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  1. Maybe its time you took a break again. Your demeanor over the last couple posts hasn't been in the best of spirits. You are taking what I said out of context and turning it into a personal attack while also offering nothing but anecdotal and false evidence behind the justification of your actions.
  2. Assuming you aren't taking alpha out of context. There are a lot of times where criticisms completely warranted the response of alpha as it was most users first look at development from the ground floor. Gradually it has become somewhat of a derogatory term in the eyes of casual users. There is no real word that can sate peoples displeasure when it comes to the early development grind. Constant balancing of gameplay when major systems are still changing is a huge undertaking which most developers dont even bother attempting. DayZ had some balance, but ultimately was restricted by legacy engine features. This confused fans as some problems would be fixed while others went months, if not years to be addressed. The funny thing is; dev's explained this. Supporters explained this. Eventually after each new user would ask the same question, alpha became the only response most fans would be willing to give.
  3. This sounds good on paper, but its not the case. Alpha: Feature planning and building the tech which supports those features Beta: Refining those features into polished gameplay. Skipping alpha phases for early access not only decreases feedback, but also very valuable data which is actively collected to help better build those fledgling systems. I understand it can be frustrating, but if these are not processes you wish to be a part of it would probably be best to avoid purchasing any early access titles until they are at a point you will enjoy.
  4. I can not stress this enough. Lots of users think that trolling and "nipping at the heels" of the devs makes them work faster, when in fact its probably very depressing to see all your hard work being called shit at the end of the day. Some devs took time out of their personal life to try to explain things only to be met with backlash. For example, I enjoyed Brians perspectives into game design and his passion for DayZ in the status reports. Alas, it only became another attacking point both against the development of the game and his character. Quite frankly, devs are doing the right thing by keeping their heads down. It just sucks that those who legitimately care about the game get left in the dark because a bunch of bad apples.
  5. This is work which was done while they are waiting for these new features and systems to be complete. Tweaks to the melee system are just that. Tweaks. The underlying tech is complete which allows devs to fine tune and internally test how it operates in a live scenario. Since they are working on more features which are considered blockers for experimental, it gives devs time to play around with things. You are overreacting and reaching for reasons to discredit the team. Its comments and attacks like yours which make the devs avoid the community. All the answers are there if you took the time to both look and learn rather than going after BI and the devs because of your own ignorance. I'm sure if you didn't act so aggressive and show a willingness to listen a lot of your concerns would be addressed by both the community and devs, but it feels as though your mind is made up. The most that can be done at this point is wait until 0.63 so you can make a judgement with a fresh perspective. Lots of very hard work has gone into DayZ and Enfusion which inadequately translate to words when users dont understand the underlying tech devs spent years on to make possible.
  6. How to make DayZ run again

    The bigger goal is whatever you make of it and an epic beard.
  7. 5 months till the new update? Realy?

    Even if they use that page like a piece of toilet paper? There's a difference between expression and attacking something because of blind hate or an unwillingness to learn. DayZ already has a bad rap because of peoples misinformed "expression". These forums are not the place for that type of attitude. Although, I'm sure other places will cater to it.
  8. Remember. This is based upon how quickly the work goes. 1.0 could take into 2019 or if ahead of schedule we could see some of these features in November.
  9. Map Boarders

    Altis and Limnos are the same thing. Also, Altis's total land mass is 300km2. The actual map size is much larger. 625km2. If you were to overlay South Zagoria over Altis from the top left there would still be 5/8 left.
  10. Natural Fiber for Rope/ Cordage

    I'm not sure if we would see a sling within the game. The main thing of the video was to show off how cordage could be made from natural fibers.
  11. Map Boarders

    Not entirely. VSB3 has shown its possible to have automatically generated terrain. I know they are different branches of the engine, especially now with Enfusion, but it does show that its something which is possible to reduce workload. Besides. I said this could be planned after release as DLC or something. As it stands, Chernarus+ is the main focus for the release candidate.
  12. shooting through walls

    Of course it is. Although, RV and Enfusion was specifically designed for this so they would need to find solutions within their engine. This means it would operate completely different than what was presented in the Unreal tech demo.
  13. Map Boarders

    The current maps size isn't going to be expanded but there is no reason why it couldn't be added into a new map after release. Altis is almost 4 times the size of south zagoria. Thats on the the old engine. I could see a full sized Chernarus map being possible with Enfusion.