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    cars still flip and you die

    For me it was the exact same situation. See a car, it doesn't have all the components. I get inside as I believe that is how you can tell what's missing - I could be wrong with that, I honestly don't know because looking around I see no "see car state" option so it seemed like the next obvious thing - and it hits me with instant death. I know what it is, it's a bug relating to the positioning of the cars as to resolve it you take off a wheel then replace it again and the car "resets" it's position allowing you to enter without dying. I only know this after doing a google after the second time - as I say the first time I thought I had fallen foul of a boobytrapped car (if that is possible, but then if it is you just know someone will do that to f**k with others! In many ways I wouldn't mind that if it was both noticeable and you can disarm the trap). Even if getting into the car isn't the way to determine it's damage status, perhaps it's more nuanced in that you visually need to see what's missing (ie: car won't run, open bonnet/hood and see visually there isn't a spark plug - and if that is the way to do it then I applaud the nod towards realism), the very fact of getting into a vehicle even if it's not working shouldn't instakill you. I will add that it's been hatchbacks that have killed me on both occasions so I can't comment on other vehicles. I'll be honest and say I've not seen any vehicles other than them. Ultimately the most frustrating element is that you realise what a bonus finding a vehicle is. You'll spot it evaluating it's rough visual state, give it some time to check nobody is camping it, then work out if you have enough carrying capacity for the parts as well as whether those parts are likely to be lootable close by or maybe you'll go looking for stashes buried in case the car was running and when someone went to log out they removed and buried the "useful bits". It's only after maybe 5 minutes getting all excited, doing the maths only to have it cruelly snatched out of your hand by a bug.
  2. rickyriot

    cars still flip and you die

    Been killed twice in a row* by this bug, that was after being killed 3 times in a row by the bug regarding not being able to swap out melee weapons. That, combined, is about 5 hours of gameplay. Both of these things are fundamental to the game, the fact that these bugs exist in a 1.0 (1.01) stable branch release is really poor. As a developer myself I always give the benefit of doubt when it comes to bug identifying and testing but things like this are a real black mark against a game that really can't take the added weight of even more game breaking issues. * You might think that twice falling for the bug is daft and it is, but I didn't realise that was the bug until I googled it. I had thought someone might have planted a landmine near the car as a "fun joke". Turns out the joke was being played by Bohemia, not other players...
  3. rickyriot

    Some feedback and questions

    You say "too strong", I say "factually inaccurate". I fully understand how difficult coding effective and believable protagonists can be, however I would contest that in it's peer group (whether that be Miscreated, 7 Days to Die, State of Decay, Dead Island, Dying Light, Left 4 Dead or any other number of zombie open world survival games) it's easily the worst implementation. What's disappointing is that this element of the game has been core since the mod, and while the mod had clunky enemies that was a mod released 6 years ago. We really shouldn't be "at this position" so late in development. You can argue the engine, animation, character and all sorts of other elements have changed - and you would be right, they have - but that isn't an excuse for the state of them when you consider this is an official 1.0 release. There is also the point that you can abstract the base elements of AI and work on them in isolation - essentially removing any potential bottleneck such as game engine, animation, character, etc and Bohemia have had a very long time to do this - it just seems they didn't consider it a priority in any sense. That's their choice, at no time am I saying they are "wrong" in the way the development has been done. Have there been mistakes? Sure, I think we all accept that, but simply as a game player I shouldn't have input into how they create their games. However I have an opinion on the end result, as do others. Has there been improvements? Of course, although to be fair some of those were retrograde rather than progressive. I spotted zombies climbing a chain link fence the other day. Not sure if that is a 1.0 or 1.01 inclusion but I'd never seen it before. That's an improvement. It's not like I'm hating on the current system because I want to, it's just a reflection of the game outside an echo chamber and in comparison to it's peers. Am I on record as saying the visual and aural environments, including the frame rate that it runs at, have been improved considerably? Yes, I am. I will also say the UI has also improved with the 1.01 release (albeit it wouldn't be hard to improve from the last iteration). It's not like I've seen the improvements made to the game and stubbornly ignored them, my issue is that the protagonists are key. Without them this is nothing more than a PvP game, and if we are being honest here there are numerous "by the numbers" PvP games out there that do what DayZ does but better.
  4. rickyriot

    Anyone else having problems with melee?

    I don't really understand what you mean, my item is already on the hotbar. Not sure what you mean by EQ but I presume it's the [tab] inventory. Are you saying I need to click the item in the hotbar rather than selecting it via a hotkey? I'm not sure how possible that is when in close combat though - and it's close combat when you find out if the "slash" move is bugged. I mean, thanks anyway, if it is a work around despite being a finickity one. The new UI in 1.01 is a lot better though, much more responsive and (unrelated to the bug) the ammo is easily distinguishable, which is nice I suppose.
  5. rickyriot

    Anyone else having problems with melee?

    OK, well at least I'm not the only one suffering this. I have to say, I don't believe I can hide my weapon. I tried all sorts of things. I understand how easy it is for bugs to get introduced, but this just underlines the game is not 1.0 ready.
  6. rickyriot

    Some feedback and questions

    "They are almost perfect now"
  7. ** For clarity: We all know the "bug" where you can't change your weapon because there is not enough room in your inventory to place the item currently in your hands. That is not a "bug" nor is it what I'm talking about here. ** So, for my last 3 playthrough's I've been killed by the zombies, and it's all down to some weird melee bug. At least it seems like a bug to me, and if it is then it's quite the showstopper, and I'll be interested in whether others are suffering from it. The scenario is generally the same; I don't have a bladed weapon in my hands but I do have one in my inventory. I swap to the item via the hotkey, press right mouse button to get into a fighting stance and click left mouse in order to slash. Fine, we've all done that loads of times before and there should be no problems right? However recently I've swapped the weapon into my hand, raised my hands to fight but when left click to slice it does nothing. No animation, no sound, nothing - as if I hadn't pressed left click at all. This happens randomly it seems. There seems to be no common denominator in regard to weapons or inventory space. If I try and swap out my weapon it won't allow me (except once, and the picture below shows the result!), I am stuck with a weapon I can't use and one I can't swap out - leaving me defenceless. This has now happened to me 3 games in a row, and although it's not every time I select a melee that's several hours of play that's been lost by my melee utterly failing me. One time I did get the game to swap to a weapon, it allowed me to pull out my pistol (but not the Scorpion that was held in a separate loot slot), when it ended up in my hands this happened... No, I'm not putting up a defence, that is the "natural stance". I am not actively blocking, although the image was taken "while I was in combat" I did manage to run away to capture this screenshot. What happens if I press right shift (in some way to cancel the blocking hand gesture)? Nothing. What if I press left click, well it fires the weapon - directly up into the air. If I lean forward as if I could somehow tilt the gun to a more horizontal level and shoot a zombie then the aim remains directly into the sky. I can't imagine I am the only person suffering this issue. On a side note: I was happy to see the 1.1 update - although in my (somewhat cynical) opinion it's the "let's release the stuff that wasn't ready for the 1.0 release date, despite the game not being worthy of a 1.0 release yet" - but I shouldn't complain as we are at least moving in the right direction these days. Has that update fundamentally changed the way weapons/melee/inventory works? I checked the release notes and I don't see anything listed.
  8. rickyriot

    Official servers disappearing.

    I'm unsure if this is an issue with the server browser but I have less than 10 official 1PP servers, when before it was easily 5 or 6 times that. There are the non-official ones of course, and while that's an option, I would like to see the number of 1PP only official servers increased.
  9. rickyriot

    When will the zombie AI be fixed?

    Nail, hit, head. The melee is very poor, although in my defence I use the term "AI" to represent all enemy actions including the melee and not just their movements outwith combat. As I said before the poor melee is somewhat of a surprise considering many status updates trumpeted the new animation system and how it would link seamlessly into combat. So both amadieus and BCBasher make the same point (what is wrong and what do you expect) so I'll answer you both at the same time. What I am looking for is a non-player enemy to act in a manner that is both "realistic" and challenging. Realism, while we are clearly dealing with a non-realistic threat of a zombie apocalypse (or whatever lore you wish to offer up), should relate to how the enemies interact with their general surroundings and the player. In terms of positioning, I can't really complain. No random zombies in the middle of forests, while lots in the middle of cities. That's fine, although clearly it would be lovely to see more everywhere. However the movement is clunky, they are akin to an abstracted layer than inhabitants of the world you are. They will glitch through things, will teleport and/or suddenly react and run off through a wall then disappear. Other games such as Miscreated or 7 Days to Die are hardly leaders in developing AI but their protagonists act like they are part of the world. So movement is one. The second element would be interaction. I don't mind too much about the "area of influence", as that can be tweaked. Want more sensitive zombies, sure that can be done. The melee when you do interact is, as mentioned in my reply to Parazight, doesn't give you the feeling that you are actually in a fight. Take out a knife, right click to swipe, swipe three times and they are dead. All the time the zombie just stands there taking the punishment and not reacting. Now to be fair if you hit them when they are arriving into their "melee space" you will get a reaction but that's the only time I see it. Finally what most people would consider AI, which is their pathing and routes taken around the world seems utterly unrelated to that world. Eseentially I am looking for zombies that are an actual challenge, they are not that at the moment. I'd even put up with jerky and glitchy movement if the threat for them was genuine. They are annoying because they are glitchy and a pain in the ass to fight. This would be fine if the game was solely PvP with some extra environmental challenges but that isn't how DayZ has been pitched. If Bohemia removed the zombies and said it was now an out and out PvP then I'd have nothing to complain about, it's because it's always been pitched as a PvE (players, zombies and environment) that I expect the competence of those threats to be equal - at present it does not seem to be the case. Some might say of all this, "but it's still early access" or "it's a beta release", but it's not, it's 1.0 and this sort of thing should have been resolved before a full 1.0 release. And finally this... Do you feel condescension is the way to go here, bud? I feel it's probably not.
  10. rickyriot

    When will the zombie AI be fixed?

    I'd struggle to agree with you on "enjoyable". For me it's also debatable whether the Arma2 mod and/or the intial SA release had worse AI than we have now, I'd say they didn't. I'm not expecting miracles, lots of games have sketchy AI and it is a difficult thing to get right, but the surprising thing (from someone with no specific insight into the game's development) is that Bohemia have had years to create the core of the AI that had nothing to do with the engine changing - which most would accept was the major blocking issue in SA development. Honestly though... if you are happy with them as they are now, then I'm happy for you. My post was asking when the AI will be looked at, not knocking those who are enjoying it as they are.
  11. rickyriot

    When will the zombie AI be fixed?

    IMO: The main threat from the zombies comes from the very poor melee and their clunky as hell movement The only time I've died from them is when they have glitched through the door or the game bugged my weapon selection. The melee aspect is a real shame as it was showcased extensively when 0.63 was being rolled out, claiming the new animation system would provide more interactive close combat with unarmed enemies (whether that be zombie or player). It doesn't feel like the zombies are being hit when they are and they show limited reactions to your attacks throughout any exchange. I'm not saying there has been no work put into this, as you can see there has been, but the game feels like it's in early access (let's forget this 1.0 money grabbing nonsense) and the AI feels like pre-alpha. Don't get me wrong, I fully understand how difficult it is to write AI, but it shouldn't be tied to the engine so any claims that was what was holding up the AI just doesn't float. The core of any AI is the abstraction of the enemy logic, so essentially you could write AI in nothing but a form of pseudo code, not tied to any environmental elements. Bohemia have had 5 years to create that logic outwith any engine and have either failed to do that or if they had a limited success it's not been released to the public. Ultimately Bohemia and the devs decide where they go with 1.0+ development. I have absolutely no say in that, and it's right I don't. I do have an opinion though and that opinion is that while the environment allows for expansive and complex gameplay there is very little in the way of threats while you are enjoying that gameplay - other than PvP of course but then not everyone likes camping the NW Airfield every single game. Minor edit: Just to confirm, there is no mechanism for modding the AI in the game is there? I have made that assumption based on some of the content from modders, but it may not be true.
  12. rickyriot

    When will the zombie AI be fixed?

    I'm going to give you a "thanks" but it's for the answer, not for the information itself! I heard someone discuss AI sometime around the 1.0 launch and I have a feeling that will be the audio you are referring to. Although I don't remember a time limit. As for "years"? That is stunningly disappointing and quite surprising. Unless they are looking to create super sentient entities it should not take that length of time. I say this as a developer myself. The devs have already had many years to get this right and have failed to address it over that time. Sure the engine, animation, environment has changed over that time but AI routines are abstracted from that (or at least should be) meaning when you come to plug it in it's tweaking the edges not re-inventing the wheel. I don't want to sound melodramatic, but the idea I'd need to wait one year, let alone two, has me reaching for the uninstall button. What's the point of playing a game where one of the key tenets of that game is broken, always been broken and in fact is in a worse state than when the first SA release happened. 😞
  13. Since the introduction of modding it's becoming clear to me that the things the dev team have failed to add into the game, despite us hitting 1.0, will be added by modders. "Missing" weapons, objects and maps already fill up the Steam Workshop and I can imagine it's only a matter of time that the true survival stuff (stuff that really _should_ have been part of 1.0) will be rolled in not by the devs but by modders. What can't be fixed by modders though, is the enemy AI - or at least from my understanding it isn't an easy thing to "mod in" (and I am happy to be corrected on this). This requires the dev team to do this and in many ways I think this should be one of the highest priorities. Unless of course Bohemia are looking to just set this as a PvP game with zombies as a pointless annoyance rather than a threat - and for me this is where the game is at just now. Apologies if there is an actual dedicated and valid roadmap that details when enemy AI is going to be completed (and it's fair to say it's miles from completion just now), I followed the status updates and most of the chatter in the forums and the most I've garnered is that "yeah, that's something we'll look into". The question is, when....
  14. rickyriot

    DayZ Is A Perfect Dream Game

    The game is an effing mess. Which is a shame. The things I'd let slide while it was Early Access are no longer the same things I'm willing to let slide in a full 1.0 release. So many bugs, so many things not added, it's cynical but I honestly think they released the 1.0 purely for financial reasons and nothing else. Have I got my money's worth from the title? Sure, many times over. So what am I complaining for? No reason, other than it was an absolutely golden opportunity to make something absolutely spectacular but years of bad decisions and more years of catching up have thrown that away. At best, DayZ can only ever be a clunky PvP. The zombies though, that is my biggest issue, what an complete and utter fustercluck. Never have I seen AI implemented so badly and so pathetically, and I've coded 8-bit games in the 80s. Believe it or not they are currently in a worse state now than they were at SA's launch 5 years ago! That is really unforgivable considering the part the zombies are meant to play in your game. Without them, and the tranche of survival aspects that are still missing, this game is nothing but an airfield PvP only sausage fest.
  15. ** This thread may seem negative, but I'm not complaining about the current stage the game is at, more just highlighting why I will not be playing it ** As the thread title says, congrats on hitting 1.0 - I've been a player of both the mod and SA for what seems like a decade now and it's provided me far more enjoyment than the £15 (or whatever) I paid for the SA version on release. Not sure of the exact number of hours but it's quite a lot to say the least. Having this longevity with the title doesn't make me an expert, my opinion is as valid as any others' and some may entirely disagree with me. That's fine, and highlights the flexibility of DayZ's gaming style. However... I believe the 1.0 version is effectively the "DayZ PvP Release". For a game to be based around zombies and have those zombies so utterly poorly implemented (and that's an observation not some hysterical flaming) seems strange. When they shifted to the new engine and started reworking everything you would have thought that the zombies would be quite a high priority. Sadly they seemed to have been ignored. They are actually in a worse state than the original SA release and even the mod! It's incredible that 5 years later the game's zombie handling has gotten worse. For example, can you imagine FIFA making the footballing AI worse with each release? It would get rightly panned. Now, EA is not Bohemia and FIFA is not DayZ but I'm sure you see the point I'm making. Aside from the zombies, the lack of a (craftable) bow and arrows, very limited farming implementation, no fishing and mish mash of all sorts of missing "non PvP" features means this build is the equivalent of any run of the mill FPS - and a feature lacking one at that (for example the ability to vault and climb are now mainstays in these types of games and are still to be implemented in 1.0). If you want to fight PvP then there are many other better titles out there. We've always tolerated the gunplay in DayZ SA, it's never felt as precise as Arma and I believe the current implementation is lacking in terms of bullet drop and several other key physics affects (don't quote me on that last one, although from testing that seems to be the case), because overall the game's environment made up for this. As a counter balance to my comments, the world does look good, the aural environment and it's cues are lovely. The graphics really compliment the map and, in a stunning change of direction from previous SA builds, it actually runs smoothly - I remember the days of crawling through Cherno struggling to get double figure FPS! The environmental effects, such as cold and wet, are infrequent bedfellows of DayZ but it's nice to see them rolled in more fully than before. Just navigating the world as it is provides a unique experience and it's that experience that I think has saved DayZ in the minds of the gaming populace. I wrote a while back that ultimately my game style is far more survival than it is PvP. I like to look like a crazy mountain man, wearing clothes made from the animals I've killed, using weapons I've crafted myself, wandering into a city to get supplies; maybe taking out the odd zombie and/or player then disappear into the forest. That comment got a few likes, so I can only presume that I am not the only person who enjoys a PvE, and a stealthy strategic PvE at that, compared to a sh*t show of campers and overpowered snipers circling the military loot spawns of an airbase. So, ultimately improvements have been made, and I'm optimistic that DayZ can come round to the sort of game that I like and more importantly the sort of game promised by Dean at the very start. If not? C'est la vie, as I said I've got my money's worth. However while people may slag the game for it's current faults, I'm stepping back from that and saying, "well done, but you're still nowhere near the sort of level that the game needs to get to before I return to it". [[TL;DR?]] I'll not be playing DayZ until it expands to include "proper survival" elements rather than being a fairly clunky PvP as it is now.