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  1. Awaiting the option to swap existing HIHB servers to .63 Exp...
  2. HIHB Servers are alive and well. Make sure you click the community tab in the server browser to finds us! Event on US Reg tonight 9pm Central!
  3. Events this Saturday on AU & US Reg! Come one come all! HIHBGaming.net for details
  4. Stable Update 0.61.137741

    Whether or not this makes a huge difference with our servers and having events to other servers. We do not reset persistence, so profiling a server such as ours with a big event may reveal some much needed data.
  5. Stable Update 0.61.137741

    As Sneaky as stated we typically do our events(in US anyway) on Saturdays at 9pm Central which is 10pm EST. If needed we can try and get something together this week on Friday night to help with this. We may need some extra bodies since it's such short notice. What time were you thinking? Anything else you need from HIHB whether it be from our US, AU or EU servers, just let me know. Let's Make DayZ Great Again! :)
  6. Stable Update 0.61.137741

    We know exactly what you're talking about there Sneaky. It is a problem with our events; or any server's events for that matter; and having that many people within the same network bubble. People not being able to login within that bubble, the extreme desync and the general wonkiness of having that many people in close proximity. It's a problem that highly effects our events and playability of those said events. This happens across all our servers during events, some instances are worse than others but the general problems always rear their heads. Network code needs some serious love... I know, I know... Alpha :D
  7. HIHB AU Hardcore For The Hardcore server opened. Reflected in op. Enjoy!
  8. HIHB (USA) "HardCore For The HardCore" server is up and ready! Reflected in op. Enjoy!
  9. Added EU HardCore For The HardCore to the op. USA and AU HFTH servers coming soon!