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  1. I blame the pervs on google image search... and sausagekingofchicago too. ;)
  2. Thing is, the "Anti-game" as Dayz was originally conceived to be is not conducive to views by ADD kids online. People only want to watch you shooting at other people, not collecting sticks and fishing. The list should be titled "How to Make DayZ exciting so I can Generate Stream Revenue Again". I would not advise the devs to take this list seriously.
  3. Perhaps the post is unclear; the idea would be a tool who's primary purpose would be another way to start a fire, not as a signal device. Signaling or flash element was more of a con to it's use. Perhaps its the term Solar "Oven"... I don't suggest this as a cooking tool or somesuch, placing meat on that tine and cooking it in the "oven" by holding it to the sun. I suggest it as a way to generate a burning ember that will start a fireplace roaring, with some different conditions, pros and cons, to the already available methods. Empty tin can + raincoat + knife + stone+ shovel = potable water? I can dig it.
  4. I think this might be cool to have ingame. Implemented as follows: Works only outdoors during daytime. Requires you to face the game's sun. Maybe only works if the sun is fully visible and not cloudy? Creates a timed-item called "burning embers" or somesuch which can be added to a fireplace to get it roaring. Cannot put "burning embers" in your inventory and you have 30 seconds (or whatever) to place it in a fireplace or it turns into "ashes". Ashes could be used for other crafting things later, and perhaps can be pulled form various fireplaces when they burn out. Perhaps it creates a flash that can be seen from a far, like an emergency distress signal is sometimes made with a mirror. This ups the risk of using such an item.
  5. I can't prevent people from being dickheads and feeling the need to cheat themselves out of an experience. It adds extra challenge and if I die and have to start over, oh well. It wont be the first time. How does accelerated time prevent gamma abuse though?
  6. I don't care for accelerated time. I like things as real as can be. I enjoy playing at night, it brings lots of atmosphere.
  7. Since you can't get a refund, are you gonna try the game when its finished? I mean, you're just gonna give yourself high blood pressure sweating a problem you can fix. Go play something you like, and in a year's time when its out of Beta, give it a whirl. Don't know what else to tell ya. At least you got a laugh out of the pictures.
  8. Don't forget the Lamborghinis!
  9. About 2 years ago is when they paused for the cause and decided to create a new engine for the game. Tons of backend stuff has been going on that the player is only starting to see now. I think you're vastly overestimating one man's affect on any given project. The game is being developed by a team of serious game makers who have the same idea of what the game is to be. It hasn't been sold to EA and no one is pissing all over the original idea. Apples and oranges. There might be some validity to you're points, sure. I am willing to let them finish the game and then I will make a judgement as to its quality or worth. Its like walking into a kitchen and complaining that the medium rare filet mignon you ordered is cooked wrong when it hasn't been placed on the grille yet.
  10. You bought a game that isn't finished, and are complaining that its not finished. Try waiting till it is finished and play it then. All of your complaints are very common and are frankly uninformed. Who cares if the original lead dev left; there are others filling that role. You make it sounds as if development stopped 2 years ago.
  11. The one with the barn/garage, 2 greenhouses and a pond nearby?
  12. Risk is all part of the equation, man.