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  1. Offline Testing Mode for DayZ

    Quick question, is the offline branch of the stress test going to be updated or has it just been offered up "as is"? I fully understand why it wouldn't be, after all why support 3 versions; live, exp and stress. The reason I ask is that I've played the offline stress version and been pleasantly surprised but in terms of "seeing what stage the game dev is at" it's done it's job, there is no reason to go back to it (as it's missing quite a bit - understandably) so in reality I could just delete this branch and swap my DayZ steam back to experimental branch and wait for it to drop. However, if the stress test branch that is being offered in offline mode is going to be used as a pre-exp branch, and updated with tweaks here and there I might keep it active to see what gets added on. Just to confirm, I am in no way demanding the stress/offline test branch be updated, just wondering if it will be.
  2. So, what happened to Brian?

    I believe it's called "Doing a Dean", making sure you get the hell out of dodge before the shit hits the fan.
  3. 5 months till the new update? Realy?

    It's been longer than 5 months. Even then .62 was still massively disappointing, as is the entire development pretty much since DH left (not that I am suggesting DH was the mitigating factor here). The .63 demo came, went to one of the shows, seemingly was played by quite a few people only for it to "disappear" despite vague hints that there would be a playable demo released at the same time. Using Occam's Razor here you would deduce that the game was not playable, and certainly not suitable for a demo despite claims. That in itself was as good as 5 months ago. Ultimately the game is "vapourware", and in my opinion won't be delivered. I presume the devs are working on something but who knows what as the developer diary report thing is now sitting idle for a month. Holidays or not, that's pretty poor considering it takes 10 minutes to write up a summary of development even if people are on holiday. It might seem a small thing but it's the primary source of information regarding the dev. No, seriously, if I were you, I'd just delete DayZ from Steam, find something equally good (and with the time taken to develop this title lots of games are equivalent or better have appeared) and maybe pop in around August and see if any movement has been made. I doubt it will, but you know, maybe we'll be in luck. For me? I've gone from playing regularly 20 hours a week, to now removing DayZ from Steam (the tiny updates simply annoy me now) and play numerous other far better titles, and if I ever want that clunky DayZ interface/weapon/environment feel then I just boot up Arma 3.
  4. Sadly that seems to be the case. In many ways I wished they had said no demo until at least Q1 2018 when it was abundantly clear the expo demo was not capable of making it as a public exp build. I do want to talk more about this, but as @kichilron has pointed out there are other threads for that intent. I'm keeping this one clean purely to stop this being merged with other threads when really most people come in here looking for one answer (the one in the title).
  5. As a mod you'll be the arbiter of whether this thread has value in this part of the forum. I feel that the majority of non-frequent visitors to the forum will be looking for this information. I'm sure you'll appreciate I could have been far more aggressive with my comments, I specifically stepped back from that. You are completely wrong, it is not negative it is informational. The very fact you only chose to highlight one part of the sentence and not the rest shows you are scrambling to fit an agenda.
  6. Source: https://dayz.com/blog/status-report-28th-november So.. why have I cut and pasted from the Status Report? For one simple reason, the vast majority of infrequent visitors to this site are looking for that information. Previously we were constantly told, "it's Alpha", "it'll be ready when it's ready", which is a bit of a lazy response but it did have it's merit because we had no definitive information either way. Now, however, we do have a concrete timeline statement so I think it should be published prominently. I am both disappointed and completely unsurprised by this information, but giving my 2 cents worth really won't help here. I hope the moderators will see this thread not as a negative, it's purely informative without any spin added on top.
  7. .63 ETA ?

    It's only a matter of weeks until Christmas so it's not that long really, but the longer delays to a playable exp or stable release are two fold - at least for me. On one hand they allowed people to play it at whatever expo they did (can't remember which one it was), if that was the case and they have had to go and put another 3 months worth into it then it suggests the .63 demo was very limited and more just a showcase than an actual playable demo. The other side was the hint that after the showing, there could be a playable demo released to the public. OK, it was only a hint, but still it was raised by the devs themselves. The community, from my point of view, has been starved of really good news for so long so it seems a little unfair to suggest a demo if it was clear from those close the project new that this was unrealistic.
  8. Will DayZ Ever Go Full Price ?

    I find the opposite reaction. DayZ for good or ill, has moved into an almost mythical category. Granted a lot of people know the name without actually playing the game. The biggest annoyance for me is how the 'development process' (and we don't need to go into that in detail) has squandered that legacy somewhat. As for the original question, and as I already own the game, the only caveat I would add is "will there ever be a time when Alpha ownership doesn't guarantee Beta ownership?" It certainly seems unlikely Bohemia wouldn't do that, purely from the backlash, but considering my £15 (or whatever I paid) was 4 years ago does that continually guarantee updates?
  9. How To Win Playerbase Back

    I have owned the game from the start, and I am negative. I also know the history of the game, from mod to SA to further alpha releases, so to suggest that those who are complaining are ignorant of it's development is both naive, and a touch insulting.
  10. How To Win Playerbase Back

    "How To Win Playerbase Back?" Simple answer, "make a good game". Sounds trite, yes, but it is the most honest answer. As most have said though, the DayZ legacy is well into the 'on borrowed time' category.
  11. .63 ETA ?

    I get why people say "when it's done" or "it's in alpha, expect delays", which is a fair point, but... I bought DayZ stand alone 4 years ago (ish, I don't know the exact date) and the constant, "it'll be ready when it's ready" response has lost it's value somewhat when it's trotted out time after time. It's up to the DayZ devs to decide when/if 63 ever comes out, but that doesn't dismiss the views of those frustrated at the wait. For me? .63 really needs to be worth it. The game has had so many false dawns (then several "steps back"). One more failure will relegate this game to the vapourware category.
  12. From reading that, it sounds like you are crying out for Arma with a DayZ-esque mod. Both Arma2 Dayz mod, the thing that started it all, is still available as are numerous other Arma2 mods. Full servers are a little thin on the ground, mind, but it's still an active community. Now, Arma3 is a different matter. It's going strong and has a plethora of mods you can apply to get that zombie hunting fix. DayZ the standalone might either be completely broken or due a surprising Lazarus like resurrection from the death, but in the meantime that shouldn't stop you shooting zombies in Chernarus. There are a lot of mods, so I won't recommend one in particular but I have a friend absolute loving how Desolation (Redux) is coming along.. http://desolationredux.com/
  13. I have been a constant supporter of DayZ, this is not a hatchet job, but an honest reply to the topic's title question. --- Simple answer is no. After years of waiting and watching an eternal car crash my sympathy for DayZ is now depleted. There are lots, and I mean LOTS, of games that can give the game experience that DayZ offers. That wasn't the case before, but when I look at games like Miscreated, 7 Days to Die, even things like Plunkbat there is a wealth of titles now which might not match like for like but they perform capably which is something that can never be said for DayZ. Not now, and not even when Dean first released SA. It's a shame but DayZ is dead. The servers are empty, the people who initially bought the EA up to four years ago are (mostly) p*ssed off they were taken for fools, and the chance to make an impact has long gone. Essentially the devs are swimming against the stream and with every delay, every step back, it just makes people realise what a waste of time it is waiting for DayZ to be worth playing. No amount of Beta, which in itself has already been delayed - after years of delay - can convince people Bohemia/DayZ are capable of producing a decent play experience. As it is, buying the game now is (literally) like throwing your money away. Buying it when Beta hits (heh, if it _ever_ does) is a sign of optimistic folly. In fact the ONLY way I could recommend buying the game is when Beta has been released, tested, played, and been found capable of producing a decent gaming experience, and with all the best will in the world, that simply isn't going to happen and that has been shown up by the way the game has been developed so far. So, not quite a Duke Nukem vapourware, but by God it's not far off it. Sorry people, this is an honest opinion, and if anyone involved in the game are annoyed or insulted by my comments but the bottom line is this is genuinely how I feel.
  14. I believe Forest is due a big update in mid December. If I read it right it'll involve a shit lot of caves being opened. I sort of like that idea, it makes use of the map as possible. That said it is a small map. Tiny, in fact, when compared to similar titles. I feel you may have mistaken my joking as a genuine query. Of course the revision numbers have no connection. As for the term "survival game", it's so ridiculously vague that I just hoped people realised where I was coming from, especially considering the poll options. I don't disagree with your comments, just suggesting they were pretty much taken as read anyway. :)
  15. Exp Update 0.61.136182

    I like the idea that zombies get distracted and chase after another target. Whether it's intentional or not, it could be used to great effect... 1) While zombies are trailing you, get yourself in a position where there is another player in line between you and them, do it right and at least some should switch to the other player. 2) Using distractions. Meat would be the obvious, but the radio (if it can be set to play sound while on the ground) would also be good. Zombie is chasing you? Drop something. Random chance, depending on the item dropped, for the zombie to stop and examine (or eat). 3) Animals. This sort of happened to me in the very early SA alpha. I was being chased by a zombie a chicken ran between our paths and the zombie chose to chase the chicken instead. All just suggestions of course, but I do like the idea that zombie aggro is not just a case of kill, be killed or run out of range.