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  1. Ho Lee Schiet

    Using a DNS address / Hiding IP

    Personally, I haven't faced such problems but, as it's offered above, you should try a VPN service. I use nordvpn torrenting which has a lot of features but I'm not skilled enough to assure you that my option will fit your needs.
  2. Ho Lee Schiet

    base destroyable?

    Agree, pretty strange but for now I prefer to accept it till further patches.
  3. Ho Lee Schiet

    0.63 server and disabling BattlEye

    I agree that we should have a possibility to turn off the BattleEye because sometimes it's necessary to connect with Linux and Mac users as mentioned. And it happens that BE don't like VPN I use though I tried several from http://vpnservicepro.com/. Hope such problems will be solved.
  4. Ho Lee Schiet

    Gym advice

    First of all visit a doctor to figure out what you can do and what can't. And first trainings only with a coach
  5. Ho Lee Schiet

    Last movie you saw, and rate it.

    Bohemian Rhapsody 6.5/10 I must admit that it doesn't mean bad. The film is cool but has issues
  6. Ho Lee Schiet


    Personally, my photoshop skills are enough only for Instagram. And even this didn't bring me enough followers that led me to buying them on https://socialfollowers.me/services/instagram-services/buy-instagram-followers/ but that's another story. But I don't see a reason of using PS for creating, editing an outro since it's possible via Vegas or After Effects.
  7. Ho Lee Schiet

    3D Graphics ( CGI )

    It looks super! Thanks for sharing
  8. Ho Lee Schiet

    The future of game development

    Well, it looks perspective. I hope such methods of development will be accepted by most of the companies. But for now I quit playing AAA games due to work. I mean, I spend a lot of time on my job and the only fun left is betting. Actually, I try to find a really good site since I had a bad experience with my previous ones. I read sbobet review recently. I'll try it because the description is pretty promising.
  9. Ho Lee Schiet

    AntrixMc - DayZ in Minecraft!

    Sad that it's dead.
  10. Ho Lee Schiet

    Live Streams

    Personally, I don't like watching streams. I kinda do it on my own with live streaming software but that's in a professional capacity. I prefer more youtube Dayz videos like funny compilations or frag movies and so on. Dunno, I just can't get used to live shows. Maybe I should try top tier streamers to finally find out if I like it or not.
  11. Ho Lee Schiet

    DayZ on PS4

    I'm looking forward to its release
  12. Ho Lee Schiet

    DayZ Memes

    Best thread so far So lol