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  1. You either didn't read what I wrote or you couldn't answer it. Instead you responded with a web banner that proves my point. Go into any server and play for an hour and nine minutes. When you are done wasting an hour of your life kill your player and start again. Tell us if you're getting that wholesome dayZ experience. In no world is the average time spent alive supposed to be one hour and nine minutes. It's quite the opposite. Players used to fight for bragging rights over how long they have been alive, their humanity level and how many bandits they've killed or how many Zombies they've eliminated. People LOVED the old stat tracking debug menu and thats why it was added to the game. That combined with base building and a good group of friends was the ultimate package. It's funny, you mention you still play the mod, chances are you're playing on a server with base building enabled. I wonder why those are the servers that still survive to this day? Where did all the vanilla servers go? exhibit a: el debug menu Make no mistake, there has been no change in direction. The idea of long term storage and base building has been in the cards since the mod. It has only been refined since then. As the other user pointed out, before epoch people would use cars as a form of persistence. The idea stretches back as far as the game itself. Also, as a paying customer I will voice my opinion. I don't feel as I have treated the developers unfairly for the amount of time the game has been developed. compared to bi's other games it's beyond evident that BI sent in it's B team to take on DayZ. And that's a shame. p.s. this has nothing to do with console players.
  2. oh pilgrim my pilgrim. DayZ built its claim to fame on base building. it was the golden idea that extended the game play loop beyond doing the minimum amount of work possible to get a firearm and then wreak havoc on the unarmed population. how can you argue against how vital base building is? out of the top 15 DayZ mod servers running at this very moment only one of them does not have base building enabled on the server. if the gear on your back was your only property, why would you ever risk interacting with other players? Why would you ever dare step back inside a populated town again? What could ever be worth losing your week's worth of gear when you can hunt and gather safely in the woods? I'm sorry, but it's players like you drive down the quality and amount player interaction that takes place in DayZ today. take the blinders off pilgrim. you're miles out of your depth on this one.
  3. I like your post because, in a perfect world, we would be arguing all day about the semantics of base building. Is it too easy? Too hard? What should be changed? Etc. That would be a great thread to have. Sadly, we are far from it and since you started the discussion, I'd like to explain why base building should be easy for the foreseeable future. When a game is in development the most valuable currency to a developer is often feedback. To gather feedback one must take the time to play the game. More people playing means more people reporting bugs. If base building is difficult, fewer players experience the system and report bugs. If no one is reporting bugs developers might assume the coast is clear and proceed to develop new features until that old undiscovered bug snowballs and explodes somewhere else. Making all aspects of the game easy to explore is a win win for players and staff. Players are more forgiving when something goes wrong as they know it won't be a nightmare to return to their original state while at the same time they can explore the far corners of what is possible in the game and be able to provide valuable feedback for you. Basically, the more unstable/new a game is the more you have to slide the difficulty slider down. As the game becomes more stable and you have luxuries like a well written wiki to combat the learning curve of the game, you can reach back and really crank the difficulty and realism settings back to full throttle. In development you want as many people as possible chewing on every aspect of the game.
  4. developers publicly recognized this issue on november 20th. it is now january 9th. i've paid for a product, i was told 1.0 would be a full release, i was told 2018 would be "the year of dayz", the bug warning disclaimer has been removed from the game, yet the game is more buggy than ever. i have been lied to for five years. maybe you are the one who should think before they type. this game has been in development since december 2013. arguably the most important feature in the game (basebuilding) has been neglected for five years. after waiting five years the developers release a frustrating, tedious and outright unacceptable version of the feature. then on top of all that it turns out that the system is actually just non-functional due to further incompetence of the developers who did not properly test and debug the system
  5. @ImpulZ When will persistence be fixed? I don't understand why 100% of resources aren't going to fix this issue immediately. Without persistence the game loop is destroyed and the best thing to do in the game is autorun in a straight line to the nearest military base and then run back down south and shoot all of the fresh spawns trying to knock you out. "Some time" isn't a good enough answer to the people who bought this game in 2013 and are still waiting for it to remotely live up to the advertised product.
  6. Why is it ALWAYS NIGHT???

    i don’t like official servers because they have realistic long night cycles and i can see anything but i don’t like community servers because i think all server owners are “loot cyclers”. the most reasonable solution here is for you to uninstall the game.
  7. Why is it ALWAYS NIGHT???

    never play on official servers.
  8. Stashes and tents vanishing

    Hi, yes. BI doesn't care about their reputation and demand that you check obscure forums to find out there is a game breaking bug instead of issuing any type of communication through the game. People on this forum have their heads so far down the rabbit hole they don't see why this is insane.
  9. Stashes and tents vanishing

    I'm going to be completely honest with you right now either the developers don't care or they are too inept to fix the issue. No game has gone this long knowing there is a game breaking bug effecting 100% of players without issuing a hotfix within 24 hours. It just doesn't happen. I've said it once and I'll say it a million times. DayZ has the absolute worst development team on this planet.
  10. So whats the easiest way to

    play on a community server with the debug menu enabled and the coordinates you see match up with the ones on this map. https://www.izurvive.com/
  11. Modding Support and Tools, Initial Release

    So uh. Two months later here. No documentation still?
  12. Scripters Question & Answer Thread

    storeHouseStateDisabled = false;// Disable houses/doors persistence (value true/false), usable in case of problems with persistence What does this do and why is it usable in case of problems with persistence?
  13. Stable Update 1.0.150000

    @Tom_48_97 Can you comment on the status of persistence? Can I start to build a base or are there issues with the items saving through server restarts or server crashes?
  14. DayZ 1.0(2018) VS DayZMod(2012)

    Coffee is for closers.