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  1. aux7

    cooking food

    too late for andy . . .
  2. aux7

    cooking food

    en route, got food . . .eta ??
  3. aux7

    cooking food

    He got Salmonellosis . .. .. vomiting everytime he ate something
  4. Humans yes, but not on zombies - I tried . .
  5. aux7

    Wheelie Bin Movable Storage container

    inventory capacity and management is currently (in my opinion, especially with the way CLE works) a problem. Influence on stamina and running exacerbates the issue. I spend so much time playing tetris in my backpack .. . . its easier now we can rotate items, but some items get corrupted and you still have to root around for an age . . . carrying an oil drum or seachest any distance can get you killed .. . . same goes for base building supplies - wood, planks, sheet metal etc nails weigh an incredible amount . . . assuming you can find them Im still ignoring cars
  6. yes, I am having troubles now, looting zombies is a lot tougher than it needs to be. it was a lot easier before . .. 1.02 I think
  7. for sure it means that the player needs to take care of what he eats and drinks, but if he does catch something, then he needs a fix. So then you have to find a med centre somewhere to get the fix or he has to be carrying it on him. If the first, if he tries to go to a med centre on the coast, the player is more likely to die from player interaction rather than the illness. The inland ones make better sense, but player interaction still has high percentage rates of death than the illness. With the relative infrequency of med centres, if it gets deleterious to a players health in the same way/rate that the weapon, clothing and tool deterioration occurs (currently unrealistic) the player is likely to die before he gets to a med centre, if another player doesnt get them on route (also assuming the med centre hasnt already been looted by another player). if the second, players will start having serious inventory problems by having (or trying) to cover every eventuality in their backpack. Its bad enough now with weapons, ammunition, tools and cleaning/repair kits. (ignoring carrying food and water and the steadily increasing range of ammunition, also ignoring finding some of this stuff). With such a load in your backpack, you have no chance of running, so you have to fight. In my opinion bases would need (come to the fore) to be used to store such emergency stuff, and currently you cannot secure bases or tents. Really, if we want this type of immersion (sure) then we need to be able to craft/set up secure bases . . . from raw materials. And an axe or knife that doesnt get ruined so fast. Be able to build a small shelter from the trees surrounding with an axe or knife. dig some storage in the ground. Camouflage both with fast growing bushes that you can plant around it, and secure .. . somehow. none of this looking for nails and plank spawn points, miles from wherever you might want to set up. Some of us run alone . . . . . . (ok, mostly)
  8. aux7

    Stable Update 1.03

    I dont mind it, its just the rate at which things deteriorate
  9. aux7

    Stable Update 1.03

    Unfortunately a lot of things have completely unrealistic life cycles. it becomes a major inventory issue if we have to carry spares/backups for things. Or the associated repair kits. So when you go raiding, you would pick up two or three items instead of one so you are covered when the item fails and or you cannot repair it any more Im still nervous about radio towers and chimneys because of the original failures/bugs getting off and on and the subsequent waaaaaaAAAAAah splat
  10. aux7

    Generic item labeling instead of fantasy names

    You have to wonder how much connection there was between Bohemia Interactive and Bohemia Interactive Simulations in the past. I could guess it could be that the manufacturers of the weapons while it was associated with a full milsim tool, allowed the naming to carry over to Arma, or because of a close relationship between the two companies (BI & BIS). With the sale of Bohemia Interactive Simulations to Riverside in 2013, I could suppose that the ip became a lot more sensitive. Arma and Dayz being games, the manufacturers wanted no association that might possibly affect their reputation (the manufacturer) maybe? The models would be Bohemia Interactive ip and so cannot be affected, or maybe have slight mods to only represent the weapon rather than actually model the weapon. In Arma, there were a full range of weapons from ancient to modern, with DayZ we only really have old weapons, no modern weapons. It will be interesting to see if those modern weapons make their way into DayZ. It may even be that Bohemia Interactive Simulations do not want a potentially cheaper sim to interfere in their mil sim business and so will limit weapons and realism and hence are contractually restricting it. And again that could limit the modern weaapons. Or Bohemia Interactive are having to negotiate the ip with each manufacturer for each weapon individually.
  11. aux7

    Stable Update 1.03

    its new . . . .I just slid down a ladder no gloves, had two cuts to bandage at the bottom, thats never happened to me before. I think its a bit extreme. In the 1.02 I used to slide down ladders a lot without gloves, no problems, with gloves also, gloves still pristine. Gonna be a pain if they start getting ruined too . . ..
  12. aux7

    Base building

    if you find a spot that you think is great, chances are 80% of the other players agree with you and the closer you are to a plank source, the closer you are to another base . . .
  13. aux7

    Generic item labeling instead of fantasy names

    doesnt really bother me in the game. I use different labels when it suits me when I talk about things. The pipsi and other cans have developed their own mythology, and it may be so with the guns. though I have never thought of the LAR as a FAL even though they were the manufacturer, its always been an SLR for me in my opinion the manufacters (of the real life products) have missed a marketing opportunity here but there could be other issues I dont know about
  14. aux7

    Stable Update 1.03

    From the experimental update 1.03.151487 thread repzaj1234 Posted Tuesday at 11:05 PM (edited) These new wooden crates can fit long rifles and can be buried. https://imgur.com/a/OkVNGsm What's going to happen to weapons that have a global count limit? We'll never see any rare guns again. Brother Hao Posted Tuesday at 11:30 PM 2 planks and 10 nails afaik the crate stores 10 x 5. The picture shows a crate with an svd in