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  1. Forum vets: are you still playing?

    Oops, off by a continent or two, not sure where i got that from... Perhaps similar avatar to another poster. Well, aside from having my lamentations of posts here, of having zero players on across two servers only, (ie: that the game is dead) suppressed by Hicks, there's nothing much to report on DayZ. It literally cannot be played, unless i want to sandbox 'last man on earth'.
  2. Forum vets: are you still playing?

    So are there any AU servers worth any note? I know The Creeper is AU and has talked of occasionally leading single friend to 'full fire teams' into Chernarus. Every time i boot up DayZ it's dead and empty servers I find. Big D all moved to Squad and forwards it seems, Balota Buddies gone, PepsiDayZ gone. Even the one HC/1pp server dedicated AU that i could find back before 0.6 is absent. Are there any old players playing, or am I just missing a specific IP lookup for populated / any servers?
  3. What happened?

    So far as i can tell, the game is dead. Dead dead dead. I launch occasionally to see only 4 servers, maybe 2 players between them within my ping. I don't care to look for 200+. The forums took a significant hit after the 'second' forum downtime when they were DDoS'd? and the forum was overhauled. Lok also mentioned that it's noticeably more involved to sign in and administer the forums for mods too. I rarely come here any more, and when I do it's to OT, which is dead. General is much of the same as it was, only with what i imagine to be a larger turnover of new US/EU players. Im off playing squad and Fallout and smaller indie titles now. It would appear all the doom-sayers got their wish, although i don't keep up with what BI is putting out anymore, so can't confirm if it's still as supported in its development as I perceived it to be originally.
  4. DOOM

    Finished it in about 12hours getting most of the unlocks and what not (probably had a few hours idle there) on 'hurt me plenty (normal)'. Going back on ultra-violence, and got the acchieve for UAC on ultra-nightmare (harder than it seemed at first).... It's a pretty solid game to be sure. probably not at 60bucks but yeah, came with old blood >.>... Biggest gripe is loading screens and some of the menu layouts (like runes). I also get strange FPS drops at times that doesn't seem normal, because i reboot the game or just go sit in the menu for a while and it sorts its self out (sometimes over longer periods). doesn't seem to be particle effects etc, because i'll play through an area smooth as hell then come back choppy with less enemies. Could be a patch thing or something, although I know that i've had the game force-close on me several times so that an update could be performed which was quite nasty.... Most of the reviews out there are pretty spot on, it's a 7-8/10 ultra-violent and generally pretty game with good music, although bland after a while as i think there's only one or two tracks. End bossfight was a bit of a letdown, and i can almost smell the DLC of the ending... Also felt a bit cheap how the last few bosses just duplicated or resurrected. felt like it chepened the fight a little. Is gooder than i thought. PS these forums are fucking dead since the last downage.
  5. DOOM

    well, i've gone done got it. Wolf-The old Blood was bundled with it, and although i don't justify 30usd for wolf dlc at this point (not quite new order, @ CH4), it's a decent enough sweetener for an impulse buy. Here's hoping it's not shit and comes out with a decent stability. This is what will dictate whether Bethsoft is worth still buying for me, as there's not really a whole lot to doom, after my dis-satisfaction with F4.
  6. New Forum format

    I always figured it was a portmanteau of wiggle and nudge. Like that annoying bodily movement you make to distract someone on a repetitive basis. Definitely know that one here, in the Commonwealth of Australia ;). We love a good niggle.
  7. Where are the mods?

    ? small group of people to point the finger at rather subtlely. So i repeat ?
  8. Where are the mods?

    I do believe boneboys is here under a different alias... The rest not sure about. I don't see any real issue with abuse on the servers, less arguments than i'm used to, although users seems to have taken a big hit since the new-year (first recent) website downage.
  9. Player stats shouldn't show players killed

    I suppose if you want to put a biased spin on it, that's the way you'll see it. What about bragging rights for hours played vs (low) players killed? I've seen lots of people here bragging about 1000s of hours and not ever having seen a person. pics or gtfo.
  10. How do I change my forum display name

    wait for someone to change it for you. Not entirely confident that you can do it yourself, although you may have luck pressing the 'your account' button in the top right of page (the down arrow on right of the blue button when signed in, up top right of page, ie: scroll right up). That changes your bi or home-name, but didn't work for me when i changed it there, refreshed and then nothing. You could also put it on the 'forum errors' page here in Off Topic, as it may be prioritised by the aparrently lower level of moderation atm (although it also seems that users have declined in certain circles here).
  11. Battlefield 5...set in World War 1?

    a lot more single-shot / semi-auto would be interesting. tanks i'm not so sure about. Slow lumbering things with terrible visibility. Planes less so, and boats were boss, but that's not quite battlefield, in the big-scale boat department.
  12. New Forum format

    I'll look for a 'keep me logged in button' but it's been keeping me logged in for several days, then threw me off, (and didn't reset history/cookies etc), now back to going strong, logged in for a day or so, multiple visits.
  13. Ban the person above you

    Banned for doctoring official images. Original img visibly shows 'DEEZ'
  14. Ban the person above you

    Banned for align. Banned for excessive use of the product 'Deez nuts'