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  1. Health system.

    Seems like a ragepost after being 1-shotted by a zombarino.
  2. Arma 2 DayZ Mod vs DayZ: when will we be there?

    Its more like being told the new sausage is going to have natural, organic, delicious ingredients, and then finding out that's all rolled back to pig noses and hooves because it costs too much. :/
  3. Arma 2 DayZ Mod vs DayZ: when will we be there?

    What content do you find seriously lacking?
  4. Health system.

    Of course it needs going over. Game is in alpher, mang.
  5. Arma 2 DayZ Mod vs DayZ: when will we be there?

    This is also pretty disappointing. Looking at this picture of the new spawn methods, I am really annoyed at the fact that only 3 of the 5 shelves will ever have loot on them. There will never be loot on top of the lockers, never under the desks, only inside one of those knocked over boxes on the floor. It reminds me of going to old buildings in the mod and looking in the same 3 corners for the spots the loot will spawn. I can remember Dean talking about how cool it would be to have to go into buildings and actually look behind chairs and under things to spot the loot because it could be anywhere. Its seems right in line with changing zombie spawn mechanics in the name of server performance. Somehow they've got this new Enfusion engine that runs great for the client, but they're having to roll back cool new server-side changes to squeeze out more performance. Was Dean simply dreaming too big with no regard for hardware realities?
  6. Yup, gamers have zero patience these days. /getoffmylawn.
  7. That was truly devastating news indeed. Seems like they threw their hands up and decided the problem was too tough to figure out, rather than delivering on something that was a core reason to make a dedicated standalone game in the first place. "Mod zombies" were a dead giveaway as to whether there was already someone in a town you were approaching. We were supposed to get thousands and thousands of permazombies on the map with their fancy new technique. There was talk of free roaming zombie herds in the forests. Not happy at all that they chose to abandon it. What good is basebuilding and electricity in a zombie game with shitty zombies?
  8. Indeed. I was in the pre-alpha NDA gang, and we talked about this on Skype. Rocket wanted there to be something to do in the game, for there to be an actual value to buying it. Back then the addition of the compass was a big deal, there were like 3 guns and the zombies were very modlike. Thats when the idea of giant capital letters disclaimer about "DO NOT BUY THIS GAME IF YOU WANT A COMPLETE EXPERIENCE" came about. People don't read, or they let their expectations talk them out of good sense. That being said, the huge sales pretty much funded the decision to scrap the Take on Helicopters engine and move towards the game we'll be getting in the end. Lets not forget thousands of people posting crap like this all over everywhere: https://www.reddit.com/r/dayz/comments/1t0w61/つ_つ_give_sa/
  9. Too loud wind.

    You forgot to add the part about how this is all simply your opinion. Is the trees constantly moving realistic? They wouldn't be swaying in the breeze if there was no breeze.
  10. Too loud wind.

    If you look at how violently the tress are whipping around, that sounds like an appropriate level of wind. It sounds windy but not overly so, to me.
  11. Sure there will be both styles of modding the game, easymode and hardcore modes. You yourself admit the masses will move to what is easier. Be prepared to be playing your hardcore mod of the game by yourself, I guess? Back in the DayZ mod's glory days, I could be found playing vanilla. Were mods not available for Standalone, everyone would be playing on the same version of the game with more-full servers, which I submit would still be more populated even after the battle royale deathmatchers decide its too much for them and leave. At the very least, they should hold back the modding tools for 6 months or something after release of the final product. People currently are cooking up all these ideas of what they want to change with never having experienced the actual final game. We dont know what the temperature aspects will be like, what the loot will be set to, what diseases, basebuilding and electricity will bring, etc.
  12. Heavy rain.

    Because I want to play DayZ?
  13. We're all getting old and forgetful waiting for beta. ;)
  14. Heavy rain.

    Why not just spawn on the coast and log out, never to return? You stay alive that way. The whole point is to survive through the trouble.
  15. Didn't we just have this discussion? There is a HUGE difference between modding any ol game and modding a multiplayer game with a specific experience in mind that is dependent on the playing population sticking together.