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  1. rickyriot

    Speed hacker in NL 3663873

    Who is the "they" in those circumstances. Consdering BI is letting staff go, and not putting all that much (if any) to future development, at what point in the budget cycle do you see them investing in anti-hacking code?
  2. rickyriot

    So... that's it then?

    There are a few things I could say about that, but instead I'll just quote from my first post:
  3. rickyriot

    So... that's it then?

    Oh, I enjoy the game, in fact it's the one thread that has retained it's "installed" status within my steam account. It's the very nature of my enjoyment that I have been left so flat from the recent update status.
  4. rickyriot

    So... that's it then?

    Ok, for a start let me re-iterate, I am not on the hate train. I have been on the whole complete supportive of the changes and understood why they were necessary. The game, and I've said this many times, is in a considerably better state than before. We all know the problem, content, and it was content that we were told was coming; "The new engine will allow us to do this, that and the other. Once we get the animations properly sorted then we will be able to move on to adding the older content back in. etc, etc" This is the issue, ImpulZ, the fact we were told there would be at least a level of parity, and with the regular patches since 1.0 it looked like that was the plan. Then seemingly out of the blue, BI release a statement (sans addendum) which all but says, "that's the end of the road and you should be happy because what we couldn't make work probably wasn't working in it's last iteration anyway". Whether that was intended to make the community look like fools I'm not sure, but from my perspective it most definitely did. Especially the "I bet you don't even notice it" quip. Whoever does your copyrighting really should be questioning the tone of that particular nugget. In regard to the addendum, I get that BI are unwilling to provide a road map, but if other games are able to not only do that but to stick to it (at least to an extent), then why does BI have an issue with it? Do I have sympathy for this sort of shit? Of course I do, I've been programming since the early 80s (yes, that fucking old) and been part of multi-million pound projects and fully understand that, as Mike Tyson says, "Everyone has a plan until they are punched in the face", but BI (and/or the dev team) have to accept that when people have been offered steak for months and they are given a plate of beans - no matter how tasty those beans are it's still not a steak.
  5. rickyriot

    So... that's it then?

    You are not raining on my parade as I have no parade on show. I'm simply making the point that the recent status update has essentially said fuck all is happening to the game when the plans up until that point was for things to be happening in the game. You also might wish to ignore the first 6 years however I won't. For at least a year we were promised time and again that the new engine will not only make things look and feel better but that we would get the same things in .6x ported over. Only part of that verbal agreement has been honoured - despite many people twiddling their thumbs for nigh on a year waiting for it to drop - and the way BI address it is with a disparraging "we can't make it work so you're out of luck buddy, just ignore all those claims we made" along with the somewhat insuling "you probably don't notice the improvements because you play the game often". I have no axe to grind at either the developers or BI, for both it's a finance thing. BI aren't supporting this beyond the minimum while telling us to expect nothing new and the devs must see that and are looking for a more secure gig. I get why both those parties have those points of view (if they do, and I think they do). Finance defining a game's development is neither new nor should it be considered necessarily "a bad thing" but they really should have been honest from the start, "1.x will be a different game, it will not match what .6x had and don't expect it to." I'd say your 2 year cycle is very low imo. Unless you count something like repeating franchises; FIFA, CoD, etc then most games would be looking at a 4 year cycle minimum - if only because it takes roughly that length of time to get a new title from original spark to alpha/beta delivery. Even then, look at things like Skyrim or GTA5, both games released before DayZ standalone and both games still going considerably strong.
  6. rickyriot

    So... that's it then?

    Been a player of the mod and SA for a decade now. During that time DayZ has been good, bad, good, sort of OK, terrible, better and now pretty damned decent. However through all that time I've stuck with it because of the potential. Sadly, with the recent status update, that potential has been killed. Bug fixing is all fine and well but I'm not waiting another 6 months to see how things pan out. I did that (and much longer) during the .6x versions and at the end of it we were still left waiting for tons of content. I'm simply not willing to invest my time in repeating that process. I am not one for grand gestures, or hyperbolic assumptions. I'm sure the game will gradually improve, I'm sure modding support will grow and I'm sure there will be fun to be had. This is not the end of DayZ as a title, but it is pretty much the end of DayZ being played by me - and that should worry those at BI as I have been a fairly vocal supporter of the game for many years but I just can't bring myself to play the game now, let alone support it. If that is how your "fans" sound when being presented with a roadmap that essentially says "skeletal staff, minimum investment, no further development" just think how the rest of the community feels - and filtering out the trolls and perma-ragers with those that remain it's across the board people are complaining. Bottom line, DayZ is simply not good enough to survive on PvP alone and at present that is what BI is effectively relying on. Just to clarify I'm not complaining that I've been ripped off, as I haven't. I paid a pittance for the Arma 2(OA), I paid a pittance for the SA when it was first released, I have more than just recouped that financial outlay with enjoyment. What I'm left with is a feeling of missed opportunity and a slightly bittersweet taste in my mouth. Sad day, sad day indeed... 😞
  7. Not noticed this, but a little disappointed to see both the bar and the supermarket considered low loot. Both have been mainstays over the years and I still think they should be valid for a decent level of loot spawn.
  8. I have to say I actually don't know what you are talking about. I guess English isn't your native language going by the video you shared. Je suis desole, mon Francais c'est tres mal so I'll have to reply "dans Anglais". D'accord? If you are wondering why you are getting hurt in that video it's because you were dying from dehydration. Look at the bottom right of the screen. See the red empty bottle symbol with the downward arrows? Funnily enough, I think the strawberry jam (confiture du fraise) would have resolved that. Although it isn't a liquid it would have stopped your dehydration.
  9. To be fair to PUBG the point of the game is to kill everyone, sneakily or not! XFire! Good call! I have to admit that I was not a youngster at the time of Q1 either! 😉
  10. I'm sure I'm only repeating exactly what you know already, so I apologise if this comes across as patronising, but the most basic model has effectively 9 different steps of dependency and that's before you start to bring in the quality of the PC. [Player] -> [PC] -> ~[NET]~ -> [Server] / CPU LOGIC / [Server] <- ~[Net]~ <- [PC] <- [Player] While you are right, I'm sure that the majority of players will reduce the local game overhead (ie: graphics quality) to provide the smoothest experience and thus reduce the difference (albeit minor) between the pings of high/low PC stats. I'm guessing if you were to mean out the average there isn't such a big hit from the different PC configs. That's all just conjecture, I have no hard and fast stats to back that up.
  11. rickyriot

    Anti Ghosting/Server Hopping Measures

    I agree that interactions other than a PvP shoot out are more rewarding (although we all enjoy an evenly matched long gunfight in the middle of a city!). I wouldn't go with there being a distinct cut off line for KoS though. I mean you could exploit it by starting on the East or South coast then go North or West respectively which will take you off the map, into the "flatlands", where nobody goes. You can then track your way all around the map and drop in at any point you fancy (Тисы being a nice little drop off point, but it is definitely a hot spot!). Keeping to tree lines, sensibly moving through towns and grabbing low level loot before getting out and not engaging can see you easily go deep into the NW corner without any exploits.
  12. rickyriot

    Anti Ghosting/Server Hopping Measures

    It's all about hotspots. If you know the map fairly well, or if you use one of the online maps, you can navigate yourself fairly easily without contact from one side of the map to the other. The map is really big and even if you had hundreds of players on the server, it's very unlikely you'll bump into another player unless you are heading to a hotspot. I tend to find players who are off the beaten track tend to be more friendly.
  13. I stick to EU, purely down to the ping. I used to play FPS competitively (via clanbase) so any ping higher than 30 would have considerably hampered me. Ping isn't quite as tight with DayZ but I'd still not play a server that has a higher initial ping of 50 (albeit it'll tend to fluctuate once connected). The thing about ping is that it's a two-way thing. It's pretty annoying to have someone lagging or rubber banding about the place due to their ping so I am reluctant to "be that guy" on a server out my region. Not that I am knocking your choice, I should say. Thankfully places like TRZ's server is now full for a fair percentage of the day so I don't need to go looking for others.
  14. Oh, sure.. As I said, this is all for fun. I find certain nationalities more likely to "do you over". It's all anecdotal of course, and in no way am I suggesting that every (or even a significant minority of) a certain nationality will fit a certain trope. What I would say is that in the category of those who have killed me after voice interaction there is a distinct pattern. I don't get a broad enough exposure to all the relevant nationalities though. I use EU servers so never speak to, for example, Australians or Koreans. That's going to skew my experiences and has done over the decades I've played these sorts of games.