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  1. Keep in mind that this video was published Sept. 21 2015
  2. Basebuilding

    Most Dayz servers run twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Which means, unless you play twenty-four hours a day seven days a week, inevitably, there will be change to the server that you can not control. Before building a base, one must consider the location, to determine how likely it is for players to come into contact with the base, and if enough supplies have been obtained to finish construction in one sitting so loot may be safely stored inside. The Dayz map is large, and there is plenty of good hiding spots for a base. When the time comes, if you believe there aren't proper tools for you to protect your base with while offline, then don't build one. To answer your question regarding public hive, public hive is bad. As far as I can remember, no one asked for public hive. As you may know, the Dayz community was built on indy server providers and loosely connected developers who built a brand with their individual servers. That was part of the fun. You could find a niche server to call home. The public hive ruins all of that, and introduces other, much harder issues to the game.
  3. LFG

    http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198087662716/ Been playing Dayz SA since it came out in 2013, USA or EU, 19.
  4. not today

  5. 3 Years and 8 Months Later

    What's wrong with "3PP Wall peek" on a server with third person view enabled?
  6. 3 Years and 8 Months Later

    My post was sarcastic. Relax guy. No one should have to "casually read the developer blogs" to understand the game is still under construction. I was playing on a server with third person enabled. It's safe to say the other players on the server were using third person as well.
  7. 3 Years and 8 Months Later

    Thank you for your condolences.
  8. Twitch Clip I would like to extend my deepest thanks to everyone listed on this page for continuing to give the community nothing but the finest gaming experience. Even after three whole years, one can never anticipate what DayZ_x64.exe will throw at them! Second Twitch Clip for Context
  9. Very surprised to hear some of the arguments against base building. Base building was a huge part of Dayz Mod. I guess It doesn't matter if base building makes it into Vanilla Dayz or not, as it will most certainly be introduced by 3rd party developers once the game becomes available to modify.
  10. Blog

    Day 3 I decided to leave Gorka and continue to head north to Severograd. I looted the town, but still wasn't able to find much. I decided to test out my shotgun and pistol on zombies nearby. From what I could tell it seemed like both weapons were extremely accurate from firing from the hip as well as aiming down the sights. The shotgun was able to take down zombies in one shot from impressive distances. I moved further north into a small military base and found nothing. I know there is an industrial factory nearby so I will try to look for a car I could fix up in order to drive to a better location on the map. The East side of the map seems to be lacking in loot until very far in the NE corner.
  11. Blog

    Erm. New Player Discussion denotes that everything in the said category would be for the eyes of new players only. Seriously, read: I believe that more people would post interesting stories if there was a dedicated thread for this type of content outside of the New Player Discussion. Also, just because I wasn't sure where I spawned in, you assume I am new? That's just false. Even this forum account is from 2013. http://imgur.com/a/lVEqs
  12. Blog

    It's in the new player category. I don't know why I would be posting in there if I am not a new player. That thread makes it seem like it's a "How was your Dayz" discussion for new players only or something.
  13. Blog

    Day 2 Everything I took from the player I killed disappeared when I logged back in. Maybe I killed him after he disconnected? Anyway, I was able to find myself an mp-133 on my way to Gorka. Once I was inside, the police station had a nice Glock19 with a flashlight, mag and loads of 9mm ammo. After finding this I went over to hunting stands to the north. I killed a deer with my shotgun, but I did not have any materials in order to cook it. I did not see anyone today. I am still looking for a Hunters backpack and some farming equipment.
  14. Blog

    Day 1 Wandered further north west away from the coast. Met a few others who were all friendly to me, but were also low on gear. I was able to kill a chicken with a stone knife. I have not found much loot besides a fire axe and a small pistol. I found the pistol in a yellow residential home. Later on a player ran right past me on the road and did not notice me. This player had a large backpack and a shotgun. Using my fire axe, I was able to kill this person and grab the shotgun. I will usually leave people alone unless they are in my path or contesting me for gear in the area. I'm still pretty lost, but I have to say that "crouch running" is by far one of the best ways to travel as other players seem to not hear you still move at a decent pace. Notes On PVP: I was easily able to sneak up behind the armed player, however, it seemed to take many hits with the axe before they fell to the floor. Their shotgun was loaded as well.
  15. Blog

    Day0. Spawned in somewhere on the East coast. Just saw some residential buildings all around me, with not much loot. I did find a .22 magazine in a blue car. I saw a fully geared player heading on the road running to the south probably for PVP. I ran north and was held up by another player who thankfully didn't kill me once he found out I had nothing. I believe I was somewhere up near Berezino. After getting held up I got off the road and went west into some more residential houses and a hospital. Still found nothing of worth. I tried to kill a zombie with a shovel, but strafing seemed very clunky and I ended up taking some damage. Crouching/Standing seems to have no difference in being spotted by zombies as of now.