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  1. couple of small glitches

    These aren't glitches, but placeholders. :)
  2. DayZ on PS4

    DayZ will come out on PS4 next year, as a full released title. PS4 doesn't have the game preview program.
  3. Community Spotlight - 8 October 2018

    They have already said that they are polishing and fixing bugs for Experimental Beta update. Not sharing info for few days doesn't mean that development stopped. :)
  4. Community Spotlight - 8 October 2018

    I love this, there is more stuff to look after than just Status Reports! <3
  5. When’s the next update ?!

    The update will come, when its ready.
  6. Females?

    How do you think woman sound like when they are out of breath? Bloody hell kids. :D
  7. Do we have long range scopes yet?

    There will be no option to put Long Range scope for Mosin. As Eugen said in one of the interviews from latest Gamescom - Mosin is tier 1-2 weapon, using long range scope would make it OP, not 1-2 tier weapon. :)
  8. You need to fix the gun bugs

    Being 21 yo doesn't make you an adult. The way you behave does the magic. ;)
  9. wolves

    "Couldn't reload my weapon" doesn't really give much information for the developers, you know that, right?
  10. Question for the devs

    https://twitter.com/DayZ and https://dayz.com/blog - check them out, and ask the question again. :-)
  11. Will there be weekly updates to add new stuff from the pc build?

    Console games are more expensive than PC version of them, nothing special about it, consoles are cheaper than good PC, and you don't have tu upgare it after the time. About the game it self, It is the same version of the game. Few features might be disabled, but that doesn't make it a different version. Content updates will first hit PC stress test servers, and there is no thing such as "weekly updates", update is coming when its ready to go for public. They've said that they wanna release updates in if possible, at the same time or with minimal delay on Xbox.
  12. Melee System Fix

    You cannot expect it to work fair, if you just spam. Use that block option, use that dodge, heavy attacks, stun him, there is a lot of mechanics that can help you win. The factor that take care about who is gonna win, depends on how healthy you are, how fed, hydrated, clothes you wear, ect ect.
  13. Even tho i don't like the look of 0.62, that looks great! ;)