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  1. boiling water,coffee,candles,meatsoup,fishsoup,sleeping mechanic with sleeping bags to restore and gain extra stamina..
  2. kopo79

    Is this game officialy dead ?

    and to be clear...i dont count visiting in game forum and answering some questions as a "work"
  3. kopo79

    Is this game officialy dead ?

    where is devs?no baty or impuls in forums for a while? if you guys have some holiday from work...it doesent mean that you cant come to official forums just say something and make mark that you are even alive? do we get fishing this year?....(hope for answer for sunday but realistic for next week thursday or next next week or week after) impuls were on forums thursday and baty was 24 april....the main devs visit never here. and weekend....not one dev visit here.....sorry...but it feels quite bad.....if you love and care for something,it doesent really what day is it when you contribute
  4. kopo79

    HUGE Stamina mechanics improvement

    this would be great addition in game. of course modders would took this off like stamina but there is few servers where this would fit perfectly. there would be reason to stay in game at night....resting to just get that extra stamina. tea before resting would give you better "sleep"...you gain stamina faster. coffee would give you momentary buff to stamina. also sleeping bag would be needed.
  5. just tested this server and you should really consider to tweak apples,pears,plums...its winter but im still finding fruits from the ground.
  6. so how these seasons change work?is it like 4 weeks of winter,then spring,summer, autumn? is there in different season,different setup in animals,fruits? something like this?
  7. for me,things has turned to slightly positive cos of few servers that runs true hardcore settings...but really i would like to know what is situtiation about,fishing,bows and diseases? we dont have any status reports anymore and in customers mind,predictting about those features is just...maybe this year or next.... but just wanna know that is fishing/bow/diseases developing even started?? months not years?
  8. kopo79

    Thoughts on QnA Dev. Stream yesterday

    do we have fishing this year?
  9. kopo79

    Unpopular Opinion

    no...buy character for 3 dollars and get barrel stuck in hands...(it was bug in 0.62...only cure was killing yourself to get rid of the damned barrel) there is some server called 1 life server...if you die,you are banned from the server for that season.
  10. kopo79

    Polls: Blood & Health values in DayZ

    one thing what i dont like its that when starving or shotted in leg...the result is same. character starts to limb.it just feels cheap system. getting shotted and starving should be separated somehow...at least,if your hydration is low and your hungry as monkey...your stamina bar should start go low first. not like that you havent eat for an 2 hours.....you start limb and die. i would go even that your character starts to walk if calories are low but after 2 minutes resting,you can jog for a while. dying in thirst and hunger should be longer process.
  11. kopo79

    Polls: Blood & Health values in DayZ

    medical system in dayz nowadays is=rags
  12. kopo79

    Thoughts on QnA Dev. Stream yesterday

    i havent played that mod but is it really working?...just...i dont understand. devs cant develope crossbow but we allready had mod for it? or is it because xbox and ps4 cant have mods so they cant officially add crossbow or what...explain? also there is now mod what makes player to vomit if eating raw meat or suspicious mushrooms...in two years,why devs coudnt add vomit effects? was there any word about fishing?...i thinkt that its same as bow...very hard to implement....so we need fishing mod....
  13. kopo79

    What is the hydration limit?

    Of course its just my opinion...but i like immersion. Those who dont care about it...they dont care if you have to eat 15times in day to night cycle
  14. kopo79

    What is the hydration limit?

    All hunger and thirst thingys should be adjusted with the servers day to night acceleration.
  15. kopo79

    Stable Update 1.02

    I noticed other day that it was impossible for me to take map from the car