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  1. Does serverTimePersistent work?

    Does not work afaik. Wish it did...
  2. HIHBGaming.net - DayZ Servers AU/EU/USA - 1pp & 3pp

    All servers updated to version 0.63.148873. Enjoy!
  3. HIHBGaming.net - DayZ Servers AU/EU/USA - 1pp & 3pp

    Yeah we need Beta. And as far as events, mass disconnects and server crashes don't make for good events. Seeing these problems on multiple servers with lots of players on them. Solid stability just isn't there atm with these released server files. Don't get me wrong, they're good to have but they do need some love. ;)
  4. HIHBGaming.net - DayZ Servers AU/EU/USA - 1pp & 3pp

    Just waiting on more content, which should be soon™
  5. We have 3 brand spanking new DayZ servers up and running with more to come! USA Servers - Separate 1pp & 3pp Hives This server will be closing down Oct 19th 2018 AU Servers - 3pp EU Servers - 1pp We're here as always to provide the full DayZ experience. New servers are being modded slowly to enhance DayZ as a Horror Survival Game as we see it. More info can be found on our website HIHBGaming.net or Hop into our Discord
  6. Server persistent time

    For shits and giggles I've turned off the file autofix just to see what happens. Will post findings. Edit: Unfortunately same result with file autofix off.
  7. Server persistent time

    Server is saving everything else. Just the time resets which is odd and it's definitely set to serverTimePersistent=1;
  8. Server persistent time

    Anyone else having issue with persistent time not working? Seems although I have it set to on, it resets to the initial server start time upon restart. Is it broken?
  9. Private Shard Shared Database

    Currently in the server.cfg instanceId = 1; // DayZ server instance id to identify number of instances per box and their storage folders with persistence files Set them with the same number.
  10. Server files release update

    Shit happens and as always, we're waiting patiently. ;)
  11. A first look at DayZ Modding

    Can't wait to get our hands on these modding tools!
  12. Stable Update 0.61.137741

    Whether or not this makes a huge difference with our servers and having events to other servers. We do not reset persistence, so profiling a server such as ours with a big event may reveal some much needed data.
  13. Stable Update 0.61.137741

    As Sneaky as stated we typically do our events(in US anyway) on Saturdays at 9pm Central which is 10pm EST. If needed we can try and get something together this week on Friday night to help with this. We may need some extra bodies since it's such short notice. What time were you thinking? Anything else you need from HIHB whether it be from our US, AU or EU servers, just let me know. Let's Make DayZ Great Again! :)
  14. Stable Update 0.61.137741

    We know exactly what you're talking about there Sneaky. It is a problem with our events; or any server's events for that matter; and having that many people within the same network bubble. People not being able to login within that bubble, the extreme desync and the general wonkiness of having that many people in close proximity. It's a problem that highly effects our events and playability of those said events. This happens across all our servers during events, some instances are worse than others but the general problems always rear their heads. Network code needs some serious love... I know, I know... Alpha :D
  15. Stable Branch 0.61.136821

    Trees are your friends mate. You can and I have done it so many times, light fires under trees. Trees protect you from the rain and all you need, from a freshie standpoint to combat rain/cold/hypothermia is a stone knife, some birch bark, some sticks and a hand drill made from bark. Easy as... And yes, I've done this when it's pissing down rain in game. ;)