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  1. Vehicle suggestion

    Now that the weather has turned.. still seems like a nice idea especially during and after the rain. keep up the great work DEV's.
  2. Bases !!

    Sense we're talking iterations here.. why not send it to Xbox for cert? We know about the server issues and wouldn't Xbox be on totally different servers? Back to iterations, for first version for Xbox is all you need is the unconscious state? Sense everything else looks to be there (excluding.. vehicles and base building). Well, either way looking forward to any version released to console. Thanks to the DEV's for all your hard work. Keep it up your doing great.
  3. Vehicle suggestion

    Well more like a terrain suggestion over a vehicle suggestion.. Realistic mud This would be great, cars that are unable to drive everywhere . Trucks could go more so into deeper depths of the wilderness. And bicycles that would have to stay on paths or roads. Now this is just a suggestion.. Feel free to let me know what everyone thinks. Oh and DEV's keep at your doing great.
  4. 0.63 Experimental Release Check list

    Vehicles and your blood particles.. (are mentioned)
  5. 0.63 Experimental Release Check list

    I'm going to be that guy.. How about an update? Would love to see a progress report. Keep up the good work Dev Team.
  6. General Discussion

    I believe it's this way to accent console players. Yes, it is a better solution to toggle for PC users.

    Just patiently waiting..
  8. 0.63 Experimental Release Check list

    Question.. So if Weapon/Item collision is fixed, does that mean the Environment/Structure collision (stuck under buildings, access ladders through walls, est) is also being fixed? Or has it already been resolved? Just a curious question.
  9. Zombie Fix for .63

    Oh k.. reducing the current zombie speed and increasing the alert area and their population by a whole lot. With a new zombie that's just as fast or faster then the current zombie with a smaller alert range would most definitely a good alternative. It would open up scenarios that are yet to be foreseen.. ( picture this) "as an aggressive player running building to building looting you spring a fast zombie.. all you have time to react with is the pistol you just picked up. No big deal you just shot a zombie. You continue looting and something doesn't seem right. You glance out a window and there's 40 freaking zombies.... Now What You Going to do." The alternative I have presented has potential and thousands of possibilities.
  10. Zombie Fix for .63

    Maybe I am wrong, yet I believe Eugen Harton said "there is a bug with the zombies". Which was why they weren't included in the stream.
  11. Zombie Fix for .63

    From what I was to understand about the stream recently released. (Attention to the Zombies) Was there is an issue with the current zombie build in the .63 version. Therefore this forum was produced to hopefully help the developers find a solution. Was not meaning to make it sound like a nerf request. In all reality my suggestions above would intensify the zombie experience in its own little way.
  12. Zombie Fix for .63

    Believe the AI performance is a big part of the model that's been created. And this was just a suggestion to counter act the (strong zombie) issue that resides in the current build.
  13. Zombie Fix for .63

    Hi there, just looking to help with a suggestion or two. So issue with zombies being too (buggy) strong, which is killing the dayz experience. Suggestion to cure that is simple even though as a Dev you may not think so. Ponder this, if you were to reduce your current zombies speed to a minimal, speed increase the population, and raise their sense range, you would end up with a hearding affect. (Which would make an overwhelmed player feel like they deserved their fate) Also to counter the slow zombies you would have to dupe the code and, reduce thier sense range, speed them up, and reduce their population to a way lower quantity. This way would cause the player to still be cautious with a chance of oh $hit on top. Now I don't expect this to be agreed with.. Yet I believe this would get your team heading the right direction with the zombies for the beta. Thank you and Keep up the momentum..
  14. Dead players turn to zombies?

    Agree with this idea.. pro loot walker.. as long as it's not a head shot it would be very interesting to see a player zombified with a backpack and full gear.