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  1. ...and which game, if any, should DayZ "lean" towards? These are two different questions although the answers could be the same. I will not create a poll as there are too many games with melee combat to list them here. --[ quick head's up, this is a long post, the TL;DR is basically the title and the line above ]-- Ok, first off, just what am I referring to and secondly what has spurred me on to pose this question? When I think back to all the DayZ incarnations there have been, from the mod to the original SA release to all the different iterations to where we are now the one thing that is surprising is that, for a zombie survival game, the zombie fighting is probably one of the weakest elements. We all sort of know why this is, DayZ came from Arma which in turn is far better at handling firearms than it is melee weapons. Don't get me wrong, the idea of wading through zombies with a blood stained axe was one of the most enjoyable things going when I first started playing DayZ. Remember the website had that counter at the top to indicate how many people were dying? It was some time ago, but I'm sure a few will remember that. It just highlighted what a dangerous place Cherno was. Thing is, we accepted it as it was because we knew the basis of the mod (Arma) and that it was really the only thing around that had that sort of cross over open world survival/pvp/military gameplay. Fast forward to the recent release of the 63 and fighting the zombies is still not that convincing. Sure, that "realism" is a difficult thing to achieve, and the devs have made progress (to an extent) regarding that. and yes people will say "but it's still in development", and yes you would be right, but for me it's still not overly convincing. This brings us to my first question: Which game does melee combat the best? Now for my second question, taking into consideration your answer to the question above, should DayZ lean towards that game? Or is there another that you feel it should aim towards. Now we have to accept that certain melee implementations are not going to be viable. Say for example you said "Far Cry" and some of the fluidity of FC5 when taking down enemies is very enjoyable - a lot of it is scripted and involves upgrading a skill tree in order to achieve all the "takedown" tricks - but enjoyable it is. Now while fun, is not going to work in DayZ. It's not the same "environmental feel" of the character, FC always feels like it's characters are "living on top" of the open world it has, rather than "living in" and tend to be more flashy than practical. That might be a personal thing but I think most will accept that FC melee mechanics are not the way forward. However games like SCUM (just for example - which is equally in it's own development cycle) is comparable to DayZ. Again this is a personal thing but I feel you are part of the environment and the zombies feel part of the environment. For me, this thread was half inspired by playing SCUM recently and while I am not comparing like for like here, I found the melee combat intuitive, predictable and more importantly believable. The "zombies" have a weight, they are knocked back and while the current system they use is pretty basic and the AI attacks all to easy to get around, it is (imo) more enjoyable than going hand to hand with a zombie in DayZ. I should point out I am not saying SCUM is a better game, just commenting on this particular element. Don't get me wrong, it's not perfect, there are still things wrong with the it handles melee. So, why this slightly lengthy post? Because I believe that melee should be one of the grounding elements of the game. Sure, the idea of zeroing in on a squad camping a hillside with a sniper rifle is fun. Laying down some "spray and pray" after being unexpectedly caught in the back streets of Cherno is as enjoyable as it is frantic, but the bread and butter of DayZ and especially for newbies and fresh spawns it will be the underlying core mechanic for the first hour at least of each new character. I want to be able to creep into a village armed only with an axe (or machete - the OP b*stard that it is right now!) and, when spotted, be able to go toe-to-toe with zombies and be confident in not just my movements but theirs too. I want to "feel" the weight of the weapon and "feel" the weight of the enemy it hits. The zombies should react in a "realistic manner". Certainly DayZ is getting closer to that than it has before but it's still, for me, not close enough to be "enjoyable". Anyway, apologies if this has been a little rambling. I'd be interesting to what people's opinions are.
  2. I know a lot play DayZ for the PvP but for me, I want to see a return to the survival aspect. I want to kill wildlife with a bow, farm my crops, craft my own bag and clothes and every so often wander into the city for ammo and freak people out by being some crazy mountain man.
  3. Experimental Content Update

    I believe my answer is still the same. As it is, you should be able to jump over a fence from a standing start when you are standing still next to it. It's not a big deal, I mention it so that other people will realise what's going on. The way it is now will be changed, of that I am sure, it may be to change the jump mechanism or to provide a vault.
  4. Experimental Content Update

    Not questioning your physical dexterity but it's very easy to do exactly that. Edit: I will concede it would be much harder with a fully loaded backpack. I wasn't doing it with a fully loaded backpack though.
  5. Experimental Content Update

    Just a couple of things from this recent content release on Exp. I got stuck with my feet "under the floor" by entering a building where the doorstep was raised up (this was in Kamyshovo but I've seen similar in other places). I then jumped and landed on the floor however my walking was stuttery while I could crouch which allowed me to walk at double speed. I left the building and that continued to happen. It wasn't until I found myself in the open and went to prone did it resolve itself. I had to log in and back out again in order to drop an item. I picked up some boots, they stayed in my hand, I couldn't get rid of them. upon logging in it looks like the problem persists but I was able to go to inventory and drop them that way. Not sure what is going on with the jumping but it's "a bit weird". I guess it's connected to the stamina but I went up to the usual small fence that surrounds gardens, the one that is up to your waist, yet I couldn't jump it. If I let me stamina build up and take a run at it, and hold down the space I cleared it, and there does seem to be a trick to jumping based on how long you hold the space, but if you walk up to a fence, wait for your stamina to be full then press forward and jump it just jumps upwards on the spot, no forward movement at all. This can be extremely frustrating when trying to get out of the path of a zombie. Now I'm not complaining about these things, nor am I raising them as bugs, I feel that they are so generalised that they will be picked up and resolved fairly quickly. I mention them purely so if others experience them they'll know how to resolve them.
  6. .63 Combat System

    I'll be honest, just having the differing ammo clearly identifiable in your UI would be a great step forward. I don't mind being "forced" into new reloading mechanics or limited hotbar usage so long as I can tell the difference.
  7. .63 Combat System

    I'm going to be honest, I don't think I can judge how good the system is until I am put under pressure. Just now, the most I've managed is the occasional exchange from distance and getting caught in a mini horde (btw, the fucking machete is lit af for zombie kills in 63!). My binding, I think, is vanilla with right mouse raising and left shift being my ADS. While it took me a little time to get used to, I can see it having merits. I've also yet to really give the "on your back" firing positions a proper go. I can only imagine that will be more in a moment of panic than by design. Tell you what would improve my combat, and that's having far more visible differences in bullets. Single cell black spheres with the numbers is great for telling you how many of them you have, but in no way helps work out what fucking ammo it actually is. If I'm in the heat of battle and need to reload a clip, I find it an absolute nightmare with the UI as it is.
  8. Where is the DayZ population?

    The development path has killed most of the base, imo. Countless "promises" that were never delivered. I don't blame the devs working on it, either now or before, it's just the way things have played out. There is a chance they'll recoup some player base, after all there is still the kernel of a good game. It needs the devs to continue adding new stuff on a regular basis and, possibly more important these days, if the game can lure some of the prominent youtubers and twitchers to do content then I'd expect the servers to get much busier. They have missed the boat though, which is a shame.
  9. In short... 0.62 Stable: Pros: Em... it's stable? I suppose? Cons: Pretty much everything else. 0.63 Exp: Pros: It's the best state DayZ SA has been in since... ever! Cons: Possible character/server wipes as new stuff is being added... and it is being added. If I had to advise anyone it would be to avoid 62 stable. DayZ as a game is going to annoy you. Amaze and excite you too, but definitely annoy you. If you are to get annoyed, at least do so by the evolving world and not the one that'll be consigned to history very shortly.
  10. Exp Update 0.63.147489

    So minor update, I was able to get into UK/EXP/1PP and spooked a nice Frenchman at the NWA. I should have seen him, and he should have spotted me, thankfully after almost bumping into each other we exchanged chat rather than bullets. Not sure what the problem is with the servers (or at least the ones I try, it may very well be a local (to me) problem than a server one) but not getting in over a 48 hour period is a bit pissy. Still, exp, alpha, etc, etc...
  11. Exp Update 0.63.147489

    Not for me, I'm still unable to get into UK EXP 1PP servers. Edit: ANY server, it seems, not just the ones I normally use. Re-Edit: Nope, seems just random. Which is more annoying than a recognised bug. Meh, I'm more interested in the content update anyway and presumably once that drops onto exp those connection issues will be resolved.
  12. Exp Update 0.63.147489

    I've had the Stress Test installed, in fact I've not played the stable branch in possibly 8-10 months as it's so poor - only the stress and exp branches. So if it is related to that, I should also suffer the problems you are having. I changed my name, for a test I chose a short word at random (my usual gaming/clan name is too long) which was "Monkey" and you'll see that shown in the screenshot I posted (at the top right along with some arrows presumably to swap characters). When people were being kicked from the server the other day it was calling them all Surivor (ie "Survivor (23)", "Survivor (5)", etc) so really I'm guessing that's the only time it will be shown "in-game" as it were. As I wasn't getting into the UK servers, and thanks for the heads up about you also having issues with UK/EXP/1PP, I've not gone back to the game yet so I don't know if it's saved that name change.
  13. Exp Update 0.63.147489

    Not a big deal but thought I'd mention it, I'm unable to connect to any of the UK EXP 1PP servers (namely 04 and 08). Just throws out a "Connecting Failed" error every time. @Seky1002 I think I've changed my name in the Customise Character option. I say "think" because I can't see it displayed anywhere other than here. The text box that has "Survivor", click it, it's editable. Edited to add screenshot:
  14. Offline Testing Mode for DayZ

    Quick question, is the offline branch of the stress test going to be updated or has it just been offered up "as is"? I fully understand why it wouldn't be, after all why support 3 versions; live, exp and stress. The reason I ask is that I've played the offline stress version and been pleasantly surprised but in terms of "seeing what stage the game dev is at" it's done it's job, there is no reason to go back to it (as it's missing quite a bit - understandably) so in reality I could just delete this branch and swap my DayZ steam back to experimental branch and wait for it to drop. However, if the stress test branch that is being offered in offline mode is going to be used as a pre-exp branch, and updated with tweaks here and there I might keep it active to see what gets added on. Just to confirm, I am in no way demanding the stress/offline test branch be updated, just wondering if it will be.
  15. So, what happened to Brian?

    I believe it's called "Doing a Dean", making sure you get the hell out of dodge before the shit hits the fan.