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  1. Even tho i don't like the look of 0.62, that looks great! ;)
  2. New Content "Cooking Pot"

    Cooking pot was there for few years now. :D But! The new holding animations looks kinda cute.
  3. Newsletter Registration for Server Owners

    Hey, they've said this on the twitter.
  4. Any info

    DayZ is going to launch this year with Xbox Game preview. No idea what releasing the game on Xbox has to do with your "quiting the game after 2k play time" but okay I guess. Tell me, would you rather want to get the full release tommorow, that will be broken and unfinished, or wait few more months to get the full game in your hands? I hear a lot of people crying about the Early Acces state, that is too long, other games came faster, ect ect - But that's not quite right. Other games, like Rust, Ark, Miscreated are made with use of already existing Game Engines - Developers don't need to make the technology from the scratch, so they can focus only on adding their own stuff, even with that, these games took 3-4 years to get released from Early Acces, so nearly 5 years of work with DayZ, where they made both - the game, and the engine is not very long time. If Bohemia would make Enfusion first, then announce that they'll do game called "DayZ" for the first time to the players, then launch the game in Early Acces, but this time the game is already on pre-existing engine, that wouldn''t take that long to actually make it, there is a big difference between all those games and dayZ... You know why? With Ark, Rust and all the other EA games, we can see the developing of the GAME, with DayZ we can see developing of both, engine and the game it self, which takes time.
  5. New player

    Hand gestures do work normally, so be sure that you haven't done anything with the keybinds, cos they are a little bit bugged at this moment. Just set it to default. About weight, yea... as much as for some items it needs to be balanced, that you still have to think carefully what are you gonna take, and what not.
  6. And yet another Bug with this broken game...

    its been nearly 5 years, and its not at its worst. Games take 6-7 years to develop, believe or not.
  7. New player

    Right now I cannot tell you what to do, beside trying to interact with people. Try to get into your character, become it - and I promise you, you'll enjoy the game much longer. This has to be enough for you for now, at lest till base building gets in - So you can actually save your gear somewhere on the map and protect it, make a community ect. For now, just try to get some joy from other people on the map, but be careful, DayZ world is full of bandits and traitors! ^_^ About guns and gear, there is an official wikipedia https://dayz.gamepedia.com/DayZ_Standalone_Wiki <=== Here. I cannot promise that its actuall, but for now there is no other source with all of the gear in game. Keep in mind that there is a limited amount of this stuff in the current 0.63 experimental version, but it will get better. :) In the current version we have (From what I can remember) - AKM, IZH Rifle, SVD, MP5, UMP, Scorpion, FNX pistol, Makarov and CR75. With the next big content patch that's (From what I think) its going to be on the stress test branch next week they'll add Mosin and m4. I hope i helped somehow. :-)
  8. And yet another Bug with this broken game...

    No comment xD
  9. And yet another Bug with this broken game...

    Can you stop behaving like a toxic kid? Thanks. Now... Character locked in data base is a problem, but if you look at the first stress test and now - its far, far, far better. (It happens when server crashes.) :) + If you would spent 10 second on reading... you'd see in the main menu of the game "Character locked in data base should resolve it self within an hour." For me, never waited more than 10 minutes. And yes, the game IS IN EA... yes, developing games takes 5-6 years to do so. Enjoy your game.
  10. The state of current gameplay

    Speed of getting hungry/thirsy is by no means final, so don't worry, there is still a lot of balancing to be done. :-) The other thing, its actually pretty easy to find food, which is not going down as fast as water is, you just need to know where to look for it. Try to search carefully every corner you encounter, every piece of clothing on the ground, kill some infected, cos the food drop rate is pretty hight from them. (Or at least i have some great luck.)
  11. New player

    As much as I would love to play with you, I just kinda prefer to play with my close friends only. BUT! If you have ANY questions related to the game, feel free to ask me here, i'll try to help as much as I can. :-)
  12. Character Creation is broken af.

    You're welcome. :-)
  13. Character Creation is broken af.

    It works, but whenever you join the server, you already have a living character that you gotta kill to get the one you made. About naming, yup, there is no option to do so, cos there is no need to. You cannot check pulse yet, but its gonna be working soon. Besides that, I don't think that this is kind of a 'priority" for now. Its just how you look.
  14. pls add the american 180

    Can I have a large cola and some pancakes please? :3