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  1. Private Shard Shared Database

    Currently in the server.cfg instanceId = 1; // DayZ server instance id to identify number of instances per box and their storage folders with persistence files Set them with the same number.
  2. Servers switched to .63 and patiently awaiting server files. :)
  3. Server files release update

    Shit happens and as always, we're waiting patiently. ;)
  4. Transferring servers to .63 Exp... Soon™ ;)
  5. A first look at DayZ Modding

    Can't wait to get our hands on these modding tools!
  6. Our EU DayZ server has been moved to a new IP. OP updated.
  7. Awaiting the option to swap existing HIHB servers to .63 Exp...
  8. HIHB Servers are alive and well. Make sure you click the community tab in the server browser to finds us! Event on US Reg tonight 9pm Central!
  9. Events this Saturday on AU & US Reg! Come one come all! HIHBGaming.net for details
  10. Stable Update 0.61.137741

    Whether or not this makes a huge difference with our servers and having events to other servers. We do not reset persistence, so profiling a server such as ours with a big event may reveal some much needed data.