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  1. Server: HIHB - Regular(US) - Server Event: SNM - THE FINAL .62 BLOWOUT! Time: Saturday - 9:00 pm CST Date: 7th APRIL 2018 Starting Map Location: SE Quadrant Objective: The small town of TULGA becomes the final battleground on this patch. Get gear and get to TULGA to PVP one final time before .63 drops!
  2. We are shutting down Experimental servers

    Now if they really want to increase network traffic..... throw in 8 or 10 military tents full of loot within a few meters of one another and watch the slideshow as people running and gunning in that! Concentrated tents with massive gear destroy performance currently, especially when PVP happens near them.
  3. Status Report - 27 March 2018

    Appreciate you guys! Thanks for getting it done!
  4. FriendZ - A Friends Parody

    Excellent video.
  5. How about... just wait for Beta that's when the majority of what you are looking at will be fixed.
  6. RSS feed for dev announcements on this forum?

    I wish it did, I'd love to have a legitimate RSS feed of the Developer Discussion forum where the Status Reports are shown. I have repeatedly asked @Baty Alquawen about it. The forum uses Invision software and I know they have have RSS feeds they jsut have to enable it.
  7. 0.63 Developer Live Stream - 14th March 2018

    Ahhhh... forget it. It's not worth the effort.....
  8. 0.63 Developer Live Stream - 14th March 2018

    You really should watch the stream again, both of those aissues were addressed. RE: HUD. Yes, you can remove it, in the stream, Baty actually toggles the HUD completely off. You can't see it at all. RE: Draw Distance. Eugene addressed this that at some point, while the performance balancing is happening they will look at how much they can add or allow players to add as well as tune th FOG down, etc. Your concerns will be addressed during Beta phase.
  9. With BETA comes modding

    ^^^^^^^^^^ THIS ^^^^^^^^^^
  10. With BETA comes modding

    Because that's what we do. When the Dodge Charger was announced in 2005, no less than 30 custom shops around the country began announcing plans for their take on the new Charger and it would be a year before it hit the streets. Everyone will play the shit out of the base vanilla game, but communities/server operators will be customizing the game to bring players into their fold. Many will turn to the monotonous PUBG route, but hopefully, a creative few will take the game to new places, and come up with new ideas.
  11. 0.63 Developer Live Stream - 14th March 2018

  12. With BETA comes modding

    Well, our mod is going to take the base game and amp up the environment and certain entities into actual big time scary threats. Depending on how the loot economy looks, I'm sure we will have to tweak things a bit, but overall we want to take the base DayZ game and push it to the limit. But we always want to have something for players to do, so we will have some meta gaming going on, missions, random server events, and a lot more.
  13. With BETA comes modding

    I'm late to the party, as usual. But I'd like to say that I am a little concerned about how modding will splinter up players. I'm hoping we see more original ideas for modding and not the usual vehicles every 10 feet on the coast and mil tents with good loot everywhere. I'm hoping we see more variety than that. I just wonder how many private servers are going to start catering to the PvP crowd immediately???
  14. 0.63 Experimental Release Check list

    You can't make it clearer which is the larger point I was trying to make without actually saying it. Any of those terms come with a negative connotation.
  15. 0.63 Experimental Release Check list

    If you must have a "delayed" tag... how about "ON HOLD", "BACK BURNER", "SHELVED", "DEFER" or better yet, use nothing!
  16. 0.63 Experimental Release Check list

    That makes sense, but that got lost on the masses. If you take a look at this thread and the ones on reddit, it is painfully obvious it is confusing. I'll just leave it at that.
  17. 0.63 Experimental Release Check list

    You're right... It's all me. I'll let you guys deal with it, sorry to try and and be helpful. Won't happen again.
  18. 0.63 Experimental Release Check list

    And this is why POSTPONED is not necessary... thank you for proving my point. It confuses the issue.
  19. 0.63 Experimental Release Check list

    @Raptor (DayZ) I understand what you are saying. Based on your answer, I would revise my suggestion to just removing the POSTPONE tag altogether. You can leave something TODO, the POSTPONE tag is simply unnecessary. There's nothing in your list about BASE BUILDING or VEHICLES. In the Jan 30th Status Report, they said work on vehicles was happening again. Nothing in this list about Vehicles. My point is that POSTPONE causes confusion, why not remove it when there are missing things from this list anyway. if the purpose of the list is to showcase what is being worked on for an Experimental Release... showing postponed items is clearly confusing as they won't be in the release, and the list is missing items anyway. Other than that, I am so grateful you guys have done this. All I'm asking is that the list be clarified a bit, either put all the items on it, and use TODO, or leave the items off that won't be in a particular release and get rid of POSTPONE. Thanks RAPTOR for all you do!
  20. 0.63 Experimental Release Check list

    @Baty Alquawen @Martin (DayZ) I sense confusion here and on reddit about the use of the POSTPONE tag. I would suggest just dropping it completely, leave something IN PROGRESS or TODO. Just remove POSTPONE altogether. Also if it's TODO POSTPONED, why not just remove those as they won't be in the build anyway. My suggestion is ONLY have on the list what you want to add for whatever UPCOMING Experimental release you are working on. In other words, the only thing in your list is stuff that has been done (if you want) or stuff that will be in the next release you are working on. If something has to be cut to make another release happen, then just remove it. At this stage in the game, what will be available for testing in each Experimental Release is more beneficial than things in the list that won't be available for some time.
  21. 0.63 Experimental Release Check list

    Angry typing guy doesn't see any progress.... does this surprise anyone? And what a dumb statement anyway. Thanks for contributing NOTHING, thanks for showing your ineptitude. I am THANKFUL AS ALL HELL for this. Finally! This is exactly what I and others have been asking for and now we can point others to this glorious check list. #INBETAWETRUST
  22. I miss my Dayz

    I'd just like to say, I have never gotten bored because of a piece of software tech...... ever. There are many reasons to be bored in DayZ, but seriously, being involved with an active community of engaged players cures that boredom. I have been fortunate to have some of the best people play in our group. I don't brag on them near enough, but people in this group actually care about one another. My father passed away last year, and people from my group and several of our rival groups went in together and bought an amazing arrangement of flowers for my family and a care package for me. I know none of these people on a personal level, just from playing games with them, mainly DayZ. I am rarely, if ever bored. We constantly find ways to entertain ourselves in game and out of game. With all the glitching, the desync, the constant battles to try and not die from ladders or falling through rocks, DayZ is a harsh mistress, but the people in our group make it bearable and mostly fun.
  23. I miss my Dayz

    I never stopped playing, besides, we are still having events on our servers... not as frequently, mind you. We are set to have a Civilian Gear event this Saturday Night. I am pumped about .63 coming soon, but even more pumped to pump some lead in some fools Saturday Night!
  24. Status Report - 27 February 2018

    Oh how wrong you are sir. Look at the Steam Charts... every time a major patch has been released, many, many players returned. And like someone pointed out earlier, ARMA players, plus DayZ SA players, PLUS MOD players will be on this game like stink on stinky pie. When the game goes 1.0, I guarantee you more players than you will know what to do, and I'm sure it will dwindle down after awhile, but the core of DayZ, I'd guess around 100,000 (that number is probably too conservative) players will play for years and years. PLUS with all the mods that will be available. Communities will be looking for ways to differentiate themselves. Like I have always said, no one should worry about player numbers, THEY ALWAYS COME BACK.
  25. Status Report - 27 February 2018

    Night time has to be right..... our mod depends on night light being damn near perfect.