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  1. We are turning off some Stable servers

    Good point ImageCtrl, I was wrong, so still enough time left :)
  2. We are turning off some Stable servers

    So does that mean 0.63 comes this month? the livestream was in the beginning of march and when I heared "weeks" then it should probably release this month (6-8 weeks after livestream), otherwise eugen should have said "months" right ... ? But netherless keep up the great work devs, you can do this :)! Best wishes, Raptor.
  3. Ability to kick

    It isn't really necessary, I mean you have hands why using legs? But still good idea though.
  4. [Gamemode] Player Zombies VS Players

    They said it on the 0.63 livestream in march, well they said they will test it with an event.
  5. Zombie Fix for .63

    Well for me the zombies should be stronger. There is too much PVP in this game, which ruins the real DayZ experience, so in my eyes zombies should be almost as feared as enemy players. Just imagine the immersion, that would be a huge step forward for dayz... !
  6. [Gamemode] Player Zombies VS Players

    It's not a bad idea... but I think the only gamemode they want to release is the BattleRoyal gamemode. So I assume with the modding tools there will be a possible gamemode as you mentioned above.
  7. Low recoil in BETA

    Yeah indeed.
  8. DayZ

    just reset the filters and you will be fine mate, you will never regret the day you bought dayz ;)
  9. Low recoil in BETA

    But at the PC build of 0.63 on the livestream it was totally the same guys... so you still think its WIP also on the pc build?
  10. Low recoil in BETA

    Ok mate, so yeah let's hope it will be balanced :) Sorry for being a bit insulting lol ...
  11. Low recoil in BETA

    So tell me why is the recoil in 0.62 bad? It shouldn't be easy to aim (recoil), thats all I want it should stay like it was before.
  12. Low recoil in BETA

    The PC build of the BETA is also with s... recoil, its totally the same like on xbox and no why was the 0.62 recoil was shit? its more challenging so I assume you aren't good at aiming with recoil aren't you?
  13. Low recoil in BETA

    If you watch this following video... you will notice that the AKM has literally no RECOIL, or just a bit. Its at 11:44... I mean no pls change this... dayz has to be a challenging game... there has to be recoil for all weapons, some have alot some have less... but pls thats an AKM with SKS rounds thats even less recoil than a m4a1! SO PLS I HOPE THAT WILL BE CHANGED, the 0.62 recoil was perfect!
  14. My Suggestions/Wishes for DayZ

    Of course PVP in DayZ is so unique, challenging and you feel like that you have an heart attack, I have over 1500 hours of DayZ, but there are just too much bandits. I dont say there should be no bandits, but maybe with PVE elements to keep SURVIVORS more as a team, but of course bandits should also remain a threat! So it isn't a easy task tbh...
  15. "Forum Exclusive" Experimental Server(s)

    WOW, thats a very good idea ! especially testing horrible glitchy buggy things, but to be there with privat access, to have a truely 100% opinion. In BETA we trust! <3