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  1. modding

    You having a bad day? Its sure been, well, interesting talking to you. I think you want the echochamber forum, which is over there. -->
  2. modding

    I do remember those days. Boy it really was a fresh experience I don't think many of us had had in multiplayer games prior. I think part of that short lifespawn was the zombarino count. If you weren't careful, you could have 25 zombos swarming you within minutes of spawning on the beach. Presently, you can slink around some of the smaller villages and only be forced to deal with 4-6 infected. You might even find towns with no zombos at all. Indeed, I have always taken a measured approach to what constitutes a "good" play session in this game. Expectations vary. For some, they need to kill several other players, not die themselves, and also make it to a couple different mil spawns in a vehicle to restock their mil gear, all in the course of a few hours. For me, I can be satisfied with spawning on the coast and making it 3-4 towns inland. Taking it slow, methodical, looting every nook and cranny, and stabilizing my characters food and water needs. I am perfectly fine with not even seeing another player. I might play with a couple cats on voice coms, be on separate sides of the map, and enjoy an evening of each other describing their adventures as we try to meet one another. I guess the game needs to somehow balance and provide a satisfying experience for the variety of people that come to invest a few hours a night in the gameworld. Not an easy or envious design task, to be sure.
  3. modding

    I agree. Somehow people are on about that I am not a fan of modding in general or thinks it ruins all games. I've said modding is great, in certain applications. I'm nearing 15 hundred hours of Kerbal Space Program and a large part of that has to do with mods. Fallout 4 is modded to a T as well. Mods are great, in a single player situation where only your imagination limits what can be changed and its always for the better. To me, a multiplayer game shouldn't have mods, especially those that are optional (like changing crosshairs or something in the World of XYZ games). Now, DayZ mods will be server wide, so everyone on that server will share the same experience. But it would be healthier for the community as a whole to be sticking to one rules set, where anyone can play on any server because they're all the same. A game, absolutely. This game... I guess we'll have to wait and see. Modding will be coming, so this entire discussion is quite moot, to be sure. Honestly, I want what is best for everyone (I think we all do), so if some new whiz bang mod is the popular things, I guess that would be good. I definitely wont be playing the eventual DayZ Battle Royale mod thast's going to try and siphon players from PUBatttlegrounds. I have a sneaking suspicion there will be innumberable variations of mods like that. I imagine there will be server donator packs as well. $5.00 monthly spawns you with a backpack full of food, water and heatpacks or somesuch (a FAL with 3 mags is not out of the question here too). :/ Where did I say how long I've been here had any bearing on the validity of what I am saying? Stop projecting. ;) DayZ isn't even here yet. It's cycle hasn't even started. People have burned themselves out "testing" a platform that has taken awhile to coalesce. Patience is severely lacking in todays videogamer. Your insistence that I am not educated in nuances of modding is silly. I used "half-baked" not to describe modding, but to describe the current state of the DayZ game itself. Why? because its not a finished game yet. Reread what I said. You could replace "baked" with "finished"... at present people are not playing the half-finished DayZ. Stop taking personal offense. I'm one of the least offensive people here. I do have a friend who is dead set on a modding in more severe survival version of DayZ. Who knows, maybe that will be the next big thing, but I really imagine it being a godsend for a small niche of players that want that while everyone else will complain vanilla DayZ is too hard. I'm already seeing complains that adding in a stamina system needs to be countered by more plentiful and easier to aquire vehicles. I think the man-on-the-street gamer doesn't consider the realistic survival gameplay to be "fun". DayZ wont be the game for them, to be sure. That would be a great number of "testers", which is all one should really be doing with the game in its current state. Why people are playing, and discussing this game as if it were feature complete is lost on me. I think people are imagining the current playerbase is all thats left of people that will play the finished product. Hell, there is still people complaining that Dean Hall "took the Lambos and ran!", or that the game is stalled and will never actually be released, lol. Naturally, people are then enticed by thinking that soon they'll be given the tools to fix everything thats wrong, and people will flock to their individual recipe for a better game. All the while, the game is not even done. Maybe the devs nail the balanced sweet spot that delivers a great gameplay experience for all the varied playertypes there are. It will require the hardcore cats to give way a little (there too much food and ammo available!), and it will require the casual PvP player to give a little too (I can't sprint across the map fully laden with 80lbs of military gear on me anymore!). Instead of each style relinquishing a little, they'll just branch off to each flavor of mod that suits them best. I'd rather play on 1 full server with a gameplay mechanic I don't care for, than have the choice between 2 half-full (half empty?) servers with wildly varying rulesets. This is the measured approach I can get behind. Not one person in this thread has a crystal ball.
  4. modding

    What does it say about everyone's opinion about the game, that the first thing they want to do is change it? Especially when they haven't even experienced the finished product. If anything, I am trusting the developers to deliver a great experience. "Us", the people that own DayZ. Who did you think I am talking about? I haven't played in forever either. I'm interested in the finished product, no logging hundreds of hours in the half-baked work-in-progress edition.
  5. modding

    I'm not against modding fellas, I'm against it in this game. I want us all together playing the same awesome DayZ experience. I've got 2 friends that are chomping at the bit to make their own wildly different version of what "their" DayZ experience will be. One wants is so hard that you'll be dead in 10 minutes if you dont find a winter coat... that's not DayZ. Another wants all the streetlights turned on, thats not DayZ either. More power to them, but I'll be on vanilla servers, to be sure. But hey, I'm just voicing my opinion, its not like my magic crystal ball predictions are going to change the future of whats already decided.
  6. modding

    I disagree. DayZ isn't Arma. The original DayZ mod was abandoned for all those cheesy variation mods with skyhigh bases, safezones and locked personal gear collections. Those weren't in the spirit of the original mod whatsoever, yet people left the real mod in droves to cheese out on those. I feel like the same thing will happen with DayZ SA.
  7. modding

    As much as I like modding in other games, I really wish this wasn't going to be a thing for DayZ. The game is the game; play it. This will only serve to spread the playerbase thinly across everyone's own personal idea of what the game should be.
  8. 1PP, walk. I hope even jogging drains stamina soon.
  9. I think I will like the change. Gives a purpose to binocs.
  10. Hi Baker. You'll find graphical improvements, thats about it. Worth it for one jaunt around, see some new places etc but the mechanics are pretty well unchanged. Its not the version to start playing again full time. 0.63 will be Beta phase where alot of the last 2 years work of development will start to be seen and experienced by the player. I'd hold off for that.
  11. Uh huh.
  12. Can you imagine what would have to be going on in your life to make you go to deadmatter's forums and try to convince strangers on the internet that the game you prefer is better than the one they like?
  13. Oh, if septic falcon says its great than it must be!? (who tf is septic falcon and why would I care what he or she thinks?)
  14. Maybe if your character has an increased "explosive expert" soft skill *shudder*, the arming aspect could be manipulated to make the IED etc. Are they still planning on doing soft skills attached to your character?
  15. I blame the pervs on google image search... and sausagekingofchicago too. ;)