volume adjustments to the overall mix it is going to be a perfect sounding game in my opinion. The relations to footsteps and gunshots are very good too and I hope they don't change one thing about that. It's a hard hitting and incredibly scary difference much like it would be in real life.