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  1. Do you want to play Dayz without hackers and the ' shoot on sight' Campers? We are hosting a Dayz Community server and we are looking to expand our community to other like-minded Dayz enthusiasts. You might want to consider our Community Server currently running DayZ. About us: We are a group of gamers who across a wide variety of ages looking to create a different kind of gaming experience. Some of us are new to Dayz...some are learning the basics...gun play, the crafting mechanics, learning the map etc and some are long time players. As people get more confident with the game mechanics and the game becomes more stable, we want to expand the server to people with all levels of experience, who are friendly, do not shoot on sight, and are willing to support others to learn the game. The focus is on community and PVE: we aim to cooperate with each other, maybe help each other build each other's bases (or not...but you WILL NOT destroy/raid other people's bases, if you find a base you will leave it as you found it if it is not in a major city or military loot area). It won't be cooperative all the time, (what fun is it just shooting zombies??) but the aim is not to shoot on sight. We realize that there are going to be elements of PVP and hunting each other with a focus on learning tactics (especially down the road), but our thoughts turn to more respectful clan battles or factions. There will also be activities as a server, our last was this get together at Paradise Island. As it stands right now, we have a 30 slot vanilla server which is centrally located in Texas via Fragnet - . Rules 1 - This is a PVE server 2 - KOS only in Tisy, NW Airfield, Troitskoe, Pavlovo, Zelenogorsk, Dichina 3 - NO Baseraiding - Leave them as you found them 4 - Abusive comments/behaviour/spam of any form will NOT be tolerated We run a 4 hours day, with 15 mins of sunset, 30 mins of night, and 15 mins of dawn on a 3 day cycle before cycle reset (15 hours between restarts) We now have mods, to help accentuate the play experience. - No Stamina - Build Anywhere - Easy Map (using the ingame map) We do not want to change things too much, but there might be some that significantly better the game. All proposals from the player base will be considered. Our server is here: Hawke's PVE | Limited Mil Base PVP | Modded Survival Server With the 1.0 release and subsequent update to1.04, we decided to dive in to DayZ. DayZ is not perfect...there are wonky game mechanics, stuff doesn't work 100 percent of the time...and many times we've been frustrated to the point of rage quitting! However....slowly but surely...it is becoming more playable and rewarding. Persistence is working so we are looking forward to realizing our ultimate gaming vision: Getting to know other Gamerz and having unique in game experiences. With your help, it could be a game worth investing in. These are early days yet, but if this sounds something you might be interested in, feel free to join us! There is a Twitter channel (https://twitter.com/Aux711) for server information and there will be a Website and Discord for more player chat and interaction. We will also have Whitelisting for increased security for your play experience. The server is currently open to access for all Or if you want more information, please contact HawkeDayz@gmail.com or alix@malix.co.uk .
  2. aux7

    Server Configuration File

    disablePersonalLight = true; // disable the personal nightlight
  3. aux7

    'Player' hit by Fence with MeleeDamage?

    that means that someone has barbed wire on the fence and they have walked into it, and taken damage I take it you cannot activate player activity logging yet?
  4. aux7

    A question about the Tier levels

    I import it into excel, no editor is really great . .. . its a pain . . .
  5. aux7

    Stable Update 1.05

    My four barrel lock is working fine . . no problems
  6. aux7

    Rented server in game messages

    Ok, glad to hear everything is coming together. Can I shut the bug report down now?
  7. aux7

    Rented server in game messages

    that is a comment, if you look under server documentation messages here . . . https://forums.dayz.com/topic/239635-dayz-server-files-documentation/
  8. aux7

    Rented server in game messages

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?> <messages> <!-- 1) following message will be displayed every 15 minutes to every player --> <message> <repeat>15</repeat> <text>welcome to dayz underground. Thank you .)</text> </message> <!-- 3) following message will be displayed every 50 minutes to every player --> <!-- and 10 minutes after player connect --> <message> <delay>10</delay> <repeat>50</repeat> <onconnect>1</onconnect> <text>join dayz underground ps4 community</text> </message> <!-- 4) following message will be displayed once --> <!-- and 2 minutes after player connect --> <message> <delay>2</delay> <onconnect>1</onconnect> <text>server restarts every 6 hours</text> </message> </messages>
  9. aux7

    Rented server in game messages

    ok, how. Whats the secret?
  10. aux7

    Rented server in game messages

    xbox ticket . . . T143713 T143713: messages.xml not working on Xbox.
  11. aux7

    Private server game messages

    Ive sent it by pm did you try the time stuff?
  12. aux7

    Private server game messages

    @Ledgenz try the above settings for long days and short nights. Let me know if you want longer days and shorter nights
  13. aux7

    Private server game messages

    sure, but when it resets it can be that something in the code is wrong, so it is/was worth checking. I then put your comment in the bug report. So it just reset again with this code or? Please give me a feedback. thanks @Markyd @stephen321 On your server window there are the folders - general, config profiles, config files and timed restart. Can one of you guys send me screen prints of whats in there? for anyone who is interested, I run my servers 4 hours daylight and 1 hour night (with half an hour of absolute night) The set up seems the same as for pc. My settings are Server time multiplier for this would be 3 Server time multiplier (night) 4 Custom server time would be set to 2019/06/21/06/00 giving a 6am start on the longest day, but I could do with a better screen shot of this page to confirm I would untick the use system time as well
  14. aux7

    Private server game messages

    @stephen321 @Skimshady The code below works now on pc, Try this test code on yours. . . <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?> <messages> <message> <repeat>15</repeat> <text>You're playing on my server Thank you </text> </message> </messages>
  15. How often is too often? Mine are set to fifteen hour restarts, but probably moving to 10 hour. Some times you have to . .. but I try not to affect players