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  1. Small suggestion for the inventory for 0.63 Experimental

    I really like your idea! It would be so much easier on the eyes.
  2. 0.63 Developer Live Stream - 14th March 2018

    I'll be watching tomorrow, anticipation is high here and hopefully this stream is not a band aid for any upcoming setbacks / bad news. Rock it guys!

    The new ambiance (winds and nature) are incredibly powerful and captures a similar feeling to when I'm out hiking in the summer time. The sound engineer/s truly nailed these.
  4. Status Report - 30 January 2018

    I freaking love this game but time is now out, patience is out, faith in this crew is starting to decompose (no pun intended). Reports are such disappointments and things are being worked on over and over again to the point of madness and extremely slow too. We want to love this game so bad but they seem to keep messing things up over and over, even though they are a crew of 80 people. How is this even possible? I love Dayz more than any other game out there but as time progresses I'm left more and more with the feeling of sadness, emptiness and disappointment when thinking about Dayz. Please Devs, get a grip and fix this, we love your game so so much!!
  5. Thoughs on Open World and the SR Report

    It's great with water but I'm have seen better to be frank. The flow animation looks outdated and very choppy, don't you think? Perhaps they will work on it some more, I hope so.
  6. A challenge

    I approve of this message.
  7. Stable Update 0.62.143758

    Here came the PR agents again. Next year will be the year for Dayz! Hold on to your butts! Just look at Brians body language. How his back is positioned, his shoulders, the way he moves, the way his eyes twitch. Yum.