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  1. i have tried to find real hardcore survival server but really cant find it. few server owners have tried to achieve this but seems to be that tweaking and modding is not easy....im not modder or server owner...just a player. when im talking hardcore,its not just 1pp...its difficult server where you have to fight against dangers to get yourself up from difficulties. there is few mods allready what could be needed in this server.i try to put them in this thread. for me problem is that there is way too much stuff spawning. if i start new character,i have found pistol after 30 mins,i have backpack,matches,many food items...its get boring when you dont suffer a little:D do anyone else like this kind of gameplay? i kind of miss the killer rain from 0.62...it was maybe little overkill but...there was something in terms of "survival" also empty coastal cities i miss...i always searced few houses and then start to move in north. few days ago when i was playing i found three pistols and maybe four knifes in just 45 minutes...i closed dayz. the real hardcore gameplay should be tested...examble when you find bandage roll in game,you should be "wuhuu,great" but with all the rags and clothes and knifes,finding bandage is just plain. so...what kind of mods you like to see developed to get this kind of gameplay? or what kind of tweaks you you wanna see... few mods from workshop: LessVegetablesHarvest https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1675754556 LessSkinningMeat https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1670944414 Healthtweak https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1682203063 Zombies-Health-rebalance https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1633167429 lessclothesrags https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1685080859 LessClothesRagsOnlyPristine https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1690178971 less vegetables and less meat is because every player seems to be farmers and butchers on top quality. healthtweak is because in vanilla,health regen is superfast...if you take hit,it takes just 5 minutes to get all back. zombie tweak is to get some variety for zombies health. less rags from clothes is encourage to people use bandage rolls.also,clothes seems to be everywhere. i have tested this and in 20 minutes i had maybe 15 rags...and other point is to make hospitals as hotspot to meet other players. lessclothesragsonlypristine is that you can have only rags from pristine clothes.(with only two rags i cant recommend you to go military area or big citys) also many items need decreasing and tweaking. backpacks knives,machetes,axes. canned food remove soda from boats after this,game needs coldness effects and diseases. i would consider also radiation zone mod to make some "quests" for players.(some valuable loot only in radiation zones) also if 28dayslater mod would be less killing(it kills you in 60 seconds) i would like to see this mod also. less inventory on clothes also would be needed because i can put cooking pot in my jeans.
  2. kopo79

    Invisible zombies

    its same town where im attacked two times by the ghost... that town is cursed!
  3. kopo79

    the real hardcore survival server

    that kind of gameplay what im seeking...i dont believe that we gonna see that happen in next update or even never. im trying to find gameplay where loot is low,at start of the life,you suffer but if you manage to get yourself up from the troubles,you feel alive. im trying to find gameplay,where you have to somehow plan your moves....if you have to take trip to hospital,you have to prepare yourself for the upcoming efforts. but ps4 dayz coming...i dont see that official gameplay servers have nothing hardcore. updated the first post one exiting mod. every mod is not maybe realistic but i think that good gameplay is builded upon with gameplay/realistic approach
  4. kopo79

    seasons for server?

    i know that dynamic seasons are maybe impossible to do but we have autumn as default...then we have in steam workshop winter and summer...only spring is missing. so can server owner just change from autumn to winter and players and stuff is still persistent in server? if this is possible to do,is there allready planning to do different kind of layouts for different season map? apples only on autumn examble?
  5. kopo79

    the real hardcore survival server

    What you mean? In server what i have been testing canned foid is reduced...guns reduced,meat from animals reduced and i havent seen chickens at all...maybe wolfs have eaten all the chickenz
  6. kopo79

    the real hardcore survival server

    yeah,,,maybe some object should some need tweak on their sizes.or maybe new cooking pot should be modded.i know that there is smaller cooking pots what is designed to hiking. hmm...is that logo in left bottom from radiation mod? just wonder that if modder can make new stat,could there be tiredness mod?
  7. kopo79

    Unpacking Ammo

    on pc...there is pens and you can write to paper...but its not be saved.paper is always empty after picking it up
  8. kopo79

    the real hardcore survival server

    kills...i have killed just one player in dayz,for self defence:D he hit me with axe on head but i stick the wooden stick into his eye...:D im friendly hobo living in woods.:D so if im grilling meat on woods...dont hit me with axe!
  9. kopo79

    the real hardcore survival server

    Scripted events would bring more variety in chernarus but first we need to make players to make their quests,collecting medice,better clothes,find gun and food ,seeking place to be but everything like this is done in 30 minutes.im glad to see that few servers try to do something hardcore but then there is another problem...no players!.
  10. can your backpack go ruined?you cant use it anymore or?how about damaged backpack? is there difference on pristine and damaged other that how it looks.
  11. kopo79

    the real hardcore survival server

    little updated in first post...added some mods what could really add some survival.
  12. Maybe it would be good to have thread where you can ask or discuss everything...even a little things. So i start with this: https://www.reddit.com/r/dayz/comments/1zxml3/dayz_view_distance_demonstration/ http://imgur.com/a/YEf6M Is this legit? So if i just go prone in open field in grass,im not sitting duck there?
  13. kopo79

    Dont wanna make new thread?Use this!

    hey,anyone remember how apples,plums and pears work? these keeps spawning all the time. i go maybe 30 meters from appletree and its sure that new apple spawns. i have just fear that we have infinite apples again.... im on empty server
  14. kopo79

    Dead by Dawn | Hardcore 1pp

    what kind of gameplay you are aiming on your server?
  15. best server for hardcore survival fans... the server settings just forced me to sneak past infecteds...it has not happen for me since dayz mod...
  16. kopo79

    the real hardcore survival server

    i have also noticed in this raining thingy...sometimes there is no wind sound....if i log out and in again....wind sound is back
  17. kopo79

    the real hardcore survival server

    yes...there is flaws in game like that relog system...köhöm ...loot...köhöm farming...köhöm... but basic foundation for great survival experience is lacking. i can pretend (i dont want to) and use my imagination for some point. but if i look how this is going i have one fear....dayz is brutal apocalypse game where every move you make is important just imagine yourself wander lost and empty landscape where you suffer always lack of something....medical,social relatinoship,guns,bullets....then comes the ps4 release. new customers dont wanna gameplay like in this thread....ps4 players wanna loot,and loot and loot and shoot and kill.. i just wanna find backpack and maybe meet some somewhere
  18. kopo79

    What Is The Best Movie Ever Made ?

    for me,i have always liked green mile. maybe,that ending was so...i almost cry!....but im a man...i dont cry.:D
  19. kopo79

    the real hardcore survival server

    i have now little tested this server here and really like it. there is still few things what i would like to see changed but those things are out of reach of server owners. im not sure if even modders can do anything about it...the forever dilemma for me..its like obsession to me. eating raw meat and no feel the coldness. do anyone know is there way to easy to change calories for raw/cooked meat?....just put 1 calorie for raw meat and make people start fires in woods for the extra calories!. and also,way to set that how many rags you need to stop bleeding?...with hundreds of rags in gameworld,stopping bleeding is too easy.
  20. kopo79

    the real hardcore survival server

    Yes.that was fun experience but i thought when 1.0 and modding comes i dont have to pretetend or play with my imagination
  21. kopo79

    the real hardcore survival server

    again one evening gone to search "that" server. there is few promising servers for me but not perfect. i just hate that when im starting to play and in third house...shotgun.yei! next house...backpack.
  22. kopo79

    the real hardcore survival server

    yeah...group up with one person is a start. i have few times experienced this and its one of the best experiences what you could have in this game. but just now,i dont need to group up cos i can just "survive" alone. but if infecteds would give danger and it would be dangerous to go hospitals alone to find bandages,antibiotics.crucial for survival...better to group with someone. one examble is firedrill kit...it kills the purpose of matches...firedrill kit is nice to have cos its primitive firemaking but just too easy in game. just tweak firedrill timer to 5 minutes...now you can no fire primitive way but its a lot easier to just find matches....and for future mod,lighter EDIT: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1680393120 just found that mod...do anyone know if any server runs it? EDIT2 just found one server but it has only max players 20...its quite low,but im still gonna test this EDIT3 that server crash for some buggy car_soba error.
  23. kopo79

    Official Cinematic Trailer

    i like this thread at reddit...people have to remember that its just cinematic trailer,made with unreal engine.game doesent look like that at all. but really,there is way too much gap in that trailer and actual game.
  24. kopo79

    Official Cinematic Trailer

    in trailer...there should be survivor eating whole sheep raw and then running naked in freezing rain.thanks.