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  1. It's Been 6 Years

    How on earth is December 2013 to now six years? Come back when you can manage some simple maths boy.
  2. Hi all Pls devs fix this, This happened to me also one or two times and this is a very critical and frustrating bug because thats why people stop playing... But to end this of course thx for all your hard work <3 :) Cheers, Raptor.
  3. What I Think Players Really Want

    How I should change my playstyle? The only playstyle is SPAWN - LOOT - SURIVE - DIE There is nothing left anymore, we need more content and most importantly vehicles and base building. DayZ is my favorite game, but after 1600 hours I'm sick of playing with the same goals over and over again. I'm happy that with 0.63 stable all these things will be implemented, so lets just wait :)
  4. What I Think Players Really Want

    For me, DayZ needs vehicles and base building and this will come definetly during BETA. Now DayZ is in a very good shape, but for me after 1600 hours of DayZ experience I just want more goals, instead of always looting killing and dying. DayZ needs MORE GOALS, very important.
  5. 0.63 Experimental Release

    80 players or 60 players on exp. servers?
  6. 0.63 Experimental Release

    same for me :)
  7. Sneaky Sniper

    The sniper rifles in the game aren't in military bases, if you really want the snipers with hunting scope there are only 2 weapons atm: B95 rifle and Winchester, you can only find them in civilian buildings, not military buildings and tents. I hope you will find some, cheers :) Raptor.
  8. Dayz over wifi

    Hey mtv97, good to hear that you come back! To make it clear: I always played DayZ since the beginning with wifi and it works fine, so no need to worry about :) Of course if you have a slow internet connection you will have these problems mentioned in your text, but apart from that there is no big difference. Have fun at chernarus, you should definetly try 0.63 when the next stress test begins! Its a much better game now ! Cheers, Raptor
  9. What I expect from BETA Unconscious System

    I really like your suggestion, but it should be only 30 sec or maybe more to revive someone (only if hitting not badly parts such as heart brain etc), if this will be implemented but has very bad balance, then it literally kills the real authentic DayZ experience because this game isn't PUBG or Fortnite. But yeah appart from that, being znconscious with this implementation like in the video would be super appreciated!
  10. Stress Test vol.15

    its closed now
  11. Stress Test vol.15

    Thx alot for the report and answer! Me but also the community appreciate your work alot guys <3! :)
  12. Stress Test vol.15

    I have one question devs: The Stress test which was the hole weekend was very well and stable... so why since then all the stress tests are much more unstable and having crashes etc.. ? Because I don't really understand why. :'D Thx for you hard work, we love this build so much ! :)
  13. Stress Test vol.14

    The character while breathing is a bit too loud, after lots of running the character makes too noisy breathing sound effects. But netherless the rest was awesome! :) very good job!
  14. My Suggestions/Wishes for DayZ

    Thx Caatalyst :) I appreciate your comment alot! Yeah, I totally agree mate, it will be surely nice balancing.
  15. Stress Test vol.13

    Love the new blood effects!