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  1. aux7


    I dont use tents as a base, only storage . . . For sure I wouldnt put them up in Zombie areas, but wolves can be a problem in the woods
  2. I always carry duct tape, its smaller and lighter than the leather sewing kit and gun repair kit and fixes guns, and backpacks. Axes too. Makes silencers too . . . its amazing stuff. Havent tried bandaging or car stuff . . . ..
  3. aux7

    Unpacking Ammo

    I thought about writing Hi in a tent I found with the paper from cartridges, but I only had four boxes . . . . .so that ended that idea
  4. aux7

    Stable Update 1.0150627

    no, no and unfortunately no I want to be able to climb trees . . . . .
  5. aux7

    Unpacking Ammo

    you mean in the paper wrapper . no real advantage. you can use the paper as kindling to start a fire. If you unwrap it and still want to use it for kindling, you have to store the paper somewhere.
  6. I watched one wolf bring down 8 zombies once, three dead the others damaged . .. .
  7. if you dont have a gun, and you cannot get to shelter, and there is a big pack of them, youre pretty much done.
  8. aux7

    Car tents

    Ive never seen one . . . . had five civilian tents, and seen plenty of other peoples civilian tents (empty) and one military tent (empty), and now one military tent with stuff in . . I borrowed an axe . . .sorry
  9. aux7

    Stable Update 1.0150627

    1 - Im still nervous about cars - havent tried it since my last "adventure". Too much effort to achieve "the black screen of death" I will/am be waiting for some other brave soul to try it and report 2 - I just revisited an old stash on a public server .. . . still there. Color me purple, its still there .. . you could have knocked me down with a feather . . . now to check the main stash . . .
  10. aux7

    1.0 and what i hope for.

    I just get some bags and bury stuff now, if there is a server reboot coming up I log off carrying it (the most important stuff)
  11. aux7

    the real hardcore survival server

    Am i the only one who doesnt know what he is on about? if its raining, I generally log out. And yes, its sunny when I log in again, generally.
  12. aux7

    Official Cinematic Trailer

    no worries here you get caught downloading illegally or torrenting illegally you can be fined. And it can be a very large fine. Five euros for a blueray, instead of ten to twenty euros for the cinema, instead of a fine that can run to 4 figures. Its an easy decision
  13. aux7

    Official Cinematic Trailer

    yeah thats me, dont have quite the bandwidth to stream . . .
  14. aux7

    Stable Update 1.0150627

    police cars are a nice surprise, and you get some stuff. I got a pistol silencer and rounds off one. I have seen more cars than helicopter wrecks . . . the heli wreck I did see gave me an svd, so you could say I was a satisfied customer. The game always seems to require you to visit other places to make the complete weapon, I find that a pain sometimes. Would be nice just once to find a complete pristine weapon . . . I always seem to get damaged or badly damaged with no rounds, no magazine and iron sights.
  15. aux7

    Official Cinematic Trailer

    Unfortunately it was a cinematic trailer, not a representation of actual gameplay, showing dolled up representations of "potential" game play. It skated (in my opinion ) that thin line between legal and illegal. Other games have been pulled up on showing "produced" video as actual gameplay. They have nicely avoided this, but its still not right for me. Dont get me wrong, it looked great. If it was a film, I would probably watch it . . . but I didnt really see anything that could be put into current gameplay and given the track record for changing, improving, releasing things I wouldnt hold my breath anyway . . . reality for me at the moment, I play the game for what it is, and other than the KOS I enjoy it. Some aspects of the gameplay, I find clunky and unrealistic (aging of tools - axe, spade, tin opener etc and weapons components - silencers a magazine and they are dead. three magazines and the weapon is damaged. Lets ignore the ballistics and weapon behaviour issues, I still play arma 2 so I can get my weapons fix there). I would like some modifications, and would like to see a plan for future features and fixes. Its why I joined this forum. re point 1 - do we have a link to disclosed actually planned features? From where I am sitting, they seem to be resisting putting out a road map for this year? point 2 - people and the game already trap zombies into rooms, not sure they are deliberately traps for the next visitor, but sometimes you have to be careful when opening doors when you can hear a zombie nearby but not see them.