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  1. GORN! ;) Nah, Skyrim-ish combat would be a welcome addition. Perhaps a little more intuitive, though.
  2. Well, both. I'm 78 years old, so of course I dislike change. My main issue is just the overall unresponsiveness of the forums since the first main change however long ago it was. A year ago, I guess? I mean, it still works, I guess I mostly just don't like the new layout, ha. P.S: How do you view your own profile now? When I click my portrait in the top-right it takes me to my BIStudio account settings.
  3. They feel so clunky and less responsive now. Also, a lot of the functionality has changed, and I find myself having to look for things I could normally find with my eyes closed. Just... just stop.
  4. No, the list shows when games went into Early Access and when they were released. Arma 3 didn't have an Early Access until most of it was done, so it's an exception to the list. DayZ went into Early Access with a functional, base game ready to play – arguably the most fun version to date. It's not like they began work on the game as soon as it released on Steam. Not all games take forever to develop; OP's list was cherry-picked to prove a "point" that DayZ is "right on schedule". It'll finish when it finishes, however, it's not following Dean Hall's initial estimate. I can't find a link, but I remember him thinking it'd be ready around Christmas 2015. Verdun, as another example, is one I partook in and had a blast in so doing. They did everything right IMHO.
  5. I just don't understand why you're singling out my posts when, unlike the OP, I've actually contributed to his thread. His posts consist of [paraphrasing] "this is how it fucking is, fuck off, it'll be fucking done when it's done, end of conversation". What scintillating conversation! Read literally every response he's sent my way in this thread. It doesn't bother me in the slightest, but if we're calling a spade a spade, let's do it properly. So, to recap: ✔️ I fully understand this is an early access game. After 1,600 hours played, you'd have to be pretty thick not to. However, I don't have to agree with how BI is handling this game. Do I have to play it? Nope. Do I have to comment? Nope. But just like most messes in the world, they're generally caused by the silent majority who just accept everything thrown at them like many people here. BI can do no wrong. ✔️ Just because there have been instances where games have taken ridiculously long periods of time to develop and release does not mean DayZ is "right on track". I provided a larger list of games that have released much, much, faster than the time DayZ has been in development. ✔️ I'm not trying to "give you lip", there's just a very present sense of skewed moderation and passive-aggressiveness on these forums. Certain cliques tend to band together when there's a thread or post that causes any amount of a ripple. Unfortunately, this is still the best place to discuss the game. Reddit and Steam discussion areas are cringeworthy.
  6. What's wrong with the conversation here that would merit a "vacation"? Seems pretty straightforward to me. Okay, so formatting our text with the provided forum tools is now a no-go. Totally makes sense. Using caps/bold/italics to emphasize a point is a pretty general means of communication on not only the internet, but like, books and stuff. I learn so much here on a daily basis.
  7. No, your OP is an attempt to prove that because other games (that weren't Early Access) took a long time to make due to varied circumstances, that it's okay for DayZ to take forever as well. Congratulations. Games take a while to make; some longer than others. Unfortunately, there is another end to that spectrum – Early Access games that were released in a fraction of the time of DayZ. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Steam_Early_Access_games So yeah, some games take a long time to finish and others don't – that doesn't really validate your thread – we could've posted that DayZ is taking up to four times longer than a lot of other already released Early Access games. And let's be real: if we got some actual progress and regular communication from the guys we invested our money into, nobody would be complaining. This game was pretty fun when updates were regular... even when they broke things. Some of my fondest memories were finding game-breaking bugs after a new patch. I discovered and reported how to crash a server by throwing a splint – I had a lot of fun with that for a few hours, though. Or how to crawl underneath the hangars in NEAF, or how to float between levels in any given building, et cetera. Broken as fuck, but still fun to figure out. Anyway, thanks for telling me that "something doesn't fucking matter" – I'm glad you've decided for the entire gaming world that Early Access development and pre-orders are great for everyone.
  8. What are you even talking about? Lord Jesus. Why is there always one guy who has no other argument for anything except to quote the Early Access disclaimer? It's so played-out, it's irritating. I'm not even addressing the fact that the game is in Early Access, I'm attempting to discuss how the business model is not good for consumers. Like, this transcends DayZ alone. Can you wrap your mind around that? Hmm? And for the record, I, and anyone else who has purchased this game, am allowed to complain about it. I paid money for the right to complain. Bohemia Interactive can post as many disclaimers as they want – that disclaimer is only there to protect their ass in the event this game isn't completed. IT DOESN'T MEAN IT EVER WILL BE. So for the love of God, if you're going to defend the game, by all means do so. Just try a different angle, because you're making yourself out to look very ignorant.
  9. Congratulations on completely dodging my question and statement by changing the topic. I'm fully aware the game is in early access – that isn't up for debate. I'm addressing the fact that neither early access nor pre-ordering benefits the consumer. As far as early access goes, I've logged 1,601 hours in DayZ Standalone, and that was in the first year. I've got almost double that between my two Steam accounts in the Mod. I've played a little here and there every patch or two to see what's up. Barely anything changed for the longest time, so I dropped it entirely in pursuit of other games. In my time here, I've contributed countless bug reports, threads containing valuable/pertinent information (as well as my fair share of shitposts ♥), glitches, item/weapon testing, et cetera. So as far as that is concerned, I'm more than likely much better versed in what DayZ is trying to achieve than you are. All I've seen of you so far is blind fanboyism in every thread you participate in, posting nonsensical information without basis (like claiming to know exactly what game development entails), copy/pasting forum rules, and just general pointlessness. Anyway, I've developed a little bit of a reputation for only posting silly things, mostly because for the past two years I've been bitter as fuck with the seemingly nonexistent progress this game has made, but at the end of the day as pilgrim* so eloquently pointed out, I've gotten thousands of hours of entertainment (even though a lot of it has been frustrating as hell and bug-riddled) from the DayZ Standalone and Mod, so I guess I really can't complain as a whole. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  10. Are you a game developer? You seem to throw around a lot of "knowledge" of the industry that seemingly comes from thin air. The fact that developers are cashing in on paid DLCs, Season Passes, and micro-transactions has nothing to do with what this Solopopo guy is talking about. Early Access games aren't the answer to the aforementioned. Developers are cashing in on our stupidity pertaining to both pre-ordering games, and releasing games before they're finished – neither benefits the consumer – we get gypped in either scenario.
  11. If you release a game in alpha status, expect people to complain. The studios you posted pretty much kept everything hush-hush until it was right around release time. I still think the early access model is flawed as fuck – this forum speaks volumes.
  12. How To Win Playerbase Back

    What are you even talking about? I didn't comment on DayZ's Early Access status... lmao. Whether or not DayZ is a fun game to play has nothing to do with its Early Access status. I played the shit out of this game in 2013-2014, back when the only weapons were Magnum/FNX/M4A1/Mosin. Ironically enough, it's first few patches were when these forums were blowing up and tens of thousands of people were playing. Rust and 7 Days to Die have improved in leaps in bounds – more so 7 Days to Die than Rust. DayZ has barely been updated, and when it has, it's been letdown after letdown. Why are there always fanboys who'll defend something until the bitter end? Blows my mind.
  13. How To Win Playerbase Back

    Yeah, because we should all just circlejerk the game that's been doing so well for so long now! Steam Charts speaks for itself, broski. Also, last I checked, I paid for this game. If I think it sucks, I have the right to voice it – the same way you have the right to lather it up in soap and rub it all over yourself.
  14. How To Win Playerbase Back

    I plan on giving it a go when version 1.0 is released too. Until then, though – the game is trash. There's no point in any of us arguing that!
  15. How To Win Playerbase Back

    We've been clicking the "I understand!" button for years – it's getting a little ridiculous. The development for this game is the most ass-backwards thing I've ever seen. This. I'm also negative, but not because I want to be – I want to play the shit out of a game that achieves what Dayz set out to achieve YEARS AGO. But, let's face it: it ain't happenin'. How this game maintains such blind faith in so much of its remaining community is amazing, truly. The mere idea of a game like DayZ is enough to inspire unending support in many people, but unfortunately, it's in the hands of the wrong development team.