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  1. ANOTHER EVENT INBOUND!!!!! Event details "Saturday Night Madness" is a server wide event that anyone can join in on. This event will vary from static events, to moving events as well as other scenarios. Server: HIHB - Regular(US) Server Event: HIHB MISFITS LOOT TENT EVENT Time: Saturday - 9:00 pm CST Date: 18th NOVEMBER 2017 Starting Map Location: NE QUADRANT OF MAP Objective: HIHB Misfits will be defending a loot tent in a town located in the NE Quadrant of the map! https://discord.gg/pRdY82
  2. DayZVideos.Com - New DayZ Media Website

    Today, I am announcing we have added DayZ Twitch and Youtube Streamers to the site. You will see it about halfway down the main page, we plan to make a dedicated section just for DayZ streamers in the near future. We will keep a random selection of streamers available on the main page and you can drill down if you want to see if other DayZ streamers are live. Enjoy!
  3. DayZVideos.Com - New DayZ Media Website

    Today I am very excited to introduce everyone to DayZVideos.com Feel free to signup and submit your DayZ Videos and Wallpapers. This is a soft launch for us so we are just getting our feet wet. We have something really nice in store for Content Creators in the near future when we do a hard launch of the site. I'll have more later but for now, feel free to sign up and submit your content. It will be reviewed and posted within a couple of hours. We also accept DayZ related Wallpaper. Our software will offer it in aa number of different sizes for download on many different devices. We also have a small arcade to play a few HTML five games. Feel free to drop by, sign up, submit a video or two, and leave us some comments.
  4. DayZVideos.Com - New DayZ Media Website

    ATTN: All DayZ Content Creators. We are doing a bi-weekly contest starting today! You can have your video featured on DayZVideos free for 2 weeks. Here's how to get a chance to win: Make Your Video! When you upload to Youtube, please place a link in your video description that looks like this "http://www.dayzvideos.com" (without the quotes) Signup and Submit your video to DayZVideos. You can submit up to 20 videos per day! On November 28th, we will pick THREE videos that used our link in their description during that two week period. We will notify via email registered on our site or Youtube Messaging. Winners get to choose which video from their channel they want featured on the site for the next two weeks! Remember, we will pick 3 winners every two weeks and you can submit up to 20 videos per day. Good luck to all.
  5. Event details "Saturday Night Madness" is a server wide event that anyone can join in on. This event will vary from static events, to moving events as well as other scenarios. Server: HIHB - Regular(US) Server Event: HIHB MISFITS CHURCH TAKEOVER Time: Saturday - 9:00 pm CST Date: 4th NOVEMBER 2017 Starting Map Location: SE QUADRANT OF MAP Objective: HIHB Misfits will be taking over a church in the SE Quadrant. Your job is take the church away from the Misfits. If you successfully hold the church at midnight... YOU WIN A MIL TENT FULL OF GREAT GEAR! Winners need to come to our Discord channel to claim their prize! https://discord.gg/pRdY82
  6. Need something to do Saturday Night?

    HIHB Misfits will be hosting another barrel run event. If you haven't been to one of or barrel run's, you are missing out. Basically get geared this week and then come Saturday Night @ 9:00 PM CST and try to take our barrel from us. More details below! WHEN: SATURDAY NIGHT @ 9 PM CST WHAT: HIHBGAMING.NET [USA] - PvP - FRESH LOOTZ DAILY SERVER ((IN THE COMMUNITY TAB)) HIHB MISFITS Presents.... The Chernarus Railroad Barrel Event. HIHB MISFITS will be hauling a barrel. The Misfits will start from a location near the western side of the map, pick up a barrel and begin moving along the tracks to the east. Your job will be to intercept them and grab the barrel from them and take it to a designated place to be determined upon taking the barrel. You must defend the barrel in that location until midnight. If the Misfits get the barrel, they will continue their mission. Ultimately, The Misfits plan to deliver and guard the barrel at a location near Svetlojarsk. If you get the barrel at it's guarded location and can take it away and hold it for 10 minutes or before midnight, you and/or your team win. Locations and current status will be given in server messages.
  7. here are the insane highlights from our last Saturday Night Madness Event! I believe we have the first recorded deaths in DayZ by a Mackerel, not once, but twice! Enjoy the craziness!

    We started looking at our settings and discovered that somehow Bloom got turned back on for both of us. That is one source of problems. Thanks for the heads up NL.
  9. Looking for cheap servers

    All servers start at 30 slots, then tier to 40, 50, 60 slots. HIHBgaming.net uses GamingDeluxe. We have had little issue with them. I'll behonest, DayZ servers are very expensive especially if you are looking at going with a private hive. We operate 6 servers. 2 in AU, 2 in US, 2 in EU. It's EXPENSIVE.

    Well, there are two different people rendering our videos, and we get video's from multiple sources obviously. It's like in the rendering from one or both people. We will see if we can turn the brightness down a bit.
  11. Who gives a damn what streamers think? They are not the voice of the community. Lirik is funny, and sometimes entertaining, but I'm not basing my world view of DayZ around his dumbass views. I'd rather drink Turpentine and gargle razor blades.
  12. Sometimes A Bandit, Sometimes A Hero!

  13. Stable Update 0.62.139835

    I don't know what to say, maybe it's coincidence, but I can no longer even play as within 3 to 4 seconds of spawning in on those tracks, I immediately get the memory error
  14. Stable Update 0.62.139835

    I have submitted my issue to the tracker, but I'm pretty sure you can get into memory leak trouble near the new railroad tracks near Myschino. My advice would be stay far away from that area as I can no longer play. As soon as I hit the play button, wait 3 to 4 seconds and I receive a memory error. I am stuck on those tracks with no way to escape! Anyway, for those that care... here is my issue: https://feedback.bistudio.com/T125452
  15. Status of 0.62 on Experimental Branch

    You obviously have spent little time @ r/dayz. That place is a toxic cacophony of spewed bile. Makes the forums look like 3rd grade Sunday School at the local baptist church.
  16. Firefighter in Distress

  17. Future of public hive servers

    We've rented servers for almost three years now, albeit, we are a private hive, and run our servers according to the rules set by BI. All of this talk about private hives being run by badmins and private hives being empty is simply not correct. Our server is full every Saturday Night during our events. Our admins follow the rules to the letter.

    Two pieces of media to share with you guys.... First, here's our first Faction Wars video. And Second, here's a little poster we made up for our next event....enjoy!

    Thanks Benavides for the kudos!
  20. We are looking for new members for our group AND if your group is looking for a home, be sure and read to the end of this post! Hello survivors. If you are 25+ years or older and looking for a group to play with that likes to have a bit of fun but be tactical when the time comes then we are looking for YOU! We are the HIHB MISFITS. We have a 5 server international private hive including a US BASED 3rd person 60 slot and a 30 slot whitelisted hardcore server. The HIHB MISFIT group members are primarily from the US, Canada, and a few EU players. In addition we have two AU servers and an EU server in our hive. Joining our group is easy and the rules are simple. HERE ARE THE RULES! HERE IS HOW TO JOIN! HERE'S OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL! OUR SERVER LIST Our TS: ts3.hihbgaming.net:9990 GROUPS/CLANS If your group or clan is looking for a home. HIHB Gaming is willing to accept you. We run a clean private hive. No cheating, or glitching. You can use our TS, have your camps on any of our servers. People that donate with a monthly subscription on our server, receive certain BI approved perks. Access to whitelisted server, their own private TS channel, etc. If your group is interested, feel free to contact me here or look for JMAN/XCITE/XTRACT on our TS (Address at the top of this post.)

    THE EVENT POSTED ABOVE IS HAPPENING TONIGHT @ 9:00 PM CST! Think you can touch our barrel? If you can and can follow in- game messages and hold it for awhile, you could win a $20 Steam Gift Code and 1 month free sub to our whitelist server.