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  1. Vehicle antics

    Have had this also happen and I did a little research about it.. Tried a few times to reproduce it but it seemed impossible, eventually (try 30-40) I figured the cause.. So when I had a vehicle start acting funky of that sorts it was because it clipped through the map. When I got the second vehicle to do it, it was in the exact same location with almost the same effects (spun on its axis) except the second time it blew up. A spot where the road touches the grass looked like a small tear in the map was the culprit. Also to note that when I had a friend crawl up on my back while laying prone it pushed me under the map where I swam for a couple hours till I reached the coastline, and popped back through. If your vehicle is still there and it was just a tire, door, or hatch that clipped you can remove that part and drop it to the ground get in and it should release the vehicle then just put it back on. You can tell which it is by the way it was acting... all else fails remove all.. GL
  2. Please Bohemia can we get character locked servers?

    You know this is an xbox forum correct? The reason forums like this are made is to help the Developers and the Community communicate issues, concerns, and help to others. Personally it makes no difference which platform each individual prefers, yet I wouldn't tell someone to play a different one. I have done my hours on PC and am working on the hours for Console.. Either way would be nice to see Dedicated servers introduced to console at some point.
  3. Please Bohemia can we get character locked servers?

    And if Dedicated/Private severs never reach consoles?
  4. Just a Simple Question

    I knew the back story, that's what caused this post. Yet this explanation says a lot. ATM I am playing .63 due to that's what version is on console right now.
  5. Just a Simple Question

    Oh K.. I have a very simple question that has bothered me for a long time now. Anyways here's my question "Are they Infected or Zombies?" I know what a stupid yet simple question.. Now for the part that bothers me.... awhile back I had a conversation with a couple people and I said "Zombie" and they kinda grumped at me, and through out a back story at me saying their not Zombies they are "Infected". ok that's fine Im wrong apologies not a big deal. Yet, every freaking time I kill an Infected their inventory says Zombie. So can I get a little clarity on what Im supposed to call the AI's in the environment. (had to include the back story so everyone didn't think I was nuts) Hoping for answers..
  6. Controls for Xbox One

    So is there an updated control scheme coming or do we have to change our key binds through Microsoft? Just asking out of curiosity, people may get upset if they get used to the controls and they just randomly get changed without warning..
  7. Please Bohemia can we get character locked servers?

    I know I would appreciate locked characters.. personally it would help me, having a character locked to a server would prevent so much running.(base to base on different servers) have a lot of friends that ask for assistance at theirs bases.(and they all play on different severs) I personally stick to the high pop servers which does have a lot of issues of people hopping servers to get into my camp even when I leave the gate unlocked. and to add to the combat side of things... not all fights are less then a minute and a half. try to push fast to get there before they log. yet they are always gone and in another location not far from the fight. (which usually they don't make it out a second time.) not to mention the pain of shoot someone as they run away from you to see them either disappear or stop and stand there in mid run (dash boarders)…. really do enjoy this game but there is some easy fixes that would change the game for the better. LOCK THE CHACACTERS.... PLEASE. [Devs, you could delete characters that sit idle in a server for a certain time frame]
  8. VoIP & Party chat

    it could be done with porting.. (with ease) yet you wont have dayz anymore. the more ingame chatter via face to face or radio, allows for a more immersive experience. which is the direction the devs have been pushing the game sense the beginning. the game is hard and unforgiving without a friend or friends which is why we turn to party chat. now if we were to say screw it and try the game without the party and agree to meet with friends at a agreed location pregame it would allow for more interesting interactions between yourself/friends and other players. it is a difficult thing to not use a party especially when it seems like everyone around you is in party.
  9. Server Changes October 2018

    Noticed on the America’s list there are servers that were never returned after the last removal of servers.(just pointing out the double listing)
  10. Achievements and stats

    Added, Thank you for reminding that achievements have names.
  11. Achievements and stats

    Added K/D under stats shouldn’ts.. Killcam? That sounds like a feature suggestion not ment for this forum. Every game starts its creation on PC, their either developed towards one platform or multiple. Please feel free to tell where you would like your suggestions.. And keep them coming.
  12. Achievements and stats

    Shoulds Achievements Overnighted: Survive 48 (gameplay) hours Stalker: Killed a wolf Survivalist: Harvested a chicken/rooster Traveler: Traveled X-Distance Dayz Gumbo: Cook steak, mushrooms, and apples in a pot over a fireplace. The Healer: Bring another player back from the brink. Toe to Toe: Killed 5 infected using only fists. Zed Chef: Kill 5 infected using canned food as melee weapon Death Boyardee: Kill a infected with canned spaghetti Boot Camp: Killed an infected using combat or jungle boots Open That Lid: Killed another player using can opener Church Pastor: Visit 10 different Churches. Marksman: Kill a zombie from ?m away Time to make me go to Rehab: Drink 50 Rasputins Master Crafter: Craft all possible Items Master Chief: Cooked an Item with Max Ingredents Sight See’er:Visited all Major Cities Green Beret: Visit all Military Outposts Patches: Repair 100 articles of Clothing Food Fight: Kill Infected with each food item Shouldn’ts Achievements Died from/s (to die a certain way) Kill X-Amount of players Stats Shoulds Time played /Currently operational Infected kill count Herbivore kill count Travel counter Vehicles Repaired Stats Shouldn’ts Death counter Respawn counter K/D Ratio
  13. Achievements and stats

    Well, it’s still early in console development.. Yet It would be nice to offer a hand to the developers in this department, and make some suggestions towards achievements and stats. Now do to this being Xbox community, some individuals take great pride in their gamer score. So why don’t we offer a hand with suggestions.. Here in this forum hows a list of Shoulds and Shouldn’ts sound?