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  1. Experimental Update 1.0.150192

    I'd rather them take the time to actually fix the problems rather than wasting time trying to explain things to people who really dont care to listen in the first place.
  2. Experimental Update 1.0.150192

    >You have to understand from the community's POV >Refuses to understand the mods or devs POV
  3. Dont ruin the trolls fun
  4. Modding Support and Tools, Initial Release

    There is no option to do it via 3D editor like in Arma 3?
  5. Modding Support and Tools, Initial Release

    How would I go about editing the map for things such as outposts and etc?
  6. Modding Support and Tools, Initial Release

    When I try to import the chernarusplus.wrp file in Terrain Builder I get the error "Source file is in unsupported version format" Any suggestions?
  7. Hit detection is a joke

    Thats odd. Maybe the xbox version doesn't have the new damage system in yet? Could you use xbox game dvr and reproduce the issue. When playing on PC I need to hit center mass with a high caliber bullet on a character for any real stopping power or one hit kills.
  8. Hit detection is a joke

    Are you playing on 0.62 or 0.63? Hit boxes was a known problem and a mechanic from days past which games like COD still suffer from. It has been revamped so elbow shots and etc will only make you die from blood loss or pass out.
  9. Pretty much this. I'd use sidestep for the directional swing which can leave the attacking player exposed on the other side and momentarily prevent blocking.
  10. Quick attacks are good against moving or sidestepping players but weak against blocking. Power attacks are good against blocking but poor against moving players. When it comes to directional attacks I would only like to see left or right swings take advantage of getting around a blocking player or kicking while blocking.
  11. Modded skyrim for me. DayZ has the potential to be one of the best melee survival games but devs need to make sure directional attacks or some other system offers a rock, paper, scissors scenario
  12. Offline Testing Mode for DayZ

    We will need a jump/climb button at some point. Maybe holding sprint while tapping space bar as they maneuver toward obstacles considering shift is tied into most stamina usage. I wonder if we will get different jumping and climbing animations depending if the player is sprinting or not. Edit: TBH, I like the feel of the right mouse button for raising your hands, but a toggle would be most welcome.
  13. I personally look forward to making small fortified bases within the wilderness or cities. Larger ones tend to draw way too much attention. Walled off alleyways and baracaded buildings, natural caves and cliffs, junk yard choke points. All these areas need to be ready for habitation.
  14. Zombie Fix for .63

    Lets wait to see how infected are in 0.63 and their impact on gameplay before jumping to conclusions.
  15. Brian Hicks

    Wait.. So whos tied up in my basement then? Brb.