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  1. Vernon_Price

    Rotate Items In Inventory

    (nvm my bad - didn't see that its a mod topic. Kappa)
  2. Vernon_Price

    Adding NPCs

    For that you need to write an soldier AI from scratch, its not impossible, but there is no documentation of how to do so as well.
  3. Vernon_Price

    This GAME IS A JOKE!

    Its not luck, its called "going north".
  4. Vernon_Price

    Thoughts on QnA Dev. Stream yesterday

    I don't think we'll get one tbh. Its april... and it was supossed to be released at the end of january.
  5. Vernon_Price

    Thoughts on QnA Dev. Stream yesterday

    To be honest with ya'? As much as I am disappointed with another Xbox Q&A stream, I am thrilled of Martin's professionality if it comes to questions, I'm sorry but ""yeah.. uhmm.. we don't know yet honestly" " awkward silence..." completly destroyes ANY sense of trust for anything he says. Even if you don't know something as a community manager, you could save that situation with "We're not able to release any other information in that case at this point, but we assure you that as fast as there will be somethnig to share with you, we'll hopefully will" - Boom, no akward silence, no "we don't know" answers, by that community has more insurance that their waiting is worth it. That is what I think of this stream.
  6. Vernon_Price

    Combination Lock False

    It doesn't work and there is no way to fix it besides destroying the whole gate. Issue is already posted on the feedback tracker... since 4 months.
  7. Vernon_Price

    This GAME IS A JOKE!

    Ofc they are. They haven't imlpement Sprays back into the game yet, you were able to recolor weapons and ghillie with that before the new engine.
  8. Vernon_Price

    This GAME IS A JOKE!

    yup, there is only 1 color of ghillie on Pc as well. Unless you install mods.
  9. Vernon_Price

    This GAME IS A JOKE!

    And how do you know if they duplicated them or not? Me and my friend played for 3 days on a public, experimental server on PC, no server hopping, server was mainly highly populated - After 3 days we've got basically everything, base, ghillie, and we didn't duplicate anything. (Actually I don't even know how to do that) This game can be hard for a new player at the beginning, but once you get yourself together and travel up north, or even just a bit inland, you get this -
  10. Vernon_Price

    Do a BattleRoyale

    As far as I know they're making something about Survivors Game Z, their own take at BR game mode, there is no more details about that.
  11. Vernon_Price

    Tyre repair

    Haven't actually broke any tiers yet... but in the old version you were supossed to aim with a Tire repair kit AT the tire, that was laying on the ground, try that.
  12. Vernon_Price

    Not played for a week

    Didn't they state like 1 day after the issue appeared, that if you get locked 5 times, your character deletes itself and you can actually play after that with a new one tho...?
  13. Vernon_Price


    DayZ dev team - People that are making the game Bohemia Interactive - Also people that are making the game, but also publishing it. If you're a self publisher, only you simply care if your sales are low/high, and Microsoft can't do anything about it. Its Bohemia's Game, not Microsoft's.
  14. Vernon_Price


    What that has to do with anything...?
  15. Vernon_Price


    Released doesn't mean that its finished. The developing is still very active, so a roadmap would be very useful for the community. (Made with sense ofc.)