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  1. Essentially you've done exactly what I said people would do.. Although for a start you are incorrect in saying I called the engine non-dedicated. I at no time suggest that, in fact the opposite. It's the fact that an engine written (or at least altered) specifically to underpin DayZ doesn't cover the main elements. There have been huge strides in the environmental aspects of the game. Something I have highlighted but the lovely eye and ear candy is of little value when the framework of the game is so clunky. However, Vernon, you have just used the time honoured excuse "it's only alpha" except it's no longer alpha so that now needs to be retitled "it's only beta" and trotted out the same old tropes "don't worry it'll all get fixed". That excuse, my friend, is irrelevant in the point I'm making and I'd actually go so far as to say you've actually missed the point of my post, in that of the three tenets that the game supports (and you could of course argue against those as being tenets) you would expect a dedicated rebuild engine to support them from the get go, not be an add on for future updates. I don't doubt things will be added, this isn't a tirade against the devs or Bohemia at all and certainly shouldn't be considered as such. I have followed quite closely the development of the game, and have done so since SA, so to suggest I haven't is just a bit ad hominem to be honest bud - although I'm sure you didn't necessarily intend to do so.
  2. Tried 6.3, have the Zombies gotten worse?

    I've posted a separate thread about this, but I still find it incredible that one of the main USP of DayZ is it's zombies but despite many years in development and a complete redesign of the game engine this core element is still miles away from being "acceptable". I get it, AI is bloody difficult to code and I am entirely convinced the devs have spent a long time developing it, but it's highly frustrating that the game engine itself seems incapable of handling zombies even at the most basic level.
  3. Why is the game UI so bad?

    Ammunition. All through the stress testing and new UI I was sure the devs would change the way the ammo is shown in your inventory. The ugly black circle showing the amount covers a good proportion of the "ui square" with the images used for the ammo itself is hard to distinguish due to colour scheme and size. Yet roll along to beta and the ammo is still a mess. Sure some things are easier to spot but it really does need a considerable fresh lick of paint. I'm guessing something like PUBG would be one way to go. The drag drop seems responsive and the items are clear and identifiable. Obviously PUBG is not DayZ so it couldn't be a straight like for like copy but the current UI is pretty ugly (which would be fine) if not a little glitchy.
  4. how to reload guns correctly?

    I generally like the idea of needing to hold the ammo in order to reload. Adds to realism/immersion, imo. For me I hold the item needing reloaded (either gun or magazine) in my hands, place the ammo required into a toolbar slot (so gun/magazine in slot 1, ammo in slot 2) then press the [2] on the keyboard and it'll load. One thing I have had considerable problem with is the shotgun. I can fill it full of ammo no problem, I think it's either 6 or 8 rounds, but after firing the first shot, I cannot for the life of me get it to que up the next shell other than clicking [R] for reload. This gives the classic pump shotgun animation. However holding [R] also ejects a shell, so if I have 6 shells in the gun, fire one (so I have 5) I then point and click and get an empty barrel sound, so I have to reload (using [R]) this then places the shell into the barrel ready for firing but also ejects one shell. This means for every shot an reload I am spending two shells; one that is shot and one that is taken out of my gun and placed into my inventory.
  5. everything flimmering

    That is the point Godless, you aren't meant to "fix" the "fix" of the gamma "hack". Personally I like it, and have always hated those who exploit the game engine in order to reduce the challenge of the game and also to gain an advantage over others. What is the point of using gamma to correct night time? Just play day time. If you don't like night time, go to a server that is all day and no night.
  6. Long time player, from mod to SA to many variants of SA to current build. Overall I'd like to say I've got my money's worth out of the title. I paid nothing for the mod (albeit I paid for A2) and I bought SA on the very first day it was released on Steam for something like £15 (GBP). Overall I have certainly recouped that amount in terms of enjoyable game play however in the last 2 years or so I have drifted away from the title simply because it was becoming a mess. It locked itself into an engine not capable of providing the experience that was being aimed for. I totally understood the decision then to move to a new engine and despite long delays the resultant look and feel of the game has certainly improved. It's cost a lot of time, and lost a lot of it's player base but it was a decision that is now showing to be the correct one. With that said I'd like to address the core mechanics of DayZ which should, imo, come down to 3 main tenets; Player vs Player, Player vs Zombie and Player vs Environment (PvP, PvZ and PvEnv). Pretty self explanatory, I'd hope. The question we have to ask ourselves is, "has that been achieved?" I appreciate the current beta release is not complete (but as this is DayZ, nothing has ever been "complete"!) and it's certainly an improvement on 62, which is obviously a positive, but I do not believe that my initial premise has been achieved - or at least to the level of it's peers. Granted there is nothing quite like DayZ in terms of game experience but there are a lot of DayZ-esque games, many of which perform considerably better in these core aspects. So in short: PvP, the gunplay has not been fully implemented, certain scopes and guns are "missing" and from my experience the gameplay has been clunky and not reflective of real world ballistics when trading shots with people. Key bindings are not available making an already different control scheme all the more difficult to adapt to. I took on someone with a shotgun recently and no amount of cajoling could get it to fire more than one round per time without having to reload the weapon - something that may get better with experience, at present seems to be a bug rather than a feature. The UI makes it difficult to differentiate between ammo calibres due to the black circle stating the amount. I honestly can't comment too much on the hitboxes purely because the gun engagement seems so unreliable that it was difficult to really tell how well that has been implemented. PvZ: Awful, just awful. This is my biggest gripe with the latest build (although certainly not restricted to it). Fundamentally the thing that made DayZ different was the interaction with the zombies. I know AI is difficult to code, but it's not impossible, yet it beggars belief that a game that effectively positions itself as a zombie survival game has such a glitchy, unreliable and poor implementation of the main game enemy. When you write an engine for a game that specifically needs these AI elements, you really should expect that element to be fairly mature when hitting beta. As it is, zombies spawn out of nowhere, glitch against all sorts of objects, have entirely inconsistent movement and are dumber than a bag of extremely dumb hammers. What's more when it comes to actual engagement you just get out a melee weapon and hit them a few times and they are down. No challenge and certainly not fun. PvEnv: Beta is clearly being rushed out the door to placate those waiting, and I understand that. I am a developer as well and of the things that you can control, timescales and people's expectations are not some of them. However, to not include survivalist elements such as fishing or bow making seems short sighted. Leg breaking and interaction with the environment via jumping and vaulting either doesn't exist or is a very poor implementation of it. I have stood next to knee high fences, ones that in real life I'd just step over, and I can't get past it no matter how high I jump even at full stamina. Sure I can walk back and take a run at it, but that's not the point, it's not realistic to need to do that. PUBG is not DayZ, not at all, but it's noticeable that they went from an inability to vault to vaulting and climbing within several iterations. Ultimately I am just one person, my say (even as an experienced gamer) shouldn't have any more weight than any other average Joe, however as we have now reached the fated beta release it seems incredible that for all the effort that has been put into the engine to make it look and feel as it does (and the environment at times is a joy to experience - that has been one huge plus switching engines) that the core elements of the game are so poorly implemented in it. Now doubt I'll get the "it's only beta" and "those things will be added later" but honestly while I was happy to accept that argument, especially so when the engine itself was replaced and more time was needed, but as we have hit beta I believe it's acceptable to criticise the offering before us. Not unfairly, and I do not believe I am being unfair, I've kept my counsel for years hoping that the new engine would deliver a far better PvP/PvZ/PvEnv offering but sadly it just doesn't. What does all this mean for a player like me? Well nothing really. The game continues to sit in my Steam library, and will do in hope rather than expectation. As it is, this beta release is effectively still 6 months away from having even close to the requirements that DayZ has promised time and time again. I do wish the developers well, and I really wish I wasn't spending my Saturday morning writing out a post that will no doubt be pulled apart via false dichotomy and whatabootery, but I just had to vent the feeling that after waiting for so long for a beta to finally drop that it's insufficient in so many departments.
  7. ...and which game, if any, should DayZ "lean" towards? These are two different questions although the answers could be the same. I will not create a poll as there are too many games with melee combat to list them here. --[ quick head's up, this is a long post, the TL;DR is basically the title and the line above ]-- Ok, first off, just what am I referring to and secondly what has spurred me on to pose this question? When I think back to all the DayZ incarnations there have been, from the mod to the original SA release to all the different iterations to where we are now the one thing that is surprising is that, for a zombie survival game, the zombie fighting is probably one of the weakest elements. We all sort of know why this is, DayZ came from Arma which in turn is far better at handling firearms than it is melee weapons. Don't get me wrong, the idea of wading through zombies with a blood stained axe was one of the most enjoyable things going when I first started playing DayZ. Remember the website had that counter at the top to indicate how many people were dying? It was some time ago, but I'm sure a few will remember that. It just highlighted what a dangerous place Cherno was. Thing is, we accepted it as it was because we knew the basis of the mod (Arma) and that it was really the only thing around that had that sort of cross over open world survival/pvp/military gameplay. Fast forward to the recent release of the 63 and fighting the zombies is still not that convincing. Sure, that "realism" is a difficult thing to achieve, and the devs have made progress (to an extent) regarding that. and yes people will say "but it's still in development", and yes you would be right, but for me it's still not overly convincing. This brings us to my first question: Which game does melee combat the best? Now for my second question, taking into consideration your answer to the question above, should DayZ lean towards that game? Or is there another that you feel it should aim towards. Now we have to accept that certain melee implementations are not going to be viable. Say for example you said "Far Cry" and some of the fluidity of FC5 when taking down enemies is very enjoyable - a lot of it is scripted and involves upgrading a skill tree in order to achieve all the "takedown" tricks - but enjoyable it is. Now while fun, is not going to work in DayZ. It's not the same "environmental feel" of the character, FC always feels like it's characters are "living on top" of the open world it has, rather than "living in" and tend to be more flashy than practical. That might be a personal thing but I think most will accept that FC melee mechanics are not the way forward. However games like SCUM (just for example - which is equally in it's own development cycle) is comparable to DayZ. Again this is a personal thing but I feel you are part of the environment and the zombies feel part of the environment. For me, this thread was half inspired by playing SCUM recently and while I am not comparing like for like here, I found the melee combat intuitive, predictable and more importantly believable. The "zombies" have a weight, they are knocked back and while the current system they use is pretty basic and the AI attacks all to easy to get around, it is (imo) more enjoyable than going hand to hand with a zombie in DayZ. I should point out I am not saying SCUM is a better game, just commenting on this particular element. Don't get me wrong, it's not perfect, there are still things wrong with the it handles melee. So, why this slightly lengthy post? Because I believe that melee should be one of the grounding elements of the game. Sure, the idea of zeroing in on a squad camping a hillside with a sniper rifle is fun. Laying down some "spray and pray" after being unexpectedly caught in the back streets of Cherno is as enjoyable as it is frantic, but the bread and butter of DayZ and especially for newbies and fresh spawns it will be the underlying core mechanic for the first hour at least of each new character. I want to be able to creep into a village armed only with an axe (or machete - the OP b*stard that it is right now!) and, when spotted, be able to go toe-to-toe with zombies and be confident in not just my movements but theirs too. I want to "feel" the weight of the weapon and "feel" the weight of the enemy it hits. The zombies should react in a "realistic manner". Certainly DayZ is getting closer to that than it has before but it's still, for me, not close enough to be "enjoyable". Anyway, apologies if this has been a little rambling. I'd be interesting to what people's opinions are.
  8. I know a lot play DayZ for the PvP but for me, I want to see a return to the survival aspect. I want to kill wildlife with a bow, farm my crops, craft my own bag and clothes and every so often wander into the city for ammo and freak people out by being some crazy mountain man.
  9. Experimental Content Update

    I believe my answer is still the same. As it is, you should be able to jump over a fence from a standing start when you are standing still next to it. It's not a big deal, I mention it so that other people will realise what's going on. The way it is now will be changed, of that I am sure, it may be to change the jump mechanism or to provide a vault.
  10. Experimental Content Update

    Not questioning your physical dexterity but it's very easy to do exactly that. Edit: I will concede it would be much harder with a fully loaded backpack. I wasn't doing it with a fully loaded backpack though.
  11. Experimental Content Update

    Just a couple of things from this recent content release on Exp. I got stuck with my feet "under the floor" by entering a building where the doorstep was raised up (this was in Kamyshovo but I've seen similar in other places). I then jumped and landed on the floor however my walking was stuttery while I could crouch which allowed me to walk at double speed. I left the building and that continued to happen. It wasn't until I found myself in the open and went to prone did it resolve itself. I had to log in and back out again in order to drop an item. I picked up some boots, they stayed in my hand, I couldn't get rid of them. upon logging in it looks like the problem persists but I was able to go to inventory and drop them that way. Not sure what is going on with the jumping but it's "a bit weird". I guess it's connected to the stamina but I went up to the usual small fence that surrounds gardens, the one that is up to your waist, yet I couldn't jump it. If I let me stamina build up and take a run at it, and hold down the space I cleared it, and there does seem to be a trick to jumping based on how long you hold the space, but if you walk up to a fence, wait for your stamina to be full then press forward and jump it just jumps upwards on the spot, no forward movement at all. This can be extremely frustrating when trying to get out of the path of a zombie. Now I'm not complaining about these things, nor am I raising them as bugs, I feel that they are so generalised that they will be picked up and resolved fairly quickly. I mention them purely so if others experience them they'll know how to resolve them.
  12. .63 Combat System

    I'll be honest, just having the differing ammo clearly identifiable in your UI would be a great step forward. I don't mind being "forced" into new reloading mechanics or limited hotbar usage so long as I can tell the difference.
  13. .63 Combat System

    I'm going to be honest, I don't think I can judge how good the system is until I am put under pressure. Just now, the most I've managed is the occasional exchange from distance and getting caught in a mini horde (btw, the fucking machete is lit af for zombie kills in 63!). My binding, I think, is vanilla with right mouse raising and left shift being my ADS. While it took me a little time to get used to, I can see it having merits. I've also yet to really give the "on your back" firing positions a proper go. I can only imagine that will be more in a moment of panic than by design. Tell you what would improve my combat, and that's having far more visible differences in bullets. Single cell black spheres with the numbers is great for telling you how many of them you have, but in no way helps work out what fucking ammo it actually is. If I'm in the heat of battle and need to reload a clip, I find it an absolute nightmare with the UI as it is.
  14. Where is the DayZ population?

    The development path has killed most of the base, imo. Countless "promises" that were never delivered. I don't blame the devs working on it, either now or before, it's just the way things have played out. There is a chance they'll recoup some player base, after all there is still the kernel of a good game. It needs the devs to continue adding new stuff on a regular basis and, possibly more important these days, if the game can lure some of the prominent youtubers and twitchers to do content then I'd expect the servers to get much busier. They have missed the boat though, which is a shame.
  15. In short... 0.62 Stable: Pros: Em... it's stable? I suppose? Cons: Pretty much everything else. 0.63 Exp: Pros: It's the best state DayZ SA has been in since... ever! Cons: Possible character/server wipes as new stuff is being added... and it is being added. If I had to advise anyone it would be to avoid 62 stable. DayZ as a game is going to annoy you. Amaze and excite you too, but definitely annoy you. If you are to get annoyed, at least do so by the evolving world and not the one that'll be consigned to history very shortly.