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  1. Persistance

    I do not host a server so I don't know exactly which settings can be made through conventional means. I experienced a lot of private servers with persistence off, so how is this achieved then? Are there any non BI approved server hosts right now? There are probably a lot more when the server files are released by BI along with the Beta, but there shouldn't be any as of now or am I wrong here? Anyway, are you sure that server time persistence does not effect item persistence? Depending on how exactly the despawn time is calculated there might be an effect. If the server starts always with the same time a tent you pitched could have it's "time pitched" property set to a time later than the actual current server time after the server restarts as the server time is reset. This might cause the module that is calculating whether to despawn the tent to decide removal of this tent is overdue? Are there any information on how the DayZ (ingame) Server Time, actual time of the hosting OS, despawn timing calculation mechanism are working?
  2. Persistance

    Hello, unless the scenario that another player found your tent and took it the last official statement regarding barrels and tents I know of is the one of Brian Hicks which you can found in the thread under: Official -> Developer Discussion & Status Reports -> Status Report - 06 Jul 2016 On the first page, scroll down a little there are some posts (dated July 7th) by Hicks_206 regarding despawn of barrels, tents and other items. So the way it's meant to be is: Barrels: 8 days Tents: 45 days Backpacks: 4 hours Most items: 30 minutes The counter should be reset if a player interacts with the items. There was a bug with tents that interaction is not enough and you need to re pitch it. I don't know whether this is still the case in the current version. Might be in there until switching to the new scripting engine is done and all the old scripts are replaced. That being said, as it is work in progress there is always the chance for bugs that might causing a item to despawn earlier (or later?). I had tents which I did not visit for 2 to 3 weeks and they were still were I left them. You should also consider that this applies only to servers where persistence is actually enabled. It might be disabled on the server you are playing on which would cause your tent to despawn after a server restart afaik. Regards, Radibor
  3. Inventory overhaul

    Hmm, yes. 20 L of gold would be 386 kg. I think that would not just be a challenge for any backback material but also for a person to carry... 20 L feathers, not so much...
  4. Weapon Swapping - "Dude, where's my gun?"

    I have the same problem from time to time and it is quite annoying, but on the other hand sometimes, when you run out of storage space but want to store some more items while keeping e.g. your gun in your hands using the space the gun took in your backpack as storage it would be not so good if that storage space was reserved for that gun. So when I thought about it there are two different sub-problems here: (i) Automatically added items. Let's say you have a hunting knife in your hands to skin and quarter a chicken, then the meat, bones, guts and feathers are automatically added to your inventory and if that fills your inventory which leaves no space for the knife and you used a shortcut to put your knife back in your inventory it's on the ground. (ii) Manually added items. You have the gun in your hand open your inventory and see the 4 free slots and place e.g. a can of beans you just found in there not remembering that this space was reserved. And then later on when you holster your gun it's dropped. So, to address this a combination of reserved space as you mentioned in your post and other measures would be helpful. So first if you take your gun from your inventory to your hands the space should be reserved in your inventory in the way that automatically items will never be placed there. Secondly, if you open your inventory manually the space should be accessible to store items there if you want to, but the inventory slots should have a slightly different background color, so you can easily see that those slots are required by the item in your hands. And finally third if you are in a situation where you gave a command to your character that requires an item to be moved from your hand to your inventory and there is not enough space to do that it should not be silently dropped but instead either cancel the action with a message in the bottom left (red colored) that this action cannot be done due to the lack of inventory space OR the action is done and the item dropped as it is now, but also a message should appear (red colored) at very least inform the player in a clearly/explicit way that an item has been dropped. The first two options would prevent accidentally loosing items due to swap and inventory layout issues and the third would ensure that if a situation where an item needs to be dropped occurs the player gets a notification so the item can be picked up again if the drop was not intended. So actually a combination of your proposal with reserved space and item 'ghost' with a explicit notification. Of course the first two issues would be obsolete if the inventory management is changed in the way you described in your "Inventory Overhaul" thread, which is a very nice way of inventory management, but would still leave the issue of holstering an item in your hands with a full inventory (third part above).
  5. Make a website for the exchange of loot

    I give you that one. Centralized loot is a problem, but even if there were multiple military facilities over the map which all hold some gear instead of two or three with 90% of all the military gear it will still be much easier to go to one and hop between various servers (especially those currently low populated by players) and get your loot from the same facility across various servers than have to move to a different location on the same server. I agree there are problems to both solutions I just figure the character being limited to a specific server the lesser of two evils whereas you might see it the other way round. If there were both kinds of "public" servers - one set of servers with cross server character and gear and a set of one server/one character type but both running the same strict server rules that would be something I'd have no problem with. Maybe when the server files become available (which is supposed to happen when the beta level is reached as of an interview with Brian Hicks I remember seeing some time ago) there might come more private server with decent configurations which might also ease this problem. Currently renting a server is ridiculously expensive - I mean I can easily rent and run 3 (maybe 4) dedicated servers with better hardware than the ones have you get when renting a 60 slot machine for the same price...
  6. Make a website for the exchange of loot

    And trading already is there in the game - with the risk of being betrayed or shot and robbed, but that's the game and actually what makes it interesting... That indeed is a problem. Happened on other games before and will most likely ruin the game for what it is supposed to be. Even if the website itself does not offer selling items people could easily connect and find other ways to sell each other stuff, so even if the website itself might have good intentions it could spawn evil.. ;) - as it attracts and aggregates people who might be willing to even pay something for certain items the rarer they get.
  7. Make a website for the exchange of loot

    But that is actually the time where you lose me in your argument. I never ever had the problem that I could not continue playing with my character on a single master shard private server because it was offline or full for more than 2 or 3 minutes without a slot opening for me to jump in (which would also be easier in the upcoming version with the server wait list). So the argument is basically that multi server character transfer is there because there might be a problem that doesn't exist as of now maybe perhaps under some circumstances possibly in the future. So the current system encourage server hopping and creates all kinds of problems of issues regarding loot farming because of a problem that does not exist and maybe never will be? But what actually annoys me the most at the moment is that you only have the choice between "Public Servers" with the issues I see in them and "Private Servers" which have a very loose set of rules and - I give you that one - are in many cases misused in certain ways regarding restarts all the time, admins misusing kick/ban options, always have in game at 8 am to 2 pm so you never have night, etc. So the middle thing, which I prefer, a server that follow the strict rules public servers use but are not in the public hive is hard to find.
  8. Make a website for the exchange of loot

    Well, that is part of the game. It shows how people are. Also not everyone does that. Besides if someone who just want to shoot everything that moves could get the gear via such a trade he/she wouldn't even take multiple risks until finding the gear for himself/herself. If you brake it down the risks and hardness to find stuff you want is what the game is, if you skip that by trading the items you want, what then? If someone don't like the risk of dying while trying to get stuff he wants maybe DayZ is just not the game for him, because that's what's all about. You can also team up with other players when entering high risk areas and even if someone from your group get shot, the rest can hunt for the ones that shot. Better than just skipping anything and just trade stuff imho... That's basically what it is - a matter of opinion and for me trading completely destroy 95% percent of what's the game about. If you have a different opinion, be my guest.... So what? That has nothing to do with what I wrote. First, there are a lot of private servers that don't require whitelisting. Second, and more important, I said nothing about getting rid of public servers, meaning servers that are either run by BI or run by a strict set of rules enforced by BI. What I said is that keeping your character and gear across servers (which is the case on public servers) is what in my opinion serves no purpose other than promoting server hopping. At least that's what I meant. If I wasn't clear enough on that part, then it's my bad. What I want is "Public Servers" should be run like "Private Master Shards". On each server you play you have your distinct server specific character and gear, if you switch to another server you spawn anew (or continue playing with that servers incarnation of your character). This would not just eliminate server hopping but also lift a lot of weight from the server implementation regarding loot spawn and loot balancing management. And as I set, I don't see any convincing reason why the current public server system with carry-over of your character should be considered a good thing. I played on various non white listed servers and never had a problem with not being able to play on it. First it depends on the time. If the server is always full at the time you want to play, why not choose another one. Even if you want to play on servers with lots of people. Servers usually fill up during certain times, so you can choose one appropriate. I haven't played on public servers for quite some time now and never had a problem with continue playing with the character I want to play with on a private server. Next, if those are public server that are more reliable (with just the change of cross-character-usage disabled) they aren't offline all the time when you want to play. Even on private server you can easily choose one which is properly maintained. If you encounter a server that has a lot of downtime, then don't use it. There are lots of reliable ones out there. So even if one would consider this an issue (which I don't really see) it's still a minor one compared with the server hopping and loot balancing issues that come along with portable characters.
  9. Headshot

    Well they could grab your shirt an rip it apart resp. ripping the stitches open or tear a sleeve off etc. So in that case of course shirts would suffer much more damage than leather cloths.
  10. Make a website for the exchange of loot

    I don't like this at all. It's actually against anything the game is about. If you want to trade, talk to players you meet inside the game. That's what's the game is about. With off-game trading you undermine the basic idea of the game which is to struggle to survive and get items, the risk when interacting with people to get items you need/want and didn't find (yet) yourself etc. I personally don't even see a single reason why public servers (in the sense that you carry over your character and items from one server to another) would be something to appreciate from the perspective of a player who really plays the game instead of server hopping to collect as much loot as possible in a small amount of time. I would prefer the one server one character approach any time.
  11. Original Chernarus with all buildings enterable

    Even with 100 players, I think Henk Grunn has a point here. In my opinion there are indeed way too many cities, villages and bases. You can hardly walk 500 m in a direction without stumbling upon a dirt road or houses. If you want to play more on the PvE side of the game living in the woods and have some area for hunting etc without running into houses and roads all the time it has become increasingly difficult to find some suitable areas with a certain variety of rocks/woods/grassland/lakes. It doesn't necessarily need to be the "original" Chernarus map but it would be great if there were actually larger areas of plain nature without roads and housings everywhere. Maybe the choice between the current/new map and a map with less locations/bases/cities and more/larger plain nature areas would be nice.
  12. Video memory beyond 2GB?

    Regarding textures being streamed on demand: When I experience scenarios like approaching a tent which is damaged it looks like a pristine tent from - I don't know, maybe - 50 meters away and at some point closer by it plops into the look/textures of a damaged tent (which it is). I have the current default config which is my resolution set to 1440p with the double render resolution used in the cfg file. So are szenarios like this caused by reloading of textures which I could reduce or avoid by using 100% render resolution (once it can be set again or with editing the cfg file and mark it read-only) or are such issues caused by other factors? Also (without asking for any specific date or version) is the 64 bit client something that might happen in the nearer future like 0.64 or so or something that is much further in the future? Or to rephrase it, is it something that is currently done in parallel or does it require a lot of other stuff regarding the engine that need to be completed before work on it starts?
  13. Tents Stay Persistent for How Long?

    You can check the thread: Official -> Developer Discussion & Status Reports -> Status Report - 06 Jul 2016 On the first page, scroll down a little there are some posts (dated July 7th) by Hicks_206 regarding despawn of barrels, tents and other items.
  14. Enterable Car Wrecks

    Well, when I think about it I see one reason (besides hiding) for this - not in cities though (as there are a lot of houses, garages and such) but outside of cities, when the environment is a bigger thread regarding weather (like hypothermia when being drenched and the temperatures are low etc). Imaging your are running along a street somewhere in the woods or between cities, the temperatures are low and it starts raining. If you happen to stumble upon a road block with some damaged cars around you could sit in one of the cars to find shelter from the rain, avoid becoming completely drenched and be able to better keep warm then keep on running in the rain and cold. Once the rain stopped you can move on just a little wet instead of drenched.
  15. Video memory beyond 2GB?

    Yes, but as I understand the bug tracker the display in the GUI is buggy. So that 100% is max is as well a bug as that the 100% displayed are not the value actually used by the game. So the GUI display regarding render resolution doesn't mean a thing, neither regarding the value displayed nor regarding what max and min values actually are. Maybe the developers want to get rid of the render resolution at all and use only the AA setting where you can choose a render-based AA mechanism (like MSAA) if you want to. In that case the 100%-is-max would be what they want to do and the bug is only that it still uses 200% whereas it should use only 100%, but that is one of the things that are not clear (to me) and is therefore part of my question. Did you find some statement that 100% will be max in future or was it merely your assumption due to current look of the slider in the GUI? If the latter it might be a false assumption.