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    Greetings. The Misfits Inc is a new multi-national multi-game community of older gamers (25+ yo). Many of our core members have been with us over 4 years. Our Discord Community is for anyone that wants to enjoy one or all of our many servers. We have an ARK cluster and an Arma 3 Epoch server. We've played DayZ for years with other communities, but now we are bringing Misfit Madness Events to our own DayZ server every other Saturday Night. Our events are legendary. We play clean and keep the server clean. Zero tolerance for cheating/glitching/hacking of ANY kind. No server admin abuse, as I am the only Server admin of our DayZ server. Use this link to join our Discord --> https://discord.gg/MVvBTg7

    Come one.... Come All!

    Big Event TONIGHT! Get geared and come to Southeast Quadrant of map. Watch Server messages for details.
  4. The server is often raining, how to cancel

    My intention is to disable the rain completely for now. It's always raining on our server...sick of it. Once they get things fixed, we will just let the default go, but for now, it's kinda rediculous.
  5. [TMI] The Misfit Inc are Recruiting| 25+ YO|Mature Gamers

    We are looking for older gamers that want to join a community of like-minded players. If you have any coding skills or are familiar with modding in Arma and are over 25 years old, we are definitely looking for you. Many in our group have been around for 3 or 4 years, we play together, laugh together, and are basically one big online family. Come check us out.... https://discord.gg/VN8KEnS
  6. THE MISFITS INC Hello. My name is XCITE! Our group, The Misfits Inc [TMI] are recruiting older, mature gamers (25+ YO) to join our core group. We are looking for those that are looking to play with like-minded older gamers that also like a little chaos in their gaming. We play fast and loose at times, but we also get tactical when it's time to do business. We are not a hardcore group, we simply like to have fun and leave the politics, religion, and drama at the door. Seriously, we do NOT do drama. Come to our Discord and introduce yourself to me or one of the mods. Our on-boarding process is simple and you can read all about it in our #misfits-recruitment channel. No boring application, it's literally a 4 step process.... you just come, play games with us, see if we jive together, and then move on in the process. We have legendary DayZ events, we call them Misfit Madness Events. We usually play them on Saturday Night, and they vary from simple take and hold, to more complex scenarios. Bottom line is, you are guaranteed to have fun. Our community is growing, we have core members from all over the world, and our community members are playing on our servers like our Ark Cluster and Arma 3 Epoch. So use this Discord Invite and come check us out, you won't regret it --> https://discord.gg/VN8KEnS

    Our event will be taking place in the SouthEast Quadrant of the map. More information will be given during the event.
  8. The server is often raining, how to cancel

    Which file are you guys editing? I have the same problem.

    Come help us break our server this Saturday Night @ 9 PM CST. The event will be in the SouthEast section of the map. Get geared and bring your A-Game!
  10. [TMI] The Misfit Inc are Recruiting| 25+ YO|Mature Gamers

    We have an event coming up this Saturday Night. If you are 25+ and would like to join a group of older gamers growing a multi-game community, you've found your home. We don't do drama, we play games to leave life's drama. Use this Discord Invite and give us a try.... https://discord.gg/VN8KEnS
  11. [TMI] The Misfit Inc are Recruiting| 25+ YO|Mature Gamers

    Our 25+ YO rule is a hard rule, we are looking for the older, wiser folks who understand the meaning of LEAVE DRAMA AT THE DOOR. We don't do it. So, if you are tired of the same ol', same ol' we're a fun group looking to build our membership and develop a one of a kind DayZ experience. We have awesome events Saturday Night, come and be a part of a friendly mature gaming community. Discord invite in the first post.

    We have an event coming up this Saturday, October 6th @ 9 PM CST Gear up and get to the Southeast Quadrant. We will be running server messages with details beginning at 8:30 CST.
  13. We are shutting down Experimental servers

    Now if they really want to increase network traffic..... throw in 8 or 10 military tents full of loot within a few meters of one another and watch the slideshow as people running and gunning in that! Concentrated tents with massive gear destroy performance currently, especially when PVP happens near them.
  14. Status Report - 27 March 2018

    Appreciate you guys! Thanks for getting it done!
  15. FriendZ - A Friends Parody

    Excellent video.
  16. How about... just wait for Beta that's when the majority of what you are looking at will be fixed.
  17. RSS feed for dev announcements on this forum?

    I wish it did, I'd love to have a legitimate RSS feed of the Developer Discussion forum where the Status Reports are shown. I have repeatedly asked @Baty Alquawen about it. The forum uses Invision software and I know they have have RSS feeds they jsut have to enable it.
  18. 0.63 Developer Live Stream - 14th March 2018

    Ahhhh... forget it. It's not worth the effort.....
  19. 0.63 Developer Live Stream - 14th March 2018

    You really should watch the stream again, both of those aissues were addressed. RE: HUD. Yes, you can remove it, in the stream, Baty actually toggles the HUD completely off. You can't see it at all. RE: Draw Distance. Eugene addressed this that at some point, while the performance balancing is happening they will look at how much they can add or allow players to add as well as tune th FOG down, etc. Your concerns will be addressed during Beta phase.
  20. With BETA comes modding

    ^^^^^^^^^^ THIS ^^^^^^^^^^
  21. With BETA comes modding

    Because that's what we do. When the Dodge Charger was announced in 2005, no less than 30 custom shops around the country began announcing plans for their take on the new Charger and it would be a year before it hit the streets. Everyone will play the shit out of the base vanilla game, but communities/server operators will be customizing the game to bring players into their fold. Many will turn to the monotonous PUBG route, but hopefully, a creative few will take the game to new places, and come up with new ideas.
  22. 0.63 Developer Live Stream - 14th March 2018

  23. With BETA comes modding

    Well, our mod is going to take the base game and amp up the environment and certain entities into actual big time scary threats. Depending on how the loot economy looks, I'm sure we will have to tweak things a bit, but overall we want to take the base DayZ game and push it to the limit. But we always want to have something for players to do, so we will have some meta gaming going on, missions, random server events, and a lot more.
  24. With BETA comes modding

    I'm late to the party, as usual. But I'd like to say that I am a little concerned about how modding will splinter up players. I'm hoping we see more original ideas for modding and not the usual vehicles every 10 feet on the coast and mil tents with good loot everywhere. I'm hoping we see more variety than that. I just wonder how many private servers are going to start catering to the PvP crowd immediately???
  25. 0.63 Experimental Release Check list

    You can't make it clearer which is the larger point I was trying to make without actually saying it. Any of those terms come with a negative connotation.