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  1. Adas 4x4

    Well sometimes they are half in the ground thats true, but if the car has 4 wheels and you go into the driveseat, it should be no problem anymore. Thats just my experience and it worked.
  2. Hey survivors Does anyone know how to fix a car (Ada 4x4) which is rapidly losing fuel because of some accidents? It seems that the car Im using right now has a hole in the fuel container inside.. Regards, Raptor.
  3. giftboxes/ presents

    they never spawn empty, someone looted it before.
  4. NEW MAP Namalsk

    Hi devs, hi survivors Since I can remember, Adam is working on Namalsk right ? I hope it will be out soon. Any hints when it will be out ? Pls devs we want it so badly thats so epic!
  5. A hacker or just bad luck?

    Welcome in DayZ, you will encounter much more frustration against other players, thats why you should never call your self the best player in DayZ. DayZ is about INTERACTION, not ONLY about PVP or Battleroyal ;) If you dont understand that you are truly a lost survivor in DayZ who will always... FAIL to survive.
  6. Server crash caused base wipe

    It was on an official multiplay server.
  7. Hello devs, hi survivors Im very happy with the progress of dayz, I'm a player since the beginning and it just gets better. But something bad happened, on an official server there was a server crash and the whole base with the containers are gone now... Its just frustrating spending so many hours for a very strong base built with friends and then everything is just gone... I hope this will be fixed ASAP! its such a waste. Regards, Raptor
  8. Official Server crash? or?

    ok it was server crash, but the good thing is the server saved everything and after some hours it worked properly.
  9. Hi survivors Soo.. I was playing on an official server. It was a NL Multiplay.com server. Me and my friends built a base somewhere and one time I was logging in and saw one survivor coming inside because the base wasn't complete. I killed him and when I startet looting him the server crashed.... Then the message showed me this: "you were kicked out of the game" Now my question is: Was it really a official server with a random crash which is totaly okey or was that guy the owner of the server? Regards, Raptor
  10. 5 Years of people's lives

    DayZ isn't dead. HOW on earth is 30k people which were online this weekend DEAD? Somebody has to explain this pls..
  11. Very good news, thx for your awesome and hard work devs! Important is that the night and daytime should have more speed, maybe 4 hours day and 2 hours night. Just like in the older DayZ version where the time is acclerated. Regards, Raptor.
  12. Pls fix the night issue

    Just add the acclimation like some hours night some hours night. But the night now is perfect, it should be dark! :)
  13. Server hopping - base security

    Hello Survivors, Hi Devs I hope you are all well. Not long ago the devs talked in a Status Report about server hopping regarding to base building security, but they actually don't know how to solve this problem. My only suggestion would be that there is only one character per server, like in Unturned or private servers. If this issue is solved the devs can focus on the balancing of base building. For example, a metal sheet base should be only destroyable by explosives which are rare items, hard to find. Base raiding should be hard (not easy like now with crowbar etc, or not impossible) but there should be a rewarding sense to build a base which is very time consuming, yes it should be time consuming of course :) And yes, the persistence should be for ever, the players dont want to build a base for weeks and it disappears after some time. Regards, Raptor
  14. Which Vehicles are in BETA now?

    Yeah me too...