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  1. 1.0 - Provides BASIC and CORE features in a stable state with no major bugs. <--- DayZ 1.0 does that. 1.0 doesn't mean by ANY means "finall" "finished" product. Development doesn't stop here, its just a number that means they left Early Access, which this game didn't needed in its current state. There is still more to come.
  2. Well, now you know for the future! :-)
  3. No, its not a bug. Watch carefully from where the bleed effects its getting out of your body, cause you can have more wounds than 1. 1 bandage = 1 wound. In this case you had more than 2. :-)
  4. Terrain textures not loading in Bulldozer correctly

    Did you convert your textures with "ImageToPAA" tool ?
  5. Adding back weapons?

    All of old weapons are gonna get added in Post release (which is now.) and there are gonna be new. Nobody will tell you "when" tho, as nobody knows. We are supossed to get a road map at the beginning of 2019.
  6. Guess when helicopters will be in

    As far as we all know (From what devs have said over these years) only animal companion is cancelled for now, so other features and content are still planned, as they were.
  7. Guess when helicopters will be in

    I guess we'll know by the beginning of the 2019, as they want to give us a road map.
  8. Experimental Update 0.63.149887

    Delete /my documents/DayZ and it will be fixed. I did that at the first patch they annouced it - worked. :)
  9. Experimental Update 0.63.149887

    And THAT is what i call a good update. GG! :)
  10. Gun jamming

    On PC you just simply hold the reload button... maybe try the same with your controller, cause unjamming is on both platforms.
  11. Repair Bug?

    Tbh it was the same issue on exp on PC 2 days ago, try to drop the sewing/leather kit and put the cloth you want to repair into your hands, aim wit hit on the kit on the ground, it should work.
  12. Surrender emote

    My bad then. :-) Thanks!
  13. M3S vehicle?

    Parts are there, but vehicle isn't yet. They want to give it some time to get it working properly. We have only Ada (Lada) now.
  14. Surrender emote

    it drops the item on the ground, its not deleting the item...
  15. BI Needs to Postpone 1.0

    Chill. Nothing needs to be postponded and won't be. We've been at this topic already, get over it.